Friday, 12 November 2010

USING SPACE #4 fanzine

Using Space is a zine about squats, social centers and alternative ways of living.. so this is for all of you who are interested in squatting movement and everything related..
it's published in October 2009 (!?) so some news are a little outdated, but there is plenty of other interesting text for reading..
on 36, A5, black and white pages (with awesome cover page) you can read interview with activist from S.W.O.M.P. squat, Amsterdam (Netherlands), report from squat meeting in Bristol (UK), fotoreport from national squatting days in Netherlands, big and interesting report from squatting festival in Lund (Sweden), some newspapers article related with squatting and some more stories about social centers..
great idea, and as I had said before, you will like it if you're into squats and squatting movement.. unfortunately don't know if there are any later numbers of this zine and where they can be readed, so if anybody knows, please leave a comment..
older numbers, also with plenty of interesting readings can be founded at zinelibrary, just type Using Space in the search bar, and PDF file of this number is HERE ..

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