Sunday 13 November 2022

LIFELESS DARK live @ Lie Detector Weekend, Don Quixote, Boyle Heights (Los Angeles) 30.07.2022. -video

uffff, this one is tight as hell!.. Lifeless Dark from Boston, MA to me one of the best current bands out there and their live shootings from Lie Detector Weekend vol 2 from July this year.. didn't have a clue if they are still active after awesome and mighty debut "Who Will Be The Victims?" released few years ago and now I see that they had few gigs this summer and that are great news.. really do hope to hear more from them and looking forward to maybe some fresh material in the nearest future..
and hey, the sound and power of this guitar - The Guitar, the Mother guitar, one guitar to rule them all.. incredible..

- video is from D Fuegos youtube channel

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