Friday 28 December 2012

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?.................................................6.01.2013., Sunday
where?................................................AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?...................................................LJUBIŠA SAMARDŽIĆ hcpunkcrust, Zg
                                                           PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE hcpunk, Zg
                                                           BAMOVI hcpunk, Zg
entry?..................................................minimum donation: 20kn

Wednesday 26 December 2012


The Villa Amalias squat has been an open political, cultural and social space, as well as a housing collective, for the past 23 years. In all these years there have been plenty of active groups in the squat including groups on theatre, concerts, musical studio, stained glass, kids’ space, dancing, foreign languages, computing, printing press, screenings, lending library, vinyl exchange – while the squat has also hosted plenty of political and cultural events by other groups. Apart from these activities inside its building, Villa Amalias has also contributed to the resolution of neighbourhood issues by participating in the residents’ assembly of Victoria square and by organising open, outward looking activities in the area – including open mic interventions, free markets, collective kitchens and kids’ events at the square.
In all these 23 years, the Villa Amalias squat has formed multiform qualities that reflected the equally multiform composition of the subjects and groups comprising it – and which in turn derive from the wider squat movement, from the Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian space and from the movement for class and labour antagonism. These qualities have materialised through the co-organising and participation in demonstrations, interventions and mobilisations concerning labour, antifascist and antiracist struggles; solidarity to persecuted squats, to migrants and persecuted comrades, to university and high school student struggles as well as the to struggles for the reclaiming of open, public spaces.

The squat’s building was abandoned since 1973 and it had been in a horrendous state. Since 1990, which is when it was occupied, it has stayed alive and maintained thanks to the financial contribution and personal work of the squatters themselves as well as all the comrades in solidarity.
The apparent owners of the building ( the municipality of Athens, which has has some enormous property wealth and the school buildings’ organisation) are both renown for cases of expropriation of private property and illegal declassification [of listed buildings]. The most extravagant case of such was the enormous Haragioni building at the junction of 3rd September and Ioulianou street, which turned overnight from a plot designated for the construction of a school building into a shopping mall.
In contrast to them, who see buildings and spaces as yet another arena for profit, the Villa Amalias squat and its activity is a concrete example of its premise for the creation of free social spaces that oppose financial exploitation of any kind; that are set upon anti-hierarchical, self-organised, solidarity and horizontal structures; that respect humans and support those at the bottom end of the calss pyramid, to which we also belong.
This is why the maintenance of the building, as mentioned above, is undertaken by the squatters and those in solidarity with them – in the last 4 years in particular, after the two murderous arson attacks that the squat received from para-statists, whether waged or not. These particular attacks caused gross material damage which nevertheless did not form an obstacle in Villa continuing its action. To the contrary, they boosted the morale of the people that comprise it. With the aid of all comrades, the facade of the building on the side of Cheiden Str was renovated while the restoration and further improvement of the building have commenced with the aid of architects and civil engineers.
The continued attacks are not the only ones that the project has been subject to in all these years. Due to its location but also due to its ideological values and political characteristics, Villa has oftentimes found itself targeted by the state and parastate alike. In all these attacks we always responded with our words, publicizing the events and propagandizing our positions and our beliefs through open social interventions.

On 20/12/12, at 7.00 am, men of the state security raided our Squat under the pretext of an investigation concerning “drugs” and “explosives”, following a supposed anonymous complaint. They arrested 8 people who were inside the Squat at the time, of which three were guests. They confiscated objects from the squat which the state security then used as evidence for the fabrication of charges including felonies and misdemeanors - charges that we reject. Especially when our felony acts are based on some empty beer bottles and on a tiny amount of petrol that was discovered next to the heater.
For us, this move is an explicit political choice by the state. At a time of financial and systemic crisis, the state launches an attack in all directions, degrading the life of those from below and trying to wipe out any cell of resistance and of creation of negation: this may translate in the botching of labour rights, in the promotion of racist ideals that contribute to a fascist turn of society, in the creation of conditions of insecurity aimed at us accepting the constant surveillance of our lives, or in the persecution and slandering of political spaces and subjects that rise against all the above.


Villa Amalias Squat
80, Aharnon Str. & Heiden

for more info at what happens with this squat lately visit occupied london here:

Thursday 20 December 2012

WASSERDICHT live @ Unterhund, Ormož (Slovenia) 9.06.2012. - video

"Wasserdicht is band formed in 1990.. they released two split LP's, in 1996 with punx Scuffy Dogs and in 2002 with crust/grind band Humanitar, as well as a split single with noisy hardore band Konstrukt (1996) and split mini CD with straightedge band FxPxOx (2003).. they also participated on numerous compilations (Preko zidova nacionalizama i rata, Unterhund Veselica, Europe in Decline, Rudi Rat vol 6, No Border Jam 4/5, Zrcalo Dehumanizacije...) and has appeared on numerous gigs in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany and Italy.. after a long break they recently returned to the scene.."

those vids are from their show on Compact Flatusss festival, on which, btw I was been and it was great fun.. this was their 1st live appearance after few years of hiatus..  found those videos here:


Wasserdicht/FxPxOx - split CD download here:

Wednesday 19 December 2012

SCHIZO #7, #8 fanzine

7th issue of this 'zine was published on September, 2011.. on 44 pages you can read interviews with Besthoven (mostly about their recent euro tour), Blanks 77, Buiten Gebruik, For Fuck Sake, Menace, Pistofficer and Stagebottles.. except those interviews there are also report from Buiten Gebruik/Spotlics euro tour, gig report, few articles about elitism on punk scene, about football where author is comparing football fans and supporters with d.i.y. punk scene and few more.. and for the end we have a tons of records and 'zine reviews.. the biggest news from the earlier issues is that in this one there is more author's articles and thoughts and less interviews which is commendable, in my opinion..

in number 8, which was released on May, 2012 we have interviews with bands Partiya, Toxik Ephex, Inner Equilibrium, Subcultural, Subalert and also with Really Fast records, then we have Belarus and Goiana (Brazil) scene reports, reviews, few articles and already familiar, from previous numbers, pool on the theme of Swedish bands.. all that on 56 pages.. at the end I must mention that the interviews in this 'zine going better, more detailed and interesting from every new number.. also thanx to Micke for mentioning this blog in his 'zine.. at Schizo blog you can download print or reading versions of those two numbers, same as previous ones or you can read them online..

Tuesday 18 December 2012

let's bring some noise... pt. 1

okay, it's time for a new section here on ..crucified freedom.. some bands send me links for their stuff, recently to write some reviews and put download links here on blog.. as I didn't have time and energy for that in last couple of months it takes whole eternity to comply with all the requests and e-mails and now there's a lots of that.. so from now on, every once in a while I will make posts such as this one with few words (not really proper reviews) about some releases wandered in my inbox..
apologies goes to bands who waited so long and message to all other bands which will send stuff - only bands playing hc/punk/crust and if their work is based on d.i.y. principles will be taken into consideration, that means no to all "alternative/modern metal/blah blah" etc. bands..

IMPORTANT: all materials and download links represented here are provided by the bands and they don't impersonate to any copyright infringements..

DEAD//BEAT - Tremors [2012] (tape)

“We are Dead//Beat, hardcore punk from Brooklyn. We’ve recently finished recording and producing our latest EP “Tremors”Well we started playing together a little less than a year ago with a hiatus when we were between drummers. When we first met Frank (our bassist) had no clue really how to play bass and kyle our drummer had never played punk rock before. we recorded a shitty demo a few months back and since then weve played dozens of shows and recorded Tremors. Most of the songs are politically or socially driven and our sound definitely stems from 80s hardcore roots.”
okay, here we have 9 songs + intro in about 9 minutes so you can already get some picture what is this about.. almost all songs are under 1 minute long.. music is mid tempo 80’s styled hardcore punk with aggressive and nervous vocal influenced from bands like, let’s see, Black Flag maybe.. don’t listen that kind of music often, so I can’t tell anything else but it’s clear that this is pretty decent 1st album by this young band.. on their bandcamp page you can also listen and download their demo recordings released in August of 2011..

TROPICAL YOUTH / DISPOR - split [2011]
split of two Brazilian bands and two different styles, but considering on lyrics with pretty much the same ideas and messages.. Tropical Youth plays fast thrashing hardcore and they are represented here with 5 songs.. on the other side, with 4 songs, Dispor are hardcore anarcho punk band in good old latin-american style, pretty raw sound, two vocal (male and female).. really nice record with two great bands which I haven't heard before.. in the file are included all the artwork, lyrics and their translations on english.. thanks to a member of Dispro who send me this link..

FRAGA - st [2011] (tape)
Fraga is anarchist hardcore punk band from Madrid, Spain formed in 2009.. this material is recorded in spring of 2011 and it's released as d.i.y. tape.. even 17 tracks of fast hardcore punk sung on Spanish with male/female vocals, I would say standard sound for such kind of bands just in this case little bit faster then it's usual..  in folder are included all the lyrics, translations and explanations, both Spanish and English..
for all other info visit their page at:

ZATIRO - Tod@s A La Calle [2012]
Zatiro is clasic hardcore punk band from Santiago, Chile.. they sing on their native language but from the title of the album which means "everybody to the streets" (at least I think, 'cause I don't speak Spanish but my instinct tells me that..) you can realize that they have anti-system messages.. 11 tracks in recognizable latino-american style with few guitar solos here and there even in some songs there can be spotted some d-beat crust influences in traces..

Monday 17 December 2012


"We are the Red and Black Umbrella Collective, a group of anarchists based in Cardiff, Wales, squatting an old pub on Clifton Street. Since the end of October 2011 we’ve worked hard to restore the derelict building and have opened our doors for gigs, workshops, film nights, people’s kitchen, prisoner support letter writing and language lessons. The social centre includes an info shop, free shop, radical library and bike workshop. This is just the beginning, and there is much more to come in the autumn of this year. 

We’ve had the police and landlord break in illegally, as well as visits from the fire fighters, arson police and South Wales Echo, who we told to fuck off because they’re a reactionary right wing newspaper. Despite all this, somehow we’re still here, and we intend to be here as long as possible.

The reaction to our presence on Clifton Street has been almost all positive. There is a strong sense of community on this street, and people seem to understand what we’re about. Nobody wants yuppie flats, and this pub closed down because of violence and drugs, these things offer nothing to the community and we are creating a space for a positive alternative."

57-58 Clifton st, Adamsdown, Cardiff, Wales CF24 1LS


Saturday 15 December 2012

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?................20.12.2012., Thursday
where?...............AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?..................DEKUBITUS nekrosevdahpunk, Zg
                          STIGMA crustcore, Zg
                          BRONZA thrashmetal, Zg

Friday 14 December 2012

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?.................21.12.2012., Friday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?...................LJUBIŠA SAMARDŽIĆ hcpunkcrust, Cro
                           AKTIVNA PROPAGANDA @streetpunk, Slo
                           PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE hcpunk, Cro
entance?..............5 euros


21.12.2012. Ljubljana (SI)
22.12.2012. Graz (AU)
23.12.2012. - - -
24.12.2012. Ghent (BE)
25.12.2012. Den Haag (NL)
26.12.2012. Aachen (DE)
27.12.2012. Duisburg (DE)
28.12.2012. Amsterdam (NL)
29.12.2012. Hengelo (NL).
30.12.2012. Berlin (DE)
31.12.2012. Hamburg (DE)
01.01.2013. - - -
02.01.2013. Leipzig (DE)
03.01.2013. Prag (CZ)
04.01.2013. Otrokovice (CZ)
05.01.2013. Ziar Nad Hronom (SK)
06.01.2013. Zagreb (HR)

Thursday 13 December 2012

upcoming gig in Gent, Belgium

collective from Belgium, bands from Croatia and Belgium and that all for infoshop in Serbia - real diy international solidarity action at its best!.. few days ago I received e-mail with info about this gig, so let's see what we have here...

when?........24.12.2012., Monday
where?.......Gent, Belgium (about the address you will be informed in time)
who?..........LJUBIŠA SAMARDŽIĆ hard core punk crust, Croatia
                  PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE hard core punk, Croatia
                  HOSTILIDADES metalized crust, Belgium
                  AGLIO crust, Belgium
                  + afterparty

In first days of January 2012, a big part of KRŠ, anarchist infoshop  
in Belgrade was burned to the ground, and fire left the other part
unusable and unrepairable.
KRŠ used to be a very important place for A//movement in that area,
serving as Anarchist library, peoples kitchen, free sleeping place for
travelers passing by or DIY bands on tour, temporary or (longer
period) roof over head for local homeless punks... ...and home of other
various DIY projects... even shelter for a street dog.
Many nice moments and benefit dinners happened there, and all of us
who ever visited that place keep it in nice memories, especially worm
and welcoming atmosphere.
 The lost of KRŠ was a big hit for all of us, but especially for the
locals leaving them without only place of that kind in that area.
But there is no time to repent. Recently a new house that should serve
as new infoshop is squatted, and allot of hard work is already done,
but still allot needs to be done. The hard economical situation in
Serbia makes it very hard to raise the money, and that is slowing down
the whole project.
So, we decided to do this simple act of solidarity in hope of razing
some money and supporting our friends and comrades who are still
fighting against authority and fascism in Serbian/Balkan extreme
Come by, eat with us, check the bands, or have some fun dancing with
us, and support the new infoshop in Belgrade.
Anarchy and solidarity // Over the walls of nationalism and war!!!


Wednesday 12 December 2012


"We are proud that we are reclaiming one of the many properties left empty throughout London by profit-hungry speculators or negligent local councils, and transforming it from a sight of dereliction and misery into a vibrant communal space.
The Colorama building in 44-50 Lancaster Street was built at the end of the 19th century and represents a landmark of Victorian light industrial warehouses. Throughout the years, they have seen a huge number of occupiers and modifications, firmly entrenching them in the local landscape. Yet, the Victorian character is to be lost forever with the dooming demolition of both Colorama buildings 44-50 and 52-58 Lancaster Street in favour of five-story-high luxury flats.

This is not an individual story, but part of a much bigger picture: Our libraries and community centres are being closed all around us, our parks are being sold off. We are being squeezed out of whatever social housing remains, and pushed out of rented properties by cuts to our housing benefit. In the face of such blatant theft of our space and homes by the state and private developers, the only response can be to take back what rightly belongs to us, the people, the communities, the neighbours. Especially in the area of Elephant & Castle, where massive processes of restructuring and gentrification [recent urban developments of people of the middle and upper classes ("gentry") driving out the lower and working classes in a neighbourhood] are on the way, squatting is an act of resistance in itself.
Some people may be worried about the legality or image of squatting. The law around squatting has indeed changed recently, but this only applies to residential buildings. Library Street is in a commercial property and we are not in any breach of any criminal law by being there. The issue of trespass remains a civil matter between us and the property owner.
It cannot be stated enough – visiting Library Street is not a crime!"

"The Library Street Community Centre inside the squatted Colorama building in Elephant and Castle and has been preparing to open for the use of the local community since it was occupied in September 2012.
The Space is on two floors, the bottom floor being a social and community space (open to the public) and the top being home to the group of people who live and work in the building (and therefore a private space, where access is restricted).
We want to be a space where people can meet, socialise, attend events, share meals, read books, and more; a space that can be used by the local community and anyone who is interested in social work and political activities (respecting our safer space policy, of course).
We think this is especially important in a time where more and more public space is privatized and sold off to private investors, where less and less money is donated to public welfare and social life, and where communities and social life are more and more reliant on self-organization. With our space we intend to provide some alternative to capitalism and privatization, some free social and cultural services and activities, some space for networking and community organization.

What we do?
We organize as a non hierarchical space [meaning everybody has a fair say in the running of the space and there are no bosses or leaders] and have a safer spaces policy that everyone entering the building is asked to abide by.
Since we began life, we have hosted a number of events including talks and dance parties, fund-raising events for community organisations, theatre group performances and meetings; though until now we have not been fully open to the public. We have also been working hard within the space, to fix plumbing and electrical faults, patch up holes in the roof, paint and decorate the space, and provide infrastructure such as the Library & Infoshop and the Freeshop.
We opened the space to the public for the first time on Saturday November 10th; where neighbours could come together to create an environment that is accessible and welcoming for the use of all the communities around us.
Soon we will start to organise events including a peoples kitchen and an art exhibition (dates TBC); but we are also looking for ideas and contributions from people who would like to do things inside the building.
We are also working on having regular opening times for the space so people can come to read, socialise, or have a cup of tea, but we will need help and volunteers to make this possible."

Thursday 29 November 2012

CERVIX live @ Blackwater - video

was writing some review about their Life Fucker EP for my paper 'zine and get reminded how this band delights me every time again and again.. I found this video here:

Tuesday 27 November 2012

review for Mentalna Smrt #2 'zine

recenziju 2. broja Mentalne Smrti na Helly Cherry webzinu pročitajte ovdje:, hvala Nenadu!..

review for the 2nd issue of Mentalna Smrt 'zine you can read (on Serbian) here:, thanx goes to Nenad!..

Monday 26 November 2012

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?.............4.12.2012., Tuesday
where?...........AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?..............SEPPUKU grind crust, Zg
                      CLOUDS OF CANCER grind crust, Zg
                      POGAVRANJEN black metal, Zg
                      H.D.H. post metal sludge, Zg
entrance?.......20 kn

Wednesday 14 November 2012

S.P.K. live - video

2 video recordings of this band about which I already wrote something HERE.. 1st one is from Rock club FM in Split on January of 1998 and 2nd is from Dom Omladine, also in Split on July of 2002.. on this yt channel you can find more great videos from that period ('90 and early '00), so be sure to check it here:

Tuesday 13 November 2012

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

what?..........NO PUNX IN Z TOWN
when?.........17.11.2012., Saturday
where?........AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?...........NOWHITERAG hc punk, Modena (Italy)
                   PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE hc punk, Zagreb
                   BLACK GUST hc punk'n'roll, Zagreb
entrance?.....30 kn

update 3.12.2012.: video of whole concert watch here:

Tuesday 6 November 2012

WARVICTIMS mini tour (Germany)

first one ever, and maybe the last one live appearance by those Swedish d-beat crust punk monsters.. it was actually one-man band but from this year the drummer from Brottskod 11 and Thräshers joined the band so they can play live now (if I'm not wrong about this..!?)
P.S. - yes, I was wrong about the band members, for more info read the comments.. 

Tuesday 30 October 2012

upcoming gig in Križevci, Croatia

when?................2.11.2012., Friday
where?...............Klub Kulture, Križevci
who?..................AK-47 @crust punk, Zg
                          CULT OF REBORN metal, Ši
                          STATE OF ABSURD hc punk, Kž

Thursday 18 October 2012

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?........................................27.10.2012., Saturday
where?.......................................AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?..........................................LA CASA FANTOM
                                                  DIVIDED MINDS

Thursday 11 October 2012


okay, let's go.. I want to visit this squat already for long, long time but because of who know what (my lazy ass, most likely) I still wasn't there, despite the fact that it exist for more then a year and half now.. also wanted to write something about it and spread the word 'cause there isn't any info on english.. and all because of the fact that this is the only squat here in Croatia, and one of the few in wider area which function on totally autonomous way and real d.i.y. ethics and principles which is, in my opinion, the only true way of how squats should look like.. I sincerely do hope that isn't to late, because crew from the squat are facing with attempted eviction these days, but we will come back on that later..

the story begins in winter on february the 14th, 2011 when few people broke into the building complex of ex-slaughterhouse after some previous more or less successful attempts of squatting in some other parts of a town.. they found the most appropriate building between more than 30 of them which all were unused and abandoned.. with the time more people gets involved and they succeed to clean up the place and bring it to fine condition in short time..  
the building has 2 floors, the upper floor is residential and it's consisting of 17 rooms; living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, 2 toilets, workshop, pantry for recycling, reading room, sewing room, etc.. after one month they organized 1st bigger event, getting to know the people about the space and all the story behind it.. now they have many events, parties, d.i.y. workshops, free-shops, few gigs, etc. behind them.. also, today there lives about 10 people but this number constantly changes.. of course if you are socially engaged, artistically minded, conscious people or a passenger who needs a place to sleep and a warm meal, you are welcome..
there were some small threats from the police and owners before, but as I already mentioned on the beginning, these days they are faced with serious threat to eviction from the side of complex's owners.. the following article is published on the Contra Info pages:

"ReciKLAONICA squat, located on 66, Heinzelova Street in Zagreb, is threatened with eviction. The informal collective of artists and social activists that develops its activities in the spaces of the old abandoned Zagrepčanka factory, owned by Zagrebački Holding, is addressing a call-out for solidarity against the eviction of the squat by the city’s authorities, who have already cut off the power supply.
The building is one of around 300 abandoned and neglected spaces in the city of Zagreb, and for the last 19 months has served both as a housing project and a space that hosts various cultural and resistance activities. Free workshops, sharing food, free flea market, live concerts, free library, a music studio and rehearsal space, a free store ‘take it or leave it’, all available to anyone who shows interest in acquiring or sharing skills, cooperation and mutual assistance, and non-institutional organizing.
The squatters are in need of legal aid, temporary shelter for a couple of dogs in case of eviction, as well as physical presence of solidaritarians in the space, in order to resist the repressive operation. Let us remind that money-free spaces in Zagreb, like reciKLAONICA squat, are very few and let us also emphasize on the multicultural importance of the project, since many guests visit regularly the place from other countries and participate in its activities.
Squatters take this opportunity to urge people to support the fight for free artistic and activist work within the former industrial premises of Zagrepčanka. You may contact the collective at:

Hands off the squats!
Solidarity with reciKLAONICA!"

also, some mainstream media informed about the situation but with some inaccurate info..
in short, eviction is delayed because owner's competent man didn't know how to handle situation and the only thing that police were able to do is to identify the crew from the squat and give their data to owners and suggest them to try solving their problems on the court..
even if they were informed that in monday someone will come to take down their windows and doors it did't happen..
in meanwhile crew from the squat found out that every other attention to evict them, except lawsuit, is illegal considering on that nobody try to evict them within 30 days of the occupation of the place, so as a matter of fact now they are residents protected by the law.. it sounds nice, but we will see how things will work in the future.. just hope that they won't experience sad destiny of so many squats around the world lately - eviction..

-for all info, support and other write to:

-also visit their web site for more information and updates at:

-some other links related:[tt_news]=3870&cHash=7bd0172471ab1d9eec8a1f7b45b53f23

update 25.10.2012.: things calmed down now and eviction is delayed until further notice.. crew from squat are intensively working and planing new events.. so Klaonica squat stays!..

Tuesday 9 October 2012

upcoming gig in Kranj, Slovenia

when?..............................................13.10.2012., Saturday
where?............................................TrainStation squat, Kolodvorska cesta 11, Kranj
who?...............................................AK-47 @ hc punk crust, Cro
                                                       POSITIVE DIRECTION hc, Slo
entrance..........................................4 euros

Monday 8 October 2012

FREEDOM IN FIRE collective

Freedom in Fire basically are some people who organize DIY concerts together in Hellgium.

We all share anarchist ideas and are strictly antifascist, antisexist and against homophobia .We share a great love for the DIY anarchist scene and for music. We see music (and ‘our’ concerts) as a way to express our feelings about the world we are living in and to spread ideals, as something that can bond certain groups of people. As we got into anarchism because of music and concerts, we think it’s important to try to involve political views as much as possible at our concerts – making them benefits for various actions or groups and trying to spread some information through various channels.
Racist, sexist or homophobic behavior will not be tolerated – NO DISCUSSION. We don’t want it and we hope nobody does. Claiming to be “apolitical” isn’t a good coverup for tolerating racism – so don’t give us that crap. We also believe that everyone should be responsible enough to NOT fuck anything up, intoxicated or not. We don’t propagate a straight edge lifestyle nor do we propagate intoxication – everyone is free to make those choices themselves, but either way, show some respect towards the people organizing, the venue, the people living there (if it’s squatted) and last but not least towards the neighbors.
We have our views and we are idealists, however we do organize concerts to have a good time, have a chat with some friends, have a beer (… or 10), listen to some good music, have a dance (nodding with your head counts as dancing, no worries), get the latest record or the occasional merch, meet new people and to get crazy at the afterparty. But as said; we also organize these things to support various causes, to inform people about how we look at the world (and especially at those in power), to let you gather some booklets, stickers, buttons or patches, to discuss various topics, to support those bands who actually have something to say.

Feel free to contact us, if you need help with your tourdates/concert etc etc. We will see what we can do. Please keep in mind we aren’t organising shows as our fulltime job… (unfortunately). Also, if anyone has any sort of questions about our views, wants to discuss them, wants to receive some extra information or wants to be more involved, come talk to us at one of our concerts or send us a mail! Our e-mailaddress is

And to other organizers (in Belgium) : we love cooking so if you would like us to make a vegan meal for the hungry massas at your concert, send us a mail!

Anarchy, equality and revolt.

Sunday 7 October 2012

upcoming gig in Bologna, Italy

what a fckn great concert!! Doom and Kontatto are in my top 5 bands, then D-clone and C. Sterminii in top 10 for sure.. yes, all of them except D-clone I already watched before but now they are at the same gig, man it's perfect line up, better then on any festival I've ever been.. it seems that another one long and interesting trip is in front of us, so if everything will go well, see you fuckers there!..

when?........................27.10.2012., Saturday
where?.......................XM24, Bologna
who?.........................DOOM crust, UK
                                 D-CLONE d-beat raw punk, Japan
                                 ISKRA anarchist black metal crust, Canada
                                 CAMPUS STERMINII crust punk, Italy
                                 KONTATTO d-beat crust, Italy
                                 AHNA drone violence sludge, Canada
                                 COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON crust post punk, USA
entrance? should be 5 euros

Saturday 6 October 2012

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?...........24.10.2012., Wednesday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?............ISKRA @blackmetalcrust, Can
                    AHNA sludgedrone, Can
                    H. H. BODY metalhccrust, Slo
entrance?.....5 euros

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?...............23.10.2012, Tuesday
where?..............AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?.................ISKRA @blackmetalcrust, Can
                         AHNA sludgedrone, Can

Friday 5 October 2012

upcoming gig in Sinj, Croatia

when?.............20.10.2012., Saturday
where?............stara vojarna, Sinj
who?..............PASSIVE AGRESSIVE hc punk
                      UGLY FUCKS hc punk
                      THE PATHETICS hc punk
                      +d.i.y. workshop for 3th number of
                      art 'zine Bez Stila by Crni Flomaster                                 initiative
                      +collective punk cooking and free vegan
entrance? / donations

Thursday 4 October 2012

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?..........17.10.2012., Wednesday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?............AGATHOCLES mincecore, Bel
                    DEHUMAN deathmetal, Bel
                    ZAPRTI ODDELEK grindcrust ,Cro/Slo
entrance?......6 euros

Tuesday 2 October 2012

CHAOSBAR CRUST festival 4. - 6.10.2012., Lueven, Belgium

THURSDAY 04/10/2012
Chaosbar crust fest day 1
18h Doors open
20h IRONY (metalpunk BEL)
21h CHAKA (disbeat BE/BRA)
22h LECTAMYNOL (thrash)
24h Heavy metal / punkrock afterparty by DJ Paljas

FRIDAY 05/10/2012
Chaosbar crust fest day 2
18h DEATH MARCH (crust BEL)
19h IRRSINN (dbeatstonercrust SWI)
21h LANDVERRAAD (hccrustpv NL)
22h FINISTERRE (dbeat epic crust GER)
23h COVERKILL (heavy metal coverband SWI)
24h Karaoke afterparty

SATURDAY 06/10/2012
Chaosbar crust fest day 3
16h DAYS OF DESOLATION (metalcrust BEL)
17h THE BORING (hcpunk FRA)
18h GERANIUM (crust FRA)
19h CANCER SPREADING (stenchcore ITA)
20h POST-WAR PERDITION (metalcrust GER)
21h ASHKARA (crust with a violin SWI)
22h NOVEMBER 13th (crust GER)
23h Dance/disco/90's afterparty by DJ Bal Marginal vs DJ Amok

Location of the festival is Kaboutermansstraat 50 in Lueven, Belgium
Entrance fee will be around one euro per band. Any benefit goes to the anarchist library of Ghent and the anarchist library of Leuven. Cheap
drinks as always. Vegan food all days. Every bit of help is
appreciated (diy!). If you want to bring a (political) distro please
do! We'll make sure you have room to put your stuff.
!!NO DOGS!! Or other animals for that matter. We are organizing a
festival, we're not a doggysittingcompany. Loud music, drunk punks and
broken glass on the floor might be your idea of a perfect holiday but
it certainly isn't your dog his/her idea of a wonderful day out.
Racist, sexist, homophobic, ... behaviour will obviously not be
tolerated. Neither are cops. With or without a uniform on - we don't
want you here.
On Thursday the 4th of October there's a demonstration against animal
testing leaving at 't Ladeuzeplein in Leuven (center) around 14h.


Wednesday 26 September 2012

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

what?..............SCREAMS FROM THE BASEMENT VOL.1
when?.............2.10.2012., Tuesday
where?............AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?...............PORKERIA rawhcpunk, USA
                       THE PATHETICS r'n'rpunk, CRO

Tuesday 25 September 2012

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?..............26.09.2012., Wednesday
where? Gromka, Ljubljana
who?................WARHEAD hcpunk, Japan
                        FUK punk, UK

Sunday 23 September 2012

BEZ STILA #1 fanzine

here we have one more project of d.i.y. initiative Crni Flomaster.. 1st num of this 'zine was published last month and pretty much all the material for it was done on one nice sunny day when C.F. crew gathered in front of their place under the sunny sky and started to draw and write some really good shits.. except those artworks which has been made that day, on 28 pages in total, you can read 2 texts by Alan Gott and few poems..
'zine is free of payments and of course if you want you can donate something.. next workshop for this 'zine will be held in Rijeka on 28th of September so if you are around you know what you must do..
culture and art like form of resistance!..
for more info and to get your copy write at:

Friday 21 September 2012

upcoming gig in Rijeka, Croatia

when?..........28.09.2012., Friday
where? Podrum, Rijeka
what?..........16:00h - 19:00h - creative workshop for 2nd number of Bez Stila
                                               fanzine by Crni Flomaster initiative
                   19:30h - 21:00h - exhibition and projections of movies Nepokoreni
                                               Grad 2012. by association Domaći
                   22:00h - gig: FRUSTRATION hcpunk, USA
                                      PUBLIC DISGRACE hcpunk, CRO
                   + vegan food
entrance?....25kn (for gig)
                   free (for all other)

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?.............28.09.2012., Friday
where?............AKC Medika, Zagreb
who?...............HIROSHIMA NIGHTMARE metalhcpunk, CZ
                       AZID hcpunk, CZ
                       IRRSINN stonerdbeatcrust, CH

Saturday 15 September 2012

Zrenjanin Antifascist Festival (5. - 6.10.2012.)

Fifth Zrenjanin Antifascist Festival (ZAF) will be held on 5th and 6th of October 2012. in the Cultural Center of Zrenjanin (Zrenjanin, Serbia)

We see ZAF mainly as an opportunity to confirm local and strengthen Balkan anti-authoritarian relations. Although the festival is largely oriented towards the Balkans, with the book fair segment that is the offspring of the Balkan Anarchist Book fair, ZAF is open for all antiauthoritarians interested in cooperation based on solidarity and mutual aid.
During the second day of the festival (6th of October), as a part of the program of ZAF, an anarchist book fair will be held.
If you are interested in attending the festival, or participating in the program, especially if you need accommodation in Zrenjanin, please let us know that you are coming in advance. Our capacities to accommodate guests are very limited, so you should bring your sleeping bags.
There will be a possibility of a hostel type accommodation (the price will be about 10 e per night) – if you are interested in this kind of accommodation please let us know that you are coming in advance.
If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us at:

music part:
when?................................5.10.2012., Friday
who?..................................CHUPAKAVLAS punk, Greece
                                          BRICKHEADS garage punk rock, Serbia
                                          KRLJA grindcore, Croatia
                                          ENRAGED MINORITY street punk, Germoney
                                          HELLTARD grindcore punk, Serbia
                                          LIVIA SURA sludge crust, Romania

more details and info at:

Friday 14 September 2012

D.I.Y. BIKE FEST 29 - 30 September 2012, Utrecth, The Netherlands


"Yes, it will happen again this year: The DIY Bikefest!

Organized already for the 4th time, the DIY Bikefest’s is a perfect mix of serious politics and some serious fun. Gearheads of all sorts will be brought together by this event built of solidarity, respect, tireless volunteer work and a whole lot of bike oil.
This weekend will be for bike punks, bike freaks and lunatics on two wheels. For adrenaline addicts, seekers of positive destruction (we’ve got two words for you: BIKE WARS!) and the laughing spectators of this rolling madness. For enthusiastic newcomers who want to see, learn and experience themselves what it feels like to build your own cycling circus in just two days. In short: for you.

This year’s festical will once again give you the opportunity to:
-Work & learn. There’ll be workshops, bike wrecks, parts and tools at your disposal. And plenty of people to lend you a hand whenever you might need it!
-Have fun. Prepare for alley cat, (tall) bike games, bakfiets race with new obstacles and bike wars!
-Make a statement. Show ‘em some pedal power and come block the city streets with a critical mass! We are not an obstruction of traffic – we are the traffic!
-Enjoy. We promise you plenty of delicious vegan food and drinks, bands and DJ’s, bike pits and silly dancing!

Bike culture might already be considered widely accepted but cycling is about more than just that. More than the amount of bikes and bikepaths, or just simple transportation from point A to point B. Bikes offer us the chance to avoid the tyranny of the oil industry and to run away from the constant movement control of OV chip cards. It’s anarchy on wheels!

So come and join us for this year’s festival! But be warned: it’s addictive!

This year’s Bikefest will take place in Utrecht.
28th – 30th September 2012
@ Maarsenbroeksedijk 9

Probably there will be a possibility to put your tent up or to arrange sleeping places otherwise. Contact us at to be sure of a place to stay!

For more info check"

Thursday 13 September 2012

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?...............18.09.2012., Tuesday
where? Gromka, Metelkova, Ljubljana
who?.................INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL stench crust, Ger
                         HELLCRAWLER dbeat metal, Slo
entrance?..........5 euros

Wednesday 12 September 2012

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia

when?........17.09.2012., Monday
where?.......slobodna zona Paromlin, Koturuška 1, Zg
who?..........INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL stench crust, Ger
                  ILEGAL raw hc punk, Can
                  DETERMINATION hc, Aus
                  CLOUDS OF CANCER crust, Cro