Sunday 31 October 2010


Prapopoulou Squat is located in a suburb of Athens, Greece that is called Halandri. The building is an old upper class house which is surrounded by a big garden. This private property had been abandoned for 34 years, until 2 years ago a group of people from different ages and political references decided to transform it into a space of creativity and resistance.

The squat functions as an open political-cultural space and as a base for political action out of the squat and is not used for housing. It is based on anti-hierarchy, equality, self-management and non-commercial relationships and doesn’t cooperate with the state, political parties or any other authoritarian structure. The management is done only by open assemblies where anyone interested can participate. The decisions are taken collectively through consensus respecting the differences in political views. There is a borrowing library, organic cultivation where we often share some of the vegetables with the neighbors and encourage people to participate, free cinema each week, a group that promotes the use of bicycle and repairs old bicycles, free Spanish lessons, theatrical plays and more. We also installed a do-it-yourself wind turbine which finally didn't work out and we are now experimenting with photovoltaic technology considering autonomy in energy us an aspect of the struggle. Our events vary from theater for children, fiestas, concerts until conversations and projections about the conditions in prisons, the Zapatistas, the rebellion of Oaxaca, public spaces and development, green capitalism and army objection. At all our events we don't charge an entrance fee and the expenses are covered by voluntary contribution in a box of economic support, with the perspective to promote solidarity and avoid commercial and authoritarian relationships.

We emphasize on local action, having good relationships with the neighborhood and on interacting with society. The space is free for anyone who wants to use it if he, she respects the characteristics of the squat. We act against plans of the municipality about restriction of public spaces and development of areas of green. We have done several actions in the central square of our neighborhood, giving many texts under the sound of music and of announcements. We are also active in central political issues working frequently with other groups (mostly anarchist and autonomous), co-organizing demonstrations and events for solidarity to political prisoners, to squats under state or para-state repression, concerning environmental issues, against prisons, against elections and more.

But the natural functioning of the squat was violently blocked. After one year and a half of many events, actions and resisting, the state, its police, and their best friends the fascist groups, provoked a serious attack on the squat. Para-state nationalists broke into the squat in the night of the Greek independence-day anniversary in March of 2008, burned the wooden roof and the library and destroyed a big part of the house. Facing the sight of destruction and smelling the odour of repression, looking at each other we realized that the only sure thing was that they burned nothing that could not be restored. They failed to burn even to a minimum, all those important things that motivated us to keep on what we are doing, like the comradeship between all of us who participle in the squat and our determination to keep on with the struggle.

A march of 500 people was organized in the neighborhood of the house that shouted out that we are still here, and that the struggle goes on. From this point, we have put a lot of effort and time to reestablish the house, receiving a moving wave of solidarity from squatters, anarchists, leftists and neighbors that was expressed mainly in hands for work and money to buy materials. Seeking or accepting money and help from the municipality or other authoritarian institutions was excluded from the beginning. The weekly events had stopped for a while in order to concentrate on the works, but now we are starting to come back arranging new ones. Self-organization was always our way and continues to be, walking in solidarity step by step towards freedom and aiming for social liberation.


From the regions of northern Athens
For social liberation
Prapopoulou Squat
Athens, December 2008

Tuesday 26 October 2010

7th ANTIFA FEST 10.-14.11.2010. K. Rojc, Pula (Croatia)

the Monte Paradiso crew organized one more edition of the musically-educational manifestation - Antifa festival..
this year AFF brings you again a number of interesting speakers: Hilary Pilkington (University of Warwick, Coventry, UK), Nikola Petković (philosophical faculty of Rijeka), Marko Vojnić Gin and Marko Juričić (activists from "Right on the City" from Zagreb), Andrej Hendelja and Marko Grbac (Action for Rojc); exhibitions: Bukanojz (Zagreb Pride, students from Accademia di Belle Arti iz Venecije, People from Rojc...); performance: Go GO Wrighters-Pula and thematic video projections..

concert part:
Friday 12.11.
REBORN (Šibenik), RED (Pula), KRIVA ISTINA (Slavonski Brod), FAAK AM SEE (Slavonski Brod), AMOK (Zagreb)

about festival:
the festival is organized for the 7th time in memory on the attack of neo-nazi group on the members of this Pula's association.. like an reaction on this attack demonstrative "peace-march" has been held, named "no to violence - no to fasizm!!!" which brought together almost 2000 citizens like an concrete and correct form of expressing resistance to absolutely all the ideas related to nazism, fascizm and to similar ideologies..
on the wings of the protests antifa festival was born..

AFF collective/Monte Paradiso association/NIPdiy are greatful for the help to Distorzija association, cinema Valli, dr. INAT-a and SUP-u..

the correct program and more information expect soon here:
web page
my space
and be sure to check out history of  the festival at the blog section on their my space page..

Sunday 24 October 2010


 Visions Of War are great crust band from Belgium with an interesting story behind them.. actually they are one of my favorites crust band right now.. the first time I was heard for them was some 3 years ago at 1st Balkanika Core festival on which they was the most interesting band to me.. they've played this year at Monte Paradiso festival too, but I spend the time of their performance outside standing in the line to buy ticket..bad luck..
here is their biography taken with permission from their my space page..

This is a big piece of totally non relevant history , but for who'se got the nerves to read it all be our guest,answered by Lolo......
Well,first I've been democraticly delegated to write down a boring biography of VISIONS OF WAR, in order to offer you something more here we go!! VISIONS OF WAR was formed october 96 (it's such a long time ago !)in the flemish part of hellgium (dutch speaking part) with the following line-up : Davy : bass,Filip : drums,Stef : guitar,Steffen : vocals.
Shortly afterwards Steve joined the band , after attending a rehearsal and offered to shout a bit with them,as 2nd vocalist , and a 10 song demo was recorded in april 98,then a second one in december 98 (after an offer to do a release for filth ear records),5 songs where 3 where used for the split EP with OKOTTA (Hellgium) in 2000 (now you can find the full second demo as a bonus on the split CD/K7 with MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS).After around 15 or 20 gigs,and when a few members where supposed to join the band , VISIONS OF WAR had a break (a split-up if you want) in may 2000.But the nightmare started once again,exactly 4 months later with a brand new line-up in september.
When Davy and Steffen left the band , Filip,Stef and steve kept their instruments , 3 (not so) sexy boys joined the crew : Arno from the french part of Hellgium as 2nd guitar player,Lolo from France-id as 2nd sinker,and Tom from Flanders as bass-tard player.But this last one left the band in october 01 after a few tours in France,Germ-money,Hole-land and Hellgium.unfortunatly nothing has been recorded during this line-up.Immediately after Toms departure ,Boris "Gro",from Wallonie (frenchspeakin' part of Hellgium) full-time wife of Arno and V.O.W.-groupie,took the bass. Then back on the road for lots of small tours,and finally recording in april 2002 in A'doom by DEJAN M.O.K. at the "Kaptain Kaos Studio"! From this recording ,a part was remastered and taken for a spli lp with OLHO DE GATO in 2003.
Later the losers where ready for a tour in Germ-money,Switzerland when Boris announced the day before leaving he was too sick to tour (he really was!!!). Our friend Gork was coming along with us ,and he could play bass , so he learned the songs in the van on the road and managed to play with us!! But bad luck and a doom cloud kept hanging above our heads,Filip had to stop drumming with the band in march 2003 shortly after a tour in Hole-land,Germ-money and Denmark coz his ears where getting pretty damaged because of the noise we played (tinnitus strikes again). Than Dejan from OLHO DE GATO accepts to be the new (temporary)drummer!!Despite the impossibility to rehearse (Dejan lives in A'doom ,which is quite a while from Liege),the tours kept going on,but without new songs.At the end of 2003 ,VISIONS OF WAR (except Dejan) are embarked on a new (fun)project:PISSEDCHARGE,which was a DISCHARGE cover band ,using only songs from 80-82.We took Azill (who played drums ) as d-beater , then the massacre:14 hits from the dudes from Coke-On-Trend,and PISSEDCHARGE ,which was supposed to be a "one show band"followed VISIONS OF WAR for 2 short tours (Alkmaar,Utrecht,Liege and Leipsig,Potsdam,Berlin).After the last show in Kopi , Azill was asked to join VISIONS OF WAR as the new drummer since it was easier to practice with him living in Liege.The dude agreed since he had no other band to play drums in,and in february 2004 he's an official loser like the rest of us. Then again new songs (finally) and tours came it was time to drown PISSEDCHARGE,the last gig was in Liege,april. During that year ,2004,we played several countries (Luxembourg,Holland,Hellgium,Germ-money,Denmark,Sweden,Tsjechia,England) and record in september 12 songs with Zeff in a schoolbasement in Liege. The session appears on a split lp with MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS from Tsjechia and a split 12" with dear friends COP ON FIRE from Spain,Suisse and the U.S. ,both in 2005.The split with MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS was put out on tcd and as we speak tape with unreleased bonus tracks from both bands.The cd , just out now ,with our split with COP ON FIRE has COP ON FIRE's first lp as bonus and our side from the OLHO DE GATO split. In 2005 we played a bit less and toured in april/may,9 dates in Hellgium,Germ-money,Switzerland and France. Than we recorded again with "M.O.K." Dejans studio 5 songs for a new 7",but this one we have to go back for since we where doomed again,so still have to play solos and do the vocals again (they sounded friggin' death-metalish). Still in 2005,after a few month break (vacation time),we played London and Bradford after that an extensive almost all weekend gigs for 2 months from Hellgium to France and Germ-money .........
Let's try to continue the history despite the fucking bad memory, we'll write the rest of it in short... After other exhausting tours in all over Europe in 2006 and 2007, Arno left the band in the fall of 2007 after 7 yars of madness, quickly replaced by Bis as second guitar. At the meantime Azill el loco drummer felt more and more pain in one of his arms, the doctor gave his verdict : chronical tendinitis, so our d-beater had to leave the combo as well, which has been done in february of 2008 after 4 years spent with us. By the way we wish the best to Arno and Azill, thanx and more for these years of nightmare. Our new drummer was found : Yvan. After a few practises, we started again on touring in several countries. Stick, after had been one time interim for a tour in France because of Azill's cancellation, took his tools back for one european tour in the summer of 2008. Then Lölö had to be operated for a serious intestinal disease, so the band played a few gigs without him, and toured Italy, without Lölö and with Stick again. At the same period, 9 songs are recorded in Hellgium, they were supposed to be used for a 4 bands LP + 2 splits 7", but of course, once again, all of these projects will abort. It's already 2009, after some gigs, Steve told us in june (and in Holland) he would leave the band soon. We played less in the second part of 2009, and the farewell gigs from Steve took place in january in the UK and february of 2010 in Germany.
After a few weeks of doubts, the band raised again with Willy who took the second mike to help Lölö in his throat crusade. In april the first practices are done. First gig with Willy is planned at the end of june in Hellgium, but he can't make it, so Steve is back for a last farewell ! Then a tour is made in Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and France, 9 dates with Vavane behind the wheel (thanx again). But it's time to play at the Monteparadiso fest in Croatia in the beginning of august. Shortly after, Willy decides to leave the band while a tour is going on in september. So, Steve, pleeeease, can you appear again behind the mike ? The deal is done. some gigs from the end of the tour has been already canceled so we decide to make it shorter. But after only 4 gigs (we were supposed to play 6 or 7), Boris has a fuckin' pain in one eye, decides to go to the hospital. Verdict : he has to be quickly operated in Dresden, ex-east Germany, and he will stays there something like one week, so we cancel the rest of the tour and some of us come back the same day in Liège...
The black cloud stroke back. But now it's time for making new songs, so we'll take it easy for a few months with gigs, also coz' Steve is now an interim in the band and we should find a new vocalist. About our 9 songs recorded in 2009, they'll appear soon thanx to a cooperation between french (and friends) labels as a 12". greetings to all these persons who give us help !!
Last words, Visions of War has something like 250 gigs in his sack'o'shit today, in all over Europe.

U.P.S. the record 7";1 song (totally wrong mastered ,not by us!!)with BOYCOT.SIN DIOS,SHEARS,P.C.P.,POINT OF FEW

Sunday 17 October 2010

upcoming gig: DOOM (GB) + HOMO HOMINI LUPUS (Cro) + ACRID SUNDAY (Slo)

"SOLD OUT!!!! Possibly there will be a few more tickets available on the day of the show, but no guarantees!!!!!!
Reservations: at the entrance on the day of the gig from 19.30-21h
The rest of the tickets (20-30) will be available from 21h to 22h"

yes, Doom is back!! and after few festivals on which they were playing this summer they decided to show us some mercy and come to play in this area, so you can see them in Ljubljana, Slovenia at Saturday, November 10! unfortunately gig is already sold out, just few tickets will be available at the day of the show, so if you didn't book your tickets, there's nothing left to do except to come there and hope you will pick this precious piece of paper..
besides those legends there will be also two great bands, Acrid Sunday, young crust band from Slovenia, and Homo Homini Lupus crust/grind from Croatia

Doom -
Homo Homini Lupus -
Acrid Sunday -

Club Gromka -

Sunday 10 October 2010

BUREVESTNIK collective

"Burevestnik is a collective situated in Belgrade, Serbia dedicated to creating and helping libertarian, anti-authoritarian initiatives and projects..
we work on organizing benefit concert/parties and offering support to diy/political bands (as well to bands who are willing to cooperate with us on those basis) which has needs to organize concerts in Belgrade and Serbia..
Burevestink works on providing information about new (either our or someone else's) libertarian/anarchist publications/projects and on helping them.. we develop distribution and manufacturing of printed literature.. we collect informations about actions of various libertarian/anarchist collectives and individuals from Belgrade and the region and point to the possibilities of including interested parties into them..
we don't support, in any way, work of political parties, the authoritarian political groups or goverment and their representatives.."


my space


here we have a little bit older fanzine (from 2008) hailing from Wroclaw, Poland but written on English..
it's a really great 'zine with strong personal note.. author of this 'zine is trying to share his ideas and points of view through every part of the 'zine (from the editorial thro' interviews and columns).. he says that the idea of doing a 'zine should be sharing a part of author with the readers..
it's a big shame 'cause all that stops after this 1st issue (I think there wasn't any new numbers)..
so, in it you can read great interviews with some cool bands like FxPxOx, Pavilionul 32, Hit Me Back, Voetsek, Fall Of Efrafa and with Fuck for Forest (porn project from which all profits goes to some ecological projects), few interesting columns (on the themes like science vs primitivism, culture vs nature or veganism, etc) and some book reviews..
really cool and quality fanzine, so I'm sure that you won't regret if you read it..
read it at zinelibrary as a PDF file here

zine contact:
my space:

Wednesday 6 October 2010

EVIL MINDED #4, #5 fanzine

I was just up to write something about 4th number of this 'zine coming from USA when I noticed link on punks is hippies blog! for 5th number as well, so here are both of them.. and when I saw that in 5th is interview with U.B.R., there wasn't any doubts..

in 4th number you can read nice article with author's thoughts on punk zines and role that internet has on punk (wich, btw, I don't agree completely, but it's interesting for reading), demo reviews of some underated bands, good interviews with Hellkontroll, Kriegshog, Morpheme and Boteilon De Castigo plus some other reviews.. all that on 28 pages..
it's published in July 2009 and it is completely sold out so there is nothing to do then read it online or download it from issuu link..

in 5th number besides above mentioned interview with U.B.R. (acctually two of them, one is translated from Swedish to English from Upset Dischord from 1985 and other is from M.R.R. #20) there are 'views with Svdor, Aghast and The Assassinators, L.A. scene report and zines and records reviews..
also on 28 pages, partly typing with typewriter, and partly with computer.. this number is published in April 2010..
I really like the style and conception of this 'zine..

the 6th number is also out and available at:
for more info and to read older numbers go visit zine web page

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Zrenjanin Antifascist Festival & 5th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair 29. - 31.10.2010

This year Zrenjanin Antifascist Festival will be organized together with the 5th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair from 29. to 31. of October in Cultural Center of Zrenjanin, Zrenjanin, Serbia. BAB is a manifestation which is organized at the regional level, and the main idea that guides the manifestation is Balkan of solidarity in struggle, as opposed to Balkan of nationalism and exploitation. BAB was so far held in Ljubljana in 2003., Zagreb in 2005., Sofia in 2008. and Athens and Thessaloníki in 2009.
As ZAF is a manifestation that from its beginning promotes the struggle against all forms of exploitation and domination we are convinced that joining these two events together is a move in the right direction which will enable better networking at the Balkan level and further development of common initiatives and struggles.
For all questions and suggestions you can contact us at

Date: Friday, October 29th, 21h

Friday 1 October 2010


here is english version of this great fanzine, coming from Brno, Czech Republic, published one year after the original Czech version, precisely somewhere at the beginning of 2010..
zine is dedicated to east euro diy hc/punk scene so all interviews, bands, reviews, scene and gig reports are from this (forgotten) part of the world..
on 68 pages you can find great and extensive report from 1st Balkanika Core festival (this one brings some nice memories to me) when there were bands like Agathocles, Visions of War, E.N.T., Wolfbrigade, Mob-47, etc, then scene reports from Latvia and Ukraine, article about Czech punk history, bunch of reviews and interviews with Sanych from Death in Industry zine, Human Error, Critica Radicala and Grazhdanskaya Oborona..
everything is very interesting to read, I like author's way of expression and writing.. here is just a little part of intruduction in report from balkanika core festival: "A herd of weird looking and even weirder behaving people sits round the table in a dark corner of on Prague's Žižkov district bar and chat about a piece of paper that came to their filthy hands from some far away southern countries. The table is bending  under the weight of beer, powerful words are being said and are coming together in even more powerful sentences and decisions. A crusade to transalpine regions has been made a deal..."
I'm sure you won't regret it if you read this zine.. to me this is definitely the best zine I have read lately!..
yes and that's not all.. zine goes along with CD compilation with bands mentioned in zine.. so try to get a copy of it or download PDF, play the compilation and enjoy in reading of this great piece!..
I found those download links at Drunk Nach Osten zine my space page, and zine contact is at