Tuesday 30 March 2010

DISPRO / NULLA OSTA / DAŽD / BOLESNO GRINJE 20.03.2010. AKC Medika, Zagreb

in just one week already 2nd great gig in Medika squat.. this time I was going in Zagreb by bus, alone, although it was planned that more of us will go, but some of my friends abandon me this time, heheh..
I've arrived at medika somewhere about 9:00 PM when most of the crew was quite drunk already.. soon I catching up them considering of amount of alcohol in blood, heheh, and party started..
first band playing that night were Dispro from Split (Croatia).. some kind of modern hardcore punk with lot of screaming and political engaged lyrics.. this time I was watching them for the first time and they didn't surprised me with anything.. they was exactly how I was expecting them..
2nd on stage are first band from Pula (Croatia) tonight - Nulla Osta.. they are one of my favorite bands from this area.. well known sound of two distorted bass guitars, drums and good vocal.. raw, aggressive hardcore punk with crust elements.. pure perfection!..hehe.. short but great performance by them.. BTW this was their last show before Euro tour on which they go together with Slovenian crusties Anaeroba.. so check them out if you will have a chance.. it will be their 6th euro tour, I think.. behind them is already innumerable many gigs all over Europe, 5 Euro tours, Brazil tour(2008), Means To An End festival(UK 2009) and many other festivals like Balkanika Core etc..and besides all that members are active in some other bands too.. all that makes them the most active band from area of ex-yu, in my opinion.. respect for that!..
okay, back to the gig.. after them on stage are Dažd.. band from Beograd (Serbia).. I've heard much about them and some their recordings before.. they have played without their guitarist which was arrested or something, if i realized well.. they play some blackened crust with mix of metal and punk.. not so frequent kind of noise at this area.. but it was interesting to hear something new..
and for the end 2nd band from Pula (Croatia) Bolesno Grinje.. grind core at its best!... they are one of the most quality grind core bands in Europe at the moment in my modestly opinion.. this gig was thoughtful, actually as a promotion of their new album "Krvave ruke - krvav novac".. even they had played mostly new songs, on my great pleasure last two was "Alarm"  and "Grinje odlaze".. old ones, so I think that everyone has got something for themselves..
after the gig so much laughing and fun.. definitely the best after gig parties are in Medika, for sure, heheh.. there was very much people at this gig and atmosphere was great all the time but specially after the gig.. many people which I haven't seen long time, some which I see every weekend, a lot of socializing and talking.. all that spiced with few beers too much, hehe.. great!.. cheers to all the people who were there!.. it was definitely one of the best gig lately.. 'till the next time!..


Saturday 27 March 2010


Today at 10 a.m. at Poznan's local court an auction of the grounds of Rozbrat squat was supposed to take place. No one wanted to take part in it and the grounds haven't been sold! It was already the second auction of those grounds and because of that the bank who gave the loan to the company who owns them can buy the plot. But estate analysts claim that this is not likely to happen. The procedure leading to another auction can start in one year from now.
Few dozens of Rozbrat supporters came for the auction. The court looked like a fortress, there were a lot of police forces within few hundred meters around the court and people could only enter the court after a thorough search, what caused an enormous line in front of it. People could enter the court room only after showing a special pass and another search. Journalists who were present at the spot, couldn't remember if such security measures have been there before, even during trials of dangerous gangs. Even though the trial was moved to the biggest room of the court, most of the people stayed outside. In the room, secured by another huge number of cops, the atmosphere was nervous and even the journalists weren't satisfied with the way the court had behaved saying “it's all for your own safety”. After the information about the fact that the auction would not take place was read the whole court could hear applause and people shouting “Rozbrat stays!”. 
From the information we have gathered at least few companies were interested in buying the plot but they gave up that idea. As one of the real estate agency workers said “I will not send my client to a war”. 
Once again, we would like to thank everyone who has supported out struggle and everyone who took part in the demonstration last Saturday. Please remember, that even though we've won this stage of the battle, the struggle still continues. And it's not only a struggle for the grounds of Rozbrat, but most of all it is a struggle against the politics of the city authorities towards the residents of the city.
-source: http://www.rozbrat.org/news-in-english

Wednesday 24 March 2010


Ispod Pločnika (Under the Pavement o.e.) is an anarchist "magazine" about libertarian movement, written on Croatian.. in this number you can read about issues of political prisoners and a prison as an problem.. including extensive interview with Bulgarian anarchist A.S Nakov, articles about relation between anarchists with academism and university, some more articles and many links related with anarchist movement..
it's free of payment, but if you want you can support it with some donation.. it can be found in some libraries, bookstores and at various events like gigs, etc..
the main goal of this "magazine" is to be a media of libertarian movement and to continue with work which started others in the past by publishing newsletters and fanzines like Comunitas, Zaginflatch, etc..
you can find online version of it where you can read all old and new numbers, as well, but also some related news and articles HERE
if you want to contribute anyhow (send some news or articles,etc.) or you want order physical copy of it write at ispodplocnika@net.hr

Tuesday 23 March 2010


what a shity day for a gig..Monday..the worst day in whole fckn week..still tired from  a weekend, fucked up with 1st working day in strenuous week, but finally a little joy at end of the day..this great concert!..
it was another sober night for me 'cause i was driving again..but,anyhow in the end it worthed..
beginning of a gig was deleyed a little bit much as usual 'cause crew from I Hope You Suffer was stuck somewhere, hehe.. but soon as they showed up the gig begins..
first on stage this night was Stigma, band from Zagreb playing crust punk in their own dark and raw style with little of E.N.T. and Discharge touch in their noise.. fast and uncompromising.. i think, somehow, that not too many people were interested in them..maybe 'cause they are from Zagreb so everyone there probably saw them live already..
after them drunk crew from Varaždin - I Hope You Suffer.. although quite drunk they kicked asses.. old school hardcore with some melodic parts..they were better to me some years ago when they was called Destrukcija Stvarnosti and played more crusty hardcore.. but this what they play now isn't bad at all.. the strongest link in this band is definitely their drummer.. this night i saw them for the first time with new vocalist who has joined the band few months ago.. in short, much jumping all around and screaming from the stage..
and for the end, headliners of the night Last Legion Alive from Belgium which were on euro tour.. I had listened them before but was fckn' surprised when I heard them live.. dark crust metal with excellent female vocalist.. girl really kick asses.. I don't know from where she pull out strength to sing like that (maybe it's because of rakija, shlivovitza which is good to all band members, as I could see,hehe..) anyhow, great band with some slow powerful parts crossing into fast crusty trashing.. they remind me a little at Insuiciety, probably because of female vocals, but they are much better to me,much faster.. I would strongly recommend everyone who have chance, go see them live, you won't regret.. they really rocks!..
after the gig, as it's usually for gigs in Medika, some funny and drunk "after party".. playin' football (or it was just kicking the ball around,heheh..) in a hallway size about 4X4 meters and things like that..
anyway it was great gig.. after I come home and  had slept for just a few hours, in the morning  I go back on the work tired as hell.. but who cares!..


Saturday 13 March 2010

6th ANARCHIST BOOK FAIR IN ZAGREB 26. - 28.03.2010.

Anarchist Book fair in Zagreb (ASK - Anarhisticki sajam knjiga) is annual anarchist event that aims to become a long-term, developing project. First five book fairs went well, and we hope to bring in more and more people every year as participants, publishers, groups, projects - whoever is interested in what the book fair has to offer.

This year we decided to suggest discussions on strategies of social conflicts and academic aproach to anarchism, for which we will prepare introduction and suggest few texts that we find interesting for further debate. Of course, all ideas for presentations and debates are welcome, as well as help or ideas with our suggestions for debate.

ASK will take place in Zagreb every spring, as a local resource for anarchist and libertarian books and other publications. We also aim to open discussion on subjects that are important for the anarchist movement, or for our local community.

The idea for such a book fair is not new, but is based on the positive experience of other Anarchist Book fairs. In many different situations, these book fairs have proven to be important events and meeting places on both local and international levels.
This is why we need your help - come and support this event with solidarity and participation!

If you can't come to our book fair, you can consider sending some free publications, posters and other material. Also, you can consider sending books and other publications for sale, we will organize stall for all of you that can't come, but would like to present your work at the book fair. Contact us at anarhisticki.sajam.knjiga@gmail.com about details, address to send stuff to, etc.

for more information about book fair wisit their web page 

Friday 12 March 2010

upcoming gig in Evergreen (Požega)

Udruga KAMP vas poziva na humanitarni koncert. Sudjelujte u humanitarnoj akciji prikupljanja novca za našeg Ivana Ljubića (14) koji se bori protiv moždanog tumora. (KAMP association invites you at benefit concert..take your part in humanitarian action of collecting money for our Ivan Ljubić (14) who is fighting against brain tumor..)

Bendovi koji sudjeluju u akciji: (Bands participating in action:)

VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC (Austrija gore)
KRLJA (Samobor grind core)
DROB (Požega gore)
NONSENSE (Požega hard core)

Kupnja ulaznice za koncert direktna je donacija ovoj humanitarnoj akciji. Ulaznice od 15 Kn se mogu kupiti u Cafee baru EVERGREEN i Caffe baru HELIOS u Požegi. (Purchase of the ticket is direct donation to this humanitarian action..tickets which costs 15kn (2E) can be purchased at caffe bar Evergreen and caffe bar Helios in Požega..)

Sunday 7 March 2010

SUBSIDE - Demo (2009)

..this wasn't supposed to be another mp3 blog (what doesn't means that I have something against mp3 blogs, just think that there are too many of them with the same stuff) but guys from this band send me the link with their demo and ask me to post that here so here it is..

Subside is band from Osijek (Croatia)..they started with playing in April 2009, so they are quite young band.. this is their first demo recorded in the end of 2009.. music is raw trashy hc punk, it means fast from the beginning 'till the end.. there are, all together six songs including intro.. I like the thing that their music isn't only pure melody, so they sound quite interesting..
I don't know if some physical form of this release exist (any CD or anything) but here is the link where you can download their demo..


here are few more lines about them from their my space page:
Band started rehearsal at the end of April 2009. First lining was Krista on drums, Andrej – guitar, Oroz - vocals and Danijel who played the bass for a month. After certain disagreements, Andrej left the band which leaves us two. Not long after that, line-up changed, Bobo took over drums, and after few rehearsals we put Tivo on bass. We play raw hc/punk in vain of American and Scandinavian hardcore punk bands.

the members of Subside are also active in editing Pankerijada blog and organizing some gigs in Osijek so check them up..

contact: http://www.myspace.com/subsidehc

Saturday 6 March 2010

Wednesday 3 March 2010


 here it is..this one is special to me because their tape "Svako ima pravo na život...na svoj život imam pravo samo ja!" was the first one that I've order and buy from some distro, Debeli Samuraj was band from Sombor Serbia).. they was playing hc punk with anarcho lyrics.. they was active in the 2nd half of '90.. in '97 they had released already mentioned album on the tape..this was their first, and I think only one edition..with that tape there was booklet with all lyrics, translations on English and so on.. so here is introduction from that booklet:

this text should be an introduction for the booklet, which goes with our first cassette.. the cassette should close the first link of the long chain that, of course, we will keep on building.. the first link encircled our work from November '96 until we for the first time came into the studio on January 8th 1997.. the band existed before that date, but in November began serious work (from that period Paja is singing and Čankus is playing bass).. it was needed a lot of ambition, willingness, time and money.. but the fact is, after all that we succeed.. we didn't allow to be stopped because of the lack of equipment, inability to have regular rehearsals (reason – we don't live in the same town) and other difficulties that we successfully overcame.. we are the proof that if somebody really want to do something he can do it.. of course the price for the success is – renunciation, willingness and hard work.. we hope that what we have done will be an example for some of you to do something on your own.. our experience does not have an ethical value.. it's just a synonymous for the mistake.. I hope that you will be smarter than we were, and that you will know to learn from the others mistakes.. in this case, i hope that you will learn from our mistakes..
About our material.. it include 15 songs, two are instrumentals and one is cover – Oi Poloii – Nazi Scum.. considering that we are not professional musicians and that was our first time in the studio, and only for 10 hours (due to our financial situation) we are extremly satisfied with what we have done.. you could notice that lyrics are written in Serbian, but we are not standing behind any meanings that speaking in native language produces national meaningless.. ther is translation for those who don't understand Serbian, so we do not owe you anything.. and when we are talking about lyrics, it is good to remark that they do not serve only as company for the music… lyrics are about our opinions and attitudes about the society and life in it.. we don't want to enforce those, we simply want you to hear what we have to say.. if you agree with us, you can accept that or you can built your own attitude about everything we have mentioned,, we said: „everyone have right to live…I am the only one who has right to live my life.“ But with our lifes and our freedom we do not attend to jeopardize the freedom of the others..
Hate, weakness, death, violence, displeasure envay, wars, nuclear experiments, uncontrolled cutting the trees…all mentioned things are done by the mankind and all is, unfortunately, our cruel reality.. person is what he is and we can't change him, but neither we can forget that every of us can improve himself and become better than he was.. there is a part of the world that you can change for sure – yourself.. man is born blind, but it lookslike he dies short-sighted.. we want to ofer you the other side of the things that you hear each day and we want to be an alternative to the existing system..

-you can download their album from Nečista Savjest blog HERE