Friday 4 November 2022

CRUTCHES - D​ö​dsreveljen - new album is out now!!!


hell yeah!.. this one was awaited with impatience for so long.. now it's finally here!.. new album by Crutches, kängpunk kings of mangel from the north, released by Not Enough, Profane Existence and Phobia records as 12" vinyl, 666 copies pressed, 333 black and 333 on silver vinyl.. it's also available for free download on Crutches bandcamp.. 

"The 4th album of total madness and the echoes of a time that's collapsing down. Rawpunk sirens in a bleak dark time.
Total madness and beyond. A whirlwind of feelings towards a fucked up system. An echoe that’s opening with the reveille of death."

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