Monday 28 August 2017

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?................01.09.2017., Friday
where?...............Grey Room, Medika, Zagreb
who?..................IMPULSO  hc punk, Ita
                           DADAR punk, Ita
                           UBT raw hc punk, Cro
                           INDIKATOR B hc punk, Cro
entrance?............30 kn

Thursday 24 August 2017

RUINAS euro tour September/October 2017 (need help!)

28.09. - Dresden (D) @ DIY Eckladen
29.09. - Leipzig (D) @ liwi
30.09. - Berlin (D) @ Kopi AGH 
01.10. - Neutramm (D) @ Raum 2
02.10. - Hamburg (D) @ Lobusch
03.10. - Groningen (NL) @ Bambara
04.10. - Bremen (D) @ SWH
05.10. - Arnhem (NL) TBC
06.10. - Gent (B) Confirmed
07.10. - day off
08.10. - Paris (F) - @ La comedia
09.10. - Saint die des vosges (F) @ l'Entracte II
10.10. - Besançon (F) @ PDZ
11.10. - Biel (CH) @ Bahnhöfli
12.10. - Vevey (CH) @ FMR 
13.10. - Lausanne (CH) Confirmed
14.10. - day off
15.10. - Zurich (CH) TBC
16.10. - Winterthur (CH) TBC
17.10. - Innsbruck (A) @ Decentral
18.10. - Treviso // Venice (I) NEED HELP!
19.10. - Ljubljana (SLO) @ jalla jalla
20.10. - Ilirska Bistrica (SLO) @ MKNZ
21.10. - Rijeka (HR) @ Podrum
22.10. - Zagreb (HR) @ Klaonica squat
23.10. - Linz // Graz (A) NEED HELP!
24.10. - Vienna (A) @ Venster 99
25.10. - Jihlava (CZ) @ MC Bezvedomi
26.10. - Praha (CZ) @ Baryton
27.10. - Berlin (D) @ Kopi Koma F

Sunday 20 August 2017

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?..........22.08.2017., Tuesday
where?.........Močvara, Zagreb
who?............MORT MORT MORT screamo post rock, Fra
                    STAINED HAND powerviolence, Cro
                    PATH OF CESTODA dark hc screamo, Cro
entrance?.....30 kn

VOIDFILLER live @ Cyclopen, Stockholm 30.09.2016. - video

as I mentioned Voidfiller in previous post, here is one more live footage, this time from Death Rhythm fest 2016 in Sweden which for sure looks like hell of a fun.. I like it, on 9:45 when Steve swears on Croatian: "a u pičku mater", hehe..
play it loud!..

Saturday 19 August 2017

NO SANCTUARY festival 2017 - video



thanx to here are some videos from this years No Sanctuary, there are some rumors that this one was the last edition, so if you miss it maybe you can find at least a little bit comfort in those videos..
it seems like 2nd day was a blast with Swordwielder, Hibernation, Đornata and Voidfiller.. and, hey check out Voidfiller, there's no Steve on vocals, no problem, here is Christina from fckng Agrimonia, hell yeah!.. I would really like to know the story behind this one, was it planned or...!?..

Friday 18 August 2017

some new 'zines... Out of the Darkness and Crowd Pleaser

it's been a while since last post about some new 'zine here.. I still owe you reviews of Čebula #3 and #4, Nula Negativ #1 and IOSC #18 which are the latest 'zines I have read and now they are already pretty outdated, so I don't know if there is any sense to write some reviews, we will see.. but in meantime there are two new 'zines appeared in neighboring Serbia, still haven't read them but you can find reviews of them on Just Can't Stand It! blog..
go check it there: CROWD PLEASER #1
                            OUT OF THE DARKNESS #1, #2

Thursday 17 August 2017

awesome package from Sumoggu records..

earlier today mailman cheered me up with this awesome package from Sumoggu Records which I ordered few days ago.. some older things which are on my wishlist for ages + one of the best new records out there, mighty Vastation/Mutabo - split..
I'm feeling like it's my birthday right now..

just a few quick words about records - Life Possession/Gomora - split and Anaeroba - Over the Walls and Borders come on beautiful splatter vinyls, Gelo/Baka Yaro - split and Vastation side of split with Mutabo has some really awesome artworks, also there is big Mutabo poster included which for sure goes on my wall, just when I made some diy frame for it and Man in Shackless/Last Security split 7" comes in one of the nicest cover/wrapping that I ever saw, interesting thing if you consider that this split is released back in 1998..
and Mutabo from the vinyl - hey what a masterpiece.. few weeks ago when I mentioned this split in one of the previous posts I wrote that there is something in their music that reminds me of Mad Max atmosphere, well on the end of their thanx list there is stated: "Peace, Love, Anarchy ...and Mad Max" - hehe, I fckn knew it!!..

btw, check Sumoggu records (sumoggu[at], he have really a bunch of vinyls for fair prices and you can expect an easy deal and fast response from him..

Wednesday 16 August 2017

upcoming gig in Rijeka, Croatia

when?................19.08.2017., Saturday
where?...............Podrum, Rijeka
who?..................ELECTROZOMBIES death doom crust, Chile
                          SO BEAST experimental post punk, Italy
entrance?............25 kn

Sunday 13 August 2017

VEHEMENCE euro tour September 2017 (need help!)

10. EISENBERG @ Confirmed
11. WROCLAW / DRESDEN need help
12. KRAKOW confirmed
14. GRODNO confirmed
15. MINSK confirmed
16. VILNIUS @ XI20
20.  ROSTOCK @ the rostocker wagenplatz to be confirmed
21. HAMBURG @ Gängeviertel 
22. OLDENBURG @ kill the plastic smile festival

upcoming gig in Čakovec, Croatia

when?...........16.08.2017., Wednesday
where? Prostor, Čakovec
who?.............PATH OF CESTODA dark hc screamo, Ka
                      MIDNIGHT CLIMAX hc punk, Zg
                      U.B.T. raw hc punk, Zg
                      STAINED HAND powerviolence, Ka
entrance?.......15 kn

SEVERED HEAD OF STATE in Kraljevo (Serbia) 2003 gig report by Vojkan

 there is an interesting gig report written on Diy Conspiracy webzine about Severed Head of State gig when they were playing in Kraljevo back then in 2003.. nice reflection of how things on diy hc punk scene worked back then in small, with war stricken country..
go read it HERE..

Wednesday 2 August 2017

upcoming gig in Varaždin, Croatia

                                              when?............05.08.2017., Saturday
                                              where?...........Ulica Krste Hegedušića 60, Varaždin
                                              who?.............U.B.T. raw hc punk, Zg
                                                                   ZVGATOR metal, Čk
                                                                   BKD oi punk, Vž
                                                                   CROWD CONTROL thrash metal, Vž