Tuesday 12 July 2016


another 'zine from the author of IOSC with pretty much similar content, the same style, same format, same design so I don't know why there are two separated 'zines.. only thing that comes on my mind, maybe because WRIMTW is somehow more personally orientated or more emotional, at least if  we talk about last numbers (IOSC#17 and WRIMTW#7), I don't know how it was before 'cause I didn't read previous issues of WRIMTW..
on 20 A5 pgs written on croatian you can read interviews with Ben Merlis (Fields of Fire) and Eaglehaslanded, gig reports, few short columns and one text about ex and present loves, about falling in love, emotional relations, etc.. usually I like to read such personally spiced stuff but this I didn't find so much interesting, I don't know why..
about the style and it's looks, as I mentioned already before, everything is the same as in IOSC so if you are interested check it in previous reviews.. if I have to choose which one is better to me I would probably choose IOSC but anyhow I'm sure if you like IOSC you'll  also like this one..
available for the price of copying at:

-contact: gajoimasa@yahoo.com

Friday 1 July 2016

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?...............02.07.2016., Saturday
where?..............club Gromka, Ljubljana
who?.................TØRSÖ hc d-beat crust, USA
                         SHIV d-beat crust metal, Slo