Wednesday 8 December 2010


this is for all you nostalgic bastards out there who remember the 90's with pleasure and often regretting for those better times..
this zine was edited by Željko i Tanja from legendary Unutrašnji Bunt! (Inner Revolt! O.E.), and it's published in autumn/winter 1998.. It's written on Serbian language, pity for all of you who don't speak/understand Serbian..
it's really big, on even 60 pages you can read some letters, interviews with Politikill Incorect, Delo Ludila, Panic Overdose (interesting is that I looked for anything of P. Overdose for a while, and in only 2 days I've got links for some of their releases, and only day after got the link for this zine with P.O. 'view in it!..), The Tofu Love Frogs, infos about No Strike, M.G.G. and Wiesenthal, report from the 5th Orto Punk festival, columns, article about fanzine Obrijane Žene (Shaved Woman), a lot of art (poems, articles, drawings, comics...) and record + zine reviews.. all in all, pretty much material for reading..
yes, and I must mention that here I have read the best review ever.. it's for 3-Way Cum - Killing the life LP, and roughly translated it goes something like this: "extremely good band from Sweden surprised me very positive and convinced me that there are still true Scandinavian bands which are able to offer surpassing raw energy like Mob-47, Discard or Anti-Cimex.. 3 Way Cum sounds approximately as if you inject 10ml of adrenaline to the drunks from Doom and torture them with electric shocks at a voltage of 150, and threaten to them that they will not drink, not even drop of alcohol, never again.. this LP, besides 16 new songs, contains their previously released EP Battle of Opinions.. and overall impression is that this is one of the best crust punk bands in the world, at the moment.. this is a lesson of how to play.." fckn great review, isn't it, hehe..
at the end I think that this is good example of how zines has been made in those times, with a bunch of this 90's spirit..
I've had really enjoy reading this one so once again thanx to the author for providing  this link to us..


Cheeroky said...

Hey! Hvala na postavci i lepoj recenziji :) Pozdrav i sve najbolje druže ;)

Unknown said...

Super je sto postoji neki elektronski trag ovom fanzinu.

..crucified freedom.. said...

da, samo šteta što link za skinuti ne radi..

Šamar društvenom ukusu said...

Da li možete opet postaviti link?

..crucified freedom.. said...

link je bio od autora fanzina, ne moj, al je s vremenom prestao radit, tak da ja nažalost za sad ne mogu, al probat ću potražit dal imam negdje u arhivama..