Friday 24 June 2016

upcoming gig in Tuzla, B&H

when?...............................................27.06.2016., Monday
where?..............................................Caffe Galerija Bunt, Tuzla
who?.................................................SKIPLICKERS d beat punk, UK
                                                         DRY HEAVES garage punk, UK
                                                         UNTOLD thrash metal, B&H

Thursday 16 June 2016

future releases by Neanderthal Stench records

when I've seen this new flyer for upcoming releases on Neanderthal Stench yesterday I was thinking I'm dreaming or I'm just too drunk but I checked it today also and it seems it's true.. among few good bands (like Mutabo for example), few amazing (like Misantropic) there is one LP that put a smile all over my face and that is fckn FIGHT BACK / AGATHOCLES split!.. to be clear I'm not fan of some "special" releases, re-releases, etc., you know those which are getting pressed just because publishers and distributors are sure they will easily sell them, and to be honest there are many like those lately, especially when it's about crust releases on vinyl..
but if anything deserves to be put on vinyl then this is it, because there is story behind it and everything.. looking forward to this and I'm sure I will buy it when it comes out..
for more info about the plans and other of Neanderthal Stench check out here:

Wednesday 15 June 2016


here we have the latest number of Pajser Šmajser 'zine published in September 2015.. maybe the best way to describe this number is written on front page "you have seen it all before" but that doesn't mean that 'zine isn't good.. with already recognizable design (black and white, cut and paste style with a lot of black, like on frames of the pages, front/back covers, etc.) on 32 A5 pages you can find: info about Masakrist, Proslov, Disbaja, Third I and Pokolj, interview with Tenebrositas black metal project from Požega, one author's column, some lyrics and the biggest part in this issue takes the story in form of conversation by few local people sitting on bench in front of the local store, drinking beers which is their everyday routine, where they argue about some typical and already usual, for these area (the Balkans) themes about gay and war veteran rights.. story is actually good reflection of fckd up society we live in and the state of mind of some individuals which are actually in the majority of population here..
you can read it in less than hour and this is only minus in this number, maybe few more columns would fix the whole picture.. so maybe nothing new and special here but it's a fascinating thing that people still make 'zines today  so they for sure deserve some support and if you can go get it while there are any.. it's available for 10 kn at:


Wednesday 8 June 2016

upcoming gig in Požega, Croatia

I won't write any special announcements.. actions will speak more than any words, hehe.. so just the basics:

when?..........18.06.2016., Saturday
where?.........Tom klub, Požega
who?............HELLBACK hc punk crust Pž
                    FIGHT BACK hc punk crust, Pž
                    PROSLOV metal hc, Žu
entrance?.....20 kn

 see you on the battlefront!..

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Ljubljana: „Rog“ je napadnut, „Rog“ se brani!

Autor: M. A. (Abrašmedia)

Napad na Rog počeo je jutros u 3:15, kada je privatna zaštitarska firma Valina, uz odobrenje policije, upala u Rog, veoma agresivno postupajući prema ljudima koji su bili unutar kompleksa, usljed čega je par ljudi povrijeđeno. Već do 8 ujutru, oko 100 ljudi skupilo se u Rogu, te su postavljene barikade na ulazu i zaštitari su brzo bili opkoljeni.

Sigurno ste nekada čuli za Rog. Ne? Zapravo, sigurno ste nekada vozili jedan od bicikala Rog, proizveden u Tovarni Rog. Ukoliko niste, radi se o tvornici bicikala iz Ljubljane, koja već deset godina djeluje kao skvot. Zapravo kao jedan od glavnih kulturno-kreativnih prostora u gradu.

Rog je jedinstven prostor. U njemu djeluje preko dvadeset kolektiva i namijenjen je mladima i drugim generacijama, koji hoće djelovati, stvarati i eksperimentisati izvan birokratskih i tržišnih okvira. Sve aktivnosti temelje se na dobrovoljnom radu, neprofitnosti i dostupnosti.

Upravo radi svog tog potencijala, Zoran Janković, gradonačelnik Ljubljane, želi srušiti Rog. Namjera Jankovića i opštine Ljubljana (MOL) je prekinuti bogat program i aktivnosti, deložirati trenutne korisnike, te srušiti sve zgrade osim glavne. Kranji cilj im je gentrifikacija grada, njegovo prilagođavanje turistima i tržištu.

Napad na Rog je počeo danas, tj. jutros u 3:15, kada je privatna zaštitarska firma Valina, uz odobrenje policije, upala u Rog, veoma agresivno postupajući prema ljudima koji su bili unutar kompleksa, usljed čega je par ljudi povrijeđeno. Već do 8 ujutru, oko 100 ljudi skupilo se u Rogu, te su postavljene barikade na ulazu i zaštitari su brzo bili opkoljeni.

Oko 11 sati došlo je do naguravanja sa zaštitarima, koji su nakon toga napustili Rog. Možemo reći da je prva bitka dobijena, no borba se nastavlja.

- Source

Monday 6 June 2016

LIBRARION #3 fanzine

FEAR...what are you really afraid of?.. did you ever ask yourself about it, or think about fear itself?.. I bet you are, at least once ('cause maybe you were to scared to think about it one more time, hehe)..
some 15 years ago one person ask me what is the thing that scares me.. since I have been "young and tough anarchist" I answer something like I'm afraid of this world and society we live in, big bosses who control our lives, etc.. well, it seems this fear was kinda justified because I become nothing more than modern slave who works entire life for someone else and persistently lying to myself that it is worth of it because with some salary I can afford all the small things that interest me and brings me joy in life.. but that's pretty normal this days, the most of us are in the same shit, admit it or not, and I'm already dealt with it..
but years after that my opinions and thoughts about fear are completely changed.. I realize how the fear itself, this feeling or state of mind, call it however you want, is really complex and interesting.. I remember that I was starting to think of this more after watching one interesting movie few years ago, can't remember it's name at the moment where the plot was about student who make an experiment as his final papers and was recording people confessing their biggest fears and later use those against them and make them confront their worst nightmares..
I even started to like the feeling of fear and learned how to enjoy in it, in the atmosphere and adrenaline which comes along.. that was mostly through some horror movies (here I don't think on gory ones, full of blood but more like psychological thrillers, etc) and books, but also some things and situations in real, everyday life..
it's actually funny and in the same time fascinating how people's mind is fertile ground for growing the seed of fear, was it fear of ourselves, death, life, loosing someone, dark, silence or of whatever you let your mind to think of when you find yourself in dark and silence where there's simple too much space and time for thinking.. and even more is interesting how sometimes this fear is completely rational and sometimes completely unnecessary.. you can go so far and say that fear is the only thing that make us survive as human species, but isn't fear also a barrier in front of you don't letting you to fulfill your aspirations and dreams?..

about that and their pristine fears are writing people in 3rd number of Librarion 'zine which is actually art 'zine, managed by Desya Lovorov but with a lot of people participating in it's making, every number has one particular theme and in this number, as you could realize by now, it's the fear .. all together 22 various authors put their fears on a paper in form of short stories, poems or artwork and we get interesting collection which can be read easily together because of similar style of writing which is actually simple but good, so you have feeling you read book of some experienced master of horror fiction.. from the stories I would point out two, by Mira Satarić and Andrea Baskin which really touched me and I get the chills while reading them..
beside the text part there are few already mentioned artworks which completes the whole story nice..
it's published in October 2015., has 33 A5 pages and it's written on Serbian.. to the whole dark atmosphere contributes the fact that text is typed by typewriter, everything is black and white and looks raw and simple.. I read somewhere that beside the 'zine there was also a compilation with some experimental/noise stuff, I didn't get mine but it sounds interesting..
maybe not my favorite form of 'zine but with this theme they definitely bought me and I'm really glad that I get it for review.. it was long time ago so sorry goes to Desya for such delaying..
in meantime there is already number 4 published and 5th is in preparation so if you're interested just write to:


Sunday 5 June 2016

"HELLBACK playin' covers live" post is updated

few months ago I made a post with two covers played by Hellback and the other day I realize that they actually play a bunch of cover songs at their gigs, also some were published on their previous recordings.. now there are few more which I found on youtube added so check it out HERE 

by the way Hellback will be playing in Požega in a few weeks, more info about that will follow here in next few days.. until then you can check their last rehearsal footage HERE.. and did you doubt it, again covers.. 1st is Destroy's version of Varukers song (or something like that, hehe) Another Religion Another War.. and 2nd is, if I get this well Još Jedna u Nizu, Izgubljena Ljubav by Nepravda.. okay, play it loud because it's so good that it hurts!..

Saturday 4 June 2016

Call for support for Autonomous Factory ROG, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The autonomous factory Rog is under threat of being evicted and destroyed by the municipal authorities which are pursuing their project of renovating the area into a centre for creative industries. Municipality plans to demolish 4 buildings at the end of may or beginning of june and then – depending on their financial capabilities – continue with the removal of all additions to the main factory building. For now, only one atelier is under threat of being demolished, but once the construction yard is established, the authorities can easily remove the skate park, a gallery, concert hall, circus space, social centre and other places. The municipality does not possess the financial means for the overall renovation and is pushing with demolition works only because the building permit issued for demolitions will expire on the 14th of june, 2016. We call for support for the autonomous factory Rog as much as you are able. You can help us in various ways:

- Sharing this call through your channels, networks and personal contacts.
- Writing a statement or letter of support
- Sending your statement or letter to municipal authorities
- Signing the petition
- Organising events in Rog or using our spaces for your usual activities between 26.5 and 14.6.
- Physical presence in the complex when the bulldozers come
- Your proposal

For question, suggestions and infos, you can contact us at: skupscina [dot] tovarne [dot] rog [at] gmail [dot] com
You can track our activities on

Important dates:

14.6. – Expiration date of the building permit issued for destruction of additions
15.5. – 14.6. – Critical period when construction works will start

Since many of the people/collectives, who support us, know little of our history and because some brothers and sister organisations asked us for a model text that they can use for their support letter, we wrote a basic informational text below:


Rog factory is an industrial complex on the east edge of Ljubljana centre, which produced the famous Rog bicycles and was shut down in 1991. Since then it has laid abandoned, empty, and in deterioration for 15 years. In 2006 the area was occupied by engaged students, artists and activists, as a critical response to the post-socialist transition process (privatisation and de-industrialization), and erosion of public and social spaces (individualisation and atomisation of society). The occupation pulled legitimacy from the need for places for non-formal artistic, cultural and political activity (autonomy, alternative culture, horizontal political organising).
Users secured and cleaned the spaces and established ateliers, workshops, galleries, skate-park, concert hall, recreational facilities and social centre among others. Despite the municipal efforts to block or disable the grassroot activities (refusal to sign the legal contract for temporary use, and not allowing the community to tap into public electricity network), the users used their self-initiative, collaboration and resourcefulness and in 10 years created one of the main locales of urban culture, critical thought and political activism on the level of city, state and beyond.

Today, there are around 15 organised collectives and around 15 individuals active in the factory in 30 spaces that are relatively self-sufficient and autonomous. The community is bound together through assembly which is the main political body following the principle of direct-democratic decision making and consulting. The activities taking place in Rog can be summarised as:

Artistic and cultural production – figural, contemporary, multimedia and performative arts, sculpture, graffiti, street theatre, circus, music production, ecological urban farming and permaculture, art theory, philosophy and political theory;
Recreational and motoric activities – skateboarding, rollerblading, and BMXing, kung fu, tai chi quan, silk dancing, break dancing and football;
Activism – grassroot political organising, networking, education and training, direct actions and building of horizontal political structures;
Social and music events – jam sessions, concert, club events, experimental musical-performative-social events, picnics, gatherings, flea-markets, ect.;
Handy craft – construction works, repair and assembly of electronic and music equipment, recycling and manufacturing of furniture, permaculture workshops, clothes exchange, dressmaking/sewing and traditionally – bicycle repair, etc.

One year after the occupation – in 2007 – the municipality began with the plan for the renovation of the complex into “Creative Centre Rog” with the emphasis on redeveloping the space into an attractive area for international artists and tourists. With the help of EU-led project devoted for revitalisation of ex-industrial zones, they first proposed a public-private partnership to renovate the main factory building, construction of a design hotel, up-standard apartments and commercial programmes. The public to private ratio was 20:80%. One of the proposals also proposed the relocation of 3 art academies to Rog, but the deans opposed the proposal because of non-defined relations between the academic and commercial programmes and because they didn’t want that their students – who are active in the factory – to lose their ateliers.

The municipality was never able to find an investor following the global recession, so they downscaled the project into an all-publicly financed “centre for architecture, design and visual arts” with the emphasis on developing the creative industries economic sector and helping the young designers with entering the labour market. The community of Rog users criticise the municipal project in following points:

Financially demanding project – the municipality doesn’t possess enough funds to realize the project, and has not yet applied for EU funds. There is no guarantee that the municipality will finish the renovation project in the near future. There are enough construction caves in Ljubljana already;
Spatially unnecessary – creative hubs already exist with developed social and business networks in Ljubljana that the municipality could infrastructurally and financially support instead of establishing new facilities ad nihilo which will need years to become functional
Commodification of artistic and cultural practices – Economic instrumentalisation, commercialisation, precarious jobs, low wages without security;
Gentrification of the city centre – beautification of space, shift of focus from citizens to tourists and consumers, surveillance and restriction of free use of public spaces, relocation of non-profitable uses and populations, etc.;
Top-down led project – current users were never included in concept-formation stage of the renovation project and were used only for testing the already formed programmatic and architectural proposal. They were only allowed to give opinions and suggestions, which were not thoroughly considered and included into the municipal plan;
Aversion toward grassroot practices – Municipal top-down approach is unwilling to recognize the existing practices, unables a opportunity for collaboration and creates antagonism between Rog users and municipal authorities;
Right to the city – city users and dwellers contribute to urban dynamics and therefore have a legitimate claim towards city matters.

We, the users of autonomous Rog factory do not accept the agreement for temporary use because of these facts:

There is no contract or other signed legal document between the municipality and the users. The users were prepared to sign such document, but the city officials refused and therefore prevented legalisation;
The municipality never provided the minimal infrastructural and material conditions. The users used their own time, material resources and money to secure, maintain and manage the spaces;
After ten years of working in precarious conditions, regenerating the area with cultural activities and producing content in public/urban interest, we have a legitimate right to use and manage a property which is not legally ours;
Existing activities and horizontal mode of organisation carry greater potential for further development than the municipal proposal with rigid organisational structure and commercial orientation.

We demand that the municipality step down from their project which is destined for failure and recognise the potentials of existing activities and organisational structure. The municipality should provide the minimal infrastructural and physical
Taping into public electrical network, adaptation of protected south facade, restoration of windows, ecological sanation of galvanisation room and removal of asbest roof panels conditions and should respect the autonomy of the user community. The users are capable of further self-renovation of buildings, providing new contents and self-manage the already existent and working creative factory Rog.

We do not fight for the preservation of current state of affairs, we are struggling for our future autonomous development!

Tovarna Rog
Trubarjeva 72, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
skupscina [dot] tovarne [dot] rog [at] gmail [dot] com

Friday 3 June 2016

TØRSO European Tour June/July 2016

I don't know where I heard/read that Torso will play again in Zagreb this year but I was sure in that, 'till recently when they published tour dates.. it's a shame 'cause they are really good band and great live.. it seems that closest stops will be in Ljubljana and Wienna so if you have chance to see them somewhere don't miss them up..

Wednesday 1 June 2016

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?...........8.06.2016., Wednesday
where?..........Klaonica squat, Zagreb
who?.............NASTY PACK hc punk rock, Ger
                     JOEY CLASH punk rock, Ger
                     EKE BUBA punk'n'roll, Cro
entrance?......25 kn