Friday 28 June 2024

СМОГ (SMOG) live @ Gromka, Ljubljana 04.06.2024 - video

finally some live action captured on video by this Belgian/Macedonian raw d-beat punk creature.. members from Serial Pissers, Disease, Angza, Silence Means Death, Last Legion Alive, etc... recorded on their recent tour during the gig in legendary Gromka in Ljubljana where they were sharing the stage with Natt.. 17 min of total never ending nightmare and torturing of your ear drums, yes I know that's just what you've been looking for, you are welcome, enjoy!..
- video source:

Thursday 27 June 2024


Peace Of Mind records is fresh diy label from New York, USA led by crew from amazing Flower, with few more than interesting releases they put out recently.. except Flower's recent EP on vinyl which was made in collaboration with european label Fight For Your Mind, they released 3 diy cassettes with to me until now totally unknown and as it seems newer bands, all 3 pretty chaotic, raw and original and those are demos from State Manufactured Terror (already mentioned here), than another crazy chaos crust outfit Witness and last and something "easier" Love And Compassion but don't let this "easier" fool you, it's still about some hell of dirty and raw crusty anarcho hardcore punk.. 
some records are already sold out and some probably still available for fair prices, so if you are (un)lucky enough to live in the States contact them and support their work and effort with buying some of the stuff..
also all those records released so far you can check and listen in full at Peace Of Mind youtube channel, so do yourself a favor and enjoy some filthy crust tunes there..



Wednesday 26 June 2024

ATOMSKI RAT mini weekend tour (HU/CZ)

total noise thrash crust punk lunatics from Atomski Rat are going on mini weekender tour, first they will be on interesting Freakend Festival in Hungary this Friday and on Saturday they will visit mighty Brno and play gig there together with Traumacorps and Noroi..


upcoming gig in Rijeka, Croatia

when?..................................01.07.2024., Monday
where?.................................Podrum, Rijeka
who?....................................PHANE d-beat punk, Can
                                             MORSKA BOLEST powerviolence, Cro
entrance?..............................4 €

Tuesday 25 June 2024

upcoming gig in Belgrade, Serbia


when?...................28.06.2024., Friday
where?..................AKAB Okretnica, Belgrade
who?.....................INDIKATOR B hc punk, Cro
                              MALIŠA BAHAT screamo hc, Cro
                              ALL EXCEPT ONE hc metal, Ser

Monday 24 June 2024

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia


when?....................27.06.2024., Thursday
where?...................AKC Attack, Zagreb
who?......................ALAMBRADA hc punk, Col
                               UNIDAD IDEOLOGICA hc punk, Col
                               AYUCABA hc punk, Spa
                               INDIKATOR B hc punk, Cro
entrance?...............8 € (<18 free)

SKULL FEST 14, Pittsburgh, PA (USA) 15. - 18.08.2024



Tuesday 18 June 2024

KPAX! - Bolesno Društvo - new album is out!!! + euro tour July 2024

new album by Belgrade's punks Kpax! is out and available on bandcamp.. 10 brand new anthemic and contagious songs of ex-yu influenced post hc punk in this modern french oi! style as someone would say, I'm no expert in this fields so I don't know what I'm talking about, hehe, but you will see for yourself.. 
what is sticking out here for me are simple but great, bare and sincere lyrics, most of the time full of nihilism, which are on Serbian and easily understandable to us from this area because of clean vocal..
songs "Glas" and "Bolesno Društvo" are somehow the best and will be real hits on future gigs, I can already tell..
it seems, for now this is only available in digital form on bandcamp or youtube, also offered for "name your price" download and I don't have any info if there will be any physical records made.. if there will be, you'll be informed on time here..
they are also preparing an euro tour next month, in July, 10 days across east and central Europe, so be sure to check them out and support them while on the road, I was having chance and pleasure to watch them live few months ago and they were great, much better and far more energetic and fun than on recordings, that's for sure..



Monday 17 June 2024

MATRAK ATTAKK euro tour August/September 2024 - help needed!!!

after two impressive tours in a row, the one in South America and the other in South Africa/Namibia/Botswana, Matrak Attakk are back in Europe and they are already preparing for another trip, this time central and east Europe all the way to Moldova and back..
they still need help with some dates (check the poster for which ones) so if you could help contact them on some of social media or write at:

Thursday 13 June 2024

upcoming gig in Rijeka, Croatia


what?.........................benefit gig for ZASK
when?........................21.06.2024., Friday
where?.......................Podrum, Rijeka
who?..........................AGREGAT powerviolence, Slo/Cro
                                   NORMS hc punk, Hun 
                                   PARNEPAR post punk, Cro
entrance?....................4 €

upcoming gig in Malmo, Sweden


when?.............................19.06.2024., Wednesday
where?............................Medley, Malmo
who?...............................NIGHTFEEDER crust punk, USA
                                        LAUTSTURMER punk'n'roll, Swe
                                        CRUTCHES raw d-beat punk, Swe
entrance?........................150 kr

Wednesday 12 June 2024

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?................16.06.2024., Sunday
where?...............AKC Attack, Zagreb
who?..................JUDY AND THE JERKS punk, USA
                           SHITTY LIFE punk, Ita
                           U.B.T. raw noise punk, Cro
entrance?............7 € (<18 free)

Tuesday 11 June 2024

MALIŠA BAHAT balkan tour June 2024

okay, more news from Mališa Bahat.. just few days after releasing of a new album online and after something longer pause and almost 5 silent year from them, they are back on the road.. this was supposed to be much longer tour with their comrades Piri Reis with whom they probably met during their epic Malaysian tour in 2019, but unfortunately crew from south-east Asia was forced to cancel their European journey so due to various complications and cancellation they decided to focus on east Balkans this time.. they still needs help with two dates in Bulgaria/Macedonia on 24th and 26th of June so if you can help or know someone who can, contact them and be sure to check them out and support them while they will be in your place..


Monday 10 June 2024

MALIŠA BAHAT - Lovers. Loners. Losers. - new album is out now!!!

and now something completely different and opposite than the previous post.. I'm aware that in next few lines I will tarnish my rough reputation and will lost a lot of my hard earned crust punk points, hahah, as I'm sure not many of you would believe that I was having this short screamo or maybe better to say emotional hardcore, how we used to call it back then, phase during high school while bands like Undone, Tidal, Outre, Anomie, etc were occupied my mind and ear drums a lot, which later in the beginning of the internet era probably led to my interest in some neocrust outfits like Ekkaia, Madame Germen, Deszcz, or in recent time Morrow for example.. then I completely lost the touch with such genres until few years back (well, not actually few, more like 9 or 10, but who is even counting anymore..) when two old friends founded Mališa Bahat and they totally surprises me, 1st by selection of genre and then by how good and quality they were in it.. they had some pretty long pause and just the other day when I was wondering what is happening with them I saw announcement about live show in Belgrade which will happen by the end of this month and I have realized that something is cooking and few days later, out of nowhere, new album is published on their bandcamp, awesome!..
this is actually their first proper full length, so far they only had split EP with Czech comrades Zmar and 3 tapes (demo, one split with Lack Of Soul and one as compilation of all their previous stuff which was released on for the genre important and big label Zegema Beach Records)..
on this new album they offer us even 10 brand new explosive songs, they are now playing more with dual vocals in some songs, there is more this spoken words parts here and there and all tracks are different enough to not become boring.. I would point out the last song "Lovers. Loners. Losers." as the best to me, probably because it's more similar and has this energy of their previous stuff..
production and mastering are superb here, even a little to good and clean for my taste and even if I'm not an expert in the genre, on first few listens it seems they kinda went more in some technical direction which I'm sure screamo lovers will appreciate but I must admit I like previous releases more, which were simpler and here I miss this full unstoppable outburst of emotions which they was having on previous releases.. or maybe I just need some time with it for everything to settle in its place, I don't know.. what I do know is that they are great in what they are doing and like I've said before if they are from US or France for example they would be more known and appreciated in screamo circles (although they already have few euro tours, even Singapore/Malaysia one and appearances on Fluff and Miss the Stars festivals behind them, so...), also one of above mentioned friends is playing drums and again with this release he proves that he is one of the best domestic drummers here and even wider.. 
lyrics on this album, also like music, evolved and are now more lengthy and "complicated" and as expected for the genre, more of personal nature and the whole album seems like it's conceived as conceptual and with a story to tell..
outstanding cover art is made by Nadan Savran and it's just perfect for the release and looks amazing, merch with this design will be awesome as well and I can't wait for some.. for now this is available only in digital form on bandcamp, supposedly some tapes will be made first, then later if they find labels interested maybe some vinyl also.. so if you can or you know someone who can help with this, you know what to do..
until we'll be able to grab some physical release of this go check it on bandcamp..

Friday 7 June 2024

NUCLEAR ALTAR - Wasteland Filth - rehearsal demo is out now!!!

well, this one is brilliant!.. as you already know, Nuclear Altar is one of the rare or maybe, to be honest, the only one band left that's still keeping the flame of this primitive crust sound by which Požega was wide familiar for, with a horde of such or similar bands just few decades ago.. they are something more active last year or so in slightly different line up, they made decent amount of new songs, played few gigs and so on but still didn't recorded anything new.. and now they came up with this great idea of recording few older songs on a rehearsal so they will have at least something recorded in this new line up until they do some proper recordings of new material.. so they recorded themselves on a rehearsal with......wait....... with a fckn mobile phone (!) and published this on bandcamp as a new demo.. and if you ask me, it ended up great, just as it should, proper old school crust with raw but mighty at the same time sound and atmosphere.. all together 6 songs, covers from Dislike and Fight Back included.. I like the order of tracks, how all starts with "Dismal Worship Begins" as slow and filthy intro then with every song it gets faster and wilder with perfect end, a real hymn "Corporate Wasteland" which is without exaggeration one hell of a song and I remember I was always fascinated with it, still since original Fight Back's version.. 
artwork is of course again by Kktz, he is spitting them out like on track lately..
in short, if you don't want your crust overproduced, if you are sick of all this new fancy and sterile recordings, you are searching something filthy and with soul - this one is for you.. 
hope they won't go in proper studio ever and destroy this old school spirit and magic they still have, hehe, just kidding, but you now how it says - in every joke there's half of the truth, so...
anyhow, go check it on bandcamp and destroy your speakers with some nuclear filth from extinct Slavonian wastelands..


Thursday 6 June 2024

WARCOLLAPSE - Tyrannical Trip - new song from upcoming album

hell yeah, brand new song by absolute crust unit from Sweden and most likely the best crust band ever to me (okay, one of the best, huh..), almighty Warcollapse is online and available for stream on bandcamp.. 
"Tyrannical Trip" is 1st single for their new album which will be out during this current year on Phobia Records.. judging by this track only, it seems we will get another one pure crust classic just as expected from them.. can't wait for this one to be out!..

Tuesday 4 June 2024

FLOWER / STATE MANUFACTURED TERROR euro tour August/September 2024

okay, this one is still far away but it's probably the most interesting tour this summer.. two hell of a bands from New York (USA), most likely once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us here in Europe to see.. there are still few dates for which they need help so you know what to do.. and don't miss them when they will be close to your place because once you'll be old and they both considered legendary bands you'll be very sorry you didn't take your chance.. anarcho crust punk to the maximum..




PHANE euro tour June/July 2024



SCARECROW / VIDRO north euro tour June 2024




Sunday 2 June 2024

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia


when?...................11.06.2024., Tuesday
where?..................Močvara, Zagreb
who?.....................NIGHTFEEDER d-beat punk, USA
                              DISBAJA d-beat metal, Cro
                              MUP DESTROYER grind, Cro
entrance?...............8/12 €