Friday 28 May 2010

two great upcoming festivals!!..

the season of summer festivals has are current line ups for two of them, Monte Paradiso (Pula, Croatia) and Balkanika Core meets Krastival (Komen, Slovenia).. on both of them you can expect, besides great bands, many diy distros, food, drinks and free camping.. definitive line ups and prices for both festivals will be known soon..

MONTE PARADISO FESTIVAL 5.-7.08.2010. Pula, Croatia
 Monte Paradiso is legendary festival going on for 18 years already.. every year there are represented great bands from various genres of hardcore punk music, so that's probably the main reason to big number of visitors from all over Europe and world, as well.. here is the line up for this year..

One Step Away
Debeli Precjednik
Visions Of War 
Scuffy Dogs 
Socijalna Služba
Children Of Technology
Citizen Patrol 
Unutrasnja Emigracija
Brat Pack
Social Chaos 

due some problems with the police in Kranj at Balkanika Core festival at first 2 years this festival is connecting with Krastival festival in Komen.. those two are d.i.y. festivals represented already traditionally great crust and hardcore punk bands from all over Europe and fckn' worldwide..
PATARENI  -Croatia
SOTATILA -Finland/Austria
ARGIES -Argentina  -  canceled
O.S.D.S. -Italy   -   canceled
ANAEROBA -Slovenia
BAKA YARO -Slovenia

Tuesday 25 May 2010

WxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC / KRLJA / DROB / NONSENSE 2.04.2010. Evergreen, Požega

it's been a while since this gig happened (almost 2 months) but as some of my friends were asking me to write something about it, here it is.. actually, only now, when some time had passed and after conversation with friends who was there, I remember some details and things that was happened those two days (damned alcohol, heheh)..
when I was heard that Nonsense will have show in Požega I've told myself: you can't miss that!.. 'cause they play live shows really rare (only 3 gigs in 2 or 3 years) and they are my favorite band from this area.. when it turned out that this will be humanitarian gig and there will play some other cool bands I was delighted!..
it was sun... (fuck it, I don't know if it was sunny day, actually think that was cold, especially at the evening) Friday.. I was done with my job a little earlier as it's usually because some holidays (Friday before Easter), same as my friends so we move on the road somewhere around 3:00 pm.. there was 5 of us in mighty FIAT car.. we had passed 220km for a little over 3 hours, with usually resting stops (read: drinking stops, hehhe)..
when we arrived in Požega we found cafe bar Evergreen with little help of kind local citizens.. there we meet some friends and the rest of a crew.. time before gig we spend by drinking gallons of wine and some rakija + "few" beers and eating some good cakes..
and then gig started..
first band on the stage was Drob, grind core band from Požega strongly influenced, I would say, by Haemorrhage.. they sounded absolutely great considering that they are only 2 guys in the band, guitar and drums, dual vocals with crazy lyrics like "fuck you, I fucked your girlfriend.. with the broken glass!!".. crazy and sick!..
after them band that I really like very much Nonsense from Požega.. old school trash influenced by ex-yu '80
hardcore.. it means raw, fast and straight into the head, just like it should be!.. great band, only maybe too short appearance on the stage but that's because of their short songs.. anyhow don't miss them if you had chance too see them live..
third on the stage that night were Krlja, young grind band from Samobor.. I sad young 'cause they play only a year or something about that, but members have some experience from some other well known bands, like True, in which they was active before.. that was 2nd time I had watched them in only one week.. they played weekend before at gig in Novi Marof, as well.. they are pretty active when it's about the gigs in last time..
and for the end, last but not least, WxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC from Austria, playin' gore death metal.. not actually my style of music but they were great,too.. they seems like great guys, ready for fun and conversation with people before and after the gig, as well.. they even sing "happy birthday" with rest of the crowd to my friend who was celebrating his birthday.. and yes, did I mentioned that every band has dedicated at least one of their songs to the crew from Vž. Toplice, we were main attraction, and most drunk bastards there, hehehh..
after the gig we continue with desolation of the bar and socializing with the rest of the crew.. we had visited few more bars which were opened longest in the night and in the morning we hosted ourselves at nearby gas station and we continue with alcohol devastation.. actually here party begins, heheh.. I love those day-after parties.. they are the best!..
we was waiting for our driver to get sober (or he wait for us to get more drunk,hehhe!?) and then we goes back on the road to home..
we all agreed that this was the best gig and party lately, we had so much fun!.. also we decided that we will go on next Nonsense gig, no matter where, for sure!..



Tuesday 18 May 2010

upcoming benefit gig in Ljubljana (Slo)

so, this is benefit gig for collecting funds for trial against Belgrade anarchists (read more here)..
if you have oppurtunity to come there, go and support this event..
bands that will participating in action are AK-47 (legendary anarcho-punk-crust band from Zagreb, Croatia which plays very rare, only in special occasions, like this one), GELO (metal influenced crust core from Italy), NULLA OSTA (hard core crust from Pula,Croatia) and PASIVE AGGRESSIVE (street hc punk from Zagreb, Croatia)..
when: Saturday, 5.06.2010.
where: club Gromka, AKC Metelkova, Ljubljana, Slo
how much: 5 Euro

Monday 3 May 2010

TILL DEATH interview

 Till Death is d-beat band from Texas, USA.. I was heard for them for the first time by listening their split release with Warvictims and I liked them immediately.. this interview is here thanks to Chad who recommend they to me for an 'view.. thanks also goes to the guys from Till Death on this nice answers.. guys you rocks!
I ask them for an euro tour, totally not expecting positive answer but it turned out that they actually are preparing euro tour in August 2011, so it's good oppurtunity for all of you boys & girls from europe to find out something more about them before they come here! enjoy in the reading!..

c.f.: for the beginning tell us how did things get started with Till Death, line up, etc..
Gus: Till Death began with Zak (Fuck Work, Maelstrom) being transplanted in Corpus Christi to go to school so he could get away from our friends.!!!

Zak: And then Gus's girlfriend got accepted to a dental school in Corpus so along came Gus and he found me.... Gus said I could fit more D-Beat in my school schedual...haha

Gus: And we found a local Guy in Zak's school in Corpus which is Mike. Or "Del Miko to play 2nd guitar.

Mike: Howdy Yal.

Gus: and a New Jersey transplant Corey our original Drummer.

Zak: Right Now Our Line up has changed.... We now have Kenny on drums which has been rad so Kenny and Gus played together in Century of War so they pick up on each other well.
I play Guitar, Gus on Bass and vocals and MIke on 2nd Guitar. And that is Currenty ......TILL DEATH.

c.f.: what about your releases, how it come to cooperation among you, Warvictims and Burnt Bridges Records?
Gus: Our 1st release we put out ourselves..... It was about 300 or so 7" vinyl.... which I still have plenty.hehe.... and it got a horrible review... but everyone seemed to like?? Go figure.... It picked up the attention of Chad at Burnt Bridges.... who happened to be an old friend of ours.....and even now our biggest supporter!!!
who is currently helping us set up a trip to Europe!!!
Thanks Chad.

Zak: so Chad wanted to help with the next release( and more) so that sent us packing to the studio...again.

Gus: I was able to get in contact with the Warvictims thru' email.... all of us were way into the their sound so of course we had to ask if they wanted to do a record...
and they did..... so chad jumped on it and we hit the studio and Warvictims made the kick ass artwork.

c.f.: what are your lyrics about? Don't you think that so much of todays d beat bands sing about almost the same themes.. isn't this become a little boring? Your opinion about that?
mike: yea alot of the d-beat bands do have alot of the same message but I see nothing wrong with that.... War is wrong... Religion is Fucking Evil. These are things you shouldn't forget. Granted there are also D-Beat bands speaking of other things too. Its not all war and guns and bombs.....

Gus: I speak alot about religion....I think its the root of the problem. But we try to cover other topics also.... womens r choice... death penalty.... and overall I just want people to understand they don't have to sit there on there ass and take it!!
They have a choice... A choice not to be apart of this system... A choice not to be taken advantage of. A choice to Stand and Fight back.... a chance to be a human fucking being.

c.f.: how is situation with underground scene in US? On some gig posters from the states I saw sign „all ages gig“ or something like that..does this means that on some other gigs entry for people under 18 or 21 isn't allowed?
Zak: For the most part shows are usally all ages.... well at least punk shows.
most bar shows will not let in people under the age of 21 because of local drinking laws.... some bars will do all ages because they see no risk....
we usally can always find a venue where all ages is accepted.

c.f.: your view on Haiti tragedy and all those media and celebrates humanitarian actions.. will that money actually get there or it will be spent for something else?
Zak: you have to understand all these "so called" humanitarians who are helping with the hiati tragedy aren't there for free.... each organization will take their cut first. Pay their spokesperson.. pay for their adverts..... before the people who really need the money even know the money was in existance.... you really have to do your research when dealing with these folks.... there are many cases where the money you sent will never reach the people at all!!! So please be careful sending any aid to be sure your effort isn't lost.

Gus: But please don't let that stop you from helping!!!! we found this infoshop and look at what their doing!!!!!
Mutual Aid Disaster Relief in Haiti
A network of street medics, action medics, and other skilled individuals with politics of mutual aid has developed to help send organized teams of volunteers to Haiti to help earthquake survivors. This network is building off experiences gained working at the Common Ground Clinic in New Orleans and as street medics and campaign medics from the West Coast to Appalachia to the Northeast Anarchist Network, with varying levels of medical and herbal knowledge & clinical experience.
We are:
Providing direct medical aid, medical and social advocacy
Documenting the developing situation on the ground and providing an alternative media source; and
Establishing a grassroots structure that allows the effective distribution of aid.
Donations will immediately go towards:
Provision of emergency medical supplies and gear;
Travel costs for medics and team to reach devastated areas of Haiti; and
Supporting grassroots relief efforts on the ground.

c.f.: do you have many contacts with people from outside of the states? Would you have any that there isn't this Internet thing?.I mean it is easier to make more contacts with people from abroad nowadays, than before 10 years for example..
Gus: we have some contacts for overseas... I would say we got most of them from friends who had already been there either playing or going to shows.... but many more like yourself.. we have met online.... Its kinda hard to pick up the phone and just call your buddy in Sweden you would usally write him a letter and send a cassette tape..haha. Now with the internet I can just send you an email....much like the one I'm writing..... although this damn computer sucks and I almost wish I was just hand writing this to you.. it may have been faster....
I believe the internet is helpful.... for the most part.

c.f.: your opinion about free downloading music from the net?
Zak: we don't believe in copyrights... so go ahead and download our stuff...
we aren't Metalica... we wont try to sue you. haha..

Kenny: Now if someone can just show us how to upload our stuff...haha....

c.f.: how often do you play live? Do you like your live shows, any favorite gig,tour…?
Mike: We try to play once a month around here just so people don't forget about us.
We usally travel for 80% of our shows.. so sometimes we go a couple months without playing live.... which is fine that gives us time to write.... we're actually doing that right now.
Before you sent us this email we had just gotten back from the West Coast... and Yes it was a blast!!! Gus and Kenny know alot of folks out there so the shows are always badass and something fucking crazy!! We played on the side of a mountain overlooking an ocean as the locals all walked through the woods to see this show!!!! Nuts!!! And like 75 kids came out to the middle of nowhere!
We Felt like we were in a DIO video.

Zak: that same tour we hit Norman Oklahoma for the 1st time. And that place went nuts too!!
the house was huge and packed! People were passing the couch in the air with people on it!!!

Gus: that was fun. it was like 100 degrees in that house.

c.f.: in your opinion is it important that members are good friends before forming a band?
Gus: Sometimes I wish these guys were not my good friends only so I could hit them harder!!

Kenny: that hasn't stopped me.

Gus: I noticed.....All joking aside I love having my friends around me.... And we didn't know Mike or Corey before this band started and these are guys I would take a bullet for now. I would say music brings you together. but I've also seen bands go so so wrong.... I know a hand full of people who still wont talk to one on other over stupid petty band shit...

Zak: yea you gotta pull up your "Big Boy Pants" sometimes and just deal bad times.
all bands go thru ups and downs... its part of being in bands.... I think of my guys like brothers... and just like brothers....who happen to be trapped in a shitty car.... on tour... with NO air conditioning,....... in TEXAS . WILL FIGHT AND GET ANNOYED WITH EACH OTHER.

Mike: but we get over that shit and maybe it does make us better... I'm not sure.
Did I mention these guys always make me load the trailer because i cant drive.

Gus: sorry Mikey but your sooo good at it.

c.f.: what does members of a band doing besides the band, what do you do for living, or you maybe can live from the band,hehehhe..?
Gus: Well we definitely don't live off TILL DEATH....

Mike: It usally costs us money..haha

Gus: True.....Me and Kenny are mechanics.... Mike is a Video Game dealer
and Zak just got "Package Handler" of the month

Zak: I worked for Fed Ex....... Lame.

Kenny: We all have side bands that keep us busy in our spear time.
Zak has like four or something? Me and Gus have another one.... Gus also has
another one.
Mike is full time student in corpus. we are waiting for him in Austin.

c.f.: do you have any future plans,some new recordings, or maybe some euro tour?? Gus: we do have 2 new recordings coming up!!!! and A EURO tour!!! How did you know??????
(c.f.: hehehe, I don't know, I have some strong feeling about this magic,buhahaha, hehe..)
we are current writing for 2 new 7"s to take to EUROPE.... And we hope you all will like them!!
we will keep you posted on the dates.... but we do know AUG. 2011 is the month.
i believe that the Czech republic is the closest we'll be coming to you this time around. At this point Chad is handling most of the planning.

c.f.: thanks for the interview.. if i didn't ask something and you would like to add.. something for the end?
thank you for taking the time to chat with us... it was fun.... And thanks to all the punks who make this scene happen. I can honestly say i don't know what I'd do with out it.




"ok so here it is. after a few failed attempts, due to a criminal lifestyle and alcoholic/addict insanity,and a comicly tragic ending to the last effort(buy the, the maelstrom "to the blood of my enemie's"ep on red vinyl, it's a limited edition) .this label is by no means a money making venture(as anyone who's ever been involved in any aspect of d.i.y. music knows. have you stopped laughing yet,can i move on?).It's kinda like i told an ex-girlfriend,we're to stupid to know anything different, and to old to still believe that we can change the world through any of this shit we do.we do it cause we have a passion for this music and the lifesyle that goes along with it. So if by doing this label i've helped some really awsome people get music they live for out , and a few people who have the same passion for collecting it get it . this label is a success!"

..when I had read this text above for the first time from Burnt Bridges my space page I knew: this is something true and sincere! then I chat a little with Chad who is standing behind this d.i.y. record label and realize that he is great guy, so here is interview with him as consequence of all that.. just to spread the word about his work..

c.f.: please introduce yourself to the readers of the blog..
BBR: Hey, I'm Chad and I "run" (if you can call it that) Burnt Bridges with the help of quite a few others. Jayme C. sorts out numbers, tells me how much money I'm losing and generally questions my sanity; Lori S. does website and other computer crap; Caleb P. writes music descriptions for website and reassures me that I am crazy for doing this but that it's o.k.

c.f.: tell us something about beginnings of Burnt Bridges Records..from where you get idea to start with it?
BBR: Actually Burnt Bridges started out as a completely different label called Austin Extreme Records which was Caleb Pruitt, Westbrook Johnson and myself. We wanted to focus on a lot of the really great hardcore/grind/metal etc. happening in Austin,TX. We put out one release and had a couple others planned but I think our organization and communication was a problem and it seemed that each individual had different levels of commitment.. Then I managed to sever the partnership with one crazy drunken night... all damages totaled: a bunch of pissed of friends, about 300 destroyed records, and one girlfriend scared shitless. So I was sent packing to Nashville,TN. Shortly after that I started Burnt Bridges. Thank DOG I didn't sever the friendships. My friends rule!!!!!

c.f.: what have you released so far?
BBR: So far we've put out Condemned unit "s/t" 7", Warvictims/Till Death 10", Doom Siren "Tyranny ep" 7"

c.f.: how it comes to that cooperations with those bands? Describe us, in short, how all that is going to release one record?
BBR: Typically I deal with friends of mine in that are in bands I like and think others should have the opportunity to hear. Man, it's been my experience that so far each release takes on its own path to existence. In short, it usually starts with either me approaching a band asking if they want to do a release or vice versa, getting all the music and artwork together, taking what little bit of money that comes back from the distributors, then working a shit load of overtime, or getting a second job to make it happen. Finally it's sitting back and seeing where in the process there's going to be a fuck up.

c.f.: I have downloaded your release warvictims/till death split from some blog on the net.. I know that isn't 100% right because of your effort and money putted in.. what is your opinion about that?
BBR: My team of high priced lawyers will be contacting you about the music you've pirated off of the net soon!(ha,ha)

c.f.: are you against downloading from the net or you think it's okay to do that if you can't afforded to buy the record or pay expensive shiping costs?
BBR: No bro, I have no problem with kids(especially overseas) getting the records that the label releases off of the internet. I remember when i was a kid, a friend had a copy of the Dead Kennedy's "In God we trust inc.." - on the B-side of the cassette it said something like "home recording is killing the big business music companies, so we left this side you blank so you can help" and that attitude really made an impression on me. Here was a really great band that I totally identified with, that felt that it was more important to get their music and ideas out to the people that appreciate them, than it was to make a profit. So if the only way that someone in Croatia, or any other country for that matter, may come in contact with the music and the ideas behind the music is the internet then down load away. Please!
Especially younger kids who might be inspired to get involved in groups or organizations that take a lot of the ideas expressed in the lyrical content and convert it into to direct action... then by all means download and redistribute, PLEASE!!!

c.f.: do you like to trade your stuff for some other records?
BBR:YES!!!!! I've been turned on to some great music overseas because of trades!!!! Hell yes!!!!!

c.f.: And do you have any contacts with people/labels outside of the states?
BBR: I have some because of friends of ours that have made it over to europe/asia/australia already with their bands, as well as friends I've made through the internet/ trade's etc. Could never hurt to have more though, so hit me up !!!!

c.f.: what else do you do,besides the label? I know you was active in organizing some festival, anything else?
BBR: Yeah, myself and two other friends put on a 3 day Festival in Austin, TX called "The A.T.X.D.I.Y.FEST!!!!", it went great, several hundred kids showed up and raged for three days straight - it ruled!!! I also live in the Food Not Bombs Nashville House and am an active participant in doing our best on a weekly basis to end hunger (in a country where it is completely absurd for anyone to be hungry) by staging a culinary protest with food that otherwise would be wasted by a culture that has little to no regard for the individuals and environment it has trampled and destroyed for it to be in place. I have also recently begun to be an active member of a community-based collective that offers an all ages venue for music/art/ and many other D.I.Y. skill-sharing/educational opportunities that encourage members of the community to participate in their own lives, consider different perspectives and take a part in shaping the world they live in... hopefully in direction away from the wasteful, consumer-based reality that the so-called experts have got us stuck in.

c.f.: what are future plans with your label?
BBR: I have an Abrupt 7"(members of Born Dead,Desolation,Scurvy Dogs) coming out soon. Also Till Death is recording as I type this so their should be two different split 7"s that come out of that, and a Deadly Reign split 12"(members of Till Death, World Burns to Death ) possibly with Warvictims. I have quit a few other things in the works as far as releases are concerned. I'd really like to work on stuff like giving bands tour support etc., so I'm looking into getting a van to start with(thank DOG Gus is a mechanic). We are also planning a Till Death tour in Europe in 2011.

c.f.: thanks on this interview, anything for the end?
BBR: Yeah Bro, thanks so much for asking me to do this. It was cool - I enjoyed it! I guess I just want to say that as much as punk rock/hardcore has affected and shaped my life, it opened the doors to a culture that finally made sense to a kid that spent most of his youth feeling like he didn't fit in the world he lived in... that the music scene is just that, music. If each one of us in our own lives doesn't implement the ideas in our actions or take the time to get involved in groups and causes doing the real work to create (even just a little corner of) the world for people like us to live in, then all the bands, and labels and distros etc.. are a waste of our time and money!!!

contact: web page
             my space