Saturday 27 June 2020

ADRESTIA live @ DAK Bambucha garage, Varaždin (Croatia) 28.07.2019. - video

well, I'll be damned but I think that this was the last gig I was before all this covid stuff and it will be already a year ago in just few weeks.. the day before I was watching Adrestia on Buka i Otpor festival in Zagreb and they were actually the best and most interesting band that night, at least to me.. the other day, in Varaždin, as I was tired as hell and also bored by long Adacta's set who were sharing a van on this tour with them (I mean they are ok band but not one of those I would like to watch two days in a row) I left home before their show which I kinda regretted, but at least here is a video of one their song, The Sun of Rojava..
they are anarchist crust punk band with slight touch of death metal from Sweden, sharing members with Shades of Grey, Future Ruins, etc... I really like the sound of vocals, I assume that the singer is from this our area because I remember he communicated with crowd on some serbo-croatian during the show in Zagreb, also they have song named Opsada..
btw, this gig was supposed to happen in one of the organiser's yard but due the horrible weather and heavy rain it was moved in small garage under his house.. besides already mentioned Adrestia and Adacta there were also playing, as local support grindcore band Gemišt and sludge crust act Ankora from Zadar..
enjoy the video.. thanx to Sara for filming..

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