Tuesday 29 November 2011

DEBELI SAMURAJ live at Proleće festival 1996, Stanišić, Serbia - video

woow, this is great.. I found those videos few days ago at this you tube channel .. really nice document of that time and of the band D. Samuraj about which you can read here at one of my previous posts..
nothing more to say.. enjoy!..

Sunday 20 November 2011


as you can't find anything interesting here lately, 'cause I'm big lazy bastard, here are some random links for few blogs..
1st there are bunch of new and old zines on mighty punks is hippies zine archive, some of them you can download as pdf or jpeg format, and other you can read online..
then we have a new blog Wasted Potentials, it's a site with news, information about bands, concerts, etc. from Požega, Croatia..
one of the best music blogs out there Enemy of the Music Business is again active after some longer hiatus and it's updated more or less constantly..
also well known blog crust or die is on new address..
squat net has new design of the site and it's updated more frequently..

Thursday 17 November 2011

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

you want some slow, down tempo, depressive, emotional, sludge music.. just as perfect for those boring cold days!?..
if I will go on this gig it would be because of interesting Slovenians - Leechfeast, but probably the other two bands will found their audience, too..

where?.......................AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?..........................GRIME sludge, Italy
                                  LEECHFEAST stoner crust, Slovenia
                                  CAN'T FAKE NATURE post rock, Croatia

Tuesday 1 November 2011

PISSCHRIST live in Belgrade, Serbia 5.08.2008. - video

I've found this video on you tube a few days ago.. there is, I think the whole show of Pisschrist, well known Australians, which doesn't exist anymore, unfortunately, but this video is a nice document of their existence.. recordings are from gig they were playing together with Sotatila, Pavilionul 32 and Nakot in Belgrade back in 2008.. it means 23min of d-beat destruction.. enjoy!..
I've found video on this channel and it's here by the permission of kind girl who uploaded it, so go say thanx to her..