Saturday 8 January 2022

NAUSEA live 1991 eu-rope - video


de si ti bil devedestprve!?..

live @ D.K. Ariadna, Lodz, Poland 14.05.1991.

live @ MKNŽ, Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia 12.05.1991.

live @ Simplon, Groningen, Holland 24.04.1991.

live @ Villa Roller, Waiblingen, Germany 21.05.1991.

live in Brno, Cezch Republic 16.05.1991. (audio only)

live @ Parkhof, Alkmaar, Holland 27.04.1991. (audio only)

"...To coincide with the record release, we embarked on a month long European tour. The tour was a success and we got to headline with many amazing European bands and also open for the legendary, D.O.A. The album was doing very well too and to this day, remains the number one selling album from Profane.

In Europe, the atmosphere was extremely political (especially in Berlin during May Day!), so we felt unity and friendship right away from all the local punk/hardcore community. The interviews we did were filled with intense questions on our political stance, that at times, I was even left speechless. The shows we played over seas were packed and were sometimes held in these grand marble buildings they called “squats”!!! Boy, did NYC have a lot to learn! We had the opportunity to play concerts in all the usual countries like Holland, Germany, Austria, Norway, Denmark and also the Eastern parts of Europe like Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary.

During 1990 and 1991, we recorded the ultra-heavy, super-dirgey, “Cybergod” single on Allied Records, did numerous compilation tracks for Maximum Rock and Roll, Allied, and Vermiform and did a great tour of the west coast with a great band from O.C. , California called Glycine Max. The both of us had the chance to play with so many bands we loved at the time like Neurosis, Final Conflict, Mindrot, and Asbestos Death. We then went on our second European tour for over two months and played incredibly packed gigs. We even did a couple of shows in Poland and Germany with our friends from New York, the Radicts! On that trip, we brought Dan Siskind, our tour promoter, and Jim Martin (roadie extraordinaire, former singer for ConnecticutÕs Malachi Crunch and now current vocalist for Broken). With them and the five of us in a single extended van, packed with equipment, you can imagine the vibe to be both fun and very tense! Sacrificing the final leg of the tour, we missed out on playing Barcelona, England, Ireland and Scotland (the UK part of the tour was with bands that we were obsessed with like Antisect, Oi Polloi, Extreme Noise Terror and Zygote).

Upon our return, we recorded the “Lie Cycle” 7″single on Al’s “Graven Image Records” label and soon disbanded after that. Things usually end up that way, no matter how well youÕve gotten along in the past. Four of us even lived together for a short time!

But left behind is a small legacy of bands covering our songs on their records, countless t-shirt bootlegs and live CD bootlegs we have encountered. It still feels incredible knowing the impact and influence we’ve had on bands, fans and thinking in general. Even though we knew we were definitely entertainers (well we obviously knew no one would hear our message if we sucked!), our mission as punk activists were passionate and sincere."