Wednesday 31 January 2024

APSURD interview for Out of the Darkness #10 fanzine

you wasn't able to read some interview here for ages, right!?.. well I completely lost any will and enthusiasm for making them but I always like to read some here and there.. the other day I accidentally stumbled upon this one on Out Of The Darkness site with good hardcore punk band from Belgrade - Apsurd, which appeared somewhere around 2017/2018 with a bang out of nowhere hitting us with their interesting and pretty original, on one hand fresh and energetic sound but at the same time heavily influenced with darkness of primitive hardcore and punk from ex-yu area from 80s or early 90s period.. they dominated the whole region shortly after with numerous gigs and mini tours, they released two records, one on tape and second as collection of two EPs on one full length LP vinyl, both released on Zagreb based label Doomtown Records.. after this initial "hype" around them and right as they were supposed to conquer the whole Europe (they were already confirmed for the later canceled edition of K-Town Festival in 2020 and had invitation for USA tour, as well in their pockets) they kinda disappear and can be seen only on some local gig from time to time, pretty much as many other bands during these fcking covid era and infamous lockdown that hits us few years ago, so I found this interview as interesting reading and good reminder on them.. also with looking forward to hear some news from them in the nearest future.. 
interview was originally published in 10th issue of Out of the Darkness 'zine (March 2021) and is on Serbian, unfortunately for all of you which don't speak or understand it, but hey, if you're curious enough you can always try with some online translator..
Osećaj je mnogo dobar, kao što sam rekla odrastala sam uz kasete i ploče i napokon dočekala da imam ploču svog benda. Da, nažalost virus i ploča su stigli u isto vreme tako da je osećaj slatko-gorak jer sve što je trebalo da se desi sa izlaskom ploče je odloženo i sada smo, kao i cela planeta, u najgorem periodu neizvesnosti, da li će se stvari vratiti u normalu ili prisustvujemo velikoj promeni kada se “stari” život bukvalno čupa iz korena.
- listen Apsurd here:

Monday 29 January 2024

KORIDOR - Kroz Pukotine - LP will be out soon and is ready now for pre-order!!!

first full length material of Zagreb's finest dark post punk band Koridor will be out soon and is now available for pre-orders from Doomtown Records.. for more info about it read text below from Doomtown crew..

The long-anticipated full length album from Croatia's best kept secret brings nine bleak anthems full of hypnotic and repetitive feedback driven post-punk influenced by the 80s ex-Yu punk scene.
The dramatic vocals, ranging from yelling and shouting to spoken word, are accompanied by a procession of razor sharp guitar riffage, punchy bass and tight drumming all culminating into the bleak punk record that doesn't shy from some of its influences, one of which is definitely GRČ's cult dark punk album "Sloboda Narodu".
There's also something in the sound that reminds us of the death rock witchcraft CHRISTIAN DEATH's RIKK AGNEW managed to pull off on their classic Only Theatre of Pain, but at the same time we must mention PADKAROSDA, a fairly recent band whose legacy sneaked from Budapest into Zagreb's DIY rehearsal basements. Don't sleep on this amazing record, it's huge!
The band already toured the USA with the NAG and are one of the most hard working bands with their members currently involved in some other bands like THE CELETOIDS, INDIKATOR B and DEZINFORMACIJE.

Limited to 500 copies, 400 on black and 100 on white vinyl.
Each copy includes a risographed insert and screenprinted A2 poster.

Artwork by Aki.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nikša Eršek.
Vinyl master by Will Killingsworth, Dead Air Studios.

Vinyl will be ready to ship on 21st February.

Pre-Order LP here:

Preview 3 songs here:


Recently we switched from selling stuff on Bandcamp to Bigcartel so we wanted to make sure you know where to get our stuff so that why you ended up on this mailing list.
Some latest releases like CRNA ŽUČ CS repress, PARNEPAR CS represses as well as KPAX 12" and LEFT TO STARVE 12" are down to some last copies, same goes for MURO flexis and other AUTSAJDER PRODUKCIJA and COSMIC BROOD releases. Tons of other goods (vinyl, tapes, books, zines, shirts) added to the distribution too!

Saturday 27 January 2024

FILTH OF MANKIND - The Final Chapter 2xLP is out soon!!!

re-issue of this iconic masterpiece, one of or maybe even the best crust album in history is almost ready and available for pre-orders on Ruin Nation Records.. it's actually not only re-release of "The Final Chapter" album but also some bonus tracks are included, those from "Czas Końca Wieku" 7" and two extra tracks previously unreleased on vinyl which makes this release as decent and well deserved discography of the band..

"An legendary classic of 90'ties Polish CRUST is finally back in black. FILTH OF MANKIND not only took their name from an early MISERY song but also managed to put a ton of more heaviness on top of the already crushing MISERY sound and developed a soundtrack of moody, ultra heavy and atmospheric CRUST with heaps of Death Metal. The impending doom was never put into a crust punk album with more accuracy. Now, after more then 16 years since it's last vinyl reissue, this masterpiece is finally available again faithfully remastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

F.O.M. formed in Gdansk, Poland in 1996 and only recorded the 7" and the album before the classic line-up folded in 2001 with members parting ways to concentrate on new projects. Just one of them being the mighty MORNE from Boston,USA. A version of F.O.M. continued for a few years but never recorded anything during that period. Michał and Pawel "Balon" went on to form DEATH CRUSADE who are also still active today.

The Lyrics, all sung in polish, dealing with poverty, repression, racism and exploitation all wrapped into a dark vision of the impending apocalypse caused by capitalism and warmongers alike. Nothing that is all news but also nothing that has resolved over the years. - The album features an insert with translations into English.

Vinyl copies of this Discography double album come in a heavy Gatefold-sleeve with Insert Poster and an etched D-side, featuring a design by Hillarie Jason.

Tracks 1-8 originally released as "The Final Chapter" (2000) originally released by TRUJACA FALA, HG FACT, DEVIL MACHINE and BLACK WATER RECORDS. Tracks 9-12 originally released as "Czas Końca Wieku" 7" (1999) by SCREAM RECORDS. Tracks 13-14 previously unreleased on vinyl.

All tracks recorded at Radio Gdańsk Studios by Roman Dmowski.
All tracks mixed and mastered by Roman Dmowski & F.O.M.
Everything remastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, 202"

Thursday 25 January 2024

MATRAK ATTAKK February 2024 gigs..

just a few gigs Matrak Attakk will play this February, warming up for South American tour!..
awesome poster, btw..

23.02. - @ cafe Nocturna, Hasselt (Belgium)

24.02. - @ Frost Punx Picnic, Mülheim (Germany)

25.02. - @ Centre Culturel Libertaire, Lille (France)

Wednesday 24 January 2024

upcoming gig in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


when?................27.01.2024., Saturday
where?...............AG Club, Sarajevo
who?..................SMRT RAZUMA hc punk, Cro/Ser
                           MOCA I BIZNISMENI punk, B&H
entrance?...........10 KM 

upcoming gig in Belgrade, Serbia


what?.........................benefit gig for SAWA fest
when?........................27.01.2024., Saturday
where?.......................AKAB Okretnica, Belgrade
who?..........................NABLA hc punk, Ser
                                   NAGON hc punk, Ser
                                   KPAX hc punk, Ser
                                   URLIK punk, Ser
                                   VRŠNJAČKO NASILJE punk, ser

Monday 22 January 2024

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia


when?................26.01.2024., Friday
where?...............Klaonica squat, Zagreb
who?..................BIBLE THROWER crust punk, Cro
                           STARVATION crust metal, Cro
                           KILLING YIELD hc punk, Cro
                           VLKN hc crust metal, Hun
entrance?............7 €

Sunday 21 January 2024

SMOG / ERGOPHOBIA - Paran​ö​id Visions - split 10" is out!!!

awesome little split by two, we can say crust "super groups", on one side Smog (with members from Disease, Angza, Last Legion Alive, Serial Pissers, Silence Means Death, etc) from Belgium/Macedonia and on the other Ergophobia (members from Visions Of Wars, Voidfiller, Pokol, etc) from Germany/Belgium is out and available on numerous diy labels like Up The Punx, Rawmantic Disasters, Romantic Songs, Death Trap, Aspects Of Noise just to name a few...
from Smog part of this split there are 5 trax of total Disclose and Japan raw punk d-beat worshiping which means fast, chaotic, distorted, loud and straight into your face message that dis nightmare will never end.. and from Ergophobia you'll get even six songs of brutal mix of crust core and raw punk, more in 90s euro style, with angry, multiple male/female vocals.. 
anyhow, it is one more interesting record which proves how diy punk community is connected and well organized, no matter if you look at the bands whose members are from different countries or at numerous labels from all around the Europe which were co-releasing this.. and did I mention that Smog's recordings were mastered in Japan!?.. so support it if you can by buying your own copy..
and for online streaming, two songs from Smog side you can check: HERE
and Ergophobia side is basically first 6 songs from material you'll find: HERE
and for full version on youtube go say thanx to Billy .Crustie

Saturday 20 January 2024

NUCLEAR ALTAR - new song "Ustanak" from rehearsal..

new song by Nuclear Altar from Požega, Croatia named "Ustanak" (Uprise O.E.) from their rehearsal.. with some Doom-ish vibes..



Wednesday 17 January 2024

FLOWER - Heel of the Next/Physical God 7" is out!!! + euro tour 2024

well, this is brilliant!.. Flower one of the best current crust punk bands out there, which shook worldwide diy punk community like massive earthquake, about a year ago with their outstanding debut full album "Hardly A Dream" which was released on Profane Existence now have a new material, a 2 song EP which is available on their bandcamp and also like pre-order for 7" vinyl record which will be released very soon on band's own label Peace Of Mind records in the US and on Fight For Your Mind in Europe.. both songs are, as expected real crust punk bombs in veins of Nausea, Sacrilege, Antisect and the likes..
and there are even some better news, they will be touring Europe this year in August/September and among others will visit Croatia, something which was hardly a dream just few months ago now slowly becomes a dream come true, hehe, really looking forward to this one and hope everything will be as planed and will actually happen.. can't fckn wait!.. until then go check it on bandcamp or youtube and play it loud and I mean really loud!..



Friday 12 January 2024

GUTTERSKULL - Chthonian Moribund Sovereign - new demo is out now!!!

new demo by Gutterskull, a one man project from old indestructible diy warrior Kktz is out and available on bandcamp.. he continues with this, not so common but surely interesting, mix of raw d-beat music and black metal vocals which results in pretty specific, primitive old school black metal punk sound which you'll like the same, no matter if you are metalhead or dis punk worshiper.. this time only 5 songs with grim and dark lyrics on such we are already used to from him, even names of the songs speaks enough for themselves, also some of them brings back some old memories, at least to me because even it's maybe not so known fact but Gutterskull from its beginnings continues from where one older primitive hardcore band of Kktz called Propast ended (shortly lived from 2011-2013) and I'll give you out a little secret, 3 songs from this demo: Corpses, Pastilend Breath and Dead are actually old Propast's songs..
sound and production on this one is great, somehow more similar to the earlier GS releases, the d-beat punk side maybe comes out more to expression (which is always a plus to me, because I'm not known as some big fan of black metal) and here again the whole thing sounds more as actual band is playing unlike on latest demo "Coldness of the Bunker" which was good but I didn't like it as much as other releases..
anyhow it's a short but killer demo and I can't wait to hear this on cassette, hope there will be some.. until then go visit GS bandcamp page and destroy your speakers with some black punk filth..

btw, it looks as Kktz is active as hell lately with his solo projects (besides GS, also with Talog and Tenebrositas) putting out tapes, CDs and even LPs, also his full line up band Nuclear Altar is back from the dead with few gigs done in last couple of months and some are still in plan, also he is hitting us every a while with those already recognizable and characteristic for him dark, minimalist and simple but terrifying and effective artwork which I was always fan of and all that are some great news.. so for more info about his work and stuff check out Olden Sonorities blog..