Tuesday 21 December 2010

ON'T ROAD #13 / GO FUCK YOURSELF #1 fanzine

okay, this is split of two great travel zines, On't Road #13 (about previous releases of this zine you could read in some older posts) and Go Fuck Yourself #1 (editor of this one was active before with Duhhh zine).. 20 pages each.. language is, of course, english..
from O.T.R. side we have an report from the darts tournament, football articles, 2-pages review of Manic Street Preachers album, some other record and fanzine reviews and  an extensive Pisschrist/Sotatila Euro-tour report from 2008 (among some other countries, they were visiting Croatia and played at Monte Paradiso festival, for which author says, when he saw young east-euro punx, that this was the closest to the 1984. that he ever been.. also he describes the morning after on this festival like "zombie apocalypse..., ...and there were some seriously fucked up people wondering around..." I think that he described that very well, heheh..), article about band Leatherface and report from the gig of Teenage Bottlerocket..
on the G.F.Y. side you can read about the journeys from St. Petersburg to Beijing (10000km) and from New York to California by train, also about some adventure in L.A.  and Thou interview..
download links are again from mighty punks is hippies, and zine contacts are:
O.N.T.: ska1ska@yahoo.com
G.F.Y.: thirteenthirtytwo@hotmail.com

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