Wednesday 16 November 2022

blurghhh..just a rumor...(VISIONS OF WAR/GASBÄTH/WARFILTH - 3-way split LP)!?

I smell some VISIONS OF WAR/GASBÄTH/WARFILTH - 3-way split LP..
how do I know?.. no one told me or confirmed but there are some hints and well, I'm crust detective, hehehe.. anyhow, it sound interesting and if happen will sure be fun and great record..
Visions of War are well known to the readers here and to all of us from doomed Europe, crust core unit of old orcs with members scattered all over the continent, and probably something less known to us, but great and interesting, duo from the States, Gasbath crust punk from Austin, TX and Warfilth also crust punk act from Chicago, IL..

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