Wednesday 24 December 2014

in search for more labels to release MATKA TERESA / AFTERSUNDOWN split 7" EP

if you want/could help with participating in releasing  this cool split 7" get in touch via e-mails from the pic.. 

Thursday 18 December 2014

Days of Action “Defend De Vloek and autonomous spaces” 26-28 December 2014

December 26 – 28 the days of action in support of De Vloek and autonomous spaces will take place in The Hague. Three days packed with actions and demonstrations. Below is an update with the latest information.

Action days kick off demonstration
Time: 18:00
Location: To be announced

Autonomous actions
Time: All day
Location: The Hague

Mass demonstration for De Vloek and autonomous spaces
Time: 15:00
Location: To be announced
More information will follow soon

upcoming gig in Rijeka, Croatia

when?....................20.12.2014., Saturday
where?...................Podrum, Rijeka
who?......................BOSONOGO DJETINJSTVO d beat punk, Zd
                              LEFT TO STARVE crust metal punk, Ka
                              HOW DID HE DIE hc punk, Ri
entrance?................25 kn

Saturday 6 December 2014


10.01.2015. skopje (macedonia)
11.01.2015. thessaloniki (greece)
12.01.2015. komotini (greece)
14.01.2015. istanbul (turkey)
15.01.2015. kavala (greece)
16.01.2015. kraljevo (serbia)

Thursday 4 December 2014

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?....................5.12.2014., Friday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?......................H.H.B. sludge doom crust, Slo
                              H.D.H. post metal sludge, Cro
                              HAZARDER doom stoner crust, Cro
entrance?...............5 kn


Wednesday 3 December 2014


"Infoshop Furija is an autonomous space in a squatted building of InexFilm.
The space of the infoshop is used for libertarian practice and theory, that is, for organizing of counter-cultural events such as discussions, film screenings, distribution of radical literature and building the culture of solidarity and mutual aid.
Infoshop Furija is located at the address Višnjička 76, Belgrade."

"Infošop Furija je autonomni prostor koji se nalazi u skvotiranoj zgradi InexFilm.
Prostor infošopa namenjen je slobodarskoj praksi i teoriji odnosno organizovanju kontrakulturnih događaja poput diskusija i projekcija filmova, distribuciji radikalne literature i građenju kulture solidarnosti i uzajamne pomoći.
Infošop Furija se nalazi na adresi Višnjička 76, Beograd."


AFONIA (powerviolence/grind band from Russia) are searching for labels to release new album

"Afonia is powerviolence/grindcore band from Russia (Asha city, Southern Ural). Basically songs and lyrics of AFONIA reflect social & political position of the band, but some of them are founded on our personal experience, feelings and emotions.
Grindcore/powerviolence for friendship between nationalities and against borders and human scum!!!"

so Afonia, which you could saw few weeks ago in Čakovec, as well as all over the europe while they were on tour are in search of label or labels which would release their new album.. if you are interested and could help write them at:
at their bandcamp page you can hear one new song, as well as some old..

AKTIVNA PROPAGANDA mini tour December 2014


ĐORNATA / KRIK DISNEYLANDA balkan tour December 2014