Thursday 17 November 2022

roseman127 youtube channel

there are a bunch of great channels on youtube but among all of them there are just few extraordinary to which I come back every a while and always found something new and interesting in endless amounts of videos they usually have.. and one of those is definitely roseman127, offering tons of live recordings from Bay Area gigs, mostly from Oakland and surroundings from the last 10 years or more and is hiding some really cool stuff.. you can easily lost a day or two if you want to explore it more and get lost in bunch of videos.. I often catch myself thinking that I wanna move to Oakland now and witness to some of those chaotic and as it seems, fun gigs and watch all those awesome bands live.. I highly recommend the ones from Manic Relapse festival or from The Tubes but seek for yourself..
some of my favorites: Femacoffin, Stormcrow, Torso, Isotope, Skadi, Born/Dead, Odio, Ssyndröm, Enzyme, Riita, Tozcos and hundreds more..
go visit it, subscribe if you like it and say thanks for all the effort..

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