Friday 30 July 2010

SCHIZO #5 fanzine

"Yes, at least it's out. A month delayed, but I had some problems with my computer and the weather have made me lazy. But now... You will as usual have a few different ways to read, download, print, trade, sell... and it's FREE to download. If you wanna print it for your distro or trading, don't sell it too expensive. And it's no copyrights, but it would be nice if you inform me just for my own knowledge."

it's nice to see that not all zine makers give up after 2 or 3 numbers.. so here is already 5th number of Schizo fanzine (this time with shorted name, not more Schizofrehn but only Schizo)..
48 pages with predominantly white lay out for cheaper printing..
the main cause of this 'zine is to introduce readers with as many bands as space is allowing and I think that it succeeds in that..
pretty much material for reading is squeezed on those 48 pages, so you can read interviews with: Dead Subvert, Under Al Kritik, Iszonyat, A.U.K., Wages Of Fear, Atomic Pollution, Screaming From The Gutter collective and with Radical Roots 'zine, then there are Filthy Charity tour reports from Sweeden written by Micke who was organizing this tour to them and one written by band, also scene infos from Ukraine and Hungary and something new in Schizo fanzine: 3 quick questions to band or a person, this time to: Plevok, O.O.T.L., Insomnia Isterica, Down to Kill, Meinhof, Pipes and Pints and to City Rat records.. also there are few author's personal short articles, and that is only thing missing in this 'zine, hope in next numbers will be more of them!..
all numbers of this 'zine, including this one were in online and pdf form, but next will be in paper form also which is very commendable today when paper 'zines are in such rarity..
support this 'zine at: or

Wednesday 14 July 2010

upcoming Intersquat festival in Berlin

here is an invitation to get involved in, or just to come at intersquat festival in Berlin which will be held from 10th to 19th of September 2010, taken from their blog page..

Dear all!
A little advice before reading our concept:
Setting a festival‘s frame is not an easy job. However, we would like to take this challenge. Except from the creation of a frame, we won‘t set up a strict program for you. This is neither manageable for us nor it carries out our principles. Intersquat is not some kind of a festival to be consumed. It is a D.I.Y.-festival and it lives from all our ideas and initiatives!

As well as a picture frame does not make sense without a picture, the festival cannot exist without your commitment. Therefore it is very important that you help us with the organization of some workshops, discussion groups, actions, performances and whatever you want. If you already have some ideas what you want to do, please send a mail to by the 13th of August, so we can already include your ideas to the planning. Of course you can also act spontaneously at the festival.

We are planning to host the festival from 10th to 19th of September. It depends on the number of announcements we get before whether the festival will be really that long. That means: The more ideas and initiatives from you, the longer the festival. The fixed duration of the festival will be announced by August 13th on our blog (

We are looking forward to working together with you all.
Have fun with the lecture of our concept and we see each other in Berlin in September!

INTERSQUAT - festival in Berlin from 10th until 19th of September 2010

Let’s come together to provide a base for discussions, introducing different thoughts, initiating meetings, linking each other, developing new perspectives and creating a self-determined and autonomous free space from 10th until 19th of September 2010 at the Berlin INTERSQUAT Festival.

Being inspired by other INTERSQUAT-Festivals, which took place at different locations all over the world, we want to develop our utopian ideas at the INTERSQUAT festival in Berlin with you together. The possibilities to live a self-determined life are gradually being restricted. Many of the existing structures of squats and autonomous spaces are strongly threatened to become extinct. As a result more and more spaces disappear and with them the attached chance to organize ourselves, to discuss, to exchange experiences and to develop alternatives to given structures, go also.

From our point of view, it is necessary to criticise capitalism, leadership and the ruling structures in an all-embracing way. Hence we want to discuss about alternatives, experience the exchange and reflect on counter-structures against discrimination of living beings. Free spaces are spaces where all creatures can live without being discriminated because of gender, skin color, sexuality preferences, money or other inequalities created by society. Since all kinds of repression are present in our daily life, it is important to create and preserve spaces where such constructed inequalitites are not only accepted, but are discussed and reflected. Those spaces should enable us to live and act out our own identity and make it possible to freely evolve our ways of life. We try to live by detaching ourselves from those repressions and social constructions, making people aware of them and sensitive to them.

The so called gentrification will catch up with all of us if we don’t make a stand against it. The process of “upgrading” cities does not just force squats and autonomous spaces all over the world to give way to profit-making projects. New houses are built and old buildings glance in a gleam of light after being profitably refurbished, rents are rising as a consequence. As a result, people with low wages and those who are discriminated by the structure of society are being moved to the outskirts. Movements working against this social injustice are often criminalized. Moreover through repressive measures their possibilities to act is muted. The festival provides space to link and solidarise with each other and to be able to act against repressive measures in a more effective way.

Within a diverse and powerful frame the festival offers enough space for self-organized actions, discussions, workshops, information events, exhibitions, music and art as one way to protest and develop ideas. There will also be a free flea market which is supposed to make a breakthrough the capitalistic understanding of money values and prices.

Topics to be talked about could be:
How does gentrification show up in different cities?
Whats the situation of squats and autonomous spaces all over the world?
How can we network in a more efficient way?
How can we reach stronger solidarity with our forms of protest and actions?

Since the discussion about free spaces is extremely complex and often includes a variety of subtopics, the festival will provide space for discussing these subtopics as a matter of course, e.g. anti-sexism and the negotiation of leadership.

Of course sexism, racism, all other kinds of discrimination, and the
transfiguration of hierarchical structures are neither tolerated nor accepted on the

Let us share our ideas and imagination of a free and wild life. The festival grows with you! If you want to do a workshop or an information meeting, initiate a discussion, show your music, art or if you have some ideas or topics for the festival, write to us at:

Bring your tents, ideas and your unstoppable wild passion!

Free thinking? Free living? Free spaces for all of us!
Frei denken? Frei leben? Frei(T)räume für alle!


Saturday 10 July 2010


One of the oldest squats in Grece Lelas Karagianni 37 established 1988 has been under attack of the police on the night of July 8th..
more info and statement by the squatters at Occupied London blog or at Molly's blog

Monday 5 July 2010

notes on the european squat meeting (17-20 june 2010), Barcelona

Translation of an article written in French and originally published on  and I founded it at Act For Freedom Now! blog..

From June 17th to 20th, 2010, an European squat meeting took place in Barcelona... People participating to the discussions were more than one hundred, all the discussions happened in the Laforsa squatted social centre (41 av. de la Fama, in Cornellà de Llobregat, suburbs of Barcelona). This old factory is squatted for a year now, but it's quite famous because it has been occupied during several months by its own workers in the late seventies, becoming a symbol of the workers autonomous class struggle.

The discussions were happening in the huge Laforsa's first floor (with plugged simultaneous translations in Spanish, English, French and Italian) and food was served twice a day in the second floor.

Each day was focused on one topic (Thursday: presentation of the present squats and debate about the controversial question of legalization, Friday: the possibilities of resistance against squats evictions - with the stories of Hamsa, Ateneu Korneya and Kasa de la Muntanya in Barcelona, Maintzer strasse in Berlin, Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen, Casablanca in Madrid, the 400 couverts in Grenoble, etc. Saturday: demonstration in the city, then discussions about squatting as a mean for struggle - with the inspiring example of Cabanyal quarter in Valencia, and against prison - with some ex-prisoners, in particular Amadeu Casellas, Sunday: social control and identification methods, especially DNA - with a Barcelona's lawyer who's near the okupa movement, the presentation of the squat!net website and the tools it offers).

The bigger part of the discussions were focused on the presentation of the situations in the different countries or cities... Actually there were squatters from several countries (Catalunya, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, etc.) and the squat's practices plus the State repression are sometimes quite different from a country to another.
Because of that, we learned a lot, but we had difficulties to go further on the topics.
Other meetings like that could be relevant... Some squatters from Barcelona said they should renew their intersquat dynamics, which are a bit dead for a few years.

In the next days or the next months:
- Monars (Catalunya): Rural squat meeting from July 1st to 4th
- Toulouse (Fr): Pilifest, "Squat and autonomy", from July 3rd to 7th
- Dijon: Summerfest in the autonomous centre "Les Tanneries", from July 16th to 24th
- Berlin: Intersquat festival from September 10th to 19th

Dozens of squats are active in Barcelona, not only the CSO Laforsa, we also could talk about la Rimaia, la Otra Carboner? and Barrilonia who are situated down town and make a lot of activities (library, cyber-cafe, restaurant, parties, etc.) with big banners and paintings on their outside walls. And tons of other squats are active too, Barcelona stays the most important city in Europe talking about "political" squats.

On Saturday June 19th, a breakfast-gathering under the sun was called for 10am in Vallcarca, a quarter where several old houses are squatted and where squats opening and closing are quite often these last years... Gentrification in the quarter sounds "normal" because of the touristy Güell park and so on... But in the same quarter you can find big squats like Kasa de la Muntanya and Blokes Fantasma.

Around 12:30am, the demonstration begins (250-300 people), accross Vallcarca, then in direction of Gracia, to end in Joanic place. During the demo, very numerous direct actions happened. A great collective energy was going on, and the cops were only a few, quite timid (before the beginning, people were quite unsure about the situation, because in May 2007, during the last intersquat demo in Barcelona, the cops closed the demo and fights between cops and squatters were severe, with some injured people... Alfonso, who hurt a cop that was beating up squatters, has been judged only a few weeks ago and has been condemned for three years in prison!).

First, a re-opening of a squat is made in Vallcarca, (the fifth re-opening in Vallcarca in only a few months), some masked people destroyed a wall with sledgehammers and immediately re-occupied the house!

During most of the actions that needed to make stop the demo for a few minutes, someone was taking in a megaphone to explain what's the idea of the action. Quite a lot of people in the streets listened...

In the front of the demonstration, banners were arranged in a U shape to protect the demo from possible police assaults. Slogans we shouted very often, in Catalan and in Spanish (for example "okupa tu tambien", "okupa y resiste", "policia torturadors i asesinos", which mean "you can squat too", "squat and resist", "police tortures and kills"). Some slogans also have been shouted in English and in French.

Dozens and dozens of graffiti have been made, some posters have been glued as well. Several banks have attacked by painted stuff (paint-bombs, graffiti and paint throws), some surveillance video-cameras have been damaged (broken or spray-painted), some banners have been put on different buildings (in particular ex-squats). The advertisment boards of a building site for the new metro line have been spray-painted and/or taken off, one part of the boards has been used as a symbolic barricade just behind the demo. Plaça de les dones del 1936 (1936 women's place), an institutional building has a window smashed (against gentrification).

On the Gracia's town hall place, the official building is protected by some police trucks, which are protected by more or less twenty anti-riot cops. Those cops are attacked by paint throws and by some projectiles. In the place, a huge squat' symbol is painted on the ground.

The demonstration ends in a cool mood on Joanic place, that is spray-painted as well.

This intersquat' demonstration makes an echo to the ones that happened in March in Toulouse, in Grenoble and in Poznan.

Thursday 1 July 2010


"Kamun fest is a hardcore-punk/crust festival in village Zarečje near town Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia. This year(2010) it will be on 9., 10.7. You will be able to see twelve bands from many different countries so we hope to see you there!"

Friday, 9.7.2010 at 20.00:
BRIVIDO (Croatia)
TRIFOR60 (Slovenija)
BOREDOM (Austria)
+ one more

Saturday, 10.7.2010 at 20.00:
DISLIKE (Croatia)
ANAEROBA (Slovenia)
MARADONA (Austria)
+ DJ