Tuesday 28 February 2023

MISERY interview from FECAL FORCES #10 fanzine

the other day I found this folder with pdf file with scans of one of the best and possibly the most known fanzine (because most of the time it was written on English) from here from 90s and that was Fecal Forces made by old underground warrior Kktz from Požega and I stuck with it for a day or two exploring all the super interesting content, once again.. in this bunch of material from even 11 issues there is also this interesting interview with mighty Misery and immediately thought I had to post it here, so here it is..
it's done somewhere in the very beginnings of 2000s, I believe.. questions (some are slightly provocative) by Kktz and answers are from Jon Misery.. enjoy the reading..
you can click on the picture for larger size and easier reading..

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