Saturday 23 May 2020

D-SAGAWA live @ Distant Castle, Worchester (Massachusetts) 23.02.2018. - video

I already mentioned this band before here, but they are so good they deserve few more posts and not just one here at crucified freedom.. live video back from 2018, can't find nothing about them from current year or more recent, there are also some live videos from 2019 but that's it, so I really don't know if they are still active and if they finished a record which was in preparation in 2019, if somebody knows, please leave a comment..
anyhow, this video is in my bookmarks for already long time and I'm gladly back to it every a little and think it's awesome, so it is here now as well.. enjoy the madness!..
this is loud... and filthy... and raw... and I get like 4 nervous breakdowns every time during this 15 minutes... and I like it..

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