Wednesday 1 December 2010

CRUCIAL ZINE! #6 fanzine

here we have 6th number of zine coming from Cambridge, UK.. one more which is published in paper form, today when there are less and less paper zines..
in this issue you can find interviews with Magrudergrind and The Afternoon Gentlemen, a gig report, Australian scene report, one-sentence reviews of war movies and records, full length reviews, some news - the funny ones and some serious about books and zines + some articles about music, football, etc, and great comic (which you can see below).. all that spiced with a dose of dark humor..
I have the impression that this zine rejects some fixed standards about what content must be represented  in a punk zine so if you want more relaxing and not so usually zine for reading this is for you..
zine is free of payment so if you find yourself on some gig in Cambridge there is a chance that you get your real copy for free, and for others here is the download link with its PDF version..
number #7 is almost done and could be out soon, so check the zine blog here..

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