Sunday, 24 September 2023

LAST LEGION ALIVE live @ La Zone, Liege 08.04.2023. - video

well, this happen in April, who would guess!?.. reformed just for that one gig, actually a wedding party for their bassist.. one of the most brutal and mightiest band that I ever saw live.. and as it seems 10 years break didn't soften them at all..


- video source: (while you're there check also Extinction of Mankind and Đornata from the same gig and few other interesting videos, some Disaffect, Visions of War, Doom, Matrak Attakk, a lot of Hiatus, etc..)

Saturday, 23 September 2023

CRUTCHES - live @ Azyl Pivni Bar, Liberec 02.09.2023. - video

unfortunately just two songs here, from their gig which took place in Liberec, Czech R. few weeks ago during their mini tour.. but damn, they are so freaking good I had to post it here.. this is some pretty dangerous raw d-beat massacre, they should have firearm license for that, just saying..

Friday, 22 September 2023

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?.................28.09.2023., Thursday
where?................Klaonica squat, Zagreb
who?...................MOCK EXECUTION raw hc punk, USA
                            U.B.T. noise punk, Cro
                            DISBAJA raw punk grind, Cro
entrance?.............6 €

Thursday, 21 September 2023

WARKRUSHER live @ Gromka, Ljubljana 16.09.2023. - video

full show from a gig in Ljubljana from last Saturday.. don't be a damn fool like me and catch them in Prague today or in Leipzig, Berlin or Hamburg in next few days if you can.. if not, enjoy the stench here!..

- video source:


Wednesday, 20 September 2023

WASSERDICHT - new album teaser!!

I already mentioned somewhere that Wasserdicht are back with few live shows and are preparing new album, and now they offer us a little teaser, 4 songs for the full length "Prihajamo V Miru".. recorded in old line up from 1995 in studio Depth in Zagreb, during April this year.. for now, from this 4, my favorite song is "Sit Sem Vas", hope the rest will be more similar to this one.. can't wait for this to be out!.. until then, for warming up, check it out on bc or yt.

Tuesday, 19 September 2023

upcoming gig in Maribor, Slovenia


when?.............................22.09.2023., Friday
where?............................Gustaf Pekarna, Maribor
who?...............................WASSERDICHT crust, Slo
                                        CHIKPAWZA hc punk, Slo
                                        MAČEFIT punk, Slo
                                        KALPAS punk, Slo
entrance?....................... 5 €

some crust from Not Enough Records distro..

I was pretty busy last week or two know, life, so there wasn't fresh posts here on regular basis but we will catch up with everything in next few days, or we won't, who the fck knows.. here's something little that I treated myself with few weeks ago, two crust gems in oldschool way, not just musically great but also beautiful records, right from far away Sweden and I must say, that was some extra fast (although damn expensive, bruh) shipping and delivery, kudos to Not Enough records on that!..


Tuesday, 12 September 2023

24/24 - Kr​í​zisb​ő​l Kr​í​zisbe - new album is out now!!!

hell yes!!.. new stuff from 24/24, raw punks from Hungary is out and available on bandcamp.. I was really looking forward for this one.. 11 under the minute raw d-beat punk attacks, again as expected with socially engaged and angry lyrics and message on Hungarian..
tapes will be out, probably next month on Sors Fintora records, same like their debut from last year.. until then turn the volume up and set your speakers to fire!..

Sunday, 10 September 2023

reminder on Warkrusher euro tour and gigs in surroundings..

just quick reminder that Warkrusher euro tour starts in just 5 days from now with gig in Modena, Italy and then stench will spread all over through Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany and Czech R.. here are gigs which will happen in my closest surroundings, Rijeka, Zagreb and Ljubljana..

when?...............16.09.2023., Saturday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?.................WARKRUSHER stench crust, Can
                          GRABLE hc punk, Slo
                          DEGRESS thrash metal, Slo

when?........................................17.09.2023., Sunday
where?.......................................Podrum, Rijeka
who?..........................................WARKRUSHER stench crust, Can
                                                   PxDxTx grindcore, Cro
entrance?....................................4 €

when?......................18.09.2023., Monday
where?.....................AKC Attack, Zagreb
who?........................WARKRUSHER stench crust, Can
                                 DISBAJA crust metal, Cro
                                 NETHER death metal, Cro

Thursday, 7 September 2023

upcoming gig in Novi Sad, Serbia


what?.......................benefit gig for SAWA fest
when?......................15.09.2023., Friday
where?.....................CK 13, Novi Sad
who?........................SUKOB hc punk, Cro
                                 SMRT RAZUMA hc punk, Cro/Ser
                                 PESTARZT hc crust, Ser
entrance?.................700 din

Tuesday, 5 September 2023

NULLA OSTA live @ Trainstation squat, Kranj 24.05.2013. - video


so much crazy memories related to this band, hahah.. for instance, their gigs in Novi Marof, what hell on earth those were.. and afterparties as well.. maaaan..
Nulla Osta was 2 distorted bass hc crust monster from Pula, Croatia with everything but usual sound, specific was that they didn't have guitar, just two thunderous basses with which they were creating wall of noise and the vocalist was, well, story for itself.. I think no video recordings out there can't evoke or demonstrate their sound and power, live this was some different and indescribably mightier experience.. one of those bands you just had to experience and see live.. also, they are probably one of the better known Croatian hc punk/crust band abroad thanks to few interesting split releases (the 7" with C. Sterminii for example) and numerous tours all over Europe, even the one in Brazil back in 2008.. 
here is live video from 2013 of their gig that took place at Trainstation squat in Kranj, Slovenia..

- video is from here:

Saturday, 2 September 2023

SAWA fest: solidarity in action - unity, noise, power and sawacalypse

SAWA festival is one nice story here on domestic diy hc punk scene and even wider.. it's the whole Balkan gathering actually for quite some years already and this years edition was canceled just few hours before it's beginning because strong storm hit the place 2nd time in two days and cause irreparable damage to infrastructure and equipment, I already mentioned it before here when there was 1st small benefit gig organized in Požega and now already few different collectives, initiatives or individuals get involved in helping SAWA crew in recovery.. they themselves are very active as well, it seems all this isn't killing their spirit, obviously the whole thing just get them stronger so they prepared some merch, again supported by friends of the festival which you can buy and help on that symbolic way and show your solidarity with one of the best diy stories on Croatian hc punk scene..
so below is nice article about all that, extensive but very interesting and inspiring.. for the whole thing visit their web page where you can find both versions on Croatian and English, also see some phots and videos of storm and of course the most important to see which actions were already made, which are planned in the nearest future and to check merch and other ways to support them..


SAWA Festival 2023 was forced to be canceled half an hour before the first band, due to a severe and dangerous storm that could have caused harm to the visitors. Nobody in our area remembers a (shit)storm of similar magnitude in recent history.
SAWA Festival means much more to us than just music, a weekend gathering, or a weekly DIY activity. We live and prepare it throughout the year. For two months a few of us dedicated ourselves entirely to it, leaving all obligations and jobs aside. For this edition of the festival, we went all in like never before. Unfortunately, mother earth has shown us her teeth for everything bad that we do to this planet every day. Let this be a wake-up call since we can expect more and more natural disasters every summer going forward.
We are truly sorry that everything fell apart just before the concert was supposed to start. We are also happy that everyone is fine and no one got hurt, which is the most important thing right now. We will fix the damage to our equipment and installations during the upcoming year and get back on our feet. This will be done with the help of many self-initiated punk solidarity actions organized in the region, our personal investments and merchandise that we prepared for all of you who want to support us. We don't whine, beg, or ask for anything. However, we are super grateful to the goodwill of bands, labels, organizers and individuals, for self-organizing and launching several solidarity actions, while we were cleaning up the festival area in shock of what happened. The same goes for all of you who donated through the website - thanks a ton! 
On Wednesday, July 19th, 2023, the day before the festival, a sudden wind of 180 km/h ravaged Županja and its surroundings, destroying most of the festival installations, tents, electricity poles, and hundreds of trees on the bank of the river Sava. This is just the recorded wind speed before the wind blew away and broke the device itself at the meteorological station, meaning that we don't know exactly how strong the storm really was.
Given that trees were torn down, concrete pillars cracked, tents weighing several tons were broken, and roofs flew around the city - all volunteers and members of the SAWA Crew suffered serious trauma. Trauma that is usually not discussed, and is difficult to recover from. They are our scenes heroes and we thank each one of the crew members for that.
Despite the city being without electricity, but still with a favorable weather forecast for the weekend, we decided to clean up everything. In 48 hours we (re)built a good enough infrastructure to hold a concert on Friday and Saturday - because Balkan punx deserve it. We also made a few last-minute changes to reduce the risk of anyone getting hurt (e.g. camping under the trees was forbidden). On Thursday, July 20th, 2023, Day Zero of the festival - visitors started arriving and the weather was sunny as if nothing had happened the day before. They swam in the river, sang and hung out preparing for the Friday concert night. Everything was promising that we would have an awesome party on the weekend.
On Friday afternoon, July 27th, 2023, new storm announcements started. We were prepared for heavy rain, but no one expected a similar chaos that could be dangerous for the lives of visitors and bands, as we experienced on Wednesday.
Immediately after the sound check and just before the concert was supposed to start, clouds began to gather. It was extremely hot and without the slightest breeze. The river Sava was unusually calm. Everything stopped completely, as if someone had frozen the scene around us and put it in slow motion. It was clear to those of us who experienced the chaos on Wednesday that something similar was about to happen. We took all the safety measures we could, based on the experience from a few days before and immediately started closing the big tents. The storm started and the wind threw the heavy aluminum 160m2 tent over 3 meters high in the air. The tent was sturdy and otherwise stable in any conditions that we prepared for. Inside were band distributions & SAWA merchandise, which later got soaked, wet and some of it even destroyed. As the tent flew around the festival area, it damaged a few cars and vans, causing total damage to a vehicle from one of our crew members.
Most visitors & SAWA crew volunteers rushed to the second 240m2 tent, where the stage & bar were. Our small punk community tried to defend whatever remained by closing the tent and holding it down for the next 30 minutes of heavy storm, clinging to every possible opening. We wanted to reduce the risk of it being lifted by the wind and doing serious harm to people on the festival grounds. Everyone who experienced this knows it was a fight for our lives, the festival, and our friends.
Despite everything that was happening at that moment, the atmosphere under the tent was amazing. THANK YOU to everyone who helped in saving each other and the remaining equipment. Calmness, collective effort and coordination left a huge mark and will stay forever remembered. Thankfully, all of the visitors are alive and well without any injuries, although we were facing serious danger from wind gusts that knocked down everything on their way.
As soon as the wind calmed down, all visitors were asked to leave the festival location and go to the city center to a dry location - CB OKAC, which offered us a safe haven until dawn. At that time it had already been announced that there would be another storm during the evening and rain all night. Unfortunately, the club "Multicultural Centre" we took care of for about 15 years and held hundreds of concerts, and which can accommodate up to 500 people, was lost and is not ours anymore. If that wasn't the case, we would have moved the concert there. We called and tried every option we knew for hours on Friday night, but the city was in total collapse and there was simply no alternative option. That being said, the weather still did not prevent people from gathering in the parking lot and in the rain until the early hours of the morning.
To every band that came despite the storm - hats off, and a big THANK YOU from the SAWA crew. The least we could do was cover the travel expenses and provide food and drinks while everything else fell apart. There will be opportunities for concerts another time in the future, and we greatly appreciate your understanding of the situation.
With human lives being the most important thing, luckily most of the rented equipment was not damaged, besides some pieces of our own equipment. However, we are still left with a lot of damage and financial loss. Everything rented has to be paid for, as well as all the food that we ordered, every t-shirt, pallet, cable, spray, poster and every detail we invested in and prepared several months before the festival. Now, a month after the sawacalypse, we are slowly being able to pay back our debts.
On the same day when cancellation was announced various solidarity actions were initiated by all of you throughout the region. Today we count over 20 actions that have been organized or are planned to be organized by the end of 2023. This is unbelievable and we are beyond words. The scene has not been this proactive in solidarity for a long time. We never could have imagined how much SAWA means to all of you. THANK YOU PUNK SCENE and big thank you to all the people who started the actions!
On the other hand, we are trying to make up for the losses by selling our festival merch (t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, bags, cookbook, etc.), first by presenting it at the Monte Paradiso festival, and now by putting it for sale online for all of you.
Lastly, we do not plan to give up! 15 years of effort were damaged and crippled, but not destroyed. We have a lot of work to do, to fix and create new installations, pay off our debts, and in the end, organize a party to remember in 2024!

Friday, 1 September 2023

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?....................11.09.2023., Monday
where?...................AKC Attack, Zagreb
who?......................SIRKKA raw hc punk, USA
                               LUGER raw d-beat punk, Cro
                               U.B.T. raw noise punk, Cro
entrance?................6 €

Thursday, 31 August 2023

upcoming gig in Pula, Croatia

when?.....................06.09.2023., Wednesday
where? Monteparadiso
who?.......................MOCK EXECUTION raw punk, USA
                                PxDxTx grindcore, Cro

upcoming gig in Zadar, Croatia


where?.................06.09.2023., Wednesday
where?.................Nigdjezemska, Zadar
who?....................FRANK ALTER STEINSCHMEISZER punk, Ger
                             ADRATS punk, Ger

upcoming gig in Rijeka, Croatia


when?..............................08.09.2023., Friday
where?.............................Podrum, Rijeka
who?................................FRANK ALTER STEINSCHMEISZER punk, Ger
                                         ADRATS punk, Ger
entrance?.........................4 €

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

what?.......................30 years of Metelkova Mesto 
when?......................08.09.2023., Friday
where?.....................Gromka, Ljubljana
who?........................NATT crust, Slo
                                 S.O.R. punk, Slo
                                 SRANJE punk, Slo
entrance?.................10 €

Wednesday, 30 August 2023

YOUTH AGAINST live @ Club Ex, Gornji Kuršanec 21.09.2001. - video

it's time for one blast from the past.. Youth Against were hardcore band from Čakovec, Croatia and were active since 1997 until somewhere around 2002, playing some crossover thrash style hardcore more in veins of Agnostic Front/SOIA or so called NYHC which I don't like much but remember they were always dear band to me and I spin their tape "Uživo iz Močvare" countless times on my Roadstar walkman on the way to school during long boring drives in those "socialist" old rusty and stinky buses, those were the times, hehe.. 
here is live footage from cult place, club Ex in one village just outside of Varaždin, right across the bridge towards Čakovec (which wasn't just cult on domestic hc punk scene but was known as place for more "mainstream" pop/rock culture and clubbing scene here) made and recorded on VHS during "Tribute to Vujo" concert in September of 2001..
later they reformed again once or twice for some gigs, and these days they are full active, even are finishing new album which will not have much similarities with old Youth Against, to be honest, at least if we judge by the new single which they published on bandcamp few days ago.. and that's not all, also you have the chance to see them live in a few days on this years 3FF festival in their hometown..

- video is from this yt channel: where you can find videos of other bands that were playing that night, as well: One Step Away, Apfuken, Fibox, De La Grande and Retard.. real throwback to some old times..

Tuesday, 29 August 2023

artwork for new album by Ego..

new artwork made by Nesha Doomsday for his band's new album.. looks brilliant and powerful and sick in the same time.. as always from him.. long ago he became recognizable artist in underground circles doing countless amount of artworks for the most various hc punk, crust and even metal bands out there and until today stayed one of my favorite..
btw, the top image on this blog and some other used here are also his work, I've been huge fan from the beginnings, hehe..
some of his arts you can check and also support his work here: or find him on instagram and facebook..

Monday, 28 August 2023

VISIONS OF WAR - the lost tapes 2002 "A Bottle Too Far" - re-noised LP is out now!!!

woooooow!!.. or should I just say V.O.W., hehe.. this is the most beautiful thing I've seen in crust punk for a while.. just look at it.. and still when you hear it, you'll get it what I mean.. the moment I first time heard those recordings a year or something ago when the Visions crew published it on bandcamp I felt in love with it, it's from the period of line up and sound by Visions Of War that I always liked the most.. even when writing something little about it here I mentioned that I can't wait and I can bet that someone will release this on some physical format, and voila, here it is!!.. and from whom other than from hard working Oscar from Not Enough records who is also good friend with the band..
so what exactly we have here, you maybe ask?.. forgotten, old recordings from 20 years ago recorded live all at once in some studio in Amsterdam, from the same session as for legendary split with Olho De Gato, edited or "re-noised" by former singer Lolo years later.. filthy and raw but powerful and angry crustcore at its best!..
can't fckng wait to spin this and treat my eyes and ears with this gem.. 
my copy will be hopefully on the way soon, and what are you waiting for!?.. go grab it!..

- from Not Enough:
Dirty old recordings brought back to life and now 20 plus years after recording, released in the feeling of how it was back in the days when this took place.
Comes with a booklet to tell some stories, memorized by Lölö.
recorded live in may 2002
in squatted amsterdam by dejan aka master of kaos
the 8 other songs of that session had been released
on the split lp with olho de gato (2002)
sound files fixed 2023 by Mattias Persson
released August 28, 2023

on dis recording visions of war was:

arno & Stef – skitars
boris – bass
filip – sticks & stone
lolo & stiv – vokills

- from Visions of War:
What can we say .....tack , merci b`coup , bedankt ,hvala , obrigado , muchos gracias to Mr. Not Enough recs / Crutches / Voidfiller / Mangel Productions for releasing this piece of vinyl , a recording ( from the olho De Gato split lp session) unmixed but nicely manipulated by Lolo ( former vow member) and Mattias ( Skelaris , Malmö_) to give it the extra kick , it was recorded live , so no overdubbing seperate sessions , all in one go , given a wasted quick mix by legend Dejan ( M.=.K. recordings ) it represents what we where 20 years ago , raw , full of anger and fast , noe we are a bit older ( some of us ) but still feeling angry ......we will have copies on our next shows , especually Riot over river 1 day fest where we`ll play some songs from this release , and with each sold copie 2 euro will go to the refugee benefit pot , same as all the other stuff ...pee ya at the dis-tro table

Sunday, 27 August 2023

PLASTIKA live @ Podrum, Rijeka 24.06.2023. - video

"hodam do doma, paranoja me pere 
ne želim se bojati vlastite sjene 
vidim prijetnju svud oko sebe 
strah je često jači od mene 
bojim, bojim se tebe 
bojim, bojim se sebe 
bojim, bojim se svega 
paranoja me pere, nešto me vreba"

Saturday, 26 August 2023

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?..................31.08.2023., Thursday
where?................ AKC Attack, Zagreb
who?....................MUTANT STRAIN hc punk USA
                             BAD ANXIETY hc punk, USA
                             KILLING YIELD hc punk, Cro
                             KORIDOR dark post punk, Cro
entrance?..............6 €

Friday, 25 August 2023

CRUTCHES mini tour August/September 2023

are you ready for 4 days raw punk mangel attack over Germany, Poland and Czech R.!?.. you better be.. because it will hit you harder than this disgusting heat wave over eu-rope..

Thursday, 24 August 2023

CIMITERIUM / KATORGA euro tour + gigs in surroundings

just a reminder that Cimiterium / Katorga euro tour starts in a few days, on 28th of August in Thessaloniki (Greece) so be aware!.. and here are some gigs in the closest surroundings of crucified freedom hq..

when?....................29.08.2023., Tuesday
where?...................Skopje, Macedonia
who?......................CIMITERIUM stench crust, Aus
                               KATORGA stench crust, Aus
                               DISEASE raw d-beat punk, Mac
entrance?...............200 Ден

when?................................................30.08.2023., Wednesday
where?...............................................AKAB Okretnica, Belgrade
who?..................................................CIMITERIUM stench crust, Aus
                                                           KATORGA stench crust, Aus

when?.............31.08.2023., Thursday
where?............Močvara, Zagreb
who?...............CIMITERIUM stench crust, Aus
                        KATORGA stench crust, Aus
                        NECRODEUS death black metal, Au
                        VAKTAL death metal, Cro
entrance?.........6/8 €

when?................................01.09.2023., Friday
where?...............................Gromka, Ljubljana
who?..................................CIMITERIUM stench crust, Aus
                                           KATORGA stench crust, Aus
                                           NECRODEUS death black metal, Au
                                           OPRAN MOŽGAN crust punk, Slo

Wednesday, 23 August 2023

KORIDOR - teaser for an upcoming LP "Kroz Pukotine" + live video from USA tour

Koridor is dark post punk (but good one) band from Zagreb, they just recently finished 16 days long USA tour and now are finishing their first LP which will be out on their own label Doomtown Records in next few months.. here is a little teaser for it with 4 songs, give it a try and enjoy..

here is also live video from above mentioned US tour, full show at The Firehouse in Birmingham, Alabama..

-video is from:

Sunday, 20 August 2023

WARCOLLAPSE live @ Klubb Fredagsmangel, Järfälla (Sweden) 03.03.2023. - video

old wolves do it best.. live footage from the gig with Massgrav which happened in March this year.. awesome.. one of the rare wishes left for me to see them live someday, even I "watch" them once, I think that was in 2009 on Balkanikacore festival, but it was something like this: me and one friend wake up leaning against some wall dead intoxicated asking one to another who is this band playing and after realizing saying something like "it's Warcollapse, hell yeah!" and then immediately both passed out, again.. damn, stupid fools..

- video is from here:

and while watching this one I accidentally find another one, much older and realized they do it even better when they were young.. so here is also this massacre recorded in some ancient times in 1998 in Eldslandet, which was, I believe, club or some space in Jönköping, Sweden..
enjoy the filth!..

Friday, 18 August 2023

BORDERLINE FEST - VOL.2 26.08.2023. Bialystok, Poland

EGO "Crna Lista" - new song to be released on upcoming LP

Ego, dark punk band with international crew based in Berlin, Germany, after some line up changes and few live appearances this summer are preparing new album which will be named "Grob" (Grave OE) and which should be out later this year in November, again as a full 12" LP on Agipunk, same as awesome debut "Ego-ism" from 2021..
so for now they offer to us one promo song as a single on bandcamp or as video, so choose which one suits you the most and check what have been cooking in dark and depressive but at the same time magical Ego kitchen in last couple of months.. 

Monday, 7 August 2023

24/24 new material out soon..

to the regular readers here at crucified freedom already well known crew from 24/24, raw hc punk band from Hungary are preparing new material which will be hopefully out in next few weeks.. here is a little teaser for it..
can't fcking wait!..

Saturday, 5 August 2023

ANARKO-PUNK FEST D.I.Y. 12.08.2023. Cabanalles, Spain

"Oops compas & friends,We invite you to the following activity to contribute on our part
to global warming (hehe!) and in support of the spanish state tour of the bands
will present their new edition of a split 7" e.p.

BAR SALA AT 8:30 p.m.
* (Spain/Catalonia, next to Figueres)


The entrance will be a voluntary donation between 4 and 10 euros
for the expenses of the bands and sound equipment.
There will be bar service, also dinner.
Ends at 2 a.m.

Please spread the word, send it to your friends!"

Friday, 4 August 2023

WARKRUSHER - Armistice - new album is out soon!!!

new album by one of the best current stench crust bands, Warkrusher from far away Montreal is available online and will be soon out as 12" vinyl on Agipunk here in Europe and Desolate Records in the States.. it will be actually their proper debut LP and hey, it will be brutal!.. 7 lengthy tracks in good old school stench core manner with some "Hellshock alike" or "Boltthrowish" metal influences, to me only some faster moments here and there are missing like those from the "Demo" and even "Pils Sessions" so this powerful album would be perfect.. artwork is also story for itself and I'm sure all together will look amazing..
from Agipunk side preorders starts on August 15th and will be out officially just for the beginning of their euro tour on September 15th which will start from Modena, so the easiest and fastest way to pick it up will be on this tour, don't miss it!..
until then enjoy it online and start practicing your eardrums on some greasy and filthy noise, you'll need it when they demolish all your local diy holes on their 10 days crusade through central Europe..

Tuesday, 1 August 2023

FLOWER live @ The Hatch, Birmingham, Alabama (USA) 05.01.2023. - video

awesome band from NYC and their live appearance from the beginning of this year.. some strong vibes from their fellow citizens from late 80s/early 90s, guess which heheh, in music style, appearance, even artwork on the banners, etc..

- video source:

Sunday, 30 July 2023

PROFANE EXISTENCE 34th anniversary gig on Skullfest 2023


what?.............................P.E. 34th anniversary gig
where?...........................Pittsburgh, USA
who?..............................MISERY crust, USA
                                       NIGHTFEEDER crust, USA
                                       FLOWER crust, USA
                                       HOPE? crust, USA
                                       DEADSKY crust, USA


Thursday, 27 July 2023

PLASTIKA - s/t - is out now!!!

hell yeah, finally!.. I don't remember when I was waiting with such impatience for some domestic punk band recordings like for this one.. Plastika is fresh band from Zagreb but they are no strangers to the readers of crucified freedom because they were already mentioned here few times, featuring already familiar crew from some other bands like Luger and Accident and if you know (and you definitely should) those you already know what you'll get here - fast and uncompromising hc punk leaning toward d-beat with angry female vocals.. and all that is always a winning formula if you ask me.. lyrics are on Croatian which is one more plus because it just sounds better and more angry and are also surprisingly good, dealing with various topics but mostly about pollution, inner demons of an individual, politics, etc all wraped as expected in plas...oh no, not in plastic (heheh, see what I did here!?) but in dark and nihilistic tone..
there are even 10 songs, about minute and half long each which makes this as really decent debut.. some songs stands out as contagious instant hits like "Treča Smjena", "Vitezovi Kurca Mog" or the angriest one "Sjena" but "Sat Sudnjeg Dana" is just perfect hc punk song and this riff from it and this aaaaa scream gives me goosebumps every damn time.. the whole thing is recorded in Studio Depth and published on bandcamp just few days ago and is available for free download or "name your price".. even I like their live sound more, captured on some videos from their shows which you can find on the net, this maybe sounds on the first listening somehow more clean as I expected, but it's great anyways..
and yes, I really do hope and looking forward that this will be released in some physical format soon..
until then enjoy in this hc punk masterpiece online and turn the damn volume up!..

Tuesday, 25 July 2023

PAPERCORE #9 fanzine is out!

"The Summer 2023 issue of Papercore is out (thanks Ursula for your catty help)!
Printed in Toulouse. Cover front & back design by Arthur Plateau.
Already available (or in the days to come) in our distribution points. A4, 20 pages long. Write us if you want to distribute it or order a single copy. They are “prix libre” (pay what you want), but cost about 3€ to print and ship worldwide. We privilege punkpost.
This issue has an interview of Pozoga (Ireland), Ire tour Report, Manual de Combate (Chile) interview, columns, reviews, comics…
The deadline for Papercore #10 is set for October 1th as to get it out in December.

Take care,
The papercore crew"


Saturday, 22 July 2023

today in Požega: benefit gig for SAWA fest

SAWA fest is one of the best hc punk festivals on this Balkan area and even wider.. this weekend was supposed to be its already 15th edition held and all was smelling on one more hc punk feast, but festival place was hit by relentless storm (which appears here for already a week now from time to time, out of nowhere) two times in a row in Wednesday and just after they managed to fix everything and prepare the place for the gig in Friday, storm and heavy rain again destroys everything.. so due all this situation festival is canceled and now the crew from Sawa fest is in serious trouble so some bands which were supposed to play there decide to self-organize a benefit gig in nearby Požega, so if you are close support the whole story with attendance and donation because the whole Sawa festival is, since the very beginnings, voluntary and donation based and built on strong diy principles..
if you can't make it to the gig you can support them with donation through their web page..

what?....................benefit gig for SAWA fest
when?...................22.07.2023., Saturday
where?..................Tom Klub, Požega
who?.....................DISBAJA crust grind, Cro
                              MAZUT d-beat crust, Cro
                              LIQUID SUPERCHARGE r'n'r punk, Cro


SKULLFEST 17.-20.08.2023. Pittsburg, U.S.A.



Thursday, 13 July 2023

AVSKUM - En Annan Värld är Möjlig - new album is out soon!!!

"Sweden’s Legendary D-Beat Band AVSKUM return with their first new album since 2008, “ En Annan Värld Ar Möjlig" ( Another World Is Possible). Their fifth album has 17 new tracks of rage filled D-beat hardcore supporting Indigenous rights, Self-determination and attacking Fascism, Militarism, Misogyny and political corruption. Avskum’s sound has it’s roots in their 1982 origins at the earliest stages of Swedish hardcore punk, with harshly screamed vocals and quick blasting songs, underlined over the ensuing decades by a rock driven heaviness with searing guitar solos, thundering bass lines and rampaging drum attack. Recorded by Kenko at Communichaos Studios, the album features guest vocals from Tompa from At The Gates / Disfear, TB from Asocial / Uncurbed and Mattis from Makabert Fynd. With two stunning cover illustrations by Jordan Barlow to hammer home their vision of empowerment and resistance.. AVSKUM will tour the U.S. Midwest and the West Coast in September 2023 with Resistant Culture.

Vinyl version of Avskum"s "En Annan Värld är Möjlig' on Prank Records, in a 24 point board jacket printed at Stoughton, with insert, poster and a pinback button. Available on Transparent Yellow or black vinyl, both are limited to a total pressing of 300 each.

Includes digital pre-order of EN ANNAN VÄRLD ÄR MÖJLIG. You get 4 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released."

Wednesday, 12 July 2023

Zagreb Anarchist Book Fair 2023

"Friends and comrades,

We hereby invite you to participate in the Zagreb Anarchist Book Fair (ZASK), which will be held from the September 30th to October 1st, 2023 in Zagreb. Like other fairs of this type, it will serve as a platform for getting to know each other, networking, distributing materials and sharing experiences in the joint struggle. In addition to visiting the fair, we invite you to participate in its program in your own way, which you can read more about below. In addition, all the technical information that you may be interested in will be listed below. All information from this call, as well as additional information, can be found on the website of the fair (The website is still a work in progress)."