Sunday 19 February 2023


for a long, long time (too long if you ask me) there wasn't any fanzine represented here at blog, I admit that my laziness is one of the biggest reasons why, but also there isn't that much new stuff, unfortunately, as far as I am aware of, somehow I lost contacts with zine-makers last few years.. so if you are doing a 'zine please let me now, I can at least spread the word, write some review, even buy it if I like it, heheh and on this small and symbolic way support your hard work and enthusiasm..

one of the latest I have read lately is omnibus fanzine A Network Of Friends which is compiled by some old and well known and also some new to me zines from across the world and those are: A Blast From The Past (UK), Negative Insight (US), Vermynoze Putrida (Bra), Bootlegs Of Filth (Aus), Crisispoint (UK), Gadgie (UK) and Initonit (UK) and is released in January this year.. 
originally the whole idea of Network Of Friends series started from Steve of Ripping Thrash and he also was supposed to contribute in this one but it ended up enable to do it, so this issue is compiled in the US in Negative Insight headquarter..
there are as you can guess a lot of material but not too much, and you can easily read those 68 pages in relatively short time.. from, the more interesting stuff to me I would point out some columns, article about history of punk gigs in Leeds from circa 1976-1986 and few gig reports from that time, interview with Jim Whitely (bassist in Napalm Death and Extinction Of Mankind among others), Autonomia (band from Peru) and some Icons Of Filth tribute artworks..
layout is also, as expected, various from one contributor to other but mostly in good old cut & paste style and with typewriter fonts, and I'm sure the whole thing would look great printed on paper..  
okay, for all other you should discover by yourself, and you can do it on the link below where the whole thing is available for reading, downloading or printing and authors encourage you to make your own copies to avoid expensive worldwide postage costs.. D.I.Y.!


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