Monday 24 August 2020

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?..................................28.08.2020., Friday
where?.................................AKC Medika's yard
who?....................................SLEPA BRENA hc punk fastcore, Zg
                                             PARNEPAR post punk, Zg                                                                         LÜGER d-beat raw punk, Zg

Tuesday 18 August 2020

mural Epocha 2020

an old friend made this mural in front of Stara škola in Novi Marof.. and it's amazing!..I'm impressed.. can't wait to sit there and hang out before some d.i.y. pank gig..
it's never the same! ;)

Saturday 15 August 2020


last night I was on first gig this year, well on a half of gig, I only saw Path of Cestoda and Mališa Bahat and went home cause I had to be up early today, but hey, it was good gig, Mališa Bahat were great, I like watch those guys live.. also get some nice stuff from them, split 7" with Zmar and their cassette "Thus Far" which is kind of discography tape with material from their both previous releases.. and yes, the most important, there is space for gigs in Varaždin, finally.. a proper one.. Kulturana, I was first time there, according to some photos, stories and some previous events which didn't really fit into some diy hc punk circles and considering on that they weren't interesting for me, I was thinking and had impression that this is one more fancy club, but I was so wrong, place is cool and I hope there will be more real diy hc punk gigs in the nearest future..
the same line up as yesterday in Varaždin, today in Zagreb, at
Medika's yard, hope some shitty heavy rain won't ruin it, so be sure to visit it if you're close, I mean it's not like you have a chance to go on punk gig every day, especially with bands from abroad ;)

when?...................15.08.2020., Saturday
where?..................AKC Medika yard
who?.....................ZMAR screamo post metal, Czech R.
                              SHALLOV post rock screamo, Slovakia
                              PATH OF CESTODA post hc screamo, Cro
                              MALIŠA BAHAT screamo hc punk, Cro
entrance?..............30 kn

Friday 7 August 2020

WARCOLLAPSE - Deserts of Ash

BANG! ..a nightmare in constant sorrow as death multiplies tomorrow...



                                  SUMOGGU DISTRO

Friday 24 July 2020

DISBAJA - Prošlost Sadašnjosti / History of Now - new album is out now!!

after another line up change and after months and months of social inactivity and isolation, new album by Disbaja is finally here, and let me tell you this is definitely some next level of Disbaja, not any more your regular thrashy d-beat metal punk band but this time some serious effort has been put in making of this album which is clearly visible by every single detail, from cover art to song structure which is more complex then ever, then lyrics, intro and outro which gives some story-like touch to the whole thing, to sound which is polished to the perfection this time..
musically, well it varies from song to song, some are classic d-beat punk outbursts, few real hardcore attacks and one or two filled with thrash/death metal riff assault, it means mash up of everything a little, similar as it was on previous recordings but as I said before this is raised on some higher level, even I could call it some sort of art form..
all together 12 tracks will led you on half an hour long epic journey through the dark wastelands of history of now, "Bježi si s Puta" and "Mutacija" you could already heard on official video and as a maxi single published few months ago and from others the most pleasant surprise is "Tvoj Izbor" which is actually cover of "Your Choice" by very special band to me, Detestation with lyrics on Croatian and it sounds awesome.. also song Propast (Moj je spas) must be mentioned, it's dangerously good and definitely my favourite from this album..
do I like more old or new sound and style, well this is hard, I need to listen this one for some 1000 times then I will maybe decide.. until then I'm really looking forward to catch this on some physical form, I can easily imagine it on vinyl, it would sound great, I'm sure..


Monday 13 July 2020

APSURD - Derealizacija / Svemu će doći kraj LP is out now!!

Apsurd's Derealizacija/Svemu će doći kraj 12" is the band's first output in the form of vinyl format.

Actually, it's a collection of two EP's. A-side brings you six songs previously released as a tape "Derealizacija" while the B-side includes six entirely new songs recorded last year in the bands practice room on primitive 4-track machine.

If you somehow missed one of our favourite bands from the ex-YU area, we'll mention that Apsurd are Belgrade based group of individuals, even though the band members come from Serbia and share drummer from USA. There's no much difference in the songwriting style when it comes to newly recorded "Svemu će doći kraj" EP and we mean that in a good way. The band still plays straightforward, energetic and noisy hardcore punk heavily influenced by the punk and hardcore scene of former Yugoslavia. Throw in some vibe and influence from Crass Records and Corpus Christi catalogue and you'll get the picture right there.

Whether we're talking about primal and primitive hardcore of U.B.R., scratchy and noisy guitar work of Solunski Front or the hopeless female yelling and spoken word moments Tožibabe were known for, this band covers it all. We like to tell people this is Yugo-punk reinvented for the new millenium so if this means anything to you don't sleep on this pogoing punk troops!

Available in purple and orange silkscreened sleeves with two sided insert with lyrics and english translations. Limited to 500 copies.

Vinyl master by Ivan Jakić
A side recorded, mixed and mastered by Jasmin Dasović.
B side recorded and mixed by D.R. Sjordgrendsten, mastered by Jimi 3B.

Artwork by Saturnov Okot.

FULL STREAMING/DIGITAL DL:…/derealizacija-svemu-…


Tuesday 7 July 2020

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?...............18.07.2020., Saturday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?.................ĐORNATA raw punk crust, Slo
                          HAK ATTAK hc punk crust, Slo
update 14.07.2020.: event is postponed for some other better times

Tuesday 30 June 2020

HOMOMILITIA - s/t (2020) on Sanctus Propaganda bandcamp

this one is great.. you all know for Homomilitia, I assume, so there is no need to some introduction about them.. I heard some news about this one supposed to be released on vinyl, then completely forgot about it and few days ago I found it on bandcamp.. there were two versions of vinyl release and both sold out in few hours so now it is only available in CD format from SP webshop

story about it goes like this:

How long have you been waiting for a record to be released? Most probably not as long as 20 years in case of this jewel by HOMOMILITIA. Recorded 20 years ago it never made it to mastering stage and was left in a cardboard box at the guitarist’s basement, waiting for its day. Numerous attempts at releasing it had been made, all failed. Until now. We joined forces, took things seriously this time, and went in search of the cardboard box. DAT tape was found and travelled to Dobra 12 Studio in Bialystok for a mastering stage it so much deserved.

The result is the second full-length LP by Poland’s most influential DIY punk bands – HOMOMILITIA. Active in the 90’s, touring Europe extensively they uniquely blended metal guitar sound with punk d-beats, spirit and anger. This LP finds the band at the pinnacle of their musical achievements. The sound they managed to produce on this recording 20 years ago still puts to shame many contemporary metal and punk studio productions. Expect 11-song d-beat mayhem spiced up with a heavy bolt thrower-ish guitar and pissed-off lyrics on state oppression and hopelessness of everyday life.

Monday 29 June 2020

AGIPUNK bandcamp

some interesting stuff on Agipunk records bandcamp, every ten days or so few more Agipunk releases are published.. the plan is to publish them all and if you follow their work you know there are some very interesting stuff under their belt so check it from time to time, I'm sure you'll find something for yourself.. the most interesting to me so far are some Abuso Sonoro and Forca Macabra stuff or Campus Sterminii/Disgusting Lies split for example..

D.I.Y. PUNK JURIŠ 22.06.2020. AKC Medika, Zagreb - video

this one was one of the rare but also one of the most interesting gigs lately, held in Medika's yard on the Anti-Fascist Struggle Day last week.. thanx to SubsiteTV for recording, there are also some cool photos on their site so go check it..

P.S. - it's obviously, U.B.T. are louder, crazier and faster with every new gig.. awesome..

Sunday 28 June 2020

APSURD - Svemu Će Doći Kraj - new song!! // K​-​Town Hardcore Fest 2020 compilation (Benefit for Ungdomshuset)

hell yeah, new song from Apsurd and it's dangerously good.. also there are some hints that the new record is in preparation and I'm looking forward to it.. hope most of the songs will sound like the end of this one, hehe, that would be awesome..

btw, this one is published on the benefit tape for Ungdomshuset squat which is actually compilation of all the bands that were supposed to play on this year edition of K-TOWN fest in June but due virus situation all is moved to September..
all together 30 bands, some already well known and some still unknown to me but also interesting and really good.. most of them are represented with new, still unreleased songs so it's one more reason to check it out.. ..
you can listen it at K-Town Hardcore fest bandcamp and if you can support them by buying this or some other merch from web shop..

Saturday 27 June 2020

ADRESTIA live @ DAK Bambucha garage, Varaždin (Croatia) 28.07.2019. - video

well, I'll be damned but I think that this was the last gig I was before all this covid stuff and it will be already a year ago in just few weeks.. the day before I was watching Adrestia on Buka i Otpor festival in Zagreb and they were actually the best and most interesting band that night, at least to me.. the other day, in Varaždin, as I was tired as hell and also bored by long Adacta's set who were sharing a van on this tour with them (I mean they are ok band but not one of those I would like to watch two days in a row) I left home before their show which I kinda regretted, but at least here is a video of one their song, The Sun of Rojava..
they are anarchist crust punk band with slight touch of death metal from Sweden, sharing members with Shades of Grey, Future Ruins, etc... I really like the sound of vocals, I assume that the singer is from this our area because I remember he communicated with crowd on some serbo-croatian during the show in Zagreb, also they have song named Opsada..
btw, this gig was supposed to happen in one of the organiser's yard but due the horrible weather and heavy rain it was moved in small garage under his house.. besides already mentioned Adrestia and Adacta there were also playing, as local support grindcore band Gemišt and sludge crust act Ankora from Zadar..
enjoy the video.. thanx to Sara for filming..

Friday 26 June 2020

LÜGER - demo 2020 is out now!!

first demo by latest raw punk band from Zagreb, Croatia.. available as a free download from bandcamp and soon as a tape.. check it out..

Thursday 25 June 2020

Crni Flomaster youtube channel

short recordings from some diy pank gigs which happened at Stara škola in Novi Marof, one of the best diy places here.. looking forward to see more of them..

Monday 22 June 2020

today in Zagreb

when?..............22.06.2020., Monday
where?.............AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?................U.B.T. raw punk, Zg
                         RULES hc punk, Zg
                         EKE BUBA speed punk, Zg
                         SUKOB hc punk, Zg

Wednesday 10 June 2020

VIRUS #1 fanzine is out now!!

brand new 'zine from Zagreb is out.. we live in hard times, only quarantine, self isolation and complete lack of any events can force us to make some new 'zines, at least something good from all that madness ;)
for more info and orders write at: grindpunx[at]
my is on the way, so probably some review will follow here in next few weeks..

Sunday 31 May 2020

REPRESIJA - live in Stara škola - download + youtube

as promised, here they are, free download mediafire link and youtube video of Represija tape.. song "Odustajem" which didn't fit on tape and should have been the last track on it, is included here.. enjoy!..



Saturday 30 May 2020

COP ON FIRE live in Oakland 2008 - video

the other day I found this video in a pile of old DVD's with music when searching for something else.. haven't seen it before on youtube, so here it is now.. recorded during their US tour back then in 2008..
I bet you all know, but if you don't, Cop on Fire was international crust punk band based in Barcelona, Spain, with former members of Consume, Madame Germen, Los Dolares, Decrepit and Ekkaia among others.. video quality is awful, but the sound is okay..
7:35 - aaaarrrrggghhh!!

Friday 29 May 2020

REPRESIJA - live in Stara škola - tape is out now!!

so the tape me and my buddy L have been working on for the last couple of weeks is finished and is available.. Represija was young, short lived hardcore punk band from Novi Marof without any official record so we decide to correct this injustice by releasing this tape with live recordings from the gig that took place in Stara škola 10 years ago at this year's edition of Rock in Marof, which was btw first time it was held in Stara škola, previous ones were in old cinema (staro kino)..
it's made in only 20 pieces, badge goes free with the tapes, so if you want to grab your copy hurry up and ask for details here: flomastercrni[at]
and in case you miss it, download link, youtube video and review as well are in preparation and you can expect them here in next few days ;)

Saturday 23 May 2020

D-SAGAWA live @ Distant Castle, Worchester (Massachusetts) 23.02.2018. - video

I already mentioned this band before here, but they are so good they deserve few more posts and not just one here at crucified freedom.. live video back from 2018, can't find nothing about them from current year or more recent, there are also some live videos from 2019 but that's it, so I really don't know if they are still active and if they finished a record which was in preparation in 2019, if somebody knows, please leave a comment..
anyhow, this video is in my bookmarks for already long time and I'm gladly back to it every a little and think it's awesome, so it is here now as well.. enjoy the madness!..
this is loud... and filthy... and raw... and I get like 4 nervous breakdowns every time during this 15 minutes... and I like it..

Tuesday 19 May 2020

...and more from d.i.y. workshop

tapes which I mentioned two weeks ago here are almost done, L is working on something little extra which will go with the tapes, some ..crucified freedom.. related stuff with one of mine old drawings included and it looks great, thanks on that mate ;)
this will be one bloody nice release.. stay tuned for more info in next few days..
ohh, the drama, how we are mysterious, hehe.. here's a little preview in case you're inpatient..

Sunday 10 May 2020

THE RISE OF JAPANESE CRUST (1989-2019) compilations on TSN

this is fckn brilliant.. I really love Terminal Sound Nuisance blog, I like the writing style of this guy, always has some super long but so much fun and interesting posts about filthy d-beat punk, crust and anarcho punk stuff, mostly about something older bands and records but he menages to cover last 40 years of dis never ending nightmare pretty well, I think..
there were already some great series of posts about Japanese crust, hardcore and d-beat bands on his blog and now he hits us with those 3 compilations about it.. to me personally Japan is the most interesting part of the world's crust and raw punk madness and real holly grail with already so much known legendary bands and facts but also kinda mysterious and still full of surprises and great for digging and discovering new stuff.. and the fact that Japanese bands and their style are biggest influence and inspiration, besides Swedish, of course for countless crust acts around the globe, speaks enough for itself..
usually, I'm not big fan of compilations, especially the ones in digital form, but I do like themed compilations focused on some city, state or style, and those are just great, dealing with last 30 years of Japanese crust (not d-beat punk this time, because it would be too long, what's the difference you'll maybe ask, oh well, there is, it's maybe a thin line, but...) divided in 3 parts, each for every decade of this beautiful madness and crust chaos hailing from the other side of world, represented all together with around 100 bands/tracks.. they are uploaded as youtube videos but you are also offered with mediafire links for downloading..
you know how kids have online schooling nowadays due all these virus situation!?.. well it's time for you to get educated about some Japanese crust on Terminal Sound Nuisance, those are basics and general culture knowledge but I really do recommend all the other stuff on this blog to find and learn so much crust, d-beat and anarcho punk related facts, bands, records and so on, and on...
go check those beasts, treat your ears with some serious damage and enjoy here:

Distorted Hope and Cruster Rags: the Rise of Japanese Crust (1989/2019)

this is my playlist for already few last days and it's still raging and hot!..

Tuesday 5 May 2020

new d.i.y. project in ..crucified freedom.. HQ

I'll be working on this beauties in next few days/weeks.. just helping a friend with recording some tapes.. about what it is all about, let's keep it a secret for now, I will just say it's local, it's good, it's punk, it's nostalgic, it's 10 years old and the whole thing looks awesome..
more info about it you'll get when they are done..

Monday 4 May 2020

NAMET - Propast - new album is out now!!

new album by Namet, crust metal punk band from Zagreb, four years after their debut, this time with lyrics on Croatian and with more death metal guitar, first hint to me after few seconds of songs Gnjev and Neka Gori was definitely - Dismember but check it for yourself..
and I have yet to mention, album is nicely completed with awesome artwork by Nadan Sarvan..
still don't know if any physical release is in preparation but until then go give it a try at bandcamp..

Sunday 3 May 2020

PAKT - 10 Songs of Raw Misery - new album is out now!!

just few days ago I write some review about Pakt tour promo tape and now they published new album on bandcamp with material recorded at Radio Študent back then in 2018 and those are, I think, the same recordings which are on above mentioned tape, the only difference is that on tape there are only 6 songs and some have new, changed titles..
anyhow, great material, even better than on debut album so if you're into raw and noisy d-beat punk don't miss this little masterpiece and go check it here:

Wednesday 29 April 2020

AGRIMONIA / SWORDWIELDER euro tour October 2020

what a combo, Agrimonia and Swordwielder, both from Gothenburg (Sweden), will hit the road across central Europe in October, as it seems 10 days in total and one of them will be Ljubljana on 08.10.
I do believe that all dates are already booked but who knows, due all this virus situation, so if you want bring them to your city get in touch with:

Saturday 25 April 2020

PAKT - Histeria (2018) - tour promo tape

Genre..............................noise d-beat punk crust
Label................................self released

and now, something extra rare, and also pretty special to me, promo tape for Pakt's 2018 euro tour when they hit the road with Brazilian thrash hardcore punks Surra.. Pakt is noisy d-beat punk band from Koper and Ljubljana and they are one of my favourite from the time they started, somewhere since 2013, if I'm not wrong.. also they were having bunch of gigs in my surroundings, but somehow I usually managed to miss them every damn time.. during the above mentioned tour they visited Novi Marof among others so that was perfect chance to see them live.. on this gig I bought this great little piece of plastic and wow, how I'm glad I did..
this is probably self released by the band in only 30 hand numbered copies with fresh material previously unpublished anywhere else (later some songs ended up on the split LP with Matrak Attakk) recorded in winter 2017/2018 at Radio Študent, Ljubljana..
the whole thing looks original and kind of unusual for the genre, white cover with blue single side print on some kind of hard paper (looks and feel like recycled, I'm not sure) and the cassette itself is also blue..
6 songs (3 on each side of the tape) all together in some 8 minutes, it means short but with full throttle, raw d-beat punk with noisy guitar and yelled, delayed female and crusty male vocals.. imagine mix between all this noisy Portland's raw punk, crust bands (L. Toten, Detestation, Axiom, A. Madness...) just with something less distortion and noise (I mean, still they have just one guitar, hehe) with some Japanese d-beat rawness and all blended with classic Balkan hardcore punk feel from early 00's and that's it, now you have Pakt..  songs are as always on english, slovenian, spanish and even on italian this time, I assume, according to the title of song Cerbiatto.. I really like the raw and unpolished sound of this, it suits them maybe better than the one recorded in studio for their debut Aural Noise Annihilation.. this one brings more live/rehearsal spirit which I like the most..
don't have idea if this is still available anywhere, I guess not, also I didn't seen this anywhere on the net, but hey, it's your fault if you wasn't on their gig and buy this little, but actually big, piece of treasure..


P.S. - okay, as I can't find this online and as probably is already sold out I decide to upload it on youtube.. as I forgot how to rip a tape and it's too much work here is lousy video of it, recorded with my smartphone while playing on tape deck.. sound quality is awful but it's better than nothing..
check it at this link..

Sunday 19 April 2020

NULA live @ Monteparadiso festival, Pula (Croatia) 07.08.1993. - video

are we still in for some cool videos!?.. yes?.. okay one more.. this time something much older but still interesting, I'm surprised that this even exist.. Nula, anarcho punk band from Šibenik, Croatia live at Monteparadiso festival from far away 1993, which was 2nd or first "real" edition of this fest..
and yes, unlike the previous two bands, this one I had the opportunity to see live after their reunion few years back.. twice.. and it was tense!..
video is from PDV records official you tube channel which recently released re-issue of legendary Nula - Pobjedimo Laž tape as double LP..

Saturday 18 April 2020

DISAFFECT live @ New Cross Inn, London (UK) 14.12.2019. - video

I'll be damn.. everything I wrote in last post applies to this one too.. same youtube channel, same year, almost the same legendary band as Hiatus but very dear to me... enjoy!..
highlights at 24:50 and 28:35 ;)

Friday 17 April 2020

HIATUS live @ Oldtimer Crust party, Liege (Belgium) 30.05.2019. - video

well, there's no gigs, there's no any events, there's nothing.. but luckily internet still works and there are some people who have will and patience to hold a camera and recording almost an hour long gig, instead of enjoying it 100 %, I never understood that, but in times like now and cases like with this one I'm very, very thankful..
I watched so many great "big" bands, some reunions or just bands from abroad for which I was sure that I wouldn't have chance to see live, like never, and those Belgian crust gods are one of very rare wish left for me to see somewhere.. hope someday it will still happen.. until then, connect your speakers put this on full screen, grab a beer (or coffee, as me, hehe, I'm getting old) and enjoy this masterpiece!..
big thanx to Osvald Oswaldo for uploading this..
39:35 - aaaaaaaarrrrrrghhh!..

Thursday 16 April 2020

APSURD - Derealizacija (2018) - tape

Genre.....................................hardcore punk
Web........................................bandcamp, youtube
Label.......................................Doomtown Records

here we have the 1st release of one of the most interesting bands that pops out on this our ex-yu area in last few years and which irresistibly reminds on this already little forgotten late ‘80s/‘90s hc punk sound in the veins of bands like Tožibabe, U.B.T., Unutrašnji Bunt and countless anarcho punk bands from this time and this part of the world, Apsurd from Belgrade with members from Serbia and USA.. first time I heard them was live, I think, and the first thing that flew through my mind was, wow I have opportunity to watch and listen new Unutrašnji Bunt, and still today they remind me little at them, not exactly musically but at least because of the vocals, which are female by the way, and similar way of singing (hopeless and full of despair yelling with lot of spoken words in some slowly parts) and also similar lyrics, maybe not so powerful as by above mentioned band but dark, minimalist yet still strong and clever and with similar topics as U. Bunt’s ones, it means some deeper themes about emptiness and darkness of this society and world we're living in all in gray, depressing, almost apocalyptic tone.. also they are sung in Serbian which gives this special note and feel to the whole story..
tape is released by Doomtown records in October 2018 and it’s limited to only 150 copies, covers come in three different colors (purple, gray and red), mine is gray and I think that this color suits it best considering the atmosphere and everything.. tape is pro dubbed and done, cover is printed on something heavier paper almost like cardboard with lyrics, one band photo and simple but effective cover art, same songs are recorded on both side of the tape and that’s pretty much all when it’s about "boring" technicalities..
from other, there are 6 songs in already mentioned hardcore punk style, heavily influenced by former Yugoslavian sound and bands, all together some 15 mins of depressive and dark, but still energetic, on some parts slow and most of the time mid tempo or fast and straightforward good old hc punk slapping.. after listening you will, for sure, catch yourself screaming derealizacijaaaaaaa! or deratizacijaaaaaa (deratization O.E), heheh, how it was the case at some gigs..
last copies are still available from Doomtown records web store by the price of 5 euros, so hurry up if you wanna grab yourself this nice piece of plastic..
in meantime, Apsurd toured all around the Balkans and even wider, made tons of gigs and introduce themselves well to the people, despite their absence from the internet world.. hope to hear more news and maybe new material by them soon.. until then this tape will be spinning in my deck countless times, that's for sure..

Wednesday 15 April 2020

MATRAK ATTAKK live @ Goasven, Logonna-Daoulas (France) 05.03.2020. - video

Belgian based crust grind machine Matrak Attakk were forced to finish their recent tour after only eight or so days because all this corona chaos..
here are some good live shootings from, I think, first day of the tour..
my favorite is, suitable for these times, Welcome to Hell..

videos are from this channel, go press like and say thanx..
btw, check the new band Ortika with 3 M.A. members, it's awesome..

Tuesday 14 April 2020

upcoming gig in Saint Petersburg, Russia

when?................18.04.2020., Saturday
where?...............St. Petersburg, Russia
who?..................DISTRESS crust punk, Rus
                           DISKELMÄ crust punk, Fin
                           КОБРА punk'n'roll, Rus
                           MORTAL metal punk, Rus

THE TRUTH interview on DIY Conspiracy webzine

interview with The Truth, hardcore punk band from Kraljevo/Zagreb done in 2019 after one of their countless tours, maybe already a little old but with interesting themes in questions/answers, so if you're interested check it here:

SUMOGGU RECORDS new web page

there's fresh new web page of Sumoggu Records, vinyl only label located in Rijeka, Croatia.. if you're into hc punk, grind, crust you should check it out.. some interesting stuff in distro and also some cool new releases as Desinence Mortification and Bolesno Grinje new LP's..
check it here:

Tuesday 7 April 2020

SMRT RAZUMA - new demo

few weeks ago Smrt Razuma published new 3 track demo on bandcamp.. this material was recorded during the last summer in studio Depth in Zagreb and offer us 3 fast, raw and filthy hardcore punk thrash attacks, all together packed under 7 minutes.. songs are fresh but you could already hear them at recent live shows, some radio podcast, etc.. short but so much welcomed material with great cover artwork, hope to see some physical release of this some day.. turn the volume up to the max and press the play button!..

Monday 6 April 2020


once upon a time (hehe), back then in 2011, I posted some info about 1st issue of Negative Insight 'zine and now, few weeks ago I got e-mail from Erik who stands behind it and behind Social Napalm label and distro, introducing me his new, refreshed web page which beside that looks great offer us some awesome and interesting articles (as the one about Greek crust scene and the band Crow from Japan, for example) and interviews (Jan AG, Deek from Oi Polloi, Martin H. - who done some early Discharge artwork, among others)
in meantime he managed to finish 4 issues of Negative Insight 'zine (one of them as a split issue w Defiant Pose) and also offers them for free in digital form..
so, if you're in search for interesting reading material in those fucked up and boring quarantine times, be sure to check this one out.. visit it here: