Monday 27 December 2010

BRUTAL ADDITION / SENSELESS / NONSENSE - 3 way split tape (199?)

when I found the download link for this rare release, a week ago, there was no end to my great enthusiasm.. I'm pretty sure that it's impossible to buy this tape nowhere any more.. I listen to it already the whole last week and I wasn't tired with it yet, and think I won't be so soon!..
so this is 3 way split tape released by DMK Music from Spain which brings you 3 great bands for destroying your speakers and brain cells.. don't know exact year of releasing of this, if anybody knows, please leave a comment..
first we have here Brutal Addition from Spain (members were involved in DMK Music label).. 9 songs from this 3-members act with some noisecore punk sound, including intro + outro and You Suffer, Napalm Death cover.. I'm not some expert for such kind of noise so I can't describe them better.. and the rip of the tape is something fucked up at their side..
then we have Senseless from Požega, Croatia.. about them I wrote something before and other releases of theirs you can get here.. in short, raw hc/crust massacre, fuckn brilliant 4 songs by them.. first one (probably, one of theirs the best) "Ubijena (u ime križa)", then the massacre continues with two fast as fuck songs "Free" and "No Thanx!" and for the end, to settle down things a bit, fuckn hymn "With God We Crust"..
and finally, to conclude this beautiful story we have Nonsense, also from Požega, Croatia.. most of you knows how they sounds today, but here you can convince yourself how it was done some 15-17 years ago, at their beginnings.. four tracks by them, 2 from "Who's Your Enemy" reh/demo and 2 from "Always Against" demo.. legendary song "Baki gdje si ti?" is here, of course!.. grind/noise hardcore, raw to the bone!.. sound quality on Senseless and Nonsense side is perfect!.. you won't be regret if you download this piece of treasure.. the file includes scan of the cover, too..
tomorrow I'm going to buy a blank audio cassette to make my own tape, that's for sure.. DIY!!

download link is here with permission, and it's originally posted at great new blog -TAPES ARE STILL NOIZY- dedicated to the records released on this legendary format - audio tapes.. don't miss to check out this blog with so many of great and rare, out of print releases.. for example you can find there some extreme rare Mrtva Buducnost live tapes, or Social Deformity demo, Doom demos from '87 and '89, Jan AG And The Gajna (project of Jan, AGX and Koppa, Kontatto, C. Sterminii) and more awesome stuff..


Anonymous said...

lud si baja, respekt.

..crucified freedom.. said...

heheh..fala ;)