Tuesday 31 July 2018

V/A - DIS IS MALMÖ 2018 compilation LP out on Not Enough label

Dis Is Malmö 2018 is LP compilation, as the name itself suggest, of raw punk and d-beat crust bands from Malmö, Sweden released already some 2 months ago on Not Enough label.. I'm really enjoying it since then and still it didn't bored me so I got urge to share it here also with you, if you still haven't noticed it..
16 interesting bands with, if I got this part right, brand new songs especially for this comp.. to me personally the best and probably the most known bands featured here are Voidfiller, Ursut, Crutches and Lautstürmer but others are also great and most likely in the nearest future there will be heard of them..
great name, great artwork (once again by Steve of War) and great bands are good reason to support Not Enough and give this comp a try at bandcamp where you can listen it for free and download or visit Not Enough web-shop where you can buy it, about what I'm seriously thinking..

Thursday 26 July 2018

VI D.I.Y. HC PUNK INTERMEZZO 27.-28.07.2018. Nigdjezemska, Zadar

Nije sve u reprezentaciji ima nešto i u radikalnoj pankčini. Nastavljamo sa šestim ljetnim intermezzom dvodnevnim neformalnim festivalom iz Nigdjezemske. Ove godine uz punk bendove imamo i elektro nastupe što je u jednu ruku osvježenje a u drugu ruku pomirenje da žanrovski subkulturna priča gubi na važnosti te nam ostavlja mjesta za kreativnost i povezivanje i sto nam je važno i praktično Uradi Sam/ DIY pristup.

27.7. PETAK

APSURD (hc punk, Beograd)
NO TRIVIA PEDDLERS (hc punk, Pula)
U.B:T. (hc punk, Zagreb)
NO NO INSTIGATOR (post punk, Zagreb)
PARNEPAR (post punk, Zagreb)
BESNI PACOV (hc punk, Zagreb)
DDR (punk rock, Zagreb)

28.7. SUBOTA

ZARKOFF (electro/post punk, Sisak)
IKONAL (ebm/industrial, Zagreb)
LATE DINNER (power electronics/melancholia, Zadar)
MAPALMA (hybrid club, experimental, Zagreb)


Crust Demos is active again..

if you maybe still didn't noticed (like me who accidentally found out about it just a few days ago) Crust Demos blog is active back again somewhere since May this year and all that after almost a year long pause.. in meantime there is a shitload of new stuff posted there, mostly lesser known bands and projects from all over the globe from Macedonia, Italy, Sweden to USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Indonesia and so on.. finest selection of d-beat crust, raw punk and stench core at its best, so go check it and say thanks to Billy for all the noise..

Monday 23 July 2018

BUKA I OTPOR festival 27.-29.07.2018., Jankomir forest, Zagreb


So we do it again! This time, on a different date, but with quite the same story. Without much discussing, more upgrades and surprises included, in the name of DIY!
We'll host again some foreign and local bands too, So, crust/grind lovers, don't worry even a minute, we'll feed you from the dark doom to the fastest grindcore!

LINEUP (until now):


Cancer Spreading (ITA) - stechcore/crust
Obscene Revenge (ITA) - street/punk
Mutogen (SRB) - grindcore/powerviolence
Krlja (HR) - grindcore/death metal
Stasis (ITA) - crust
Snoog (SLO) - black metal
Glista (SLO) - grindcore/death metal
War Engine (SRB) - hardcore/thrash metal
Hesperian Death Horse (HR) - post metal/black metal
Accident (HR) - fast'n angry punk

This time we'll come up with another stage, mostly with quality NOISE performances...


Anal sexecution
The Karmakumulator

+surprise guests
+cocktail bar

As every year so far, our noisy and resistant team assures you FREE CAMPING, WATER, VEGAN FOOD and most importantly, 0/24 BAR !!!

One day ticket 50kn
Festival ticket 70kn

GPS: 45°46'53"N 15°52'15"E


Sunday 22 July 2018

upcoming gig in Rijeka, Croatia

when?.............24.07.2018., Tuesday
where?............Podrum, Rijeka
who?...............SPEED!!NOISE!!HELL!! fastcore pv, Jap
                        GRAMPA punk black metal, Cro
entrance?.........25 kn


Saturday 21 July 2018

CC - interview for Skrutt Magazine

yes, there wasn't any interviews here on crucified freedom since forever, but here is a chance to read cool one with even more cool band - CC, hardcore punk from Zagreb made for one of the oldest zines from Sweden named Skrutt active since 84 and after 39 numbers of paper 'zine, from 2000 it's available only in online form.. if you are regular reader here then you're already known with CC and if you aren't then hurry up to read interview, put your volume up and press play here and here you go, you have a new favourite fast hc punk band!.. you're welcome!..

Saturday 14 July 2018

upcoming gig in Novi Marof, Croatia

when?...............16.07.2018., Monday
where?..............Stara Škola, Novi Marof
who?.................THE AFFECT HEURISTIC melodic punk, Sco/Bel
                          HEAD HONCHO melodic hc punk, USA
entrance?...........20 kn

Monday 9 July 2018

Tuesday 3 July 2018

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?....................04.07.2018., Wednesday
where?...................Močvara, Zagreb
who?......................GAZM hc punk, Can
                               CELL hc punk, Can
                               EKE BUBA speed punk, Cro
                               INDIKATOR B hc punk, Cro
entrance?...............30 kn