Tuesday 16 November 2010

SCENERY IS FREE #1, #3 fanzine

Scenery Is Free is a little unusual zine.. it's, I would say, very personal.. in it author describes some  his points of view on life and the world we live in and about way of life which he chose for himself.. and that is in short, how he had said this in several times - "traveling and doing shitty jobs for a little money.."
zine looks like small book and it's written like some kind of diary..
here we have two numbers of it which I've found at koleksi zine blog..

so in 1st number you can read writings from author's traveling thro' Europe, the adventures that he had in England, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands...
interesting for reading if you like travel literature..this num was published in 2007 and it's dedicated to author's best friend who died by car accident, during his trip and to all people who helped him at those travels..

3th number has less pages than first one (only 32, while 1st has 60 pages) and it's not so much about traveling than it's about an short period of authors life (few days, actually,) during which he had lived in squat in London, spending some time in his friend's house, socializing with their cat, and so on...
reading this number you will definitely feel like you reading someone's diary..
I've liked 1st number more, but go check it for yourself..

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