Thursday 10 March 2022

MENTALNA SMRT RELEASES on youtube and mediafire

so as mentioned before, as all of this is sold out (maybe very last few pieces could be found in some old boxes) and slowly become forgotten, here are all Mentalna Smrt releases digitalized and uploaded to youtube and also available for download from mediafire..


band: Propast/No Name/Hellback/Nuclear Altar
genre: punk/crust/d-beat/hardcore
country: Croatia
year: 2012
format: 4 way split tape
label: Mentalna Smrt, Crni Flomaster and friends
limited to: 66 pcs

[M.S.F. 002] WASSERDICHT - Iluzija Svobode 1990-2013

band: Wasserdicht
genre: crust / hc punk
country: Slovenia
year: 2013
format: tape
label: Mentalna Smrt
limited to: 100 pcs


band: Hellback/Nuclear Altar
genre: hardcore punk/crust/d-beat
country: Croatia
year: 2014
format: split tape
label: Mentalna Smrt
limited to: 100 pcs

[M.S.F. 004] DISHOPE - Peace Is More Than The Lack Of War

band: Dishope
genre: d-beat punk/crust
country: Germany
year: 2014
format: tape
label: Mentalna Smrt
re-released by the band as d.i.y. CD in 2017
limited to: 100 pcs

[M.S.F. 005] THE TRUTH - Tenzija

band: The Truth
genre: hardcore
country: Serbia/Croatia
year: 2016
format: 7'' EP
label: Mentalna Smrt, Mad Schnauzer Records, DHP&AK-47, You Are Not Normal Records, Destroy It Yourself,
Rauha Turva, Ffud Rec, Burina Records
limited to: 530 pcs

[M.S.F. 006] MALIŠA BAHAT - Moments We're Lost In

band: Mališa Bahat
genre: screamo
country: Croatia
Year: 2016
format: tape
label: Mentalna Smrt, Guilt Parade (Europe) and Arcan Records (Asia)
re-released by Castrato Records in 2017

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