Friday 24 July 2020

DISBAJA - Prošlost Sadašnjosti / History of Now - new album is out now!!

after another line up change and after months and months of social inactivity and isolation, new album by Disbaja is finally here, and let me tell you this is definitely some next level of Disbaja, not any more your regular thrashy d-beat metal punk band but this time some serious effort has been put in making of this album which is clearly visible by every single detail, from cover art to song structure which is more complex then ever, then lyrics, intro and outro which gives some story-like touch to the whole thing, to sound which is polished to the perfection this time..
musically, well it varies from song to song, some are classic d-beat punk outbursts, few real hardcore attacks and one or two filled with thrash/death metal riff assault, it means mash up of everything a little, similar as it was on previous recordings but as I said before this is raised on some higher level, even I could call it some sort of art form..
all together 12 tracks will led you on half an hour long epic journey through the dark wastelands of history of now, "Bježi si s Puta" and "Mutacija" you could already heard on official video and as a maxi single published few months ago and from others the most pleasant surprise is "Tvoj Izbor" which is actually cover of "Your Choice" by very special band to me, Detestation with lyrics on Croatian and it sounds awesome.. also song Propast (Moj je spas) must be mentioned, it's dangerously good and definitely my favourite from this album..
do I like more old or new sound and style, well this is hard, I need to listen this one for some 1000 times then I will maybe decide.. until then I'm really looking forward to catch this on some physical form, I can easily imagine it on vinyl, it would sound great, I'm sure..


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