Sunday 30 January 2011

events and actions against the squatting ban (october 2010 - january 2011) in Netherlands

you can read a timeline of events and actions in Netherlands during the squatting ban at squat!net

Thursday 27 January 2011


Negative Insight zine #1 out now! This is the debut issue dedicated to British hardcore with lengthy interviews with The Varukers, Sacrilege, and Disaster. This issue features previously unpublished photos of Varukers, Sacrilege, and Concrete Sox, highlights of some of our favorite UK HC records, a bit of politics, and some Cold War propaganda among other features. 28 pages total full size of black and white, cut 'n paste professionally printed hardcore. Zine is also accompanied by a live set of both Sacrilege (1986) and Disaster (1991) that can be ordered as either two CDrs or as one split tape. It also comes in a poly bag.

Personal single copies are $6.00 ppd. USA / $8.50 North America / $12.50 international. Sorry for the high price, but postage is expensive.
Paypal can be sent to (PLEASE mark as Personal/Gift). I can also do regular mail orders, just email me for my address!

Please write for wholesale rates. I know these seem expensive, but please keep in mind that we went with a union print shop to print it, it comes in a poly bag, and 2 live sets of music. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks for your time,

Erik/Social Napalm
P.O. Box 4073
S. Chelmsford, MA

Thursday 13 January 2011

ON'T ROAD #15 fanzine

"DIY Punk & Travel Zine - OUT NOW!"
Another 20,000 word bumper issue featuring travels in Romania (Bucharest & Brasov), Mallorca (Spain), Czech Republic (Fluff Fest & Prague), USA (Vancouver, Los Angeles, Warped Tour, Las Vegas, Summerslam, Bay Area, Weed, Portland area), as well as articles on the infamous Concrete Sox bodged euro tour, Lady Gaga, Accidents in punk-rock, Manic Street Preachers, Bad Religions 30th anniversary tour, and a short history of the 1 in 12 club darts tournament in Bradford.

Copies are £1 in person (at gigs), £1.50p postage paid, or 50p to distros (5 copies or more, get in touch first).
Postal: 14 Hessle Mount,Leeds, LS6 1EP, UK. International orders email first for postage information. Trades welcome but get in touch first.

Back issue:
Ont Road #14 (150 copies remaining) A bumper 20,000 word issue about a 2 month trip I made on the West Coast/Deep South of the USA, taking in Seattle, Portland, Bay Area, Los Angles, and Houston. It features the usual tales of drunken debauchery, punk-rock gigs, wrestling, and amusing anecdotes of things that I have experienced on the road. Available at the rates above.

Back issues:
Ont Road #13 / Go Fuck Yourself #1 - Split zine - Sold Out
Ont Road #12 - Sold Out
Ont Road #11 - Sold Out

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Wednesday 12 January 2011

MOSH #13 fanzine

Mosh 'zine comes from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.. this 13th number marks the 10th anniversary of its existence, which is really nice sum of ages invested in 'zine making..
it's written on english and published in April 2010..
on 44 pages it offers to us a lot of writings, columns and articles by various authors,story and interview with/about Never Found, also some more interviews with Lorsa, Sally Faere, Bad Omen, Ak-47 (canadian one, not croatian), Broken Needle (really big and interesting intie), a journal from Nervhous Records tour, also there are some records, fanzines and books reviews and one short comic..
download link is from Koleksi Zine, and zine contact is:

Tuesday 4 January 2011


Pressing 500 copies. 120 in red wax / 380 in black wax.

It is a co-release between 6 labels: Fucking Kill Records, Sumoggu Records, Pest & Cholera Records, DHP / AK47 aid, Gusto Rana Production and Antenora.
HHL would like to thank to all labels, Chris (Fucking Kill Records) for doing all the technicalities...and of course to BRIVIDO

HOMO HOMINI LUPUS side contains 7 songs:

01. When We Stop, Everything Stops!
02. Lanci Kapitala
03. The Dialogue Of Blood Sucking Reprobates
04. The Only Church That Illuminates Is a Burning Church
05. Nasa Stvarnost
06. 1000 Divisions
07. Box Of Illusion

If somebody wants to get a copy, get in contact with one of the labels:

Fucking Kill Records:

Sumoggu Records:

Pest & Cholera Records:

DHP/AK47 aid:

Gusto Rana Production:

Antenora Distribizione: