Wednesday 29 December 2010


"TOTAL NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION TOUR 2011" - so Nuclear Death Terror are on 5-week tour of Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.. if you are coming from this part of the world be sure to check them out, while all we "ordinary mortals" can only wait for some future euro-tour..
gig dates with places and other bands find by clicking here..

Tuesday 28 December 2010

GRIDE interview

hmmm..I think that there's no need to say anything as an introduction about this one.. they are legends, playing extreme hardcore/power violence since 1996.. one of the most energetic bands that I ever saw live.. there's nothing more to say except I'm honored to have this interview with them here..
thanx goes to Iny for answering this my questions in very short period.. enjoy!..

c.f.: Hi!..for the beginning please introduce yourself to the readers..
Iny: Hello, nice to meet you :) My name is Iny and I'm vocalist in Gride. I'm 37 years old, 2m tall, grey-haired man.

c.f.: tell us what were the main reasons for forming a band at the beginnings, what was your expectations and intentions with the band, and did you accomplish any of them?
Iny: Gride has played since 1996. In the beginning we wanted only play music, which we liked... extreme hardcore and grindcore. We were a bunch of people who wanted play this music, but who hadn't any experience with it. So we started practicing and after some time the line-up settled on 4 people: Cert – drums, David – guit, Zdenda – bass and me as the vocalist. We practiced hard and in August 1996 we played first gig. We were pretty nervous, but gig fell out very well, so it was motivating impulse to our activity. But we didn't imagine what we will reach with band in the future. We were satisfied we could play gigs here in Czech Republic and record some stuff. We haven't any goals, schedules or expectations. I think it changed when we went to first „tour“. There were a few gigs in Austria, Slovenia and Italy with our friends of Mrtva Budoucnost (extreme fast core from Brno). I think it was in 1998, maybe in 1997. We appreciate the potential, which Gride could have and we started doing things more deeply and knowingly. But I still have to say that I have imagined never, where we have come now...many records, tours and on other side even band members... I and Cert are only original members of Gride. There were about 6 another persons, who played in Gride and left band or were kicked off. It has been simply always, but I'm satisfied with position, where Gride is now. So I think I can tell that we fulfilled our expectations and I don't lie when I say that we overcome them :)

c.f.: Gride exists since 1998 (if I'm not wrong?!) and that's pretty long time.. from where you gets inspiration for making this kind of music for all that years and such a great performances at your gigs?..I was watching you guys in Zagreb last year, and you were awesome, great energy..and that isn't only my opinion, many people i've talked told me the same..
Iny: Oooh, thanks for your commendatory words :) In Zagreb we were a bit tired after long trip from Skopje, we were some problems on the way... So I'm glad you didn't find anything of it during our gig :) So we are professionals probably :) The show in Zagreb was great, we needed such good gig, to shake our depression off. :) Zagreb is nice city and I would like to come back some time in future.
We have existed since 1996, but as I said, first two years we were active mainly in Czech Republic. The long existence of band brings many problems in years. As I said in previous question, we have had many line-ups changing. It was still the same...after years of playing, people lost their energy, invention and became unreliable etc. So we have been forced to find new people to replace them. I think it's paradoxical thing, which keeps Gride alive. We have changed line-up again recently. Maxeek, our bass player, decided to leave band after US tour. He played a few gigs else until we found new guy instead him and in October he left the band. The main reason were, that he was busy with his family and his another band Dezinfekce. He has little daughter and wants to care for her. Our new bass player is Michal, our friend from thrash death band Pressboil. He is the youngest guy of us, so he has a lot of energy and I hope he will move us somewhere.

c.f.: what about your records? I know that you have many of them, but do you have favorite one or at least one more dearest then others? Any label with which you like to work most with?
Iny: I like most of our records. Of course they have many mistakes and I would do some things differently, but I take them like a testimony of era, where we recorded them. In my opinion, split LP with Mrtva Budoucnost and Horizont udalosti LP are the best. I think, the latest stuff – Horizont udalosti and split EP with Thema 11 – is the most complex and solid. The best label for cooperation for us is Insane Society Records. Barvak – the boss of this label – is our very good friend and the cooperation with him has been always without problems.

c.f.: recently you was on USA tour? How it was in the States, are there any differences in gigs, people, etc. there and here in Europe?
Iny: It was really great… the best tour ever and one of the best gigs in Gride’s history. We toured USA with Pretty Little Flower two weeks and although it was pretty physically intensive, I take these days like one of the best in my life. We started tour in Houston and we were surprised with nice and friendly people. One guy brought original Czech beer for us, so we felt like at home. The people were fucking crazy and mosh pit was pretty hot. People in USA are wilder than in Western Europe and most of shows were awesome. In some venues we were almost scared, that people damage our gear, because they were very violent and wild. But everywhere people were really friendly, they thanked us for coming, asked us about tour and opinions about USA, drank beer with us etc. We read some tour reports of European bands before coming to USA and we were afraid, that anybody won’t be interested in some fucking group from Middle Europe, but contrary was the case. We were exoticism for them and they supported us very well. The last gig on Maryland Death Fest was simply awesome. Imagine venue for 4000-5000 people, half of crowd moshing and big applause after each song. We were satisfied and very very happy. D.R.I, who played 1 hour after us dedicated us a song, it’s honour, which means for me a lot.

c.f.: your view on diy underground scene in Czech Republic?
Iny: In my opinion, the Czech scene is really good and strong. Of course there is some atomization to genre subscenes, but I think that generally the scene sticks together. The scene has changed a bit in recent years. It is less political and more about fashion, it’s more inconstant, but it’s natural influence of surrounding society. There is also evident an influence of internet. The scene is a bit oversaturated by many gigs, bands and records, so there are less people on gigs. They choose their bands and subgenres and come only to gigs of time-proven bands. But it’s the same all around the world. In the contrary I think that there is better situation in Czech than in Western Europe. There are still normal gigs where is more than 100 people and it’s very good attendance in European average. There are also good and world’s famous labels in Czech Republic: Insane Society Records, Obscene Production, Malarie Records… They release even records of famous abroad bands, for example Excrutiating Terror, Bloody Phoenix, Birdflesh, Venomous Concept etc.

c.f.: where bands in Czech usually have their concerts, and how's situation with squatting scene there nowadays?
Iny: The gigs are usually organized in pubs and clubs in Czech Republic. There are also some cultural collectives, who manage independent venues, for example Vrah in Roznov pod Radhostem and Discentrum in Prague. Squatting scene have dissolved in recent years. The last squat Milada in Prague was evicted in 1999. There were many squats in 90-ies. The most famous was Ladronka, where many great foreign bands played. It was regular stand point most of European tours. Ladronka as the squat existed between years 1993-2000. Nowadays there aren’t any squats in Czech Republic. There have been some attempts to occupy some old houses in recent years but they were quickly suppressed by police, security agencies and owners of the houses. The most famous squatting action in recent years was an attempt to occupy the building of former bath on Apolinarska Street in Prague in September 2009. There were some struggles with police and many people were detained and were incriminated. The squatters defended themselves, saying they did not plan to stay in the occupied building for long. Their act was only to attract public attention to the problem of abandoned and dilapidated houses, they pointed out. Most of people stay on the side of state and police and squatting has minimal support of them. So I think the squatting situation in Czech republic won’t be changed in the future.

c.f.: Internet – good thing or  pure evil? Do you miss good old times of hand written letters, tapes, paper zines? Can you compare today  global diy scene and the scene before some 10 years ago?
Iny: Like most of things in our life, internet isn’t neither pure bad nor pure good. You have to take it only like tool, which can help you. Then internet can do your work easier and simpler. When I remember how it was hard to organize tour before internet era, I cannot believe, that we could go somewhere. Or try imagine how long would be done this interview in pre internet era. You had to write me normal letter first to ask if I’m interested in doing interview. Then you had to wait for my answer, then you sent me questions and I replied it hand written on paper… It would take minimal 2 months. Now we can do whole interview in two weeks. Organizing gigs, releasing records, information etc are the same. Internet provides you to touch many people with making minimum effort. On the other side, internet brings many negative things like fucking bullshits in internet discussions, which makes so called dauntless internet hardcore warriors, who know everything in the best, but who hasn’t done anything ever. They can only criticize, but you hadn’t seen them to organize gig, release record, play in band, do zine etc. These internet clever fellows are toll, which we have to pay for its benefits.

c.f.: tell us something about the members of Gride? Are they active on some other bands/project, and what occupies your daily life?
Iny: All members of Gride are active in other bands. It’s a problem sometimes, because we have to schedule our activities agreeable with other bands and families. It’s almost unsolvable situation, but we have to face up to it and to do compromises.
Cert (drums) plays in thrash metal band Radiolokator and old Czech death/black metal band Avenger (they have played since 1991). Pufffy (guitar) plays in Dezinfekce (hardcore, long time existing band too) and P.B.J.P. (band playing cover songs of old punk and hardcore bands, for example Dead Kennedy’s, Exploited, Dyaglo Abortions, Discharge, M.D.C. etc). Paaya (guitar) plays in Uchazim (experimental punk/hardcore) and Retroprotest (similar band to P.B.J.P., but they play only cover songs of Czech punk and hardcore bands). Michal (bass) is into Pressboil – young thrash/death metal band. I (Iny) sing also in Radiolokator and do a zine called Trhavina.

c.f.: Gride is one of those bands singing mostly on their native language, and one more proof that bands on diy scene don't need sing on English to be well accepted by people around the world.. tell us why you decided to sing on Czech?
Iny: It wasn’t primarily “political” decision, but we were pushed to it by circumstances. I take lyrics as important part of our production and my knowledge of English isn’t so good to write good lyrics in this language. So we decided write lyrics and sing them in our native language. It’s natural for us and I thing that it’s better. Secondly it’s also attitude against dominion of English in hardcore. I don’t expect that Spanish, Russian or Japan band will sing in English. I think it’s more interesting when the band gives to music something especial, original and it could be minimal his native language. When Oi Polloi played in Czech Republic, they saw some graffiti on a wall: Fuck the system and they were surprised, why it isn’t written in Czech language. They are right, why we could use foreign language for expressing our thoughts? Only because our favorite band uses it? And are they really our own ideas or only second-hand pose?

c.f.: something about your lyrics, about what they are and what is more important to you as a band lyrics or music?
Iny: It must be in the same level. You listened to music because of music, when you would know something new you could be read papers or book. But many people cannot listen to music with stupid und uninteresting lyrics. I know many bands, which play excellent music, but they haven’t good lyrics in my opinion and they lost my sympathy with it – for example Rupture I love their music, but their lyrics ridiculing holocaust etc are too much for me. Or all that porno gore stuff, it’s fucking silly and it repels me in first sight, even if that bands could play good music, this imbecile attitude don’t allow me to discover it.

c.f.: your sound is pretty original, but you, for sure have some bands that influenced on your music. which bands are those, and do you play any covers at your live shows?
Iny: There were different bands in our different periods, who influenced us. In early days we were influenced by classical gridcore and hardcore bands like Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, E.N.T, Doom, Agathocles, Rot, Unholy Grave, Heresy… Then we discovered charm of power violence and were influenced by Spazz, Capitalist Casualties, Lack of interest, Crossed Out, Infest etc. Then it has started being a bit complicated. How the line-up changed, we have started to take more different influences from favorite bands of new members. Nowadays I cannot say, who influence us and in my opinion isn’t easy, to compare new stuff of Gride to any other band. We are trying to create something original and new with many influences and each member of band brings his own part. I’m still mainly in power violence and experimental hardcore, but I’m listen to many music genres, so I’m open to everything.

c.f.: when we can except some new Gride release, tour maybe?any future plans?
Iny: We should release split LP with Voetsek from California, but we have canceled this project recently. So we are going to record stuff for B side and to release it as full length LP. We would like to release LP in summer next year, but we will see. We schedule also tour in September. We would like to tour Austria, Italy, France, maybe Spain and Germany. We are going to start scheduling tour in February, so detailed information will come then.

c.f.: thank you for answering this..if I didn't ask something and you would like to add, feel free to do it!..
Iny: Thank you for your interest in our band and interesting questions. Good luck with your zine, it’s hard work and only a few people can appreciate it. I think doing zine is most underrated activity in underground scene :)

Monday 27 December 2010

BRUTAL ADDITION / SENSELESS / NONSENSE - 3 way split tape (199?)

when I found the download link for this rare release, a week ago, there was no end to my great enthusiasm.. I'm pretty sure that it's impossible to buy this tape nowhere any more.. I listen to it already the whole last week and I wasn't tired with it yet, and think I won't be so soon!..
so this is 3 way split tape released by DMK Music from Spain which brings you 3 great bands for destroying your speakers and brain cells.. don't know exact year of releasing of this, if anybody knows, please leave a comment..
first we have here Brutal Addition from Spain (members were involved in DMK Music label).. 9 songs from this 3-members act with some noisecore punk sound, including intro + outro and You Suffer, Napalm Death cover.. I'm not some expert for such kind of noise so I can't describe them better.. and the rip of the tape is something fucked up at their side..
then we have Senseless from Požega, Croatia.. about them I wrote something before and other releases of theirs you can get here.. in short, raw hc/crust massacre, fuckn brilliant 4 songs by them.. first one (probably, one of theirs the best) "Ubijena (u ime križa)", then the massacre continues with two fast as fuck songs "Free" and "No Thanx!" and for the end, to settle down things a bit, fuckn hymn "With God We Crust"..
and finally, to conclude this beautiful story we have Nonsense, also from Požega, Croatia.. most of you knows how they sounds today, but here you can convince yourself how it was done some 15-17 years ago, at their beginnings.. four tracks by them, 2 from "Who's Your Enemy" reh/demo and 2 from "Always Against" demo.. legendary song "Baki gdje si ti?" is here, of course!.. grind/noise hardcore, raw to the bone!.. sound quality on Senseless and Nonsense side is perfect!.. you won't be regret if you download this piece of treasure.. the file includes scan of the cover, too..
tomorrow I'm going to buy a blank audio cassette to make my own tape, that's for sure.. DIY!!

download link is here with permission, and it's originally posted at great new blog -TAPES ARE STILL NOIZY- dedicated to the records released on this legendary format - audio tapes.. don't miss to check out this blog with so many of great and rare, out of print releases.. for example you can find there some extreme rare Mrtva Buducnost live tapes, or Social Deformity demo, Doom demos from '87 and '89, Jan AG And The Gajna (project of Jan, AGX and Koppa, Kontatto, C. Sterminii) and more awesome stuff..

Tuesday 21 December 2010

ON'T ROAD #13 / GO FUCK YOURSELF #1 fanzine

okay, this is split of two great travel zines, On't Road #13 (about previous releases of this zine you could read in some older posts) and Go Fuck Yourself #1 (editor of this one was active before with Duhhh zine).. 20 pages each.. language is, of course, english..
from O.T.R. side we have an report from the darts tournament, football articles, 2-pages review of Manic Street Preachers album, some other record and fanzine reviews and  an extensive Pisschrist/Sotatila Euro-tour report from 2008 (among some other countries, they were visiting Croatia and played at Monte Paradiso festival, for which author says, when he saw young east-euro punx, that this was the closest to the 1984. that he ever been.. also he describes the morning after on this festival like "zombie apocalypse..., ...and there were some seriously fucked up people wondering around..." I think that he described that very well, heheh..), article about band Leatherface and report from the gig of Teenage Bottlerocket..
on the G.F.Y. side you can read about the journeys from St. Petersburg to Beijing (10000km) and from New York to California by train, also about some adventure in L.A.  and Thou interview..
download links are again from mighty punks is hippies, and zine contacts are:

Thursday 16 December 2010

upcoming gigs in Zagreb..

uhhuhu, two great gigs in AKC Medika in next few days..

first is on crustmas eve..
bands that night are:
TRUE grind (Croatia)
LEECHFEAST sludge crust (Slovenia)
PASSIVE AGRESSIVE hc punk (Croatia)
entrance: 20kn

second one is first weekend after new year's day..
DISLIKE grind core (Croatia)
VAI FICAR PRETO grind core (Croatia) 
I AM DISEASE metal hard core (Slovenia)
entrance: 25kn

Tuesday 14 December 2010

SCHIZO #6 fanzine

already 6th number of this zine (like it was yesterday when I was reading first number of it..).. the main news are that this issue will be officially printed and become alive like paper zine..
the most space is dedicated to Punk Illegal collective and festival.. that means many of interesting readings related to that great project from Sweden, from interviews, reports from this years festival to some facts and information about the collective..
this time font is impaired to minimum and on 52 pages you can read a tons of material.. from interviews this time here are: Al-Thawra, Zudas Krust (very big and great 'view), Spotlicks, Kansalaistottelemattomuus (yes they are from Finland, did you have doubts on that?!), Power Is Poison, Asta Kask, E.A.T.E.R., Burnt Cross, Sangre, Cow Mag zine, Jason Vomit and  with people from Punk Illegal crew.. besides those interviews you can find also report from Punk Illegal festival 2010, reviews, Wolfrunner info, interesting poll on the theme "what do you know about Swedish punk" (for which the author send some mp3's of Swedish bands without names of the songs to some people and their task was to unriddle which bands are those) and some more author's articles..
for the end, I really enjoy reading this zine more with every new number.. I think that Schizo is good example how good zine progresses in quality from a number to a number..
you can download pdf file for reading or for printing if you want to make yourself a copy at your own from HERE.. all that's is of course, completely free..

Wednesday 8 December 2010


this is for all you nostalgic bastards out there who remember the 90's with pleasure and often regretting for those better times..
this zine was edited by Željko i Tanja from legendary Unutrašnji Bunt! (Inner Revolt! O.E.), and it's published in autumn/winter 1998.. It's written on Serbian language, pity for all of you who don't speak/understand Serbian..
it's really big, on even 60 pages you can read some letters, interviews with Politikill Incorect, Delo Ludila, Panic Overdose (interesting is that I looked for anything of P. Overdose for a while, and in only 2 days I've got links for some of their releases, and only day after got the link for this zine with P.O. 'view in it!..), The Tofu Love Frogs, infos about No Strike, M.G.G. and Wiesenthal, report from the 5th Orto Punk festival, columns, article about fanzine Obrijane Žene (Shaved Woman), a lot of art (poems, articles, drawings, comics...) and record + zine reviews.. all in all, pretty much material for reading..
yes, and I must mention that here I have read the best review ever.. it's for 3-Way Cum - Killing the life LP, and roughly translated it goes something like this: "extremely good band from Sweden surprised me very positive and convinced me that there are still true Scandinavian bands which are able to offer surpassing raw energy like Mob-47, Discard or Anti-Cimex.. 3 Way Cum sounds approximately as if you inject 10ml of adrenaline to the drunks from Doom and torture them with electric shocks at a voltage of 150, and threaten to them that they will not drink, not even drop of alcohol, never again.. this LP, besides 16 new songs, contains their previously released EP Battle of Opinions.. and overall impression is that this is one of the best crust punk bands in the world, at the moment.. this is a lesson of how to play.." fckn great review, isn't it, hehe..
at the end I think that this is good example of how zines has been made in those times, with a bunch of this 90's spirit..
I've had really enjoy reading this one so once again thanx to the author for providing  this link to us..

Sunday 5 December 2010

ON'T ROAD #12 fanzine

2nd number (at least 2nd under that name, author had done 10 numbers before under other name - Waterintobeer) of this diy punk travel zine.. this one is from 2008..
this time on 40 pages you can read about author's trip to St. Kitts & Nevis at Caribbean Islands (yes you read it well, Caribbean Islands, for real), Sotatila and Ruidosa Inmundicia UK tour, Hero Dishonest Germany tour, hilarious drunk adventures from stag weekend in Lisbon, Portugal, article about Manic Street Preachers, vinyl and fanzine reviews, reactions of few people on previous issue of this zine and some other travel articles..
all in all, really nice zine with a lots of readings, especially if you like traveling (and if you don't, reading of this zine would awake the desire for traveling in you, I'm pretty sure in that) with simple and for reading pleasurable layout.. highly recommended by me!
link is again from punks is hippies blog, and zine contact is:

Wednesday 1 December 2010

CRUCIAL ZINE! #6 fanzine

here we have 6th number of zine coming from Cambridge, UK.. one more which is published in paper form, today when there are less and less paper zines..
in this issue you can find interviews with Magrudergrind and The Afternoon Gentlemen, a gig report, Australian scene report, one-sentence reviews of war movies and records, full length reviews, some news - the funny ones and some serious about books and zines + some articles about music, football, etc, and great comic (which you can see below).. all that spiced with a dose of dark humor..
I have the impression that this zine rejects some fixed standards about what content must be represented  in a punk zine so if you want more relaxing and not so usually zine for reading this is for you..
zine is free of payment so if you find yourself on some gig in Cambridge there is a chance that you get your real copy for free, and for others here is the download link with its PDF version..
number #7 is almost done and could be out soon, so check the zine blog here..

Sunday 28 November 2010


Bad Justice, another one band from Požega, Croatia which was active in 90' and early 00'.. they called their music the Core, hard core with punk, trash and grind influences..

the story goes something like this:
Bad Justice was formed back in early 1993 when Apatridi (also legendary band from Požega) had lost their rehearsal place.. so they gather together some equipment and start with practicing..
first line up was Peći (vocal), Marko (guitar), Oli (guitar), Gera (bass) and Zuba (drums).. in that time they played hard core punk and the lyrics were totally irrelevant to them and their ideas were unclear and incomplete.. their first concert had took place on an underground party in Požega on the april the 7th in 1993.. after few more gigs in Požega first line up changes started to happen, as well as their musical expression.. after a couple of them lyrics become more politically engaged, about destroying of the nature, against serving obligatory army service, police, etc.. all that in accordance with situation in society and their everyday lives at that moment.. don't forget that this was time of war and they wasn't accepted very well, by the most of local population which was very nationalist, with such lyrics and attitude..
in beginning of the year 1995 they recorded their first album "Greed" on tape with the following line up: Kero (vocal), Ivan (guitar), Jasko (bass) and Oli (drums)..
next few years the line up still continue to change, and some girls are coming in band like vocals (I don't know their names, sorry.. think Lidija and Sanja, but not sure..)
after numerous gigs that they played all over Croatia in the 1996 (only 1 year as war finished) they hit the road to Slovenia, together with Totalni Promašaj from Serbia.. this tour was named "Preko zidova nacionalizama i rata" (over the borders of nationalism and war, on English) and that was only the part of the same named action which was done after the war by underground bands, zines, record labels and some "associations" from ex-yu region.. also the first common tour with bands from those two countries after the war..
a year after that tour the split 7" of those two bands was published..
I don't know when exactly they stopped with playing, but in 2002 few old members Gera, Oli and Zebec reinforced with File and Adrijana are forming Nepravda (which on English means bad justice) and that was pretty much the same band because they were playing all their old songs.. after few concerts and appearances on some compilations they also stops with playing and members continues with their other bands..

P.S. Gera had left some more info in comment box: girls in Bad Justice were Lidia, Sanja on vocals and Ivana on bass.. later Lidia left the band and Jolanda from Slovenia replaces her.. they also had two euro tours with Radikalna Promjena..
some releases for which I know:
Bad Justice - "Greed" (tape)
Bad Justice - "Snaga ideje je naše jedino oružje..." (tape)
Bad Justice/Demant (split tape)
Bad Justice - st (7")
Bad Justice/Totalni Promašaj (split 7")
Bad Justice/Radikalna Promjena (split)
Bad Justice/Demant/Radikalna Promjena (3-way split tape)

their album "Greed" you can download from blog Nečista Savjest HERE including the booklet with some info about the band, release and lyrics.. and Bad Justice/Totalni Promašaj split 7" from HERE..
about Bad Justice/Demant/Radikalna Promjena 3 way split tape read and download HERE.. 

interview with Bad Justice published in 1st number of fanzine Još Nikak from Vž. Toplice back in the old days (somewhere around 1996, I think..).. 'view is in croatian, for larger size click on the picture..

Saturday 27 November 2010

upcoming gig in Zagreb..

when?.............. 10.12.2010.
where?............. AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?................ AKTIVNA PROPAGANDA (Slovenia)  - anarcho hc punk
                         MIŠOMOR (Serbia) - fast punk crust
                         SENATA FOX (Croatia) - hc powerviolence
how much?....... 30 kn

and just to mention, for all of you who visit Medika or will be visiting it in the future, after 1.12.2010. entrance at night events will not be allowed if you don't have membership card, which you can get for free 'till 1st of December at the entry of Medika and later it will cost 5 kn (0,7 E).. I really don't know why is that so, 'cause there is no any explanation at their official site, but now you know..

Friday 26 November 2010

LEEDS ZINE FAIR 13.11.2010.

The first ever Leeds Zine Fair (that we know of) brought together hundreds of people from Leeds and all around the country in a celebration of self publishing, resistance cooperation and all things DIY.
The day was buzzing as people met, browsed, found new zines and shared ideas and enthusiasm for projects ranging from the profoundly political to the patently puerile and the queer and quirky. There were over 40 stalls with individual zine stalls, zine distros, handmade crafts, campaigns and radical
collectives, art, vegan cake and veggie burgers, anarchist books and a record player playing aural oddities from the Black Dogs art collective.
At the zine reading we were moved to tears by stories from protest camp evictions (Scale Trees Distro) and people suffering from homophobic abuse in prison (Bent Bars). We laughed at theories on the influence of facial hair on revolutionary thinkers (Godhaven Ink) and Venn diagrams describing the optimum pub quiz team (The Venns), and gasped in horror at the tales of severed hands sticking out of the rubble on a building site on Burley Road (Necronomicon).
Workshops took place throughout the day. Talky workshops discussing setting up workers cooperatives, guerilla gardening, and taking direct action, and practical workshops putting together a zine-in-a-day and making collaborative comics. Dissident Island went around the event and interviewed stall holders about their projects. You can check out the interviews with Footprint, On’t Road, Urban Harvest, Wor Diary, Bent Bars, Last Hours and the Print Project.
Thanks to all the workshop leaders, stall holders, volunteers, caterers, cake bakers, zine readers and people who came along for making the event such an inspiring day and to Leeds University Union and Green Action for hosting the event.
The event was inspired as a celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Footprint Workers Coop and it was really motivating to all of us, ten years on, to see all of the amazing projects and people that we work with meeting and sharing ideas and inspiration. Thank you all.


Wednesday 24 November 2010

upcoming gig in Zagreb..

when?.............. 12.12.2010. Sunday
where?............. Jedinstvo, Zagreb
who?................ HELL DIVISION (crust metal, Basque)
                         KRLJA (grind core, Samobor)
                         KRIVA ISTINA (hc punk, Sl. Brod)
                         ABREGAZ (punk, Zagreb)
how much?....... 25 kn

Tuesday 23 November 2010


there is the new interview with awesome Italian d-beaters Kontatto at Vermyonze Putrida Zine blog posted so go read it HERE!!
one of my favorite bands at the moment, and really great interview answered by all members of the band..

at this blog, btw, you can find much other cool interviews and other stuff, some of them were published before in legendary Vermynoze Pútrida zine which exist since 1990!!..

PUNK//PING/PONK #3 fanzine

and here we have 3th number of PUNK//PING/PONK zine (what an interesting name!..) published in March 2009 and digitaly printed in 200 pieces..
in this issue you can read interviews with Mob-47, Hellexist, Meanwhile, Hellowar and Moderat Likvidation.. some of them are good and interesting to read (like w Hellowar) and some are too short and poor (like w Meanwhile), but that's not author's fault, questions are good, just I hate when bands answers shorter than that it is question itself, like they aren't at least bit interested in doing interview.. besides those views you can also find out something about bands Blinded Humanity, Nuclear Death Terror and Skitsystem from few (actually 5 of them) same quick questions, scene report from Brooklyn (New York) and  some record and fanzine reviews..
all that on 40 pages edited in "crust and paste is the best" style..
d link is from koleksi zine blog..
about 4th number I had wrote something before here..
zine contact is:

Wednesday 17 November 2010

DOOM / HOMO HOMINI LUPUS / ACRID SUNDAY 6.11.2010. Club Gromka, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

yes,yes they are really back.. after 5 years break, Doom are back again and they continues where they had stopped after death of their singer Wayne Southworth.. they have played on some summer festivals this year (Punk Illegal, Obscene Extreme, Scum Fest...) and I was so sorry 'cause I didn't go on any of this..
but then somewhere back in August I found out that they will play in Ljubljana in November.. great, I cant miss that!.. while we were returning home from Balkanika Core fest the agreement was made that the same crew (but this time with my car) will go at Doom gig as well, but in the end only two of us stand from that crew, because only we reserve our tickets on time..
and finally, after two months of expectation, the day has come!.. we went on the road something earlier (10:00AM) because we were going to meet our friend (she is studying in Ljubljana) and to make a little sightseeing of the town.. I was few time there before and I liked the town but never saw to much of it because I was busy with some other things (getin' drunk, for example) and now was good opportunity for that.. after one hour (or even more..) of hesitating where we will going to eat we chose some Thai restaurant and go there.. that was 1st time that I was eating something like that, but it was interesting and good.. after that we go in friends apartment on some coffee and we wait there for the evening and for few more friends which were coming on the gig..
when we came at Metelkova squat there wasn't so many people as I expected.. time before gig started we spend outside drinking juices (yes I was sober, even friend told me that we will talk to our grandchildren that we were at Doom gig sober).. the crowd was getin' bigger as the start of a gig was closer.. even some people arrived from Serbia, there was a lot of people from Croatia, too, but again I maybe expect that there will be more people..
and slowly the gig was starting.. first this night was Acrid Sunday from Ilirska Bistrica (Slovenia).. they exist only for few years ant that was already their valedictory gig (if I got it well).. fast, apocalyptic crust hc.. I didn't like sound of their vocal, this little I was able to heard, but musically they were okay.. last two songs was covers, one with Mitja singer from Anaeroba as a guest on vocals, and that was Anaeroba's cover (I think, but not 100% sure), and the other was cover of Visions Of War (again not sure if this is song of theirs but I know that V.O.W.-ers plays this song at their gigs).. and that was the best part of their performance..
after them Homo Homini Lupus from Pula (Croatia).. crust with some old school grind elements interwoven with d-beat punk, I would say..just 3 guys in this band, bassist and drummer singing and all that sounds nice.. fast, powerful and aggressive, just as it should be!..
but at the end, as Dragan from H.H.L. have been said: "we all knows because of who we are all here tonight!.."
so after short pause Doom are coming on the stage.. 14 years after their first gig in Slovenia (back then in 1996, that time in I. Bistrica) which didn't remained in good memory to them, I think, because of everything what they are been thro' that night, although they recorded live EP from that live "The Pissed, Robbed and Twatted", they are back here.. I really didn't know what to expect from them because some of my friends which saw them already this year had said to me that they are good, some that this isn't it without Wayne on vocals, but again I knew that I will like them, if not for anything else, then for that because they are very dear band to me.. back then some ten years ago when I was starting with punk they were legends already, I remember many bands covering their stuffs back then..
they can't be that bad I've thought..
and of course, after only two songs I was blown away!.. they played all those legendary songs Exploitation, Phobia for Change, Nazi Die (2x), Means To An End, Relief, Police Bastards (2x)... pretty long performance (one hour for sure,if not even longer), 2 times they were returning back on stage, all ended with Denis in the air on crowd's hands.. perfect..
only some drunk punk bothered with forcing climbing on stage and jumping in crowd (with some 100kg, half naked and, sure in dr. Martens boots), even he fell on the stage at one moment, pulling out guitar cables.. yeah, but all that is punk.. everything other was perfect and I really enjoyed their show much..
and just to say, I like one more thing, and that's that those crust punk veterans really enjoy in this what they're doing, and they're not just reunited 'cause it is trend nowadays or just it has to be this way.. after more than 20 years they are still 100% in it, or at least I experienced  them that way..
after the gig I shortly discuss with crew, and then we go at friend's place for sleeping..
early in the morning, when we woke up, we go home still full of impressions.. we killed those 200km in some 2 and half hours..
for the end just want to say that they are the best band to me which I saw live.. and if you know that in last 3 or so years I've seen bands like Agathocles, Extreme Noise Terror, Gride, Visions Of War, Wolfbrigade, Extinction Of Mankind, Deviated Instinct, Instinct Of Survival, Patareni (actually them I just heard live,lying in tent drunk as fuck,heheh), Campus Sterminii, Warcollapse and many others, then that means something, isn't it?!..

videos from this gig I've founded HERE and HERE

Tuesday 16 November 2010

SCENERY IS FREE #1, #3 fanzine

Scenery Is Free is a little unusual zine.. it's, I would say, very personal.. in it author describes some  his points of view on life and the world we live in and about way of life which he chose for himself.. and that is in short, how he had said this in several times - "traveling and doing shitty jobs for a little money.."
zine looks like small book and it's written like some kind of diary..
here we have two numbers of it which I've found at koleksi zine blog..

so in 1st number you can read writings from author's traveling thro' Europe, the adventures that he had in England, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands...
interesting for reading if you like travel literature..this num was published in 2007 and it's dedicated to author's best friend who died by car accident, during his trip and to all people who helped him at those travels..

3th number has less pages than first one (only 32, while 1st has 60 pages) and it's not so much about traveling than it's about an short period of authors life (few days, actually,) during which he had lived in squat in London, spending some time in his friend's house, socializing with their cat, and so on...
reading this number you will definitely feel like you reading someone's diary..
I've liked 1st number more, but go check it for yourself..

Monday 15 November 2010

THE 1 IN 12 SQUAT info

The 1 in 12 Club started in 1981, evolving from the local Claimants Union. Originally the Club organised social events in various local pubs and clubs. There was no need for a Constitution at that time - the Club was run by its members at weekly meetings held in local pubs (traditionally on a Sunday).
However, when the decision was made to go for a building of our own, we had to face up to the legal requirements of running a Club that sold alcohol. There were 3 legal models available:
(edit 2009 - some slight changes to the law since 1986 but the end result is the same)

1) A "public" bar. It's hard to get new public licenses and the decision to allow such by the council and the magistrates is at their discretion. Also the cops have automatic access at all times. A non-starter really.
2) A private "proprietary" club. Which has members but is owned and controlled by an individual or company (like Arthur Daley's club). Not for us.
3) A private members club owned and run by its members. Providing that certain legal requirements are met, then the "licence" (technically a "Registration Certificate") cannot be refused! Also, the cops have no automatic right of entry to such a club. This is the law under which traditional Working Mens Clubs operate. The basic idea is that, since the club and all its assets, including the booze, are already owned by the members, then no booze is technically sold to them. Hence no public licence is needed. However, the specific legal requirements that have to be met are quite strict. This is the option we chose.

We originally knew nothing about these matters. However, a couple of books, essentially DIY Club guides, were obtained from the "Club and Institute Union". This is the association to which most working mens clubs affiliate and although, as an organisation, they are reactionary and sexist, these books are very useful. The books, "500 points in Club law" and "Club bookkeeping and financial control" cost around £11 each (1995 prices) and can be bought from the CIU (tel: 0171 2260221). These gave us the background info on the law we needed, plus the outline of a standard Club constitution which we could adapt for ourselves. This we completed in 1987.
There was, as expected, trouble with the cops who opposed our initial attempts to get our "Registration Certificate", claiming we weren't going to be a "bona fide members club". In the end a face to face meeting resolved the problems and we were granted our Registration Certificate by local magistrates in May 1988 and the Club building opened for business that month. This certificate has to be renewed periodically (initially after 1 year, later every 5 years).
In 1991 we took out a loan with Sam Smiths brewery for £12,500. They insisted on changes to the constitution to ensure that, if the Club went bust, they got first crack at any assets. These changes were finally approved in February 1995, giving the current constitution.

The 1 in 12 Club is 2 separate things; firstly and most importantly it is a group of people who work together to promote certain political ideals and social change; secondly it is a building housing a members social club. The constitution was brought into being to deal with this second function, but at the same time remain true to the first.
The Constitution actually plays no noticeable part in the real life of the Club - it's essentially a legal document that sets out the bottom line legal position and safeguards members legal rights with regard to the Club and its physical assets.

The day to day affairs of the Club are managed by the bar stewards and active Club members and volunteers. The running of the Club is controlled by the weekly "Sunday" meetings (the "General Committee" in the constitution). This is where all the important (and often trivial) business is discussed and decisions are taken. All members are welcome to these meetings.
Once a month the "Bar Collective" (aka "The staff & Finance Committee") meets, made up of those members elected at the Annual General Meeting, the bar workers and any other interested members. This concentrates on employment and financial matters and reports to the following Sunday meeting with any recommendations. In the future things may change. The building could close (if we went bust, for instance) but the 1 in 12 Club could continue in its primary form - that group of like-minded people with a common cause. The constitution would then become irrelevant. Or the Club could increasingly focus on the social and business side of its affairs and loose its political edge. This has been the fate of most "working mens" clubs, many which started with overtly political aims. Balancing both objectives is the difficult bit. In the end it is the membership who will decide what happens.


contact:The 1 in 12 Club / 21-23 Albion Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 2LY, UK

Sunday 14 November 2010

SPACE WARS #? fanzine

Space Wars is another fanzine based on squatting themes that I've found at zinelibrary.. also olderdated, published in October 2008, but with very interesting writings.. on 18 pages you can read about the police repression on Hamilton's (Canada) graffiti scene, story about Wood Squat in Guelph told by the few squatters who lived there (about an very interesting action of resistance to eviction of their squat when they where threaten to the police that they will evict them from the police station), some other writings about squatting movement in Canada and autonomous spaces in general..
like I've told before, many interesting writings,so once again if you are even a little into the squatting movement you won't regret it if you read this one..
I don't know which number is this, neither is there are any other issues of it..
go read or save PDF file HERE..

Friday 12 November 2010

USING SPACE #4 fanzine

Using Space is a zine about squats, social centers and alternative ways of living.. so this is for all of you who are interested in squatting movement and everything related..
it's published in October 2009 (!?) so some news are a little outdated, but there is plenty of other interesting text for reading..
on 36, A5, black and white pages (with awesome cover page) you can read interview with activist from S.W.O.M.P. squat, Amsterdam (Netherlands), report from squat meeting in Bristol (UK), fotoreport from national squatting days in Netherlands, big and interesting report from squatting festival in Lund (Sweden), some newspapers article related with squatting and some more stories about social centers..
great idea, and as I had said before, you will like it if you're into squats and squatting movement.. unfortunately don't know if there are any later numbers of this zine and where they can be readed, so if anybody knows, please leave a comment..
older numbers, also with plenty of interesting readings can be founded at zinelibrary, just type Using Space in the search bar, and PDF file of this number is HERE ..

Sunday 7 November 2010

AKTIVNA PROPAGANDA balkan tour 2010

 Aktivna Propaganda, well known anarchist hardcore punk band from Slovenia are prepared for Balkan tour in December.. here are the dates and places on where you can see them.. if you have opportunity go check them out, I'm sure you won't regret.. I saw them a couple of times live and they are great!..

13.11.Kranj (Slovenia), club Subart

10.12.Zagreb (Croatia), AKC Medika

11.12 Timishaura (Romania)

12.12.Beograd (Serbia), club Akademija

13.12. Thessaloniki (Greece), Bilogica squat

14.12.Skopje (Macedonia)

15.12. Kumanovo (Macedonia)

16.12.Kragujevac (Serbia)

17.12. Sarajevo (B&H)

18.12. Ljubljana (Slovenia), AKC Metelkova

Friday 5 November 2010

Doom - Means To An End (live at Waiblingen 1989)

waiting for their concert tomorrow..

found this video HERE


On 20 March 2004 we occupied the old and deserted since the 60s weaving factory of Yfanet at Toumba neighbourhood in Thessaloniki (North Greece). We did this because ideas such as squatting, creating a place of resistance, freedom, liberation of free time and space, demolition of the capitalist world are ideas that we hold very dearly. Our tools have been autonomous organization, anti-hierarchy, unanimity, solidarity, discussing and deliberating in equal terms on common notions and ideas. We entered this devastated from capitalist reforming industrial building, and we found it full of memories of workers' fights, so we made a promise to ourselves, to restore the revolutionary premise in everyday life.

We set up the building and its structures based on the idea of squatting being one of the basis of generalized inversion, with the assembly as the primal and only collective body of our existence. The cafe, the library where one can freely borrow books, the computer room, the assembly and cinema room, the dance and gym room. The free-to-take clothes open market. The underground space for events, such as music concerts and performances. Beside them, other structures were built by us and by people that share the same ideas with us, such us the people who actually live in Yfanet at the house-collective. Also, the groups about gender oppression, groups for urban-city movements, for biotechnology, for precarity at the workplace. All these structures and spaces hosted innumerable events, discussions, cooking and eating together gatherings, weekly thematic cafes, concerts, performances, screenings and festivals of political documentary. Among these structures and in these spaces we created our own movies and played our own board games, we presented books and brochures, we set up artistic installations and exhibitions, we danced and we sang. We fell asleep and we dreamed. Some of us even fell in love. Of course there were fights and misunderstandings and some times no explanation was given…But we continue, trying to learn from our mistakes, from our shortages. Because only the one who doesn't act avoids making errors.
Since 2004 and the years that followed we've been setting up campaigns and we called in mobilizations: the first field of conflict where we enlisted was the fight against nationalism and the rise of populist radical right, showing our solidarity to immigrants. We reacted when racist pogroms and racial murders took place, when nationalist parties organized congresses, when there were attacks by nationalist right gangs in a city who's political and religious authorities wonderfully collaborate to strangle any voice of resistance, any class struggle and fight for difference, stepping on the bodies of those murdered or exiled, either to deserted islands or to Auschwitz.
Our solidarity to people fighting or to those that suffer because of state repression, is another great chapter for us at Yfanet. The importance of the State of safety that becomes the rule compared to the welfare state which is gradually being cornered, the society of control and monitoring, the legislative meters that spring from a state of emergency due to immigrants, refugees, political and social fighters, have constituted our imminent fields of struggle.

In December 2008 we all experienced revolt. At the first postwar social uprising we joined with wider social parts in new fields of action, conflict and fight against segregation. In those days fighting subjects, like us, met in the streets and opened their own routes, that stood independently from plans, strategies and avant garde. By this explosive osmosis a new diffusing anti-authoritarian reality was born, one that left a street-fighting spirit, a culture of assembling in the neighborhood, the movement of solidarity to Konstantina Kouneva as a future deposit.
Afterwards, the counter-revolt days came as expected. The state and the sovereignty had their chance for revenge after having defamed those who had dared to raise their head. The immigrants and the squatters were the preferential field of attempted state intervention by all government and parastate means. The summer of 2009 was justifiably a period of increased vigilance for us. The plans for intervention had been made public by the instructed publications in the local press, accompanied by the camping-gases that exploded outside the Yfanet main entrance. All those who believe that literary tearing down the walls of the squat can stop us from taking action, are misguided.
In fall and winter 2010, the ultimate plans of sovereignty started evolving. In the setting of world and greek capitalist financial system crisis, more and more people break free from segregations, they become organized in collectives, they choose to fight. Squats can become places of meeting and preparing the ground for new communities of people revolting and forming an autonomous working space.
From attacking merchandizes in places where power and capital are consolidated as relations, up to the creation of structures and anti-institutions, a new proposal for social organization is produced and it has been put to effect already. We now know that nothing will be given to us. We are here, we continue.



Sunday 31 October 2010


Prapopoulou Squat is located in a suburb of Athens, Greece that is called Halandri. The building is an old upper class house which is surrounded by a big garden. This private property had been abandoned for 34 years, until 2 years ago a group of people from different ages and political references decided to transform it into a space of creativity and resistance.

The squat functions as an open political-cultural space and as a base for political action out of the squat and is not used for housing. It is based on anti-hierarchy, equality, self-management and non-commercial relationships and doesn’t cooperate with the state, political parties or any other authoritarian structure. The management is done only by open assemblies where anyone interested can participate. The decisions are taken collectively through consensus respecting the differences in political views. There is a borrowing library, organic cultivation where we often share some of the vegetables with the neighbors and encourage people to participate, free cinema each week, a group that promotes the use of bicycle and repairs old bicycles, free Spanish lessons, theatrical plays and more. We also installed a do-it-yourself wind turbine which finally didn't work out and we are now experimenting with photovoltaic technology considering autonomy in energy us an aspect of the struggle. Our events vary from theater for children, fiestas, concerts until conversations and projections about the conditions in prisons, the Zapatistas, the rebellion of Oaxaca, public spaces and development, green capitalism and army objection. At all our events we don't charge an entrance fee and the expenses are covered by voluntary contribution in a box of economic support, with the perspective to promote solidarity and avoid commercial and authoritarian relationships.

We emphasize on local action, having good relationships with the neighborhood and on interacting with society. The space is free for anyone who wants to use it if he, she respects the characteristics of the squat. We act against plans of the municipality about restriction of public spaces and development of areas of green. We have done several actions in the central square of our neighborhood, giving many texts under the sound of music and of announcements. We are also active in central political issues working frequently with other groups (mostly anarchist and autonomous), co-organizing demonstrations and events for solidarity to political prisoners, to squats under state or para-state repression, concerning environmental issues, against prisons, against elections and more.

But the natural functioning of the squat was violently blocked. After one year and a half of many events, actions and resisting, the state, its police, and their best friends the fascist groups, provoked a serious attack on the squat. Para-state nationalists broke into the squat in the night of the Greek independence-day anniversary in March of 2008, burned the wooden roof and the library and destroyed a big part of the house. Facing the sight of destruction and smelling the odour of repression, looking at each other we realized that the only sure thing was that they burned nothing that could not be restored. They failed to burn even to a minimum, all those important things that motivated us to keep on what we are doing, like the comradeship between all of us who participle in the squat and our determination to keep on with the struggle.

A march of 500 people was organized in the neighborhood of the house that shouted out that we are still here, and that the struggle goes on. From this point, we have put a lot of effort and time to reestablish the house, receiving a moving wave of solidarity from squatters, anarchists, leftists and neighbors that was expressed mainly in hands for work and money to buy materials. Seeking or accepting money and help from the municipality or other authoritarian institutions was excluded from the beginning. The weekly events had stopped for a while in order to concentrate on the works, but now we are starting to come back arranging new ones. Self-organization was always our way and continues to be, walking in solidarity step by step towards freedom and aiming for social liberation.


From the regions of northern Athens
For social liberation
Prapopoulou Squat
Athens, December 2008