Sunday 5 December 2010

ON'T ROAD #12 fanzine

2nd number (at least 2nd under that name, author had done 10 numbers before under other name - Waterintobeer) of this diy punk travel zine.. this one is from 2008..
this time on 40 pages you can read about author's trip to St. Kitts & Nevis at Caribbean Islands (yes you read it well, Caribbean Islands, for real), Sotatila and Ruidosa Inmundicia UK tour, Hero Dishonest Germany tour, hilarious drunk adventures from stag weekend in Lisbon, Portugal, article about Manic Street Preachers, vinyl and fanzine reviews, reactions of few people on previous issue of this zine and some other travel articles..
all in all, really nice zine with a lots of readings, especially if you like traveling (and if you don't, reading of this zine would awake the desire for traveling in you, I'm pretty sure in that) with simple and for reading pleasurable layout.. highly recommended by me!
link is again from punks is hippies blog, and zine contact is:

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