Tuesday 25 April 2023

NUCLEAR ALTAR "Stanje Raspada" - new song from rehearsal

short video from Nuclear Altar rehearsal, new song named "Stanje Raspada" (state of decay O.E.), first one ever on Croatian by NA (but according to their blog there will be more of them), interesting, with already recognizable minimalistic, but darker than deepest corners of hell lyrics..

video is from vocalist/bassist yt profile: youtube.com/@trendkrusher, just too bad for the vertical video, I got cancer every time when I see one, but ok, content is all it's matter..

"Unakaženih duša održava se skup
izmučenih tijela prizivaju smrt.
stanje raspada!
možda će napokon ovoga jutra
njihova tijela biti mrtva.
stanje raspada!"

Monday 24 April 2023

GENERATION DECLINE euro tour April/May 2023

crust punk band Generation Decline from Bremerton,Washington (US) will be touring Europe again in just few days.. this will be already 3rd euro tour for them in last 5 years or so.. this time more central Europe and The Balkans.. check the dates and places on the awesome poster below and support them if they will be near you.. among others cool places, Stara Škola in Novi Marof is on the bill also just like back then in 2019..



Wednesday 19 April 2023

LIFE'S A RIOT! - st EP (2001)

once again, thanks to immensely beloved and appreciated Terminal Sound Nuisance blog (crust/anarcho-punk equivalent to holly bible, quran, satanic bible or which ever "holy book" you want or prefer) I discovered one more awesome old anarcho-punk band in let's say Mankind?, Harum-Scarum and A//Political style, it means highly energetic, with m/f vocals, spoken words here and there which transfers into fast and angry hardcore punk parts really nicely, political lyrics - all together just like I love them the most.. one of the best feelings lately, in this time of excessive and nonsensical consumerism when everything is easily available and just one click away in this overcrowded swamp of internet, where 99% of stuff you just superficially fly through, is to dig something like this, old or new, doesn't really matter, which completely amaze me and is on repeat constantly last several days.. 

Life's A Riot! were probably short lived band from Helsinki, Finland active in the early 00s, and this self-titled EP is possibly their only record, released on Witchhunt and Les Nains Aussi Records in 2001..
while reading this above mentioned post on Terminal Sound, when I came to the part where it is mentioned that this was probably Diaspora's (to me personally cult anarcho crust band, their songs "Demise" and "Eyes of an Animal" are one of the best anarcho-punk songs ever written) members side project, I was bought, that was the main reason I give it a try, and boy, how I'm glad I did!.. because it's about an awesome band and record, this 10 minutes long forgotten EP is just perfect example of good anarcho-punk sound, the way I imagine it and like.. while Diaspora leans toward crust side of anarcho-punk this one is like more simplified and purest version with rawer production facing more toward classic UK sound of 80s/90s bands and even North American peace punk from the same period.. sounds good, right!?.. and when you know that the members, beside above mentioned Diaspora were involved in bunch of other projects and bands from Finland and Sweden like Yuppiecrusher, Pax Americana, Alakulttuurin Kusipäät, Scumbrigade, etc., you know it can't go wrong with this one, so do yourself a favor and give it a listen, go say thanks to Terminal for the interesting post and download link, then to Narcoleptic Fox at yt for the video and spread this out and don't allow that gem like this becomes forgotten..
and for the end as Life's A Riot! closes this EP: never give in, never forget! never give in, never forget!..

Tuesday 18 April 2023

SIMBIOSE / VISIONS OF WAR - split (2023) - 7" EP

Band.....................................Simbiose/Visions Of War
Format..................................vinyl EP
Country.................................Portugal/Belgium, Germany
Web......................................youtube, bandcamp
Label.....................................Loner Cult, Profane Existence, Not Enough, Scream, Deviance, Breeding for Extinction, Up The Punx, Missing The Point and Phobia Records

Well for me this one, besides Crutches new album was definitely the most anticipated record of last year and quite some time passed from the first announcement that this little monster of split is in preparation until it finally comes out in March this year.. anyhow I think that all the waiting was worth it because we get short but great and furious material by both bands..
to be honest, even they are both crust/grind veterans on the scene with 25+ year “careers” behind them and maybe a choice for this split is somehow obvious and natural, I somehow didn’t expect those two on the same record, I can’t explain why but would never have thought of that.. but again it come like a pleasant surprise and it works just well like actually all Visions Of War splits in the past which they have really decent amount of in their discography so far (just think of the ones with Olho De Gato, Mass Genocide Process, Cop On Fire or more recent with Arrogant and Hellkrusher, and there is one with raw and crazy Okotta - brilliant, right!?)..
so let’s start with record itself which comes on black vinyl with simple but nice white cardboard cover with front artwork by Jimmy McGraw which is sure nice and fits this split perfectly but I like the back cover art more which is, I believe, made by Steve of War in his recognizable and more crustier style..
there’s no classic A and B side on this vinyl but we have to start from somewhere so let’s go with legendary grind/crust maniacs from Portugal, mighty Simbiose first.. two tracks, freshly recorded in 2022, all together somewhere about 5 mins of pure energy and good old school of just slightly metal influenced crust this time (even if they were often labeled as grind band), simple but effective just how is always welcome here at crucified freedom headquarters.. first song “Ditaduras” is fast, hammering attack and proper opening for this split, right what you were expecting from such band and is on their native language which sure does brings to these familiar Simbiose atmosphere and spirit a lot, while the second one, ”Blind Lead The Blind” is on English and somehow more anthemic and “melodic” if I can say like that so in traces brings some Misery, Extinction of Mankind, Kontatto and Campus Sterminii  vibes from their latest albums..
on the other side even better than I expected material by Visions of War, 3 short, faster than ever songs by them, recorded in 2019 but still unpublished until now, supposedly from the same recording session as for split LP with Arrogant.. if I may notice, something happened with their "vokills" here so they sound somehow different than usual, rawer and now they really do kills.. opening track “Bulldozer” is the longest and just as its name says, it will run you over like heavy machinery but at the over the top speed.. second one “Love/Hate” is short (45 sec) attack on your nerves and all other senses dealing with physical and psychological relations between people.. and for the end “Boredumb” which closes this record in the same tone, fast and brutal like hell and left you wondering what the hell just hit you and after some time when you bring back your senses it will made you put this record on repeat countless times more, that’s for sure..
for the end some boring but important technicalities, this was released in cooperation of many diy labels across the continent and even one from the States and those are Loner Cult, Profane Existence, Not Enough, Scream, Deviance, Breeding for Extinction, Up The Punx, Missing The Point and Phobia Records in 540 copies on black 7” vinyl and is still available from the mentioned ones but as it seems also is good spread out all around so it is easy to find but still, friendly advice is to hurry up because it’s hot .. I got mine from the Phobia Records distro from Czech R. for the price of 7 euros and on their bandcamp page is offered for free or “name your price” download also..
awesome little bomb of split, one of those records which I will never regret buying it, so give it a try, support the bands and labels and get yourself this crust classic..


Monday 17 April 2023

OUT OF THE DARKNESS #14 fanzine - is out!!!

already 14th issue (pretty respectable number for a paper 'zine nowadays) of this Serbian 'zine is out and available for ordering.. in it you can find columns, gig reports, reviews, interviews with Spermbirds, Red Alert, Bait and Fuck Yoga Records, tour diaries (Mižerija, Smrt Razuma, Bronze, Death Side), conversation with bands Neven, Majak, Bednici, Chemical Tomb, Nabod - all newer bands from Belgrade, which are also represented on a CD compilation which comes for free with the 'zine.. you'll get some free stickers as well if you order it.. whole thing is on Serbian, it's available on the e-mail: outofthedarkness.rs@gmail.com for the price of  500 DIN plus postage costs..
also, soon it will be available from local dealers in Croatia (Sumoggu Records, Dirty Old Shop) and B&H (Izvan Svake Kontrole)..


Sunday 16 April 2023

let's bring some noise... pt.7

there's so much great stuff pop out every a while that's impossible to track everything.. here are some records I listen on repeat lately in digital form online and probably I'll never get the opportunity to own some of them because some are sold out, others would be to expensive, especially the one from outside of Europe, etc.. and I want to spread the word and let you all know about them, if you didn't already cross your path with them in dark wastelands of the internet, and for some I can bet you already did..
so without further delaying: one, two, three, go!..

STINKER - Doomed Earth [2021] (tape)
I discover this awesome band when accidentally bumped to one of theirs live video at youtube and hey what a pleasant surprise they were, pure crust core butchering force with multi vocals, I remember how I thought that there’s no way they sounds that brutal and energetic on studio recordings as well as on this live video so I hurried up to find their bandcamp page and was blown away once again immediately after pressing play button on this EP..
they are trio from LA, California heavily influenced with Disrupt (even they have their logo written with Disrupt’s styled font) but they do it with such power and ferocity that on moments they almost sounds even more convincing and better than Disrupt itself.. almost..
with absolutely perfect and insane dual styled vocals (which are actually coming from all 3 members and which complement each other perfect), hard pummeling drums, classic for the genre guitar (imagine State of Fear, Warcolapse, Disrupt, etc), and just perfectly loud bass, all wrapped in flawless production and sound, they will run you over with this short EP like a fast train and will not even look back.. it was self released by the band somewhere at the end of 2021 as a tape which is of course already sold out.. all together 5 songs, two are covers, one is from Discard and I will leave you to try to guess from whom is other, hehe..
they also have demo recordings from the beginning of the same year which is also incredibly angry and production wise similar to this EP, so do yourself a favor and while you are at their bandcamp treat your ears with this one too, you won’t regret..
anyhow, Stinker is one of the, if not the best new band I discovered lately and I’m looking forward to hear more from them, maybe some full length material on vinyl would be perfect.. also I wouldn't have anything against some future euro tour, hehe..

FRAGMENT - Serial Mass Destruction [2020] (7" EP)
Fragment are total “wall of noise” maniacs from the most fertile piece of land for good crust bands in the whole world, known as Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada.. (I already wrote about this damn Halifax before so I won't this time too, but man....) 
they have quite a few releases under their belt and here is their EP released as 7” vinyl on Sewercide Records in 2020.. they have fresher release also, called “Mind Convulsion” but the vocals and the whole production on this album are somehow down tuned and too low, while this one has more loud and rawer production and I like and enjoy it way more.. also I consider this one as the best material of Fragment until the present days, so...
the whole thing lasts some 8 minutes, but boy what those 8 minutes will do to you, it will break your spine in thousand pieces with intense assault of distorted d-beat punk in crusher crust style heavily influenced by Japanese school of hardcore (read D-Clone, Disclose, Gloom…) yes, you may easily caught yourself in thinking, ahh another classic d-beat noise band, but don’t expect just the infamous wall of noise with countless amount of distortion and pedal effects, you’ll be surprised how there are profound song structures peeking out from all this noise and chaos they produce, it seems they knows what they are doing and they are doing it great.. I think this is still available from Sewercide records, and in digital form you can easily find it on youtube or bandcamp..
CELL DEATH - Demo [2023] (tape)
One more from Canada and from Sewercide Records, new band and their first demo which is quite explosive and fast.. I don’t often listen to such bands lately but this one blew me away, they are perfect example of how you’re supposed to play your fast hardcore - six short and fast outbursts of energy which are from 30 sec to one minute long, they draw influences from 90s and early 00s diy hardcore/fastcore bands (members are mentioning Acid Reflux, Limp Wrist, Scholastic Death, Black Flag, etc), by the titles of the songs I can say lyrics are political, all that wrapped with clear but fast as hell and angry female vocals and you got the right formula..
even if I’m not expert in this genre, somehow I got the feeling that this demo and band will rise some serious dust in hardcore circles and there will be a lot of writings and everything other about this superb debut and about band itself in the nearest future..
This is released on tapes in limited run of 100 copies and is still available so hurry up to grab one.. and you can always check it out on bandcamp or youtube..

INNOCENT - Architects Of Despair [2022] (12" LP)
and now one of, or possibly the best album of last year, even this is originally recorded in 2018, just after their first two demos, it’s finally seeing the light of the day (or better, the darkness of night) just few months ago, by the end of 2022 when it’s released on Side Two Records (which is the drummer's label, I think) in just 100 copies (if I get that part right!?) as LP on vinyl and surprisingly it’s still available..
Innocent are amazing band from Boston, MA poisoning our ears with noisy hardcore since 2017 and they do it with style.. perfect noisy d-beat hardcore punk, massive drums sound with one of the best d-beat drummers out there behind the kit, shredding guitars and Detestation/Lebenden Toten reverbed style of vocals which are perfect for my taste, and when you look this way music itself also can be described as a mix between those two.. all together 11 songs of which the most are minute and half long in average, make this album proper full length and perfect debut after two above mentioned demos.. and it has potential to become future classic, that’s for sure..
they share members with the same amazing Lifeless Dark, and even it’s about similar bands on the first, but while Lifeless Dark leans a little toward metal and stench side here you'll get just pure fast noisy hardcore punk bursts, and that’s even better..

WAGESLAVE - Nightmare Dreamer [2021] (tape)
Wageslave is crust band from Fukushima, Japan and before you start to roll out your eyes and think something like one more boring dis band I have to stop you this time because this isn’t case here.. they are more in 90s style “Hiatus meets Warcollapse” kind of crust and they don’t hide obvious Euro, UK and Scandinavian influences, they even proudly wears their logo written in recognizable Warcollapse style but still they are from Japan so they can’t entirely escape that fact and traditional Japanese crust which is probably in their DNK is also more than obvious and you can consider their noise like mix of all mentioned above and in all that mess they still manage to retain some of their originality..
"Nightmare Dreamer" is band’s 2nd offering after pretty decent demo from 2015, and was self released as a tape by the band in limited 100 pieces.. all together 7 songs, length varies from those which are minute long to few 3 mins long, in brutal crust core style with rough vocals and dirty production which fits this release just well.. tapes are probably sold out but last year they threw out CD with new full length album "Human Terror" which is released and still available at Black Konflic Records or you can try to find it at your local crust dealers..

Saturday 15 April 2023

15th anniversary of PODRUM, Rijeka (Croatia) 04.-06.05.2023.

Podrum is small (by its size, by all other it's big) squatted venue in Rijeka, Croatia whose hard working crew brings us numerous diy events, workshops, gigs, hosted hundreds of touring bands and so on over all these past years and with their radical punx activities are continuously making huge improvement and development of diy hardcore punk scene in this shithole called Croatia and for sure over the years they become unavoidable place when we talk about diy underground in any context here.. 
these days they are celebrating their round 15th anniversary and how will they do it than with what they do the best, by organizing 3-day event with various workshops, discussions, kicker tournament and of course gigs.. some info you can see on the great looking poster below and more detailed schedule and news you can expect  on  http://rijekadiyhcpunk.blogspot.com/ very soon..
I hope everything goes well and they will have great party and whish them at least 15 successful years more!..

        - Thursday 04.05.:
        ŠARIJANATA folk punk, Cro

        - Friday 05.05.:
        AK-47 anarcho crust, Cro
        LAST BARAŽ oi punk, Cro
        MAZUT d-beat punk, Cro
        THE JACKSON POLLOCK experimental punk, Ita

        - Saturday 06.05.:
        DISMENOL hc punk, Swi
        MESKEA black metal, Swi
        GREIA grindcore, Slo
        THE TRUTH hc punk, Ser/Cro
        GFRAST cello hc punk, Aus

DISEASE live @ La Zone, Liege (Belgium) 08.04.2023. - video

from Jos and Pascale wedding party.. on the same channel you can find short videos from Extintion Of Mankind, Đornata and Molar from the same show.. and where's the Last Legion Alive one!?.. :(

- credits: youtube.com/@rodolphedelincrust

SUKOB euro tour April 2023

well, this started yesterday in Ilirska Bistrica, but you can still catch them somewhere on the rest of the tour.. today they are in Ljubljana, together with KPAX! from Serbia..

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia


when?.....................19.04.2023., Wednesday
where?....................Klaonica squat, Zagreb
who?.......................GREIA grindcore, Slo
                                ALIGRINDTOR mincecore, Cro
                                MUP DESTROYER grind, Cro
                                AUTOAGRESIJA noisecore, Cro
entrance?.................5 €

Friday 14 April 2023

MATRAK ATTAKK Philippines tour starts in 10 days from now + future plans..

as you already know, touring machine called Matrak Attak are going on Philippines tour by the end of this month, and of course they already have plans for the whole year, later there will be some France, Italy, Scandinavia, and for the end one more bigger tour, as it seems I guessed this one a month ago when I wrote announcement for the Philippines and when I tried to be funny, hahaha :D, and as they still hadn't announced clearly which one will be in the end but I bet it's no more and no less than Brazil.. anyhow, if so, it was just a lucky guess, but when it's about this band I can't really be surprised any more.. as once, a long time ago, I wrote somewhere still half jokingly, that one day they will tour the whole damn world and now I'm pretty sure they will.. and I won't play anymore with guesses here because if I wrote they will do China or I don't know, South Africa for example - pufff, next month they will.. so...
okay, for news about them and for, I'm sure a lot of interesting updates and videos from upcoming tour find them on facebook, instagram or blogspot..

Monday 10 April 2023

HIATUS live in Montreal, Canada 10.06.1995. - video

one more old and awesome Hiatus video.. from far away 1995.. if I'm not wrong, that was the first gig of their second USA tour after which, freshly formed State Of Fear joined them on the road for the rest of the tour, interesting story..
enjoy the video..

- credits: youtube.com/@PhilRDIY

Sunday 9 April 2023

upcoming gig in Montreal, Canada


two Boston's finest bands (which are sharing members, btw) live together on a gig in Montreal on promotion of Fractured new record, split LP with Phane.. interesting.. I dream about witnessing Lifeless Dark and Innocent gig..

when?..................................15.04.2023., Saturday
where?.................................Traxide, Montreal
who?....................................LIFELESS DARK thrash crust, US
                                             INNOCENT d-beat noise hardcore, US
                                             FRACTURED speed metal crust, Can
                                             A.T.E.R. death metal crust, Can
entrance?.............................15 $

Saturday 8 April 2023

upcoming gig in Rijeka, Croatia


when?...................................................13.04.2023., Thursday
where?..................................................Podrum, Rijeka
who?.....................................................KPAX! post punk, Ser
                                                              FUDRINJOS punk, Cro
entrance?..............................................4 €

Friday 7 April 2023

HIATUS - "Out Of Hand" new album is out now!!!


"Out of Hand" is the third album of these legendary Belgian crust punks and their first new recording since 1996's "self titled (the brain)" MLP on Skuld Releases.
The album contains 12 new and one re-recorded track. and you can be sure that HIATUS did not lost any of their power and musical ferocity.
Available on black vinyl as well as Limited Edition pressing on "Solid Blue" and "Silver Vinyl" - both are limited to 200 copies and only available from HIATUS at gigs or via mail-order from Ruin Nation Records.
Recorded & Mixed by Gerald Jans at Noise Factory, BE 2022
Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door US 2022

Wednesday 5 April 2023

upcoming gig in Cordoba, Spain


when?............................20.04.2023., Thursday
where?...........................A.C.Tugurio, Cordoba
who?..............................DISASKO d-beat raw punk, Spa
                                       I+D d-beat raw punk, Spa
entrance?.......................5 €

Tuesday 4 April 2023

HIATUS live @ K-Baalfestival, Zwijnzicht, Dordrecht (Netherlands) 14.05.1994. - video

this is great document of crust history.. really awesome sound on this old video..

-credits: youtube.com/@speckie1234

Monday 3 April 2023

VERBALNI DELIKT - live 1996 - audio

Verbalni Delikt were, to me one of the best anarcho hc punk bands in this ex-yu area, from Zagreb, active back in mid 90s, from whose ashes legendary AK-47 was born and it's vocalist is today in Sukob.. this is probably extra rare live recordings of 3 songs from some of the early gigs.. I never heard about this material and didn't know it existed until few days ago when I found it on this yt channel: youtube.com/@mihaeltomich.. so this is one awesome discovery..
The Partisans and Radikalna Promjena covers are included + one of their old and pretty unknown song called "Bori se za slobodu".. 
okay, enjoy some filthy and raw anarcho hardcore punk tunes from the crew who sure knew how to do it!..

Sunday 2 April 2023

upcoming gig in Minneapolis, USA

it's happening!!..
guess what!?.. legendary Avskum and Resistance Culture will do mid west/west coast US tour later this year in October (it should happened in the fall of 2020 but because of already known reasons was postponed) and guess who will be supporting them in Minneapolis gig.. Infuriate you say? - well, yes you fool, but I didn't think on them.. Misery!? - hell yeah, bloody Misery!.. this will be insane gig, I'm sure.. and so glad Misery will do a live show again..

when?................01.10.2023., Sunday
where?...............Mortimers, Minneapolis
who?..................MISERY crust punk, USA
                           AVSKUM hc punk, Swe
                           RESISTANT CULTURE crust punk, USA
                           INFURIATE crust punk, USA
entrance?...........20 $