Tuesday 23 November 2010

PUNK//PING/PONK #3 fanzine

and here we have 3th number of PUNK//PING/PONK zine (what an interesting name!..) published in March 2009 and digitaly printed in 200 pieces..
in this issue you can read interviews with Mob-47, Hellexist, Meanwhile, Hellowar and Moderat Likvidation.. some of them are good and interesting to read (like w Hellowar) and some are too short and poor (like w Meanwhile), but that's not author's fault, questions are good, just I hate when bands answers shorter than that it is question itself, like they aren't at least bit interested in doing interview.. besides those views you can also find out something about bands Blinded Humanity, Nuclear Death Terror and Skitsystem from few (actually 5 of them) same quick questions, scene report from Brooklyn (New York) and  some record and fanzine reviews..
all that on 40 pages edited in "crust and paste is the best" style..
d link is from koleksi zine blog..
about 4th number I had wrote something before here..
zine contact is: punkpingponk@gmail.com

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