Sunday 15 December 2019

DISAFFECT interview on Sanctus Propaganda

well it's obviously I don't do interviews anymore for crucified freedom (as nothing else as well, huh!) lately, I'm lazy as f..., but I still like to read some.. I bet you also do, so check this one out, again from Sanctus Propaganda but this time with legends from Scotland, Disaffect, a very important and influential band, even short lived back then in early 90's which are back nowadays with few gigs in UK and already some planned for the next year, also planing to reissue some old recordings but about that and some other stuff you can read more in interview here:

Thursday 12 December 2019

MALIŠA BAHAT Malaysia & Singapore tour December 2019 + MALIŠA BAHAT/ZMAR - split 7'' is out now!!

wow, some outstanding news.. some old friends from Mališa Bahat are living their dreams right now.. their first release on vinyl, split with screamo hardcore band Zmar from Czech is out on Catfish Records, Mad Schnautzer Records, Dingleberry Records and Zegma Beach Records and it's available by all those mentioned or by the band itself..

besides that in just two days from now their tour through Singapore and Malaysia starts and I'm sure this will be the best days of their lives.. I would definitely like to be at their places right now..
so if you are in or close to one of those cities don't miss them, especially if you're curious how french screamo from Croatia sounds like..

After four years of touring Europe, we are tremendously excited to announce that next month we will embark on an adventure of a lifetime and do our first tour on another continent.

During our 16 days in Asia, we will be playing six shows in Malaysia and one in Singapore. In the days between, we will take some days off in most of the cities to explore and enjoy these countries even more. We are also taking three days off before the last show to visit the island of Langkawi and finally have the experience of spending Christmas on the beach in bathing suits.

Although this has been in plans for a while, pieces of the puzzle have finally come together, flights and shows are booked and this is happening. Since thanks and gratitudes are in order, first of all, we would like to thank Adam for the original idea and invitation and all that he has done for this to happen (sorry for all the trouble and plan changes), Kimi for booking the whole thing and taking care of the merch (we will have a limited number of new t-shirts, tapes and CDs available only on these shows), Arwith for releasing an Asian edition of the compilation tape, Anvea for taking care of us in Singapore and all the local promoters and crew involved in hosting the shows. We would also like to thank Maja and Elena for all the graphic design work and Elena for joining us on this trip and taking care of our dumb asses.

We are looking forward to all the new places, new people and new bands we will get the chance to meet!

much love,