Thursday 29 November 2012

CERVIX live @ Blackwater - video

was writing some review about their Life Fucker EP for my paper 'zine and get reminded how this band delights me every time again and again.. I found this video here:

Tuesday 27 November 2012

review for Mentalna Smrt #2 'zine

recenziju 2. broja Mentalne Smrti na Helly Cherry webzinu pročitajte ovdje:, hvala Nenadu!..

review for the 2nd issue of Mentalna Smrt 'zine you can read (on Serbian) here:, thanx goes to Nenad!..

Monday 26 November 2012

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?.............4.12.2012., Tuesday
where?...........AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?..............SEPPUKU grind crust, Zg
                      CLOUDS OF CANCER grind crust, Zg
                      POGAVRANJEN black metal, Zg
                      H.D.H. post metal sludge, Zg
entrance?.......20 kn

Wednesday 14 November 2012

S.P.K. live - video

2 video recordings of this band about which I already wrote something HERE.. 1st one is from Rock club FM in Split on January of 1998 and 2nd is from Dom Omladine, also in Split on July of 2002.. on this yt channel you can find more great videos from that period ('90 and early '00), so be sure to check it here:

Tuesday 13 November 2012

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

what?..........NO PUNX IN Z TOWN
when?.........17.11.2012., Saturday
where?........AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?...........NOWHITERAG hc punk, Modena (Italy)
                   PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE hc punk, Zagreb
                   BLACK GUST hc punk'n'roll, Zagreb
entrance?.....30 kn

update 3.12.2012.: video of whole concert watch here:

Tuesday 6 November 2012

WARVICTIMS mini tour (Germany)

first one ever, and maybe the last one live appearance by those Swedish d-beat crust punk monsters.. it was actually one-man band but from this year the drummer from Brottskod 11 and Thräshers joined the band so they can play live now (if I'm not wrong about this..!?)
P.S. - yes, I was wrong about the band members, for more info read the comments..