Tuesday 24 May 2011

crucified freedom

"Chose to live for what I believe
Against expectations and norms
That’s where the punishment strikes
Society and it’s pre-written forms

Crucified freedom
Stand out of line, get nailed to the cross

Try to stand up for your fights
Never kneel this is our right
All their social confrontations
They’ve chosen to never see the day of light
For our freedom
Never, fucking ever

Crucified freedom
Stand out of line, get nailed to the cross

For what we believe is right
We got told what is wrong
This is our freedom fight
And we believe in life

Crucified freedom
Stand out of line, get nailed to the cross

Never saw the light in court
Never saw the light in law
Never saw the light in power
I can only see light in freedom

Crucified freedom
Stand out of line, get nailed to the cross

For what we believe is right
We got told what is wrong
This is our freedom fight
And we believe in life"

                      Project Hopeless

Sunday 22 May 2011

Squat zine call out!

"Got any positive, funny or random stories from your squatting experiences?

We‘re putting together an exhibition and zine with positive squatting stories to contradict and show the other side to squatting, to the one regurgitated again and again by the mainstream media.
Wherever you squatted, be it Brixton or Kurdistan, or whether you squat now or you did in the 70s, any positive stories are welcomed – the more varied in time & place the better. Some of the stories we have so far include from after the second world war when families took refuge by squatting abandoned army barracks, as so many homes had be bombed in the blitz, as well as some stories of how newly arrived Asian families to Britain gave up the council housing they had received to squat together in empty estates to avoid the racial abuse they were suffering.
Your stories don‘t have to be this extreme though, anything that is positive, funny or in some way a success of managing to stick it up to the landlords or a successful use of squatting for a protest or campaign, is very much welcomed. The stories don‘t have to be your own experiences but can be ones of friends, or ones you‘ve heard, just so long as they are true.
Any good pictures you might have that can accompany the stories would be brilliant too. Also, if you have pictures of transformations you‘ve made turning a destroyed building into a beautiful home, they would also be really appreciated. Of course you can be completely anonymous from anything you contribute.

Email stories & stuff to: homemade@lorax.org.uk

Many thanks!"

PDF version of this call out you can download HERE

source: http://pseepsee.blogspot.com/2011/05/calling-all-squatters.html

Wednesday 18 May 2011

RADIKALNA PROMJENA / BAD JUSTICE / DEMANT - 3 way split tape (1997?!)

another piece of treasure from 90's Croatian hardcore punk scene.. this time released by the Truemmer-Pogo-Tapes from Germany which is active still today, btw..
bands included in this "trio tape!" are Demant from Križevci, Bad Justice from Požega and Radikalna Promjena from Zagreb..
while Bad Justice and Demant are represented here with their live recordings, from R. Promjena we have five of their probably the best songs (at least to me!..), don't know where they are recorded and if they are published anywhere else besides this tape.. all begins with song Industrijski Raj, definitely my favorite from them and ends with Radikalna Promjena, I think theirs most legendary song.. for those who don't know their music was anarcho punk mixed with many other genres from reggae to crust combined with male and female vocals.. very politically engaged lyrics and great music.. sound is harsh and raw, of course, not any fancy production here, just like it was usually for bands from here in that time..
from Bad Justice side we have 11 songs recorded live at who know where, hehe.. lots of funny drunk talk between the songs.. like you listen drunk Oi Polloi, hehehe, just kiddin'..
about the sound, uff... try to guess!.. I don't know if anything can be filthier and rawest than this.. brutal hardcore punk with two female and one male vocals.. all their legendary songs are here, usual Bad Justice material, if this was recorded in some studio and not live that would be decent discography of the band..
for the end anarcho punk crusties Demant.. also with live recordings (first time I heard for this material and some songs from it).. sound quality is similar as Bad Justice's, maybe just a little better, but who cares! if you are upset about sound quality you don't even need to read this.. from them here are 14 tracks + P. Bastard cover of Doom..
all material lasts something more than 60 min, in folder are included scans of the cover with tracklists, and lyrics.. what do you need more!? start downloading and give your ears some serious damage!..

download link is from Rat Shit Sandwich blog and it's here with permission.. so if you like this piece of noise go say thanks to Mr. Rat Shit ;)

Tuesday 17 May 2011

a statement by the Villa Amalias squat in Athens regarding the events of the past days..

For the past three days the wider area around Villa Amalias has seen events that any intelligent being living in the year 2011 would have thought to come out of a science fiction scenario. But this is not the case. This has been the reality for the past three years more or less: some have not experienced it, some do not want to see it, some are stupor and refuse to see it, some become complacent — and yet some seem to seek it.
Under the pretext of the condemnable —by all of us— murder of the 44 year old Manolis Kantaris on the junction of Tritis Septemvriou and Ipirou street, some people decided the time had come for them to cleanse the area from those strange and grubby creatures (according to them), the migrants, launching an indiscriminate pogrom.
From the very first moment TV stations stepped into a dance around the dead body, ballooning all the wrongdoings of this case, and our well-known “neighbours” made an appearance once again to help the scared residents step out of their doorsteps. Could it be that “golden dawn” is the new name of an entire area of Athens, not yet set because of some bureaucratic issues with its naming? All of a sudden, the death of a man by persons unknown with robbery as its motivation turned into the murder of an entire “nation” by  “illegal migrants who act uncontrollably”. The ideal story for the fascist TV scenario writers who long a greek purity they have lost for at least half a millennium (if it ever existed at the first place that is) in order to organise feasts, with their trophy being any migrant that would happen to cross their way.
In a blink, the rules of the game are overturned and from the point where all enraged greeks would condemn criminality and uncontrollable violence in their neighbourhoods, we now reached the point where anything is allowed as long as it is committed by greeks. Mobbing is allowed and so are mass beatings, stabbings, exemplary and throughout likeliness murders — like the one of the 21 year old Bangladeshi migrant [in the neighbourhood of Kato Patisia, trans.] Everything is allowed in the name of fear, survival, imposition and revenge. Cannibalism is allowed, too.
Social cannibalism. The result of dissolved society which refuses, whether willingly or not, to acknowledge the source of all this. To understand that the poverty and squalor never came, nor will it ever come from those from below in this world. Those from bellow are the recipients of a situation that is eternally fed by those above, those holding capital and power, because this is how they safeguard their continuity. The manipulation and subjugation of the world, with social, economic and class criteria, holds for them the balance of the base of the capitalist pyramid.
By beating, stabbing or imposing yourself on whoever you consider to be inferior to you, without any specific logic, based on the colour of their skin or the country of their origin, no financial troubles of yours will be resolved. This, unless we all dream of working day and night at traffic lights, brothels, as street traders, builders, or cleaners for a crust of bread. Neither your social troubles will be resolved, since you will always have an inferiority complex —since you have it now too— inferiority and depreciation of your life by someone you consider to be your anterior.
The solution will always come through the social awareness and collective nuclei of resistance against those who truly suck away our lives. Those who convict in absentia those from below in terms of class, condemning them to a total, reciprocal extermination under the veil of order, security and prosperity. The same order and security that sent the young demonstrator Y.K. to the intensive care unit (and another 70 demonstrators to the hospital), following the consecutive murderous blows he received by the uniformed pigs, the executing force of their junto-democracy.
For the record:
09884764 #493 | “From the social trench of Villa Amalias” (a statement by the Villa Amalias squat in Athens regarding the events of the past days)
For the past 3 days and continuing on from the turmoil that followed the murder of M.K., the squats of the Plateia Victorias area saw some attempts of organised attacks by golden dawn members, so-called “indignant residents” [the term often used in mass media as a euphemism for fascists/racists — trans.] —and don’t you ever dare call them racists!— and cops. Chronologically, the first such attempt happened on May 10th at the squat of Patision and Skaramanga, with the fascists trying to attack the squat aided by cops who threw tear gas to the squatters to force them retreat inside the building.
Immediately afterwards was the turn of Villa Amalias. In all these three days the aforementioned (fascists and cops) tried to attack the squat but they were unsuccessful, as the crouching together and solidarity of those who see part of their self in Villa prevented this aim. In their attempt they found a helping hand, as in all their actions up to date, in the police. Sometimes hand by hand and lined up together, sometimes with the cops in the front and their fascist poodles following behind, sometimes the other time round. In any case this illegal relationship of affection and passion between the greek police and fascists has started to become legalised a long while ago, and it has been blatantly covered up not only by the state (that is, the employer of both) but by the media as well (a faithful contractor and associate of the state in dealing with tasks of social stupor and distortion of events). Or, with the narration of history either cut in half, or distorted. The truth in just three lines is that they came, they got their response —and not only that— and they bolted, because their procurers threw us tear gas. End of the story.
All these “gentlemen” should make clear in their minds that for us, people and ideas are not disposable products or part of some trend that we would change or bin at the first instance. Our responses, from whatever post they are given, will always be collective, dynamic and unabridged — they will not be supported or manipulated by anyone who wants to gain from bodies, whether metaphorically or literally. For us life has no “price tag” to negotiate in the markets of nationalities and their falsified national pride.
We have written this in the past but we do not tire ourselves in repeating it: we consciously find ourselves facing and against any exploiter, procurer and heroin dealer, regardless of nationality. Yet we also know that what is lacking is neither more police (there is an excess of that), the demand for order and security, nor of course the racist propaganda and fascist violence. What is lacking is the courage of the contact and association with what is different, the mutual self respect and dignity, the attempts for cross-cultural coexistence and the (substantial, not para-statal) self-organising, which can heal many of the wounds of our multicultural/proletarian neighbourhoods.

May 13th, 2011
Villa Amalias Squat
80, Aharnon Str. & Heiden

source: Occupied London

MORE NOIZE #5 fanzine

okay, we are back to 'zines.. here we have More Noize from UK, it's 5th issue published in October, 2010.. probably a lot of you knows about this 'zine so I won't spend many words on introduction..
in this num you can read letters, some author's thoughts on hardcore punk scene, big interview with Ydinaseeton Pohjola from Finland, then there is one "more like a casual conversation then the interview" with Raw'Arse, many reviews (records and fanzine, as well.. actually when you read all those fanzine reviews you realize how many paper 'zines is still out there!..), Scum fest and Punk Illegal festival reports, Glam and Discharge gig reports and bunch of photos scattered throughout the 'zine.. also you can read some writings about Swedish hardcore bands: Totalitar, Meanwhile, Skitkids, Avskum and Heratys, which are here like reaction on demands of the readers of this 'zine for more of Swedish hardcore, considering that the author of More Noize is from Sweden but he lives in London..
and for the end, like icing on the cake, a shitload of materials about well known Italian band Wretched (various infos, photos, stories, gig reports and interviews).. if you like this band like I do, I'm sure you will find something interesting for you..
as you can see, a bunch of material for reading.. all that is written with small font on 68 pages..
all in all, really nice 'zine, I like direct and "in your face" style of author's expression and the fact that he is pointing out that hardcore punk is more than just the music..
this number is sold out, same as all previous issues but you can read it online or download it.. link is, of course, from punks is hippies blog.. enjoy the noize!..
contact: slobodanburgher@gmail.com

Monday 16 May 2011


Autonomia is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit social center in the Central District of Seattle. The space is managed collectively, and all decisions are made by group consensus. We strive to create a space that embodies the principles of equality, anti-oppression, and social justice, and we wish to empower the Seattle grassroots community by giving it access to a public space for community organizing. The Autonomia collective aims to support the diverse multitude of anti-authoritarian and working-class struggles in the Seattle area and around the world. We believe that a well-organized community is able to solve its own problems and better meet the needs of its community members when it practices group decision making and direct democracy.
Autonomia offers:
-Free coffee
-Free literature
-Free computer and internet access
-Free clothes
-A space for artists to showcase their work
-A space for grassroots organizations to meet
-Events such as benefit concerts, film screenings, open-mics, workshops, and Seattle Free School classes 
Autonomia Social Center is an example of creating radical infrastructure in the Seattle community. It's a place to meet comrades in struggle, a place for educating yourself and others, a place to hang out, laugh, eat, inspire and conspire together. As a result of Seattle's passionate struggle against oppression in the last few months, many are looking at radicals and asking "Well if not capitalism, if not police, if not hierarchy, exploitation, and environmental degradation, then what?" Autonomia strives to offer answers, to create a microcosm of alternatives to oppression as we tear this macrocosm of injustice down, to serve as a reminder of what we are for while we fight the relentless oppression of the state we are so passionately against.
contact: autonomiaseattle@riseup.net or 600 24th Ave. South Seattle, WA 98144

Sunday 8 May 2011

KONTATTO video report of U.S.A. tour 2010

woow..this is great..I found those two videos today at you tube.. it's a video report of last year's Kontatto US tour made by Marziona, the drummer..

"August/September 2010, Kontatto second tour in the States. All the tour was amazing thanx to Matt Sachs who booked it and all the amazing people and friends we met on the road, new and old friends. This is a report I made for fun (it's full of mistakes and edited with a crappy program ahah) just to have a visual memory of one of the best experiences in my/our life.
Thanx to all the people we met and please, if you want, drop a line with the names of those we forgot to thank and cheer, so many!!!

part 1:

part 2:

Anarchist Bookfair in Trbovlje, Slovenia

"Hey, this is an invitation for anyone who would like to attend anarchist bookfair/festival in Slovenia this May.
It will happen between 13. and 15th of May in Trbovlje, small industrial city about one hour drive from capital city Ljubljana. It is a historical sight of many antifascist and workers struggle through out late 19th and entire 20th century. Lately the focus of local people is mostly on the ecological issue. Our federation-Federation for anarchist organizing (FAO)-has a group in the area. Anyway, the main concept of this event is: bookfair with anarchist literature, cultural events (choir of women who sing antifascist songs from our history, choir of old partisans from 2nd world war and their supporters, social theater etc.), market with ecological products, public kitchen, different workshops (about ecological issues, women issues etc.)and perhaps most importantly two big panel discussions with guests from Slovenia and abroad.
On the last day we are planning to have a general assembly where we would write a joint statement from the event that we are hoping will become annual. We are expecting many guests from entire Slovenia, and of course abroad, especially Balkans, Italy and other places. We would like the event to be the meeting point for local people, activist from Slovenia and abroad, a common space of reflection of current situation and our involvement in it.
At this point we can only send these guidelines. If somebody is interested in attending let me know. We would like to host people/groups with anarchist distributions (especially literature), but if somebody has interests in other areas (like workshops) we would be glad.

for more information contact me, Marica"


source: http://anarchistnews.org/?q=node/13845

Copenhagen: Squat The Naval Mine!

"Occupy, share and enjoy the free space of The Naval Mine (Søminen) in Copenhagen. An action to occupy and liberate the area of an old storage facility for Naval Mines and turn it into a social centre. The area is located right next to the Freetown Christiania by the lake in beautiful green surroundings. It's been open for several years and is used daily by picnicking cityfolks, graffiti artists, dog walkers, bird watchers and everyone else. We're gonna keep on using it and open it up in style.
The 21st of may we're having a demonstration and opening of our new space and you're all invited. Come with your tent, camper, tools and dreams. Your imagination is the only limitation - not the cops!
We know we're in violation of the private property when we're opening up the area, but we cannot obey laws that's allowing beautiful places to decay while the city is suffocating. We hope that authorities, cops and owners realize that everyone wins if we're allowed to show what we can do with the place while everyone will lose if we have to use plan B, C or D to get it.
We're removing the barbed wire to make room for the flowers in our city.
Come join us.
Demonstration, occupation and opening party
Saturday the 21st of may at 14:00. From Christianshavns metro station.
Contact us: bzminen@gmail.com

Facebook (danish)

Squat The Naval Mine!"

I found this at hcmorethanmusic blog, originaly posted at squ@t!net

Tuesday 3 May 2011


The Deathdrop Squat is a DIY space squatted since 25 January 2009 in London, U.K.. We do monthly DIY punk benefit shows. The house has a Band Practice Space and Recording Studio. Wireless Fm will be broadcasting from the house every Saturday afternoon between 14:00 and 16:00. We encourage people to host workshops. Besides all that We love a good party and seem to have quite a reputation for it!!! See you there motherfuckers!!!! If you would like to get involved, organise a gig, workshop, party, event, borrow equipment or use the practice space you can send us a message on myspazz or alternativly email us at 666.d.drop@googlemail.com or call us on 0207 6228763