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uffffff this one is killer!!..
Senseless was legendary band from Požega, Croatia..they were active in late 90's when underground scene in Požega was the strongest one on this area, I think.. there was so many awsome bands right then (Senseless, Dislike, Helldis, Nonsense, Loš Primjer, Sprovod, Fight Back, Gruuthaagy and some others) with mostly the same crew of people circulating through those bands.. even today I can't decide which one is the best to me, but Senseless is definitely somewhere at the top..
their music was always hard to define.. they even called themselves power violence.. that was the first time I heard for that term, but I wouldn't say that they have much in common with what today is called power violence..
someone says that they play crust influenced with metal, and someone that this is metal influenced with crust.. funny, but that is totally irrelevant in this case, when it's about such a great band, you know, one of those when you listen them and you can't sitting still.. you must rise your hand or even jump few time in the air across your room (it's not recommended to listen them in the car while you drive, heheh..)..
I'm not one of those music theorist but I would describe them like raw and aggressive crust core with a little of metal influence..but you can judge yourself!..
they were very active and they had many releases, split tapes with some well known bands, also many gigs in Croatia and Slovenia..
here are some releases for which I know:
Senseless - With God We Crust
Senseless/Mastic Scum - split tape
Senseless/Twisted Truth - split tape
Senseless/Dickles Tracy - split tape
Senseless/Seguimos Aqui - split tape
Senseless/Nonsense/Brutal addition - 3-way split tape
Senseless/S.Z.I. - split 7" EP
Senseless/Panic Overdose - split 
Senseless/Lie Detector - split
Senseless/Pro Masa - split CD

nice discography, isn't it!?.. and I'm sure that there was more of that, probably some demo + songs on many compilations..
line up was, at first Goco - vocal, Kktz - bass, Dena - guitar and Suli - drums but then Goco left the band and Dena and Kktz take the microphone and terror continues..

I don't have any more info about them but below are some scans of an interview with them (Kktz actually) published in one old  'zine Bastard Of The Week #1 but it's on Croatian and it's totally not serious but it's interesting and fun for reading..(just click on the picture for the larger size)
also here are few download links for their releases so download and enjoy the noise!.. thanx to Kktz who send those links to me..

P.S. - as Kktz informed me there were some other members active in Senseless before those two line ups I had wrote about - Zebec (guitar), Kero (bass) and Vera (vocal) and Smole was guest vocal, besides on split EP with S.Z.I., also at their last live show..

 SENSELESS / S.Z.I. - split 7" EP
this is Senseless first and only one non-cassette release, I think (besides split CD with Pro Masa).. split with Slovenian crust band S.Z.I. (Sirup Za Iskašljevanje)..
on Senseless side 4 tracks recorded in their rehearsal room by their original (first one) line up with Smole (Dislike, Drob) as a guest on back vocals.. decent sound and great songs but not any fancy production here..
on S.Z.I. side 5 tracks of fast and raging crust with some engaged anti-state lyrics..
this EP is released by Slovenian label Abnormal Beer Terrorism in cooperation with bands and there were 530 copys pressed..

Senseless is represented here with live recordings from gig that took place atAKC Metelkova, Ljubljana, Slo, 20.04.1999.. nice raw sound and 14 their songs played by "new" line up with Dena and Kktz on vocals..
on the other side of a tape Mexicans Seguimos Aqui with their demo recordings from 1998.. S.A. are anarcho punk crust band with a little unusuall sound, but they are okay too..
tape is released by Ei Kiitos Tapes from U.K.


another one split tape.. this one is with legendary Slovenian grind band Dickless Tracy which are active still today.. both are represented with their live recordings from gig that took place in MKC Koper,Slovenia, 25 12.1999. which was part of their common mini-tour..  
11 tracks from Senseless in a little bit more drunk condition, if I may notice, heheh, but again great!
and on Dickless Tracy side 12 crazy grind core songs..
tape is released by bands, at their own..

more about this release read HERE

SENSELESS - With God We Crust (demo)
and here we have Senseless demo recorded live at rehearsal room 28.04.1996.. lyrics on croatian and english.. in this file are included complete scans of a cover with lyrics.. quality of the rip is great.. on some song with female vocals.. really great material..
big thanks goes to Aleš from amazing -TAPES ARE STILL NOIZY- blog for ripping and uploading this one..

SENSELESS - from split tape with Twisted Truth
uff.. and here some real chaos from Senseless.. this is actually rip only of Senseless side and it's not completely..few songs are missing.. here we have 6 of them, recorded live.. I don't know from where..
some really raw chaos crust with m/f vocals.. this tape was released by Rotten Tooths productions in 1997..

and here we have the whole Senseless/Twisted Truth split tape, again thanks to Aleš and his friend this time!.. this is really brilliant piece of noise by those two great bands.. from T.T. side 24 songs, some recorded live, some at rehearsal, some in studio.. very nice material if you are fan of filthy and raw as hell grindcore.. imagine the filthiest and the rawest Agathocles and you got Twisted Truth.. they are from Czech Republic, if you maybe had some doubts about that, country which was hatch of similar bands in '90s.. for Senseless I told already something above, but to repeat, they appeared here with some live recordings, also some rehearsal stuff.. chaotic sound of hc crust at balkan way!
all in all really nice tape.. in the file are included photos of the cover, with lyrics.. strongly recommended by me if you want your ears get dirty with some filthy sound!..

this CD was released by Mamma records, PMK records and Pushmajkar records and zine back in 2004 when both bands weren't active anymore and it still might be available on some distributions if you put some effort to find it.. Senseless are represented here with live recordings which are part of their last live appearance on the gig which took place at MKC Koper,Slovenia at February 2001 plus 2 bonus tracks recorded in rehearsal room.. all together 10 songs including Doom and Patareni covers.. sound is nasty, raw and chaotic as always, bringing to us some serious kick ass crust..
Pro Masa were a band from Sombor, Serbia existed only a year long in 2000.. on this CD are their demo recordings with 8 songs of wild hc crust with female shouted/screaming vocals..
all the info and lyrics are on nice looking booklet pressed on recycled paper which goes with CD (scans are included in download file)..

P.S. - if anybody out there have Senseless/Panic Overdose, Senseless/Lie Detector and Senseless/Mastic Scum splits as a physical, mp3 or any other form,  let me know, I would be extremely thankful and maybe buy you some drinks..
I have Senseless/Mastic Scum tape but I lost cover and don't know how to rip a tape..


kktz said...

hej, fala opet. bilo je jos postava, prije ove dve sto spominjes, prije tog su u bendu bili i Zebec (gitara), Kero (bas), Vera (vokal), i naravno Smole je gostovao na vokalu osim na split 7'' i uzivo na mislim zadnjem nastupu. dobro si opisao nas zvuk, power violence utjecaj se mogao cuti u zadnjim stvarima sto smo radili, poput Die Human Die, G.O.D., Hope?, nisu snimljene drugacije nego live, al u biti agresivni sirovi HC/crust sa grind i metal utjecajima, punk :)

yogi said...

hi velimir, first you must connect tape recorder with computer by special wire, later you install program Audacity (is very good, you can find it on net), and at end you can ripping tapes, pozdrav :)

..crucified freedom.. said...

hey yogi..
I installed Audacity and I have this audio cable needed.. also I find some instructions on the net how to use this program.. I have some problems with "recording" but will try again later.. I'll figure it out, probably..
so thanks on help..

yogi said...

yes, you must configure sound board on computer, i have also problems with ripping tapes on new computer, on old there were not problems, cheers :)