Saturday 5 February 2022

LA CASA FANTOM tour + Cursed video

it's been a long time since I herd or read anything about LCF, but today I accidentally found some new videos and realized that they are on tour currently.. today in Barcelona and if you are from Spain or Portugal you can still catch them in following places:

03.02: Arrasate, Gaztetxe de Arrasate
04.02: Iruñea, Nido de ratas
05.02: Barcelona, Los Blokes Fantasma
06.02: Benicarló, Plug in the gear
07.02: Valencia, La Residencia
08.02: Madrid, Donde Siempre
09.02: Segovia TBC
10.02: Porto, Barracuda
11.02: Lisboa, Disgracia
12.02: Benifeita
14.02: Ortigueira
15.02: Gijón TBC
16.02: Torrelavega, La Parroquia
17.02: Beasain
18.02: Llodio, Orbeko

and pro done video for the song Cursed from the latest album "Burning Eyes" is from this yt channel.. also you can find one for the song Note to Self on the same place.. enjoy..