Sunday 25 September 2022

SAVAGEHEADS - Service To Your Country - LP is out now!!!

"It's been 17 years of hell waiting for this record to come out, but here it is. Savageheads from Boston follow up their their 2014 debut EP with this 13 song long player of thrashy pogo punk meant for anyone into toe tapping, fist pumping, or bedroom bouncing. Heavily influenced by the Partisans, Skeptix and the harder end of UK82, this album covers such topics as government intervention, military service, and other themes related to power and greed. PLAY LOUD."

Where to purchase:

Sorry State:

Social Napalm:

La Vida Es Un Mus Discos for UK distribution:

Thursday 22 September 2022



Last Saturday, a new autonomous zone was established in Ljubljana, called the Participatory Ljubljana Autonomous Zone (PLAC). The squat is located at 43 Linhartova Street, behind Bežigrad.
Around 13:00 on Saturday 3rd september, around 100 people entered the abandoned building of the former canteen of the Ljubljana Road Company at 43 Linhartova Street and declared the occupied building an autonomous zone. They wrote that they had created “a space for all those who have been sidelined by the socio-political order and deprived of the infrastructure for their cultural and political participation and the realization of their aspirations”. In the hours following the occupation of the empty building, the premises and the surrounding area were cleaned up.
The occupiers explained at the press conference that their motivation was the lack of opportunities to act in an increasingly gentrified city. A lack that has been felt by younger and less emancipated communities in recent years, especially after the eviction of the Rog Autonomous Factory.
The new autonomous space seeks to counter the social trends of privatisation and commercialisation of social spaces, which make universal participation Participatory Ljubljana Autonomous Zonedifficult or even impossible.
After the bankruptcy of Cestnega Podjetja Ljubljana in 2014, the former canteen is owned by DUTB or Slaba Bank. We haven’t heard anything from DUTB at the time of writing. The choice of the building carries a symbolic meaning, as the new users explain.
The Autonomous Zone will replace the wasteful management of social property with a program for all. In addition to self-organised cultural events and workshops, a people’s library is planned.
The police came to PLAC twice in the past few days. They have applied pressure by collecting personal data of the people around as a preventive measure. Reportedly in case of material damage to the abandoned facility. The new users of the facility, however, recall their pre-election promises to the People’s Initiative, in which many parties stressed the importance of autonomous zones and pledged to support new ones.
The re-establishment of an autonomous space gives back to Ljubljana, and especially to the cultural and political margin, the promise of what it lost two years ago. The promise of a non-hierarchical autonomous community gives rise to optimism that alternative self-organization will regain its place in a city that has been subjected to strong gentrification in recent years. However, it is not only the social margins that will have an opportunity in PLAC, but also the ruling political establishment, which may stick to its pre-election promises for a change.

Statement from the Anarchist Initiative in support of the new autonomous center PLAC:

"It gives us great joy to welcome the establishment of a new autonomous space PLAC in Ljubljana that started today with the communal-political occupation of the empty, derelict, and publicly-owned building on Linhart Street!
We see this occupation as a protest against the existing social order and as a concrete answer to the daily worsening of social circumstances and problems such an order creates.
Occupation is a political act of emancipation and direct action that addresses important social issues, pertaining to all of us and our collective futures. The housing crisis, high rent, and lack of non-commercial spaces for creativity and action are but a few of these issues. Indirectly, it also addresses rampant corruption, social inequality, and the distribution of the Commonwealth. The newly occupied publicly-owned building, that is managed by the DUTB (‘bad bank’ organization) quite literally represents the money we all paid for the great bank bailout of 2012. Back then, the name of the game was a shameless transfer of wealth from the have-nots to the haves. With this occupation, we are returning a small part of that stolen money to the people for communal use.
Furthermore, we see this occupation as a protest against the commercialization and commodification of our lives and society. For years, we have seen our neighborhoods, our towns, our society, and our very lives transformed by the interests of the capital. Those who have colonized all the aspects of society, subjugated them to their made-up laws and excluded anyone directly affected by these changes from the decision-making process. Ruling politicians – both local and national – remain diligent accomplices to those processes. Public space is shrinking and becoming privatized, the city is changing in accordance with the wishes of the wealthy, while mere residents are pushed to the fringes of society. All the activities, including the city and even the societal infrastructure, are subject to the logic of commercialization and profit. Do we need luxury apartments on every green spot? Is it sensible to accept Airbnb-style renting, when there’s a lack of housing for the young, the students, and even the local populace? Does every youth center need to transform into a for-profit bar?
We see this occupation as a continuation of the rich history of establishing autonomous spaces in Slovenia, which have already played an important role in different eras and areas. Regardless if it’s Petek 13. (Friday the 13th) of Železniki, the littoral squats of INDE and ARGO, or those in Gorizia, Sokolski dom in Novo Mesto, or Ljubljana’s AC Molotov and Autonomous factory ROG, which was so violently destroyed last year by the municipality. They offered alternatives and reflection in the times of disintegration, diminishment, and privatization of the communal, the public. Primarily, they created a space to freely self-organize, to create actions, and events in a not-for-profit space, and took up many social functions on a multitude of levels that the state didn’t. Such as taking care of the marginalized people: the homeless, the addicts, and the migrants. Or creating an exceptional independent and non-profit culture scene. Or all the crucial, autonomous, grassroots political initiatives outside the meddling of party politics. Student and Labour organizing. Addressing the Gig economy and migrant work. Feminism. The erased people. Antiracism. So, we’re really looking forward to all the many activities that are bound to happen in this new space!
We need to stress again that the creation of the new autonomous space is in the public interest. In the interest of the local community, the residents not only of this city, but towns all across the country, and anyone else who doesn’t profit from real estate speculations, building luxury flats, or political and capitalist corruption. We expect the powers that be to put down their batons and consider this occupation for what it is: A legitimate political act, whose results and future must be decided in the widest possible civic discourse.
We’re expressing our full support to the new space once more, and encouraging others to take up active support and participation both for it and within it. May today’s action be an encouragement for many others like it elsewhere and in the future!"

Anarchist Initiative Ljubljana / Anarhistična pobuda Ljubljana (APL-FAO)

Participativna Ljubljanska Avtonomna Cona (PLAC)
Linhartova 43
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Monday 19 September 2022

24/24 - Munk​á​spr​é​s - demo is out now!!!

I was never familiar much with Hungarian diy punk scene, unfortunately, and to be honest that’s kind of strange because I live in neighbor country just few km from the border.. the only bands I actually knew and listened to from there are crust grind machine Human Erorr and fastcore act Dance or Die!!!.. lately I heard for Norms and Berosszulás which recently played in Zagreb but didn’t still closely listened any of them..

anyhow, few weeks ago Tomi from Disparodesire blog and label contacted me and met me with his new band 24/24 and with some raw recordings they made.. those 3 or so songs were good primitive and raw crusty punk and they sure get me interested.. some 2 weeks after they hit me up again with the video for new song "Csend, Rend, Fegyelem" and just few days later with new recordings for first proper demo.. and I can say they made huge progress than on those first raw recordings.. demo is great, 8 songs of fast raw hc punk sung on Hungarian with lyrics as Tomi informed me about actual politics, social stuff, about everyday struggle and of course anti government and president Orbán, against neonazism and racism, etc.. don't know why but music itself reminds me kind of on some latino american style of hc punk, with those backing vocals here and there, but check it for yourself.. fast, simple, angry and uncompromising raw punk in your face..
for now demo is available only in digital form on bandcamp where you can download it for free, but soon will be released on tapes.. favorite track: Nekem Te Ne!

as they are new band and they need promotion feel free to share this demo and a word about them.. they are also looking for gigs in Croatia and Serbia, so if you can help please contact them..

Sunday 18 September 2022

throwback to the 90s with Not Enough and Moment of Collapse records..

last few weeks I feel like punk archeologist.. digging through the depths of internet in search of some crust punk artefacts.. and well, the search was more than successful.. and the best thing and the truth is that I was having complete luck more than really searching and found those stuff more or less accidentally.. two packages arrived at the same day, one from Germany and the other from far away Sweden and both made me extremely happy.. it was long, long time ago that I waited mailman so impatiently like these days..
and yes, you can call me nostalgic bastard or say what you want but bands were better back then and whole thing about hc punk was more sincere and passionate.. that's the fact..
okay, let's see what I found..

this one on total unexpected place while I was actually searching it for a stream on bandcamp or youtube.. from Moment of Collapse records catalogue for again unexpected 5 euros.. awesome.. never heard of this label before and when I checked the rest of releases they hold didn't find anything interesting for me.. but I'm glad I found this one..
split Lp of two similar hc crust punk bands, Humanitar from Germany and Wasserdicht from Slovenia.. one of the last and the best Wasserdicht's recordings here from 2001.. anyhow, great and legendary record with almost 40 mins of music..

well, that was first find.. and the other, hey what a treasure.. story goes something like this.. crew from awesome Not Enough records (which are celebrating 20th years anniversary these days, btw) decided to buy old Dist and Confuzed distro which was collecting dust somewhere for almost 10 years.. and as you can guess it was hiding a lot of real treasures and already unavailable and pretty rare stuff.. a lot of awesome LPs which I didn't take into consideration because I would go bankrupt, then a bunch of CDs which I don't like as a medium so I skipped even to look for them because I would find something I couldn't resist and then incredible 340, yes you read this right, 340 different 7" titles and I simply couldn't resist to treat myself with some.. and the best thing, as a lot of those are probably unavailable anywhere else they could put all kind of insane prices but they offer it all for more than decent 40 SEK which is around 3.80 €..

another one legendary Wasserdicht split, this time with mighty Austrian crust grind band Konstrukt.. released on Slovenian label Jay Walk in 1996..
it comes with really nice folded sleeve with lyrics.. one of those records for which I was sure I won't be able to find anywhere and to own it some day..

two EPs of to me one of the best crust bands from Sweden from 90s era, and maybe one of the best in general, actually.. great looking sleeves with lyrics and with classic, for the genre, style and cover art.. 

and probably the best piece of vinyl, musically, of all at here is this one.. split of two bands from Seattle, USA.. amazing Decrepit, one of the best bands ever to me, unbelievably energetic and explosive crustcore grind in veins of Disrupt but even better.. don't believe me? - just try it..
and on other side Scathed to whom I am not really familiar, knew them just because of this split but they are also great hardcore punk crust band, something darker an slower than Decrepit but I will sure look for other stuff of them if I find any..
and this one is definitely the most beautiful, with great artwork on front as well on the back side, especially Scathed part.. also stickers from both bands are included..

I buy this because of S. Iuda but Dog on a Rope are also legendary and well known, maybe even better then Polish, punk band from England.. very politically engaged little split EP with two songs from both sides.. released in faraway 1997 by two Polish labels..

one more short political attack with two similar bands, this time in more anarcho peace punk style.. USA/Sweden collaboration..

about my love towards this band I already wrote something more HERE and they were sure one of those bands for which I was pretty sure that I won't be able to get my hands and ears dirty on some of their physical records.. emotional hardcore/screamo at it's best.. of course with standard for the genre lyrics, dealing with social problematics, relations between people, etc. but they were also known for political and diy ethics.. this EP was released by Stonehenge Records in 1996 which was their drummers label and I believe it was their last record.. really nice black cover on recycled paper and sleeve style is like mini fanzine with columns (about what music means to the each of band members, about scene and similar stuff) and lyrics, both on French and English..

and for the end the biggest gem of all, basically the reason why I made this order, awesome split by two great bands, released in 1997 by Japanese label F.F.T. in which was, at least I think, Argue Damnation vocalist involved in.. he also stand behind recognizable chaotic artwork which follow almost all A. Damnation records and maybe some more Japanese bands..
Argue Damnation were anarcho crusty raw punk band from Kobe/Osaka, Japan and Boycot were well known politically hc punk from Alkmaar, Netherlands.. one of the most special records to me which I own in surprisingly good shape considering of age and non-standard sleeve which is little oversized than usual 7" wraps and is made from thin recycled paper..

there was a ton of other amazing 7" at Not Enough webshop which grab my attention, a lot of them were already in my "shopping cart" like some Warpath split, comp. EP with Argue Damnation and few more Japanese bands, Urine Specimen, System Shit, Health Hazard, two of Project Hopeless, Burek Death Squat/Patareni split, Prosecution 99 and many, many more, but total weight of package would be over 1kg and postage will unfortunately be double, some crazy amount of cash, almost more expensive as records itself so it wasn't had much sense.. some of those are still available so hurry up, because each comes in one or two pieces only, and grab some real jewels.. the best thing, new items are still coming every day..

nice pair, isn't it!?

Saturday 17 September 2022

PAKT - live @ Gromka, Ljubljana 13.09.2022. - video


Friday 16 September 2022

SUKOB / NAILED IN weekend euro tour 2022


16/09 Innsbruck, Sillwerk
17/09 Milano, SOS Fornace
18/09 Trento, Dirty Old Carpet
19/09 Ljubljana, Jalla Jalla

Wednesday 14 September 2022

upcoming gig in Čakovec, Croatia

when?..................17.09.2022., Saturday
where?.................Prostor, Čakovec
who?....................NEGATIVE SLUG sludge core, zg
                             BOGEC doom sludge, Vž
                             A GRAM TRIP stoner doom, Zg
entrance?..............30 kn

Tuesday 13 September 2022

ANAEROBA - live @ AC Molotov, Ljubljana 15.04.2002. - audio

Anaeroba was hell of a band.. crust punk at it's finest, born in 1997.. one of the best from this area at the time.. they split up just when they were about to conquer the world, somewhere around 2011..
later reformed in 2016-2018 period with new international line up for some tours in USA and Europe..
here are some raw recordings (audio only) from a gig that took place at AC Molotov squat in Ljubljana, back then in 2002.. including some of their best songs and cover of Nausea's "The New Generation".. enjoy the filth!..

- credits: Rostbif at youtube 

Monday 12 September 2022

EGO - Ego-ism (2021) - 12" LP

Genre...............................hc punk
Format.............................vinyl, LP
Country............................Germany, bandcamp

most probably the biggest (positive) surprise in last two years in the world of hc punk to me personally.. Ego is international band based in Berlin, Germany and vocalist is Nesha (Doomsday Graphics) and if you know which bands he was part of in the past (Unutrašnji Bunt, Nakot, G.A.U., etc.) immediately you know this can’t be bad.. and sure it isn’t, just contrary it’s pretty much amazing..
Ego-Ism is their debut recordings originally self released by the band as a tape in two presses and one by Voice From Inside tapes (100 pieces each) just before the beginning of pandemic (how appropriately) in January 2020 and in the middle of 2021 luckily the crew from Agipunk decided to put this out on the 12” vinyl.. why luckily?.. because of two things, first tapes were quickly sold out and the second this is whole new and better experience to listen those recordings on vinyl, you now, one of those which simply deserve and must be pressed on this magic medium, it was meant to be since the beginning..
we have here 10 tracks of dark, heavy and harsh punk hardcore, somehow very specific and original, I don’t know to whom I would compare it, they have this Unutrašnji Bunt vibe in slower songs, like "Dekadent" and "Robovi Slobode" but on the other side completely different.. also it’s very hard to stuff them into only one genre, but you’ll see/hear for yourself.. be ready to be thrown right into the 80’s atmosphere and mood which will chew you but with few outbursts will spit you out in dark present with relevant sound as same with meaning and message.. just as they would say – punk music for dark times..
anyhow, song structure varies from song to song and they are from one and half minute like 2nd on the A side of vinyl, direct and simple "Stupid" to even 8 minutes long as the closing one on B side "Moć".. while most of them are in some mid-tempo (but still angry), there are few slow, very atmospheric songs, to the fast ones, real d-beat attacks like "Ljudi", "Do You Love?" or my favorite "Mrtva Budučnost".. except above mentioned originality the fact that songs don’t sound the same one to another is one of the main benefits of the record.. two of them are shouted on English and rest are on Serbian which for sure also contributes to specificity of the sound and the whole thing about this demo..
production is superb and sound is perfect, surprisingly for a demo and debut recordings, but also on the other side members are old wolves on hc punk underground and recorded this by themselves, obviously they knew exactly what they wanted..
vinyl itself is simple, my is black, with simplest cover ever but with all the necessary info as well as lyrics and translations of the same.. cover art is of course by mighty Doomsday Graphics.. there were all together 300 copies pressed, 100 on white vinyl but I am somehow sure it will be repressed again in the future and become cult record of one era in hc punk history.. still available from Agipunk for 12 or 13 euros for the white one.. and if you are from Croatia try at Sumoggu or Doomtown Records..

Sunday 11 September 2022


"Sore Throat formed in 1987 in Yorkshire, United Kingdom with one goal in mind: play loud and drunk noise. Call Sore Throat an "anti-all star" group of punkers from other bands like Doom, Deviated Instinct, Extreme Noise Terror and whatnot who have had their fair share of being in the "scene" for a while.
Sore Throat were an early crust/grindcore style band with a huge punk rock attitude. They are known as one of the first bands to innovate a style of grindcore called "noisecore". Though they seem very forgotten, they were apart of the hardcore/grindcore movement of the mid-late 80's in the United Kingdom and known for their "fuck you" attitude, harsh humor and ridicule in their music about other bands, society and so on. They sometimes were seen as a parody band while at times, they were also seen as a drunk political punk band. They were also one of the first known bands to incorporate many sample use in their music.
Some topics Sore Throat tackled lyrically in their music ranged from their distaste for Nazi's, capitalism, straight edges, and even taunted such bands like ..D.R.I..., ..S.O.D..., ..Napalm Death.., ..Suicidal Tendencies.. and so on. While the band talked a lot about corruption, they did have messages in their music which typically talked about being pro-vegetarian, pro-alcohol and definitely pro-hardcore music. They weren't really a band set to make history or make a stand in the punk community... they just wanted to get drunk, make noise and be the "craziest" band they could. They served as a band who pointed out what was "wrong" with the hardcore punk scene back in those days, especially heavily criticizing and slandering ..Napalm Death.. and ..D.R.I... constantly in their music.
Early demos and EP's, like the self titled (aka the "Death To Capitalist Hardcore" EP in 1987) were raw sounding and... well, messy sounding to say the least and most songs were always under a minute long. Most songs were blast-beat style grindcore.
The band's breakthrough and first full length LP, "Unhindered By Talent" in 1988, demonstrated the raw power and noise Sore Throat was capable of making. Some songs were traditional sounding Discharge-influenced hardcore punk anthems while most of the songs were short blast beat songs tending to be under 10 seconds.
Their 1988 LP "Disgrace to the Corpse of Sid" can be constituted as one of the earliest experimentations in grindcore and hardcore music, taking a very "anti-music" stance; even more "anti-music" than most other fast style grindcore acts at that time. They incorporated distortion, blast beats, screams and grunts, and loads of sound effects. Up to this point, Sore Throat was seen as one of the earliest examples of noisecore music. Though the album was crazy in a unharmonized sense, the B side of the LP featured a doom style crust punk in the vein of Amebix.
Their last full length "Never Mind The Napalm... Here's Sore Throat" (1989) is seen as a more crust hardcore punk album with doom laden moments, not having a "noisecore" style like their last album and the album wasn't as grindcore as past releases. This release was the closest that Sore Throat came to being more straight up crust punk.
Upon future releases, they went under different names like "Soar Throat" and "Saw Throat" and released such albums like "Inde$troy", which was one whole long song comprised of doom punk, crust punk and even industrial.
The band has been broken up since 1990 due to conflicting problems within the band...

There will be no reunion. Ever. Fuck the world."

..crucified freedom.. note:
they still make one reunion gig in 1 in 12 Club in Bradford in 1991 and this year (2022) in May they released new album "Starving Wolves Stand & Fight", also are very active on facebook and bandcamp, where you can listen or download some of their stuff, as well as on reissuing some old records in collaboration with few labels.. 

Official Music Discography:

- Aural Butchery demo (1987)
- Death To Capitalist Hardcore EP (aka self titled EP) (1987)
- Noise Annoys demo (1988)
- Unhindered By Talent LP/cassette (1988) (Cassette came with 42 extra tracks, these being the "Death To Capitalist Hardcore" EP.)
- Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid LP/CD (1988)
- Inde$troy LP/CD (the band went under Saw Throat for this release) (1988)
- Never Mind The Napalm... MLP/cassette (European edition: 60 tracks, USA edition: 16 tracks) (1989)
- Soar Throat EP (the band went under the name Soar Throat for this release) (1989)
- And We Don't Care compilation CD (1989)
- Poison Idea/No Handle Beer demo (two Poison Idea covers and one original track) (1989)
- Death to Capitalist Halmshaw compilation CD (featuring all Sore Throat demo tracks, Death To Capitalist Hardcore EP and rare live material and unreleased stuff) (2006)
- Starving Wolves Stand & Fight (2022)

Samplers/Compilations Sore Throat Terrorized:

- A Vile Peace LP (Peaceville)
- Spleurk LP (Meantime)
- Grindcrusher LP (Earache)
- The Hysterical Years LP (Manic Ears)
- Six Ways 7" LP (German Label)
- Summertime Sampler 7" Flexi (Skateboard magazine)
- Volnitza LP (1 In 12 Records)

Bootleg Shit:

- Abraham's Ear 7" EP (Aural Butchery demo re-released plus bonus live tracks)
- Death To Capitalist Hardcore EP (bootlegged 3 times with red/black sleeve)
- Death To Capitalist Grindcore LP
- Death To Capitalist Thrashcore LP
- F.O.A.D. studio/live LP (first half of this release is Rich's post-Sore Throat band Sludgelord)
- Algo Que Nunca Fue CD
- Encerrado En El Trago CD
- Never Mind The Napalm... CD
- Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid CD (according to Rich, the copy from Japanese label Toy's Factory)

- credits: biography is taken from Metal Storm
               photos and posters are from Sore Throat facebook page and from all over the internet

Saturday 10 September 2022

NUCLEAR ALTAR - Infernal Disappearance (rehearsal)

Nuclear Altar is back from the dead, video from yesterday's rehearsal, new line up, same good old noise, misery and despair.. peglaaaj!..

Friday 9 September 2022

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?................14.09.2022., Wednesday
where?...............AKC Attack, Zagreb
who?..................BIG BABE hc punk, Swe
                           U.B.T. raw hc noise punk
entrance?...........40 kn

Thursday 8 September 2022

ZMAR / MALIŠA BAHAT - split (2019) - 7" EP

Band................................Zmar/Mališa Bahat
Genre..............................screamo hc
Format.............................vinyl, EP
Country............................Czech R./Croatia
Label................................Catfish Records, Mad Schnauzer Records, Dingleberry Records and Zegma Beach Records

well, 7” are somehow out of fashion lately but I still like them and from time to time buy some, mostly the ones which are on some way special to me.. I remember buying this in one of the rare gigs I have been on since pandemic started and one of only few that happened, actually, in this period of all the possible restrictions, in Varaždin from the old friends from Mališa Bahat when both bands from this split were playing among some others, and that was kind of promotional weekend for this record (the other day the same bands were playing in Zagreb)..
friendship between those two bands from Czech R. and Croatia lasts for already some time now (I remember that I first time hear for Zmar when they played in Novi Marof back then in 2018) and since then they played few summer gigs together here in Croatia, two years in a row and split release was somehow natural and logic result of this friendship and collaboration..
this is released by the end of 2019, just in time Mališa Bahat went on Malaysia and Singapore tour, by Catfish Records, Mad Schnauzer Records, Dingleberry Records and Zegma Beach Records, pressed on 300 pieces, all on black vinyl..
both bands are represented with brand new songs for this split, previously unpublished anywhere else.. On Zmar side only two songs (but in overall almost twice longer than Mališa’s three) of blackened emo hardcore/screamo, full of despair and suffering.. first song “Vytratit Se” is slow atmospheric and epic monster which suck you in slowly and you just wait for your bones to be crushed into the fragments of nothingness.. the second one “Jaro” is something faster in the first part but still somehow in the same tone as first when it slows down by the end and finished just on time to not become boring.. but if you want speed just flip the vinyl on the other side..
Mališa Bahat opens with great "Jesi Li Siguran?", extra fast and chaotic screamo attack with, in one part, dual vocals, to me the best their song including all previous releases.. second “What’s Said is Said” is also great and even faster but somehow more epic, in style of Ekkaia and the likes.. and for the end the shortest one “Fever Dreams” which is kind of in other tone and more melodic than the others and somehow don’t fit for the closing of record, you just expect more, and it’s already over..
in overall, short, but sure full of emotions and power recordings..    
all together comes on simple black vinyl with typical for the genre front cover, black and white photo of woods in the winter which sure is effective and reveals what you can expect but it's somehow predictable and probably more effort and imagination could have been put in it's making.. inside are lyrics, thanks list and all the usual info, it's shame there aren’t translations of lyrics because Zmar songs are on Czech and one Mališa Bahat on Croatian..
anyhow, nice little record, which I don’t listen every day but when I’m in the mood for such sort of music this is one of my first choices and it helps me like a little pill and medicine for depression, sadness and similar states of mind.. and if you are more into screamo/emotional hc I’m sure you will like it even more than me and at the same time be happy to discover two maybe underrated bands which sure deserve more attention in screamo scene and if they are from France and Spain or US they would be recognized more in the world..
I believe this is still available so try from your closest of above mentioned publishers or bands or find it on bandcamp where is also available for free download..


Wednesday 7 September 2022

MATRAK ATTAKK new recordings + tour starts today and they need help!!!

it seems that Matrak Attakk finished recordings for new split LP, this time with great Persona Non Data from Netherlands and today they start with already fifth tour this year!..
also they need help for a last minute gig in Belfast or somewhere around on 13th September because the one they booked just got canceled.. if you can help or know someone, contact them on fejsbuk, instagram or e-mail: 


Monday 5 September 2022

U.B.T. - s/t (2017) - tape

Genre..............................raw hc noise punk 
Country............................Croatia, bandcamp
Label................................self released

did you ever dream of traveling back in time and around the world and listen/watch your favorite bands from some specific scenes like ex yu had in 80’s and early 90’s with their primal, primitive and dark hardcore punk, often socio-politically colored, after war strike those parts, to save your life, you run to depressive and cold Finland and learn everything about their fast old school hardcore and then when you are fed up with constant dark, too expensive beers and vodka there, maybe to set off across the ocean, jump few years back, with just a quick stop in UK to witness Sore Throat and Deviated Instinct gig in Birmingham 1987 and after it head out all the way to USA, in 90’s and stay until present days and waste your miserable life on numerous d-beat raw punk street and parking lots shows in Oakland or NYC, then few of chaotic crust punk house gigs in Portland or in dirty basements and clubs of Minneapolis, and then over and over again!?.. I bet you did and you always thought that’s impossible.. well it probably isn't but here is something that can bring you very close.. furious trio from Zagreb U.B.T. (or Unhindered By Talent) and their 2nd self titled demo tape (to be honest, I don't know if is s/t or name is "Brzina Je Vrlina" how it is stated on the cassette and discogs).. self released by the band in only 50 pieces in December 2017 brings us 10 fast as fuck songs in uncompromising raw punk stayle, like chaotic mix of above mentioned specific scenes, ex yu hc punk combined with old school of Finnish hardcore rounded with all the distortion and reverberating noise of American raw punk bands.. lyrics are on Croatian and English and are about fucked up society we live in, about false values of some individuals on hc punk scene, system and media propaganda and similar stuff.. 
as noise will sure poke your ear drums, visuals will also be aggressive for your eyes, red tape with same colored details on simple white cover printed on "greasy" paper..
it all together makes fast and wild journey, only 10 minutes long but which will shake you properly and quite some time after you will ask yourself what the hell just hit you..
don’t know if tapes are still available, I doubt it, but you can download it for free from the bandcamp so go grab it!..

Sunday 4 September 2022

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia


what?..............................29th anniversary of AKC Metelkovo Mesto 
when?.............................09.09.2022., Friday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?...............................EXTREME SMOKE 57 grindcore, Slo
                                        GLISTA grindcore, Slo
                                        GREIA grindcore, Slo

- update 07.09.: ES57 canceled gig because someone from the band is sick

Saturday 3 September 2022

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?...............13.09.2022., Tuesday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?.................BIG BABE hc punk, Swe
                          PAKT d-beat noise punk, Slo

Friday 2 September 2022

let's bring some noise... pt.5

last post in those "let's bring some noise" series was five years ago, hahah, totally forgotten.. but now it's time to bring it back to life again.. at first, in this section was supposed to make short reviews on all the bands requests I was getting in e-mail, and later, because everyone gave up on me, mostly because my laziness (on the blogs in general as well) and almost nobody send me their links (and thanks on that, because it started to be pain in the ass) just to review some stuff I was listening online and didn't have in physical form, and we continue in the same tone, I realized I have numerous good stuff bookmarked in internet browser and listening to some of those constantly in last 3 or so years and have a lot that I wanted to share here and with time I forgot, didn't had the time or whatever the exact reason was.. so, let's go!..

HAK ATTAK - Off To Fight [2020] (7")
Hak Attak are really good crusty hc punk band from Slovenia, they are known here and already pretty long lasting but somehow underrated in my opinion.. I follow their works since the beginnings and remember when they released excellent album Brainsore in 2018 that I listen it on repeat countless times and from time to time always returning to their bandcamp but then somehow forgot on them until I saw that they were in line up for this year Monteparadiso festival, then I hurried up on their bandcamp again to play Brainsore few times and surprise, already two new releases are there, split with Morbid Mosh Attack and this EP..
Off to Fight is self released by the band like 7’’ EP on vinyl, two years ago, believe it’s still available but is also offered for free download.. it’s consisted of 6 songs from minute and half to two minutes long, mostly direct and fast hc punk with crusty rough female vocals, accomplished by some, kind of “backing” vocals which reminds me on some old hardcore bands style, as everything else in their sound reminds on those past times when hc punk was played without unnecessary complication, simple and in your head.. it definitely don’t sound like something from 2020, and that’s a compliment..

LIFELESS DARK - Who Will Be The Victims? [2018] (tape)
I remember this release, when it comes out in 2018, bring up quite some dust, make big interest and explode all over the internet and it’s still more than actual today.. first thing that comes to mind while listening this is obviously mighty Sacrilege with whom they are heavily influenced.. there was, or still is actually this little trend in the USA in last ten year or so of many Sacrilege like bands pops out every now and then and openly worshiping or paying tribute to them, acts like Mortal War, Terminal Conquest, Subversive Rite, Versklaven, etc but to me personally Lifeless Dark somehow points out the most.. they sound amazing, I’m not into metal, but those thrashy guitars, maaan, are damn perfect, same as angry vocals which bring to the all thing some crusty feel and which is almost impossible to distinguish from the ones of before mentioned Sacrilege, while guitars are even more heavier and nastier here.. all together makes perfect blend of metal punk / stench crust for probably the best debut in last few years..
tapes were self released by the band in two editions if I’m not wrong, both sold out fast so now you can check it on bandcamp and youtube only or if you are fortunate enough to see them live somewhere..
and as there’s not any presence of them on social media and internet in general, at least I can’t find anything, we can all together just hope there will be some new recordings in the nearest future.. can’t wait!..

POROK - Demo [2020] (tape)
I don’t remember from where and when I found out for this interesting band just know that I have their bandcamp page in my bookmarks list and often I click on it..Porok is band from Turku, Finland but singer is from Belgrade, Serbia and she sings on Serbian which sure gives them some originality while music is also pretty interesting pissed of hardcore punk like blend of old school finnish hardcore and ex-yu hc punk from 80’s.. this demo was released on tape in September of 2020 by Best Seller Records and Active Rebellion in 100 hand numbered copies.. it have 10 songs in above described style, fulfilled with clean but angry vocal (which totally remind me on the vocalist of Apsurd, btw, who are maybe better known to regular readers here on ..crucified freedom..) shouting lyrics on Serbian, dealing with maybe typical but important and still relevant themes as war, personal demons, life choices and struggles, social and politically stuff, etc.. there are original lyrics and their translations on their profile and the whole thing is offered for free download.. song Hvala somehow pops out and to me is the best, but check it for yourself.. don't know anything about them, if they are still active or no, so if someone knows, please enlighten us..

DESPERATE TIMES - s/t [2022] (online EP)
I discover this band few months ago completely by accident, like some suggestion on bandcamp while listening to something else.. and what a hit this was, straight into the head, what a great band.. there were immediately at least two indicators that I will like it, I notice that they are from Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada and that they covers Detestation’s “Why do They Cry” as the last song of this EP.. and great name and artwork I don't even need to mention..
since the early years of my beginnings in hc punk and crust waters I was well aware that in some faraway town Halifax there is strong and developed scene, mostly thanx to Kktz’s Fecal Forces Production and his Nova Scotian Jigs & Reels compilation tape but also bands like Disabuse, later Existench, System Shit and similar which was quite good represented in our local diy distributions.. also later, in internet era I discovered more awesome bands from there like Napalm Raid, Zygome, Fragment, Contagnium and the like, same as part two of Nova Scotian Jigs & Reels comp., this time released by Canadian label Gimp Recordings.. don’t know what is with this Halifax, is it something in the air or in waters there but you must admit they always had and still have some respectable bands.. also there’s some rumors and opinions that the bands from there are more known in the rest of the world than in Canada, because of somehow isolated geographical position and difficulties with touring but they still manage to do a lot of them..
however, for Desperate Times I never heard before but then when I press the play button on bandcamp, that was it!.. love on the first sight.. there’s everything what I like, multiple vocals, crusty sound with strong anarcho punk attitude and even with some peace punk feel here and there.. all that packed in 4 fast songs and some 9 minutes in total, it means short but explosive.. don’t know if any physical release exists, (hope there’s some 7’’ somewhere because great material and artwork) same as any additional info about the band, just that they are pretty gig active and already toured USA and Mexico and according to their bandcamp page they have great demo from 2018, as well as album “Peace at Last” so while you’re there be sure to check that out, too..

DEPOPULATION DEPARTMENT - Another War Victim [2021] (CD)
and now something little different and maybe something I don’t listen every day.. I had some grindcore period in the past when I was sucker for bands like Agathocles, Rot, Magrudergrind, Unholy Grave as well as a bunch of obscure bands from 90's and early 00's, mostly I was sticking to socio-political part of grindcore and try to avoid gore and porn grind but there apparently were few bands singing about some human anatomy, autopsies and medicine shit which I never understand or give fuck about but music was awesome.. one of those were Haemorrhage and they were always something different than others, I always feel on some strange way some punkish vibe in their music which never have much sense to me until later when I discovered that they have album Punk Carnage where they played covers of old Spanish punk bands and on this album they pretty much sound like real d-beat punk band.. they obviously have some love for punk and crust because later two members from Haemorrhage along with the ones from Ultimo Goberino and Avulsed formed Depopulation Department and "Another War Victim" is their latest album and also first full length after the debut EP "Life Kills"..
there are even 14 lengthy songs, sound is similar to above mentioned Haemorrhage album, like fast old school punk with m/f vocals, one is deep grinding and the other more clear but angry and energetic. there's  probably too much short solos on guitars inserted in every song, all songs seems too similar one to another and I can't run away from fact and feeling that they are members of goregrind band who decided to play punk crust for first time and just for a little change.. 
this is released as CD on Hecatombe Records in 2021 in 1000 pieces and believe it's still available..
album with which I’m not impressed like from others from this post but still kind of interesting because all the story.. 
new album named "Starvation" is also done and soon will be released on 10" vinyl..