Tuesday 30 August 2022

DIY HC-PUNK INTERMEZZO festival 2022 - video

video clips from 10th diy hc-punk intermezzo festival in Zadar..
Apsurd is cool, AK-47 is great (both on 1st video) and U.B.T. (on the 2nd one) is violent brutal massacre!..
for some awesome photos visit subsite.hr: day 1 and day 2

- credits: SubsiteTV

Tuesday 23 August 2022

DISEASE / B.E.T.O.E. / AVSLAG / ANGZA live @ Los Blokes Fantasmas squat, Barcelona (Spain) 10.05.2019. - video

well, it seems that this was real d-beat, raw punk, noise inferno night from the worst nightmares in Barcelona.. Angza, with members of Disease unfortunately with just few song, others seems to be a full set videos..
play it loud!!..

- credits: Cisnes Salvajes & Billy .Crustie at youtube

Monday 22 August 2022

UP THE PUNX VINYLS youtube channel..

few weeks ago I accidentally stumbled upon this amazing youtube channel with bunch of videos, like vinyl rips, actual footages of vinyl playing on turntable with high quality audio, and no more and no less than the full albums.. actually pretty much better then the usual and standard full album videos that can be found at youtube.. all that uploaded in some last year and a half, and every video has just few views for now.. in short, really nice mix of old cult albums with also some more current from hardcore punk, anarcho punk, death metal to a lot of crust goodies (at my great pleasure) from all over the globe, also the guy is from Greece as it seems so the Greek scene is also represented as well, which is always a plus.. it's a pointless mission to list all the great albums you can found here because the list will be too long and it's pretty hard to single out just few of them, but if you are into hardcore punk and crust, go visit it, you won't be disappointed, trust me...
fun thing, in every newer videos description is added "the list of shame" with all the bands that he wanted to include but they or their labels reported and banned his videos because of copyright claims.. while for most of them from those list I'm not even surprised, some are really unexpected like ENT, Disorder, Varukers among others, but check it for yourself..
anyhow, go visit it, say thanks and play it loud!..

Sunday 21 August 2022

ALEX from DISEASE interview on Terminal Sound Nuisance

remember when interviews were a thing here on ..crucified freedom.., do you?.. well it was so long ago that even I don't remember anymore.. I'm not in the mood and have patience to do them but always love to read some.. lately I bumped into few interesting and last one was on mighty Terminal Sound Nuisance blog with Alex, vocalist and guitarist of Disease, member of Angza and editor of Just a Nightmare 'zine..

Saturday 20 August 2022

proud owner of those two, some of the most significant artefacts of crust history...

...in form of reissues by Profane Existence from 2019 (Misery/S.D.S.) and by Ruin Nation Records from current 2022 (Hiatus)..
I got both from Burning Anger webshop, which seems to have fair prices and are extra fast in order processing and delivery..
anyhow, it's an amazing experience to listen those albums on the vinyl for the first time, that's for sure..

Saturday 13 August 2022

LAST LEGION ALIVE live @ Stonerizer Fest X, July 2012, Rtanj (Serbia) - video


hey, what a band this was.. Last Legion Alive, awesome stench crust from Belgium squats.. first time heard about them during my space era where they had profile and player with just two or 3 tracks but I immediately fell in love with them.. one of those bands for which I'm so sorry they existed for such a short time, only 4 years, but during those couple of years they leave huge legacy, not so many records but they toured a lot and get well known in crust circles..

I remember their gig from Medika in Zagreb back then in 2010, what a night, gig and fun it was.. after this live experience they only get bigger in my eyes (and ears).. even I did some interview with them for crucified freedom, later also published in Mentalna Smrt fanzine #1.. old reader of the blog probably remember my obsession with them which resulted by bunch of posts related to their work..
except demo recordings on CD they also had two split LP's, one with Hellstorm and the other with Cancer Spreading, it can be easily said that both of them are already crust core classics and will become even bigger in the future, I'm sure in that.. also some 6-way split tape was in plans with Contagium, Defy and others but as far as I know it didn't happen.. still, if they lasted until these days I'm sure they
would be headlining every crust festival across the Europe, maybe even wider..

anyhow, two years later they were again on tour in this area, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Rijeka as well and among others they played on Stonerizer festival in Serbia from where this video is from.. I'm so sorry I missed them during this tour because just few months later, in 2013 they stopped as a band and play their farewell show at Scum fest in London..

okay, max up the volume play the video and enjoy the stench!..

Thursday 11 August 2022

MISERY live @ Old Barn Fest 1998, Wisconsin (USA) - video


I like this one a lot!.. old thrashy video from 1998, one of the best bands in crust punk history, a medow and the woods, not a single cell phone on the sight, guy lit a cigarette with matches, wedding in the midllle of the gig just before the song Fuck No, heheh.... some better times..
enjoy the video and go say thanx here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdv3hslY-J4mTY3t9b-zgGQ

btw, if you still don't know, and i'm sure you do, Misery crew is back from the slumber, as they say it, and are rehearsing... hope some new stuff is in preparation, can't wait!..

Wednesday 10 August 2022

exhibition of d.i.y. pank gig posters @ Stara škola, Novi Marof, May 2022 - photos

an old friend L, who is standing behind "d.i.y. pank gig" was involved in organization or better to say organize by himself numerous gigs in past 10 years or more.. he usually had his fingers in every crust punk, hc punk and sometimes some post punk/screamo concert in Novi Marof, small city in the north of Croatia, but thanks to him and sometimes few more individuals even some respectable names of crust and hc punk, shitload of diy bands during their tours, same as probably every domestic hc punk and crust act worth of mentioning has put Novi Marof on their maps in some moment.. and I know that to a lot of them gigs itself, spending time here, food and afterparties stays in excellent memory..
as he is very creative soul all those gigs were announced by great looking and interesting posters in which, I'm sure, was invested a lot of effort and enthusiasm and they always was getting your attention easily..
for quite some time he was thinking about some exhibition and putting all those posters to display, and in May this year he managed it in the spaces of Stara škola.. you could see it during the whole month, everyday in evening hours and during few gigs..  and if you're lazy and apathetic sucker like me and couldn't force yourself to go there and now you're sorry to miss it here are some pictures from it so you can enjoy it, at least here.. (click on the image for larger size!)