Thursday 22 December 2016

EXISTENCH are active again!..

so it seems that legendary Canadian grinders Existench are active again.. after releasing split with Skunk in 2015, which also flew by my radar, to be honest, they are back with new material.. this time without Amanda, just Gerald and Derek doing and recording all the stuff.. they have new release, a split with Deboned on interesting Poland grindcore label Everydayhate in colobration with few other labels which sounds pretty great, you can check it out on edh bandcamp or on existench bandcamp with few more bonus tracks.. also there is an interview with them on edh blog, go, go, go for it!..

Wednesday 21 December 2016

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?..........................................................................30.12.2016., Friday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?............................................................................AKTIVNA PROPAGANDA street hc punk, Slo
                                                                                    FINAL APPROACH hc, Slo
                                                                                    ANTI SLAUGHTER punk crust grind, Slo

Tuesday 20 December 2016

PERONOISEPORA January 2017 euro tour (need help)

"some gigs are cancelled,, some new gigs are confirmed.. if you can help somehow, feel free to contact us in facebook inbox or on if you can't, at least share this photo!! thanx for support :)"


just recently I found out about this webzine.. you can read there a lot of quite interesting stuff, not only focused on scene and hc punk but also on movies, literature traveling, etc.. (it reminds me a lot on Helly Cherry when it's about the content).. it's mostly on croatian, except some interviews which are on english.. probablly the most interesting thing for me is a series of posts about Čakovec's hc punk scene in the past, mostly things that the author experienced as he was part of that scene and I already before heard some of those stories, some even experienced by myself 'cause then was my beginnings in hc punk and Čakovec is pretty close to the place I live..
to cut it short, as I already mentioned it's focused on variety of things so I'm sure you'll find something interesting for yourself.. go check it here:

Monday 12 December 2016


finally some good news.. Nuclear Altar are back with new line up but with the same crushing d-beat styled crust.. looking forward to see/hear more of them..

"Endless terror, cruelty and gore..
Constant distruction..
Screams of hatred and deadly greed..
Constant distruction.."

Friday 2 December 2016

KONTATTO "Fino Alla Fine" - upcoming new LP

Kontatto are preparing a new, 3rd full length album which will be released on vinyl by Agipunk records in February.. artwork for it is again made by Stivart and music is also already recognizable d-beat crust machine.. when you are waiting for it check out the title track on their bandcamp which they published exactly a month ago..

Thursday 10 November 2016

upcoming gig in Novi Marof, Croatia

when?................13.11.2016., Sunday
where?...............Stara škola, Novi Marof
who?.................GIZ MEDIUM acoustic punk, Fra
                         + vegan diner from 18:00 h
entrance?...........15 kn

Wednesday 9 November 2016

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?...........21.11.2016., Monday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?.............ALTERCADO crust, Chi
                     MISA HISTERICA crust, Chi
                     SEREŠ punk, Slo

Monday 7 November 2016

PIZDA MATERNA live @ Gromka, Ljubljana 15.10.2016. - video

what an opening, I get goosebumps every time I play this video.. simply great.. enjoy.. thanx to rafal crew..

Friday 4 November 2016

DISBAJA - Smoke And Mirrors

after some line up change (new drummer) Disbaja are recording a new material.. can't wait to hear the whole thing.. for now here is one new song, enjoy..

Wednesday 2 November 2016

long time no read..

hmm, today is exactly two months since last post here, that wasn't supposed to happen.. some, I can say life changing things have occurred over those past months to me, my closest friends and some people I know.. some really nice moments and a lot of joy but also some not so nice with a lot of worry, stress, etc., but everything is calming down right now and I think I will finally be able to catch some time for this monster..

in meantime there also was some events for which I'm very sorry that I missed them and that are in 1st place Pizda Materna gig in Ljubljana and then there was one gig in Novi Marof regarding 20th anniversary of Rock in Marof, not maybe something interesting bands but it's the event I attend to a lot in the past years and there wasn't never really about the bands but about the people and atmosphere.. interesting those two were held on the same day and I was on third place.. also there was few more interesting gigs but because above mentioned things, work obligations, etc I missed them all..

okay, soon you can expect here some news, one or two zine reviews and one special record review, maybe already little outdated material but who cares, really!?..

Friday 2 September 2016

WARWOUND Balkan tour 2016

- Sept 15 Budapest, Hungary- DRRNPC

- Sept 16 Novi Sad, Serbia- Drustveni Centar

- Sept 17 Zagreb, Croatia- Klaonica squat

- Sept 18 Ljubljana, Slovenia- Gromka

- Sept 19 Pula, Croatia- Monte Paradiso

Friday 26 August 2016

few upcoming gigs..

today in Klaonica squat in Zagreb will be hosted by one really interesting folk punk crust band or as they are calling their music "thrash grass" from Huston DAYS N' DAZE..
in last few years there were various folk punk bands/musicians touring this our area but nothing good as this one.. after a little bit of research on youtube I found out that there are few other bands plying in the same style, some even share members from Days n' Daze and all are pretty good and interesting..
crew from Klaonica are also preparing some antisport actions like punk ping pong and table football before the gig..

on 31st August in Gromka, Ljubljana comes SWORDWIELDER from Sweden, good stenchcore crust band strongly influenced with Amebix, D. Instinct and the likes.. something newer band but I think already well known.. as a support there will be HAZARDER from Croatia, also already well known band in this area with similar influences as folks from Sweden but in something more sludge/doom tone..

MOB 47 and PAKT are touring the Balkans from 2nd 'till 4th of September and will be playing at following
places: MKNŽ, Ilirska Bistrica
            BAZA, Novi Sad
            AKC Attack, Zagreb


7th Antifa festival in Mostar will be held on 3th of September.. it's already traditional fest with all day program, a lot of distros and of course concert part at the evening.. this year with bands: CATARZA, GLOVES OFF, PERONISEPORA, MOCA I BIZNISMENI and SPRING FALL SEA..

melodic hc punk gig for the end of summer..
AKC Attack, Zagreb
damage: 30kn

that's all for now.. british punk crust veterans Warwound will tour this part of Europe (Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Croatia) in 2nd part of September but about that some info will follow soon..

Friday 19 August 2016

let's bring some noise... pt. 4

okay, this time not your requests but some stuff I listened to those couple of last months.. I'm not some music critic or I don't know what, so I don't feel like it to write review for some random stuff which I don't listen usually.. and of course this is my blog so I want here stuff that I like.. some of these are newer releases and more actual and some are maybe already forgotten but I discovered them lately so here they are..
let's go!..

RASH - ...Gorelandia [2002] (tape) 
Rash is crust punk band from Mexico but not classic crust punk, they are sometimes melodic, sometimes slow but on the most of the parts punkish riffs and drums hits you like fast train while vocals (one shouted and the other screamed) are more into crust/hc style.. just imagine a clone from Sin Dios and some more modern filthy crust like Antimaster for example but all packed in that 90's/00's atmosphere..
anyhow, great combination and I like it a lot, they are constantly on my playlist for last few months and didn't get boring at all.. don't know anything about the band, can't find any info about them on the net, except that this is their tape from 2002.. 15 songs which are pretty catchy and I'm sure they will crawl under your skin very fast if anything else then because that they are shouted on Spanish which sound so good when it's about this kind of noise.. the download folder includes scans of cover with some info about the band and some lyrics.. considering my "fluent" understanding of Spanish I would say that the lyrics are socially engaged and talk about the life of the individuals, about some life choices, elitism on the scene, etc... link is from great Terminal Escape blog so go say thanks for this gem there..

DISBAJA - Realm of Absurd [2015] (CD)
to me, Disbaja is one of the best bands currently from this area, I was so positively surprised when 1st time heard about them because there aren't many bands like this one here lately.. after their rehearsal demo they went to already well known studio Depth and recorded this EP in December of 2015, put the material on bandcamp, which is later published on CD this current year..
in short furious, fast and raw d-beat punk with shouted vocals inspired by Varukers, Discharge and the likes and with just enough "balkan touch" to make it more interesting and original.. songs like Fog of Lies, Saboteri (Mladosti) and In Circle of Deaf are instant hits and the others are not far behind.. lyrics are short, on english except Saboteri (Mladosti) which is on croatian and they deal with, I can say, standard for the genre topics.. 
if you'll like this don't miss the chance to see them live somewhere 'cause this is whole new, even better experience with so much of energy.. in the meantime they get new vocalist and now they sound even mightier and better in my modest opinion.. 

PAKT - Aural Noise Annihilation [2014] (tape)
Pakt is one more band which absolutely delighted me when I 1st time heard of them a year ago or something like that.. I've always listened those, mostly american raw hc and noise punk bands like Atrocious Madness, Lebenden Toten, Cervix, etc. and I knew that here aren't so many people who actually like this kind of music so I didn't even expected that here we will have some even similar band but then in neighboring Slovenia this monster was born..
Aural Noise Annihilation is their debut recordings which still wait for physical release on tape, if I'm not wrong.. 8 fast and short tracks of great raw hardcore in d-beat style, in not so extreme way like above mentioned bands but there can be some parallels drawn like if in nothing else then definitely in m/f vocals where female one is distorted/echoed similar as in this noise punk way.. they sing in 3 different languages (slovenian, english and spanish) and lyrics are about self-destruction, capitalism, not so promising future etc...
in short, really great material, to me they are at top 3 bands lately and I can't stop repeating this on their bandcamp page.. also I strongly recommended to find footage of few their live shows on youtube, they sound great..

BOMBARDEMENT - Demo [2016] (tape)
Bombardement is new d-beat crust act from France but with already experienced members who was/are in bands like Gasmask Terror, Warning//Warning, etc. and this is their demo tape released in May 2016.. we talk here about classic d-beat crust band, not those noisy one but more like early Discharge influenced with simple guitar riffs but twisted, short solos in every song, d-beat drumming, some melodic parts here and there in traces, great female vocals, pretty fast and pissed off just as it should be.. demo consists of 8 songs including Meanwhile cover..
this is actually pretty good, no wonder I repeatedly listen to this for months already.. go get it here:

KUSTA PÄSSÄÄ - Demo [1998] (tape)
this one is something older but it's really great.. I didn't ever heard about those Brazilians before, also don't have any info about their other records, possibly this is the only one, released back then in 1998..
music is crust/grind with maybe some powerviolence parts here and there, with multiple vocals (3, if my ears still serve me well).. if I didn't read before listening that they are from Brazil I wold say they are some east european band from 90's where this kind of noise was quite popular in that time.. there are 8 songs including "Suffer" Napalm Death's cover and "Bullshit Tradition" by Dropdead in all together 8-9 minutes so maybe you can get some picture.. I would point out songs Valor and Gasolina which are real gems and catchy as fck..
yes, it's short but powerful, angry and furious so it will force you to repeat this over and over again 'till you collapse of  exhaustion.. fond this few weeks ago on great Terminal Escape and I can't describe how things like those when I found out for some obscure band which is so damn good makes me happy.. give it a try here:

LOŠ PRIMJER - Slikovnica [2015] (online)
okay, I have a confession to make... if you're at least little known to this blog you already know my music taste but here is one band which I listen and follow their work from very beginnings of my hc punk career and they don't really fit in all those hc crust story but they are always somewhere close to me among all this noise.. Loš Primjer are melodic punk band with some thrash or heavy metal influences, I know it's pretty unusual combination but seek for yourself if you don't believe me.. they exist since far away 1997 and this is their third studio album released in December 2015..
the whole album is made like some story (Slikovnica means color book) so everything starts with Buđenje (Awekening o.e) as the intro which starts in very low volume and slowly becomes louder and louder towards the end.. and last song is called Nedovršena Priča (Unfinished Story) which ends just like unfinished and that's the thing that gives some special feel to complete album.. there are 9 songs in total with lyrics on croatian except one which is on english and that's already kind of tradition, they have one song on english on every album, and those lyrics are, beside pretty much original sound, the best part of this band.. I can't explain this, like sometimes they seems a little bit naive (you know what kind of lyrics were band having before all this nuclear war/apocalypse shit) or something but actually are brilliant, sincere and such good reflection of society we live in..
songs like Čudna Ljubav, Malo je Sunca and Čekam Dan you already can get to know well from their recent live shows even before this was released and others like Fatamorgana Ekrana, Nišan and Očima Djeteta just wait to become hits.. Loš Primjer isn't band which will record 5 albums in two years but they have story and style from which they didn't move much all those past years and that's the fact I like and respect the most..
for now, there isn't physical release of this, yet but some rumors about some vinyls like LP exists so there are nothing to do then wait for it and until then go listen it here:

VOID FORGER / VVVLV - split EP [2016] (7'')
link for this split I get a while ago (it's released in April) in e-mail and even if I'm not really fan of this kind of music this is actually pretty good, especially for cold rainy days and I must admit this one makes me company many times during last few months.. both bands are from Romania and has similar but still different style and both are represented with one song in duration of about 6 min..
on Void Forger side is song named Excess Collapse and it starts with dark and slow sludge grinding, then becomes something faster more in some stenchcore/death metal tempo and then again all falls into doom/sludge full of despair..
on the other side, VVVLV with song Homo Economicus and they are also super dark and slugy, but in overall they sounds to me somehow more crust and the end of the song is better when they pretty speeds up things and inserts some black metal parts..
in short - greasy, dark and full of despair sludge stenchcore by both bands, perfect if you're in the mood for such noise.. don't know if physical release exists yet but there are bandcamp link and it easily can be find on youtube..


Wednesday 17 August 2016

IN YOUR FACE no.19 12..08.2016. Ljetna pozornica, Nova Gradiška

In Your Face is organized already 19th time in a row and that is pretty fascinating number.. I wasn't there never before because it's not so close to the place I live and there weren't played some bands which interested me a lot to be honest, I remember few years ago Nonsense played there and that's pretty much it.. the point is I would not go this year neither but few days ago I exchange few e-mails with Axe (Hellback's vocal/guitar) when he said that this will probably be the last Hellback gig.. that was some sad news 'cause it's about definitely the best domestic band active at the moment to me, especially their live shows.. even I was pretty sure I won't go on this 'cause we were in Požega also on Hellback like a month ago , but then on the day of a gig I talked a little with Štakor and the deal has been made, we can't miss possibly the last Hellback's show..
it was one more road trip with just two of us (me and Š) like numerous times before when we sit in a car and drive on some 300 or more km distant places like Ljubljana, Požega or something like that and every time there is some special mood and atmosphere, heheh even we make financial suicide with gas money and sometimes with intoxication but in the end every time it was worth it..
again we didn't go by highway but we hit the "old" road, even if it takes a bit longer and it's something more complicate to get there but we love adventures...and resting stops in small local stores heheh..
this time we finally found the right way through Papuk mountain which is actually nature park and it has absolutely the best road I was ever driving.. numerous road bends, fresh asphalt and uphill of some 18%  in front of us while 5 Minutes to Steve (from legendary Tribute to our Parents comp.) was playing from the car stereo, just perfect.. if some car companies would know for it I bet they'll be recording commercials there.. hope that it won't come to that because nature is simply great.. it would be interesting to go on some bike ride there, that's for sure.. after we cross the Papuk again some smaller troubles with finding right way to N. Gradiška and we arrive there somewhere at 9:00 PM.. we found the place where gig was holding by the help of some youngsters we meet in local park..
first we notice how the place itself is really cool, it's big space situated between two large walls but with no roof and it's actually like a big yard on open.. the walls are apparently by some old prison and that's also interesting and give some special atmosphere at the place..
2nd thing was that there are mostly very young people, some new kids and Š said that we will be the oldest ones there, but hey that's cool, it's nice to see some young forces coming..
sometimes before we were already well known by asking locals where is the bar first but in recent time we always ask were do we can eat something, that was case now also so we go to the nearby fast food stand and eat probably the worst sandwiches ever..
shortly after we returned to the place, gig started and the 1st band was Ništa od Toga.. well we didn't watch them really but we drink some beers and exchange few words with folks from Požega, but they were playing like for ages and they slowly becoming a little annoying, so they took our attention.. in the announcement of the gig were stated that they play stoner/groove hc, but this was some rock pretty badly played.. not offense guys, but you must practice a lot more.. or it was maybe because I don't like this music style, I don't know.. I mean, the top of their show was when they were playing cover of Rage Against the Machine and that probably speaks enough itself..
after them the band because which we came there - Hellback.. before the gig we talked a little about like,for who will they played because honestly there wasn't some standard crew which usually go on Hellback's gigs, I'm wondering if someone of people there knew what crust is, heheh, and then just when I thought that they might play without will and indifferent, they started furiously and make one more great show.. even Axe has, in kinda ironically tone, repeating "thank you" between songs on week applause from the crowd, in their playing there wasn't any traces of indifference or something like that..
the opening was with already traditional intro and Prevara, Laž, later there was song about dead Milost for Vž. Toplice crew and after that Nikad se ne predajem (something like I never surender O.E.) cover of K. Apartman for Županja crew and that was maybe some hidden message, heheh, we allways get the songs about death.. of course they played Violation by State of Fear and Before Everything by Apatridi as well, same as all their own best songs.. I like the experiment with Nani's vocals on song Dvije Lubanje and one more, can't remember which at the moment when she sound kinda like those echoed vocals from mostly american d-beat, raw punk or noise bands.. and when they want to play the last song, it should be Nausea's cover I guess 'cause Axe announces it something like: " cover of one old band for which noone of you isn't heard of, so it isn't even matter", but on the insisting of the crowd they played Požegi.. I hoped that the last gig of Hellback won't end with this, let's say least dear song by them to me personally and luckily nevertheless they played Sacrafice by Nausea and that was just perfect way for their show closing.. I said already 1000 times but I will say once more - what a great band, such energy, everything, just great.. I'm happy as a little kid after every show by them..
after their show we talked a little bit more with Axe, get our Fight Back/Agathocles LP's and couldn't decide what we will do now.. we go to left the vinyls in the car shortly after Gužva u 16-tercu started playing and when we came to the car we decided that we are going home because we were already tired and it was pretty cold that night and we were in shorts.. and Gužva and Fakofbolan aren't bands for which I would wait on the cold although it wasn't bad if we stayed and see Fakofbolan to remember all the old hits..
towards the home we go through highway where there was really heavy traffic, some crazy new cars driving like 200 km/h, etc. so it wasn't enjoyable like driving there but we menaged to arrive home for some 2 and half hours, with two resting/coffee stops.. 1st one still on the Slavonian area where hundreds of people were sleeping in sleeping bags or blankets outside by the all those expensive, new cars.. it wasn't really clear to us who are they, are they immigrants or just tourists from some east countries who were going on the cost.. however everything looked like in some post apocalyptic movie, or at least like on some crust festival, hehe..
and the 2nd one was also interesting, the one closer to Zagreb (Ježevo if I'm not wrong) where is accommodation center for immigrants situated and also looks pretty scary in the night like some concentration camp with 10 meters high walls, barbed wire cameras and everything..
for the end.. it looks from this boring review that it wasn't some good fun, I don't know, maybe not the best atmosphere but honestly I don't remember when I was at some gig where everything was great, everything is strange and somehow fcked up lately, but if you ask me if it was worthy all the drive and everything else - yes it fckin was because every time when I see such a good band as Hellback is, it is worth of it.. that are things (among some others of course) for which I was living all those passed years and I do believe that also in the future such things will make me happy..
pictures are bluntly stolen from this page and are made by Nikola Knežević..

P.S. - after I finished this review and read it one more time it looks like the header of this post had to be "Hellback live at N. Gradiška" or something similar, which bring us to the fact that I only write here about Hellback and few other bands from Pž.. yes it's true and I don't run from that fact, I know that some people are bothered with that but hey, tell me which bands from domestic "scene" are there, are active and have anything with crust.. I can't think of any except Disbaja and they are half from Pž.. simply as that.. over and out..

Sunday 14 August 2016

upcoming gig in Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia

when?..........25.08.2016., Thursday
where?.........MKNŽ, Ilirska Bistrica
who?............WARSONG punk rock, Spa

upcoming gig in Velenje, Slovenia

when?..........................20.08.2016., Saturday
where?.........................klub eMCe plac, Velenje
who?...........................PIZDA MATERNA hc crust, Slo
                                  WITHIN DESTRUCTION brutal death metal, Slo
                                  CARNIFLIATE death metal, Slo

Saturday 13 August 2016

NO SANCTUARY festival 2016 - video

honestly, I don't go on festivals really at last few years nor do I have some need and will to go on them, I don't know maybe I'm too old, can't drink two or three days in a row, tickets are usually too expensive, etc. but this one (and Optimalinija / KAOS Panonia fest actually) had intrigued me pretty much at the beginning, some 6-7 months ago when there were announced 1st names of line up and the place of holding the festival.. let's be honest, even if you don't like big festivals when you hear about all those names of the bands at one place, if you're at least little into crust, your hart will start beating something faster for sure.. luckily I was working that weekend so I wasn't even tempted to go there, hehe, but as I see from some photos and videos all was organized and looked pretty well..

so thanx to subsite tv there are some live footage (every band represented with one song) for all of us fckers who wasn't there, also if you were there you were probably drunk and wasted so it's good opportunity to remember how the bands sound like those two days..

special recommendation: from the 1st day check out Mutabo on 34:30 and from the 2nd Disbaja on 4:44 (hey, what an incredible band), Stasis on 12:09, Misantropic on 31:00 and of course Fight Back on 29:13

Thursday 11 August 2016

TORSO live @ club Gromka, Ljubljana 02.07.2016. - video

for all of us losers who miss the chance to see them on this year's euro tour here's the video from gig at Gromka in Ljubljana.. thanx to R.A.F.A.L. crew..

Wednesday 10 August 2016

FIGHT BACK / AGATHOCLES - split LP is out!!!

so, this little piece of treasure is out on Neanderthal Stench records.. working class hardcore punk attack from Croatia and mince core legends from Belgium.. any other words are needless..
I'm impatiently awaiting my copy, and what are you waiting for!?.. go get it from here:

Tuesday 9 August 2016

upcoming gig in Nova Gradiška, Croatia

what ?..................IN YOUR FACE 19
when?..................12.08.2016., Friday
where?.................Ljetna pozornica, Nova Gradiška
who?....................FAKOFBOLAN street punk, Pu
                            GUŽVA U 16-tercu punk rock, Os
                            HELLBACK hardcore crust, Pž
                            NIŠTA OD TOGA stoner groove hc, NG
entrance?..............30 kn

maybe the last Hellback's concert ever, šmrc..

Tuesday 2 August 2016


friend ask me today if we go on Monteparadiso fest next weekend, can't go unfortunately (or luckily, heheh, depends on how you look at it and how good you know us two), although there is an interesting line up this year with Extinction of Mankind and Crude SS for example, but the most interesting for me will be Pizda Materna and I'm really sorry I will miss them.. about the thing that they will play some gigs this year I already wrote before but today I did small research and found out where you'll be able to see them till the end of the year, so check the poster for dates and places.. hope that I will catch them up in Velenje or Ljubljana..
also at their fejsbuk page you can check some live footage from their recent gigs (Izgubljeno Življenje from Kramp fest is simply rad as fck!)

Tuesday 12 July 2016


another 'zine from the author of IOSC with pretty much similar content, the same style, same format, same design so I don't know why there are two separated 'zines.. only thing that comes on my mind, maybe because WRIMTW is somehow more personally orientated or more emotional, at least if  we talk about last numbers (IOSC#17 and WRIMTW#7), I don't know how it was before 'cause I didn't read previous issues of WRIMTW..
on 20 A5 pgs written on croatian you can read interviews with Ben Merlis (Fields of Fire) and Eaglehaslanded, gig reports, few short columns and one text about ex and present loves, about falling in love, emotional relations, etc.. usually I like to read such personally spiced stuff but this I didn't find so much interesting, I don't know why..
about the style and it's looks, as I mentioned already before, everything is the same as in IOSC so if you are interested check it in previous reviews.. if I have to choose which one is better to me I would probably choose IOSC but anyhow I'm sure if you like IOSC you'll  also like this one..
available for the price of copying at:


Friday 1 July 2016

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?...............02.07.2016., Saturday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?.................TØRSÖ hc d-beat crust, USA
                         SHIV d-beat crust metal, Slo

Friday 24 June 2016

upcoming gig in Tuzla, B&H

when?...............................................27.06.2016., Monday
where?..............................................Caffe Galerija Bunt, Tuzla
who?.................................................SKIPLICKERS d beat punk, UK
                                                         DRY HEAVES garage punk, UK
                                                         UNTOLD thrash metal, B&H

Thursday 16 June 2016

future releases by Neanderthal Stench records

when I've seen this new flyer for upcoming releases on Neanderthal Stench yesterday I was thinking I'm dreaming or I'm just too drunk but I checked it today also and it seems it's true.. among few good bands (like Mutabo for example), few amazing (like Misantropic) there is one LP that put a smile all over my face and that is fckn FIGHT BACK / AGATHOCLES split!.. to be clear I'm not fan of some "special" releases, re-releases, etc., you know those which are getting pressed just because publishers and distributors are sure they will easily sell them, and to be honest there are many like those lately, especially when it's about crust releases on vinyl..
but if anything deserves to be put on vinyl then this is it, because there is story behind it and everything.. looking forward to this and I'm sure I will buy it when it comes out..
for more info about the plans and other of Neanderthal Stench check out here:

Wednesday 15 June 2016


here we have the latest number of Pajser Šmajser 'zine published in September 2015.. maybe the best way to describe this number is written on front page "you have seen it all before" but that doesn't mean that 'zine isn't good.. with already recognizable design (black and white, cut and paste style with a lot of black, like on frames of the pages, front/back covers, etc.) on 32 A5 pages you can find: info about Masakrist, Proslov, Disbaja, Third I and Pokolj, interview with Tenebrositas black metal project from Požega, one author's column, some lyrics and the biggest part in this issue takes the story in form of conversation by few local people sitting on bench in front of the local store, drinking beers which is their everyday routine, where they argue about some typical and already usual, for these area (the Balkans) themes about gay and war veteran rights.. story is actually good reflection of fckd up society we live in and the state of mind of some individuals which are actually in the majority of population here..
you can read it in less than hour and this is only minus in this number, maybe few more columns would fix the whole picture.. so maybe nothing new and special here but it's a fascinating thing that people still make 'zines today  so they for sure deserve some support and if you can go get it while there are any.. it's available for 10 kn at:


Wednesday 8 June 2016

upcoming gig in Požega, Croatia

I won't write any special announcements.. actions will speak more than any words, hehe.. so just the basics:

when?..........18.06.2016., Saturday
where?.........Tom klub, Požega
who?............HELLBACK hc punk crust Pž
                    FIGHT BACK hc punk crust, Pž
                    PROSLOV metal hc, Žu
entrance?.....20 kn

 see you on the battlefront!..

Tuesday 7 June 2016

Ljubljana: „Rog“ je napadnut, „Rog“ se brani!

Autor: M. A. (Abrašmedia)

Napad na Rog počeo je jutros u 3:15, kada je privatna zaštitarska firma Valina, uz odobrenje policije, upala u Rog, veoma agresivno postupajući prema ljudima koji su bili unutar kompleksa, usljed čega je par ljudi povrijeđeno. Već do 8 ujutru, oko 100 ljudi skupilo se u Rogu, te su postavljene barikade na ulazu i zaštitari su brzo bili opkoljeni.

Sigurno ste nekada čuli za Rog. Ne? Zapravo, sigurno ste nekada vozili jedan od bicikala Rog, proizveden u Tovarni Rog. Ukoliko niste, radi se o tvornici bicikala iz Ljubljane, koja već deset godina djeluje kao skvot. Zapravo kao jedan od glavnih kulturno-kreativnih prostora u gradu.

Rog je jedinstven prostor. U njemu djeluje preko dvadeset kolektiva i namijenjen je mladima i drugim generacijama, koji hoće djelovati, stvarati i eksperimentisati izvan birokratskih i tržišnih okvira. Sve aktivnosti temelje se na dobrovoljnom radu, neprofitnosti i dostupnosti.

Upravo radi svog tog potencijala, Zoran Janković, gradonačelnik Ljubljane, želi srušiti Rog. Namjera Jankovića i opštine Ljubljana (MOL) je prekinuti bogat program i aktivnosti, deložirati trenutne korisnike, te srušiti sve zgrade osim glavne. Kranji cilj im je gentrifikacija grada, njegovo prilagođavanje turistima i tržištu.

Napad na Rog je počeo danas, tj. jutros u 3:15, kada je privatna zaštitarska firma Valina, uz odobrenje policije, upala u Rog, veoma agresivno postupajući prema ljudima koji su bili unutar kompleksa, usljed čega je par ljudi povrijeđeno. Već do 8 ujutru, oko 100 ljudi skupilo se u Rogu, te su postavljene barikade na ulazu i zaštitari su brzo bili opkoljeni.

Oko 11 sati došlo je do naguravanja sa zaštitarima, koji su nakon toga napustili Rog. Možemo reći da je prva bitka dobijena, no borba se nastavlja.

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