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campus sterminii formed in spring 2002. with the following line up: Gra (vocals), Koppa (vocals), Bonini (guitar), Je' (bass), Marziona (drums).. after a few rehearsals during the summer we started playing our first gigs.. in spring 2003. Bonini left the band and Koppa picked the guitar up.. more gigs, songs on compilations, more and more gigs... in spring 2004. we recorded our first session, a split LP with Polish disgusting lies which came out in august 2005. printed in 1000 copies by agipunk and disastro sonoro records (Koppa's label).. in the meantime we appeared on more compilations and played tons of gigs all over Italy while waiting for a proper European tour.. straight after, in september 2005. Koppa and Marzia left Italy (but not the band) and moved to London for one year after 2 unforgettable farewell gigs.. there, they started a side project with Gianluca (nailbiter, give up all hope and hellbastard), a d-beat blast called death from above.. we couldn't work on campus sterminii at all but in spring 2006. we took part on a tribute compilation EP to old Italian bands.. in august 2006 Koppa and Marzia came back to Italy for good.. in september 2006 the benefit 4 way split 7 " (with kontatto, contrasto and le tormenta) for al confino squatt was out.. in october we played "welcome back shows" in Bologna and then we started playing regularly.. in december 2006 the split 7" campus sterminii/nulla osta came out for disastro sonoro records.. in january 2007 we toured Croatia with our friends nulla osta.. as we were back in Italy we kept on playing tons of live shows, both in and outside Italy.. some good memories are shows with crossing chaos, wolfbrigade at the infamus rovina hardcore festival and the London scumfest with avskum and hellkrusher.. the first European tour has been in september 2007 with Bristol's gurkha.. that was the hell.. we had so much fucking fun sharing stages, van, beds and booze with those English bastards that it has been hard to stop playing without having 'em on the bill with us.. we first played the play fast or don't fest'07 edition in Czech republic, the best european festival in our opinion.. a while after the tour we started feeling the need to stop for a while just to gather new energy and inspiration.. in november 2007 we played our last gig at lazzaretto squatt Bologna supporting disorder.. we just needed to write new songs, record new stuff, experience new tunes and give a musical shape to some new influenceswe were into.. after 7 months of hiatus we were ready to go back on stage, but the 2 gigs we were supposed to play (suporting after the bombs in Innsbruck and Bologna) didn't happen because Marzia got chicken spots the day before.. so we waited for one more month and went back on stage with anxtv and cancer spreading.. it was a blast.. people were crazy and supportive as never before, that was a hell of welcome back show! we took part then to the be part fest (Germany) with friends visions of war, wolfbrigade and many more as victims and assassinators.. we played the kamun fest 1st edition (Slovenia) but the hard rain ruined everything.. in sptember followed some amazing gigs with massgrave (Canada) and guida at lazzaretto squatt in Bologna and it was a fuckin' great show!!! in february 2009 we recorded our 2nd LP, a full lenght with 10 tracks.. the new stuff is quite different from the previous in terms of music quality and genere inspiration.. we all improved a lot (even if noone of us is musically tehnical at all) and tried to translate in music some musical influences we already had but we hadn't the chance to try/play before.. there are some more metal tunes and some double kick pedals part we didn't attempt in the past and tried to develop now but, even if the music change a bit into "havier" path, we remain a punk band for attitude and contents.. some among us love metal but this is far from a trend, that's something we've grown up with and and which is in our musical background since we were kids.. after the recording we started planing some new tours and in the meantime we took part at bologna brucia fest with tons of local diy bands supporting the scene/diy places and keeping it going in the underground of our city.. we played some more gigs supporting hellbastards and inepsy.. in july 2009 the new LP life is a nightmarish struggle was finally out wit a good turnout and we left for a scandinavian tour with friends guida which was incredibly good.. playing Sweden and the north has been a dream for many many years and we shared stage with diskonto and uncurbed, just to name a few.. it was jawbreaking.. we toured up to puntala rock fest in Finland, then we went back ready to leave for another (shorter) tour with Italian thrashing teenegers minkions going from balcanica core (Slovenia) to play fast or don't (Czech) where they wanted us again to play with our great pleasure.. it's since june 2009 that we have the very first line up change in 7 years.. Jessica (bass) is not playing anymore with use due to some different paths we were going into but we are still close friends and we love her a lot..Jacopo (cancer spreading) is now playing guitar and he'll be ready to rock soon.. as he's a great musician and lovely dude.. Febo (our live-only 2nd guitar and mate in kontatto) will then move to the bass.. we think we can work good as 4 of us over 5 are finally (after years and years of long distances) living in a same city, so it makes easier practicing, getting drunk and jamming to write new shit.. let's see what the future holds...

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the potentiality of storming haven is a short (28 min) documentary movie.. it is presentation of the insurrection of december 2008. in Greece through the words and actions of people that took part in it.. the video was created in Thessaloniki in january 2009. and its first presentation took place before an open discussion - reiew of the inssurection in the squatted public library of Ano Poli..

you can watch it HERE

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Saturday 22 August 2009

SCHIZOFREHN #1, #2 fanzine

another new fanzine.. this time from Sweden.. its consists most of interviews.. in first issue: besthoven, disagreed fanzine, barra brava, sangre, burnt cross, pipes and pints, harrington saints and in second inepsy, saturday heroes, filthy charity, pipes and punx, drank nacht osten, campus sterminii/guida and the black tartan clan..the main theme of 2nd issue is scene in east europe..
this guy also runs schizofrehn distro so check it out HERE

DISAGREED #1, #2 fanzine

here we have one new fanzine from Serbia which is running by Mina who is also active in bands mišomor and first issue there're views with desperata skrik, skarpretter, archagathus, nuclear frost, kolaterarna šteta and pmk records.. also there are some personal texts.. in whole zine is some strong feel of authors presence and that's why I like it..
in second issue: views vith schizophren distro/fanzine, bottox p.w pleasures, blasting dead artwork, besthoven, gadget and cranial incisored plus some reviews.. number 3 out very soon..

this zine is dedicated to one of most pozitive individuals I have met...Sara, I will allways remember your positive energy and how many times your happy face made my day at school...I will allways love and remember you...

you can read it or download for free HERE and HERE


helldis was a band from Požega (Croatia) playing old school hardcore because their influences was bands which create hc like mob 47, discharge, disorder, varukers, anti-cimex, u.b.r., etc..
it's one of my favorite bands from Croatia not only because of their music/noise but also because of their music philosophy.. that's the reason why I post this here.. they unfortunately existed only for short time.. here is the text from the booklet which goes with compilation tape we're angry and we riot on which was published their demo..
and one day there was born punk like an reaction on rock stadium "we are stars" concerts.. but then, how that's ussualy works, there was born hardcore like an reaction on the commercialization of punk.. that was bands which didn't know much or even nothing about playing.. but that didn't bothered them to make music on the way they like it : fast, agresive and chaotic.. if hardcore for you is something what is on (M)TV called hardcore (biohazard, bad religion etc.) that is absolutely okay to me.. but this compilation, probably worst played and recorded ever, proves that "bullshit detector" idea still lives.. this is probably worst punk compilation ever released in terms of sound quality and musicality.. punk is you and me.. grab a guitar and voice your opinion.. punk is an attitude, not decent sound quality.. anyone can do it..that was fucking punk was, is, and always will be about.. belived or not someone still cares about that punk spirit and don't give a damn about how that sounds like.. ultra thank you to friends which gave permission to publish this shit recordings.. punk is inside of us and it's manifesting with energy and ideas, not in drill and quality production.. if this sounds like apology to anyone I don't mind.. anyway, we're just pathetic posers which lives far away from any kind of direct actions.. peace and love.. helldis
on this compilation tape beside helldis demo there was some chaos live recordings of bands verbalni delikt, loš primjer,dislike and bad justice.. tape was released only in 15 copys but the whole thing was spreding fast by copying and distributing among people..


I don't know is there any sense to post that here, but on the other side it seems to me that the first post on this blog is great place to remember at no progress fanzine.. it was edited by me and my friend, cousin, godfather (that's the same person, heheh).. it's started to bringing out at early 2001. but the idea of doing it started much earlier.. there were 3 issues and 4th was finished but never printed and official published.. in first issue there was interviews with AK-47 (uncompromising crust punk), S.P.K. (anarcho punk), few gig reports, velika gorica scene report and some personal texts.. in second issue interview with MOTORNO ULJE (oi punk), conversation between members of band BOYCOT and some guys from EPITAH.. in 3th interview with DISLIKE (kejos krast grind), info about HELLDIS.. 4th issue was never published but there been interview with DEMANT (crust), info about CAR BUSTERS organization,gig reports and many personal thinking texts.. fanzine was printed only in few copies but it provoked many reactions between people here..positive and even some negative.. some people was judging us because we was young then(I was 15 years old) and they consider that we shall change our attitude and considerations.. but today, 8 years later we're here with 99% same views and ways of thinking, so... we stopped with it because of many other obligations at that time (like school, later that army etc.) but even today lot of people ask me about it and I,m happy 'cause of that..
and for the end I just want to say once again big THANK YOU to everybody who was writing something for it or just read it..