Monday 27 February 2023

ATOMSKI RAT live @ AKAB Okretnica, Belgrade (Serbia) 18.02.2023. - video


dangerouslly good total thrash noise band from Šid, Serbia and their performance from last week gig in AKAB Okretnica.. total madness, and when you know that Luger also played there the same night, well I wish I was there..
just to mention, by the end of the last year their album Nekro San (originally from 2021) is released on 12" vinyl by Angry Voice Records from Germany and Terminal Records from Greece in limited 200 copies and is still available.. 
some 25-30 years from now when this record will be found together with rusty half-functioning turntable, under the ruins of ashes and concrete after doomsday caused by the nuclear war, by last two people survived, one crustie punk and one metalhead, they will discuss about Atomski Rat as a cult band of one era..
okay, enjoy the video, rokaaaj!..


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