Monday 7 November 2022

VISIONS OF WAR - The Lost Tapes 2002 "A Bottle Too Far" re-noised


what a delightful surprise by Visions Of War, while we were waiting for one another new gem by those crust punk dinosaurs a 7" split with Symbiose they, totally unexpected, surprises us with this little treasure.. behind above complicated title are hiding old, forgotten recordings from 20 years ago when they were recording material for legendary split with Olho De Gato.. beside 8 which ends up on split there were even 12 more songs recorded that day but never properly mixed and edited so now ex-singer Lolo take care of it or re-noised them how they say and it sounds just awesome.. I like this line up of VOW probably the most and those dual vocals were recognizable for me since the first time I heard for them and watch live.. can't wait to see who will release this on some physical format, I bet someone will..
and yes, don't listen to their lame excuses about how it's sounding, about crazy days and recording live 
because this is perfect and just as it should be!..
so, go grab it while it's hot, if you are into real and dirty crustcore you won't regret it..

"Okido , we have something to celebrate , 20 years ago we recorded in Amsterdam under guidance of Kaptain Kaos Dejan and his Slivo and beers , 8 tracks for the split lp with Olho De Gato , that same day we recorded 12 more songs , they never got properly mixed , and now Lolo ( yes , the singer who was with us around that time ) found a free program to play with frequencies and came up with this "mix" , the songs have a few unreleased ones , and the dirtiest versions of previously released songs on it . Mind you it was a crazy day , coming from Hellgium by car and train to Amsterdam , set up , record everything live , than the same night we´ve been asked spontaniously to play in Alkmaar at the infamous Victoriepark , but it was a blast , we where a bit younger and eager to push it by times as far as we could.  So what can we say , thank you Lolo to celebrate it with all of us , ex and new members XXX Now enjoy , you´re in for a nasty treat ! The line-up then was , Flip = Drums , Boris = Bass , Stef and Arnö = guitars , Lölo and Stiv = Vocals ."

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