Tuesday 14 February 2023

Wasserdicht is back!!! + 33 years of Unterhund club..



ohoho, some super exciting news!!.. Wasserdicht, legendary Slovenian crust core band born in 1990 is, as it seems, back on track, again, in no more and no less than original first line up (does that means with Petra on vocals, hmm!?.. or probably not..) and they even have new material..
new album is in plan as well and I can't describe how I'm happy because of that and looking forward to hear it and possibly have it if they release it in some physical form..
and that's not all, as 33th birthday of club Unterhund in Ormož (hometown of Wasserdicht) is approaching, in April they will play there together with anarcho-punk legends Nula and that will sure be one hell of a party!.. 
can't wait!..

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