Sunday 27 November 2022

V/A - "Groblje Iluzija" is out on Egoton Records!!!

interesting benefit compilation tape Groblje Iluzija is out on Egoton Records from Berlin, featuring 8 bands from Serbia.. actually first edition of limited 50 copies is already sold out but available on bandcamp for streaming and second press is in preparation and is coming soon..
go check it out here:

"V/A - Groblje Iluzija is compilation tape containing 8 actual bands from Serbia ( one of the bands sharing members located in Serbia and Croatia). Each band is presented with two songs.
Physical release is packed in carton box made of 300g paper, screen printed in two colors and cut by us. First press limited to 50 hand numbered copies.
Digital release is benefit for libertarian and antifascist projects in Serbia.
Thanx to all bands and individuals who made this compilation possible!
Bands are Crna Zuc, Kalo, Vrsnjacko Nasilje, Krax!, SMRT RAZUMA, Disznotor, Urlik, Svlak
Box design, cut and dubbing by Pagan.
Illustration, layout by Doomsday Graphics
Egoton 2022"

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